More. Of. This. Please!

Dear white house,

Did you see the press conference yesterday? You did? Good. Now you know what you didn’t do enough over the past two years and what you must do over the next two: *this*:



This president is easily the smartest guy in the room – especially when the room is filled with the shallowness that is the WH press corps – and he’s just about the only serious honest adult in town. So send him out there, for crying out loud. Schedule a press conference every two weeks and let him swing. The networks will continue to ignore his appearances somewhere in North Carolina, but they will ALL broadcast a press conference.

Let him talk to the majority of Americans who actually wants to be treated as adults. Let him show what so many of us know :This man is there to serve the people, to help them, to make their lives a little better every day, regardless the personal political cost. Let them see his big heart and amazing grasp of every issue.

Enough with the inside game, enough with letting the crazy from both sides – and a corrupted media – to set the narrative. How the hell someone who is already one of the most succesful presidents ever, can be framed as a “failure”? Who the hell are these people to call the first black president – who is facing hate like no one before him – ‘weak’?  What did they ever do in their lives beside writing blogs, editorials and yelling “special comments” on TV for 7  figures salary?

Seriously, dear White House, did you see the last 10 minutes of the press conference? *This* is Barack Obama that no one can beat. Sharp, smart as a whip, angry-yet-in-control, even a little raw. Speaking unscripted straight to the people, and always makes much more sense than anyone else. Let Obama be Obama, so the sane and silent majority could finally see what we already know: He is the North Star out there. 



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209 thoughts on “More. Of. This. Please!

  1. His core decency was on display today in full effect. To think that we so many have abandoned him and he refuses to abandon us.

  2. I remember BWD posting a diary a while back, despairing that we did not “deserve” this President. Naturally the Screamers were APPALLED!!! But I read the diary and shook my head ‘no.” Sadly we DID not deserve this man. This is probably when the blowhards completely gave up on me…

  3. You’re absolutely right! I am glad he defended his compromise as one that will protect those most injured by the crashing of the economy. Another $300 billion in stimulus should also help. People are hurting now and should not be casualties of political posturing. He made the compromises necessary to get HCR passed, purists would have thrown it away.
    Interesting that there are now more supportive constructive sites to get information from. All my favorite posters from GOS seem to have migrated here and to others on your blogroll. Hope everyone keeps calling and writing letters.

  4. The weak narrative is the one that upsets me most.

    People who take that position don’t know what strength really is.

  5. BWD – I’m so glad to hear that you shared our wild enthusiasm for President Obama’s bravura performance!!

    It’s going to be interesting to see what happens with that wretched Congress. Those House Dems are in a tizzy NOW???? Sen. Mary Landrieu is faux outraged??? That’s a real knee slapper. Lawrence O’Donnell eviscerated her tonight, reminding us, among other things, that she had voted for the Bush tax cuts back in the early 2000s. Those Dems who couldn’t bring themselves to vote on extending the middle class taxes before the election are now outraged because the President has stepped in to do the job that they so completely failed to do??

  6. You said this so perfectly bwd.. that you brought me to tears. Every word true. It has motivated me to call the whitehouse again tomorrow and tell them just this.. and email them also. thank you.

  7. Did Yall see lawrence O’donnell tonight? OMG!! He DESTROYED the progressives, Adam Green and James Hamsler on their BS. And he also had a special comment blasting Mary Landreau.

    Must check it out.

  8. I thought he did very well. He was honest, straightforward and he did not hold back. He was very clear about his goals but also I liked how he talked about the practical aspects of what it takes to pass legislation.

    He was firm and strong and I do not care if he offended some people; he was just being honest with the American people and I value that in a President.

    I have been reading comments on days on various blogs of people who want him to be a bully and push Republicans like Bush pushed around Democrats. Well I clearly stated on these blogs that I never , ever want another Bully loud mouth like Bush as President. President Bush was embarrassing and I do not respect bullies and big mouths.

    I like that we have a President who is intelligent, calm, confident, and that he thinks before he speaks. I want someone like him who remains calm and strong.

    I think too many on the left and right want a loudmouth bully tyrant as President. I sure as hell don’t. As we had that for 8 long, agonizing years.

  9. I think the President needed to get some of his frustration off his chest. It was an amazing press conference – you could hear a pin drop. Sadly, it went right by a lot of people who continue to screech into the wind.

  10. After watching Jane and the other clowns on O’Donnell’s show, I have to say that she is an idiot and so are the other two. Their whole argument was purely based on emotion and not facts. Klein and O’Donnell schooled them thoroughly on the subject.

  11. Yeah, President Obama was in fine and rare form today and it was a thing of beauty. That press conference was riveting. You could hear the crackle in the room as he had those reporters shook. They knew they were witnessing a rare moment from this president. I really think this is a turning point for him.

    I was proud of him today but I always knew he had it in him. And the way some on the left were whining over his straight talk lets me know that they discovered that he does indeed have some “fight” in him. I hope they enjoyed the taste of it. lol

  12. Just watched it. It was beautiful.

    And who was that egghead who started saying “Barack Hoover Obama?” So typical of the out-of-touch, out-to-lunch, “pay attention to me” pundits. He couldn’t say anything intelligent; all he could make were sensational, hyperbolic comments. “I compared him to Hoover, snarf snarf snarf.” What a massive dork!

    O’Donnell, a self-described socialist remember, totally destroyed them when he called them out on what would happen in January. It just showed how “theoretical” this nitwits are. They said they didn’t want the lowest bracket to increase from 10% to 15% but were completely oblivious (or in denial) to the fact that this is precisely what would happen if the deal had been rejected and this was pushed into January. It was like they simply could not grasp the reality of the situation.

    Make no mistake about it – if this had gone into January and been left up to the GOP House, these same people would still be screaming and blaming the President for letting unemployment benefits expire, for the other stimulative aspects of the deal expiring, and for not shaming (ha!) the Republicans into doing what he wanted.

    Honestly, how can these clowns not get that the Republicans have no shame and that the media largely ignores the President when he’s on the road? The Republicans would pass a bill with nothing but the old tax cuts and then still blame Obama for not compromising, for being partisan, for letting benefits expire, etc.

    As for these so-called pundits – like Hamsher, Green, and that other guy (not Ezra, who actually made an argument) – it’s obvious that they would be much happier raising taxes on the middle class and poor, letting benefits for the unemployed expire, along with all the other good parts of this deal, just to stick it to the rich. Yeah, it sucks that the rich aren’t paying more in taxes, but the benefits to the other 99% of us outweigh the need for these mealy-mouthed pundits to satisfy their self-righteousness.

  13. Thank you Carol, I signed it and added comments, whats also cool is that once we do that it then goes to our congress folks and allows for us to send them a letter also. Perfect.

    I think Christmas cards are a good idea, I haven’t done that since just before the Innauguration 🙂

  14. Someone wrote that other guys name in one of the other threads… he wrote a book, apparently called “The Mendacity of Hope”.. or something to that effect.. another wannabe trying to make money of Obama, imo. They just find themselves to be evah so cute. they’ll fall, bet on it.

  15. I consistently enjoy hearing from Pres. Obama directly. I can’t stand the way the mainstream media spins his press conferences and speeches, so until recently I’ve mostly gotten my information through DKos and the progressive blogosphere. But to hear it there, Obama has completely sold out and isn’t fighting. I understand the argument that we need to push the center, and I can’t say that I don’t appreciate having some pushback from the left on the policy. But it is consistently frustrating to hear these personal invectives directed at Obama. What I have always respected and appreciated about Obama is that he shares many of my ideals and does as much as is realistically possible to achieve them. He’s a pragmatist, and as a result we’re getting the best we can hope for legislatively. I’m not thrilled about every aspect of the deal (neither is Obama) but the thing I can consistently trust (and what the blogosphere misses) is that Obama will do as much as he can to achieve the best result possible. We can’t ask for more. Politics is the art of the possible. Thank you, Blackwaterdog, for starting this site so that I can still go somewhere to feel vaguely optimistic, rather than just hear unproductive criticism of the president.

    Ideals are like stars: you will not succeed in touching them with your hands, but like the seafaring man on the desert of waters, you choose them as your guides, and following them you reach your destiny. ~Carl Schurz

  16. They’ve been getting away with bamboozling their followers with ham-fisted rhetoric for so long that when someone who knows a little something about taxes (O’Donnell staff director of the United States Senate Committee on Finance 1993-1995) and legislation challenges them they are reduced to shivering piles of goo.

  17. OBVIOUSLY we all want a touchdown, but sometimes you have to settle for a field goal if your opponent prevents you from moving the ball forward.

    The people out there who would rather put no points on the board at all don’t realize they’re a small, noisy minority amid a much wider America that understands progress comes in increments because that’s what our political system is designed to ensure.

    I don’t see why something so simple and obvious seems so utterly baffling to some.

  18. Only a very few have abandoned him, it is just they are such loud screechers about it. Couldn’t believe when I read that they want to take over OFA, the President’s own group. Fat chance of that happening.

  19. I signed the petition and sent emails to my congressman and two senators. They usually are reliable votes.

  20. I loved how he called out the Professional Left. Heads were exploding all over Leftblogistan!

    This President is on another level!

  21. White House Contact Page, has both the address and a contact form:

    A suggestion for BWD: create your active links in this color: lightyellow, and your visited posts in light green. There’s a place on your panel that gives you that. I have designed my own webpage and worked on my own blogs-ex: by hand, mostly, and I have learned something about creating visible links on a black background.

  22. too lazy and undisciplined to build their own grassroots campaign so they want to co-opt OFA?! yeah, I don’t think so. Why don’t they go join MoveOn or something or the group that produced that ridiculous ad?

  23. A suggestion for BWD: create your active links in this color: lightyellow, and your visited posts in light green. There’s a place on your panel that gives you that. I have designed my own webpage and worked on my own blogs-ex: by hand, mostly, and I have learned something about creating visible links on a black background.

    Please delete the comment with two links in it. Apparently if you have more than one URL, it puts the post into moderation.

  24. Yes he is. I couldn’t be more proud of my vote in 2008 and will strongly support our President in 2012. He is an amazingly gifted man who thinks long-term. Brilliant presser and he should do these every month at minimum!

    Let’s not forget he saved the American Auto industry.

    Bless our POTUS

  25. Its not baffling. The right and left are digging in their heels over “philosophy” and frankly are NOT responsible for worrying about the Americans that would be S.O.L on Jan 1. Kudos to the President for actually caring about US!

  26. hello guys the president hit it out of the park again but this set of democrats in congress are just simply pathetic, cause the argument they make about shaming the other party to submission is actually what the president did talking about shaming them all over the country before the midterm, if anybody remember, what was the result again the other party took over one house and again sits in the second,meanwhile it is this same democratic congress in their wisdom thought is not smart to vote before the midterm to put the other party on the back heel, sometimes i wonder what there aim really is

  27. Precisely!!

    When one is starving and can’t get the whole loaf, are you going to reject the day-old half loaf??

    sometimes you have to make small steps forward before you can leap ahead.

    They all seem to be operating on a “matter of principal” as opposed to what is reality.

    The reality is that the economy still sucks, jobs are not out there, people cannot find them. Are they supposed to starve because it’s a matter of principal NOT to compromise??!


  28. Good editorial. Funny how all of a sudden all these people in Congress now want to speak up about the taxes when they wouldn’t touch it before the midterms.

    The hypocrisy and cowardice stinks. Mary Landrieu who voted for the Bush tax cuts even has the gall. These people are shameless.

    And the Republicans in Congress, they are cold, cold.

    Thanks for the link.

  29. Listening to NPR this morning, they gave a good report of what the package will do for the economy.
    Made it sound like the congress were angry troublemakers.
    Signed the petition and letters to my congress critters.

  30. That was term coined by Al Giordano about the ‘professional left”. Boy, did he nail it.

  31. Someone at the GOS said we should just keep re-introducing the tax breaks for the middle class over and over and make the GOP vote no.

    I pointed out we lose the House next year and that all spending legislation must be initiated in the House, and therefore her idea was impossible.

    The response?

    “Well, the bill already passed the House. What part of that don’t you understand?”


    Yep, no clue about how government works, but lots of opinions about it. That’s the problem.

  32. Apparently majority of Americans agree with the president. A poll form gallup came out and agrees with his decision.

  33. Gallup poll.

    Two major elements included in the tax agreement reached Monday between President Barack Obama and Republican leaders in Congress meet with broad public support. Two-thirds of Americans (66%) favor extending the 2001/2003 tax cuts for all Americans for two years, and an identical number support extending unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed.

    Opposition Limited to the Extremes

    Looking more specifically at the different ideological wings of each party, only liberal Democrats oppose extending the tax breaks for everyone: 39% are in favor, while 55% are opposed. Among the other groups, support ranges from 64% of conservative/moderate Democrats to 87% of conservative Republicans.

    Similarly, conservative Republicans are the only political/ideological group opposing the extension of unemployment benefits. The majority of moderate/liberal Republicans are in favor, as are most Democrats, regardless of ideology.

  34. Bravo Mr. President,
    I had a hectic day yesterday and didn’t get to see this news conference in it’s entirety. As such, I only saw the edited news clips from the MSM and liberal blogosphere which slanted the coverage to suggest the president either hated liberals or “caved” to the GOP. 

    Having watched full video (thanks again BWD), he was brilliant. He called out the wing nuts and dared them to test him over the next 2 years on issues where there is not the urgency of preventing two million people from slipping into long term poverty in a month. But he hurt the sensitive feelings of the bomb throwing purists who attack him daily and now they want to whine. I say good for you Mr. President. Well done and you have my support 100%. This who I voted for and will gladly do so again in 2012.  

  35. I think Mary Landrieu has got some nerve, is what I think.There are a lot of things I think are “immoral” that she signed onto proudly.

  36. I’m a Moveon member, but I still support this President, too.
    I’ve been a Moveon member since he couldn’t afford to have his shoes fixed, though. It would feel strange not to get their e-mails anymore. I guess I am really loyal.

  37. OMG, I just listened to the press conference in its entirety, and then heard it put to music on the Tom Joyner Morning Show.

    The words — “purist” and “sanctimonous” must be the reason I am realizing now for the hissy fits by people complaining about this deal and the press conference.

    As much garbage as people throw at this president, they can’t take it when he dishes back.

    All these people that are willing to let the middle taxes go up or are fine with people going without their UE is just baffling to me.

    These days, I don’t care much for the political chat shows, nor do I care much for Lawrence O’Donnell, but I was happy to see him take on Hamsher, Green and that other guy in the video provided here.

    More importantly, I was glad to see him call out Mary Landriew for her blatant hypocrisy. He called her out for exactly what she was trying to do — distance herself away from the president. That is the height of ugliness, and to be hailed by some on he left is just plain what we call “phen-phen” back home.

    Here is a woman who voted for the Bush Tax Cut, and she is going to come out talking jibberish. And people want to talk about principles.

    Mary Landrieu, really?

  38. Thanks the link AMK,
    Excellent editorial. I guess the NYTimes editorial board is off the Christmas list for the professional lefties.

  39. And she is the latest dkos dahling. And they wonder why most people don’tt give a f@#k about them.

  40. And the bill that past the House would be void since a new congress would be sitting.

    Not to mention the GOP won 60+ seats in the House when they routinely voted against the extension, leaving it up to the Dems to pass it alone.

  41. Exactly. This is a woman many were so mad at for her actions on most other important issues she took up in the Senate and suddenly she is the shining star?

    And to boot, this woman voted for the Bush Tax Cuts that the president wants to end. And her blatant dishonesty about the numbers being there if only the president had reached out to them — even after the Senate voted against the darn thing on Saturday flies in the face of opportunism and the lack of any principle.

    And for people to hold her up as a role model to speak up against this deal shows exactly why it is hard to take some of those people seriously anymore.

  42. Now I am old enough to have been there when Move-On was formed and joined right at the beginning. I unsubbed when I got this e-mail and I won’t be missing what I am not getting. Told them why I was unsubbing and got a form e-mail back asking if I was getting too many e-mails. So much for not even bothering to read their own feedback.

  43. Bet that’s not a headline you will find at the top of some blogs. It never fails, people in the media think they have all the answers, and then us little people out here scraping and scrapping to make it listen and realize that at least there is someone out there fighting for us.

    Those rich folks with their big time blogs, television and radio shows, and their mega salaries can easily say screw the whole thing, let everything expire, no UE — because they are not walking in the shoes of millions of Americans.

    But hey, they have their principles and let’s not forget their warm beds and their lattes.

    My unemployment has long since expired, but I know how difficult it is just trying to get by, still not working since 2008. I can perfectly understand why people out there would rather this deal than nothing at all.

  44. Thanks, Carol! Signed and sent with a tirade of my own:)Will pass along to others. When it got to the part about sending this to senators…I passed. McCain and Kyl certainly wouldn’t give two shits about what I had to say…none of it was good to them! I hope they get this petition…lots of great, mportant comments on there. I also left a message saying that the President needs to do his own press conferences. He kicked ass yesterday.

  45. I thought our POTUS was at his best! Bravo to him….I’m pretty sick and tired of the LEFT being able to bash him…it seems to me as if the left doesn’t know how to take critism..they can dis it, but can’t take it.

    BTW, I’m so glad to follow your post…I was truly sad when I found out you left DKOS…I’m 2 seconds away from leaving that site. It’s too much for me.

  46. I did! WOW! He was so forceful and direct, it was breathtaking.From someone who knows first hand how these things work in reality, it was powerful stuff.

  47. Ouch that going to hurt some feelings.

    I said the same thing over a Kos last night. In a comment I mentioned that you know not all Democrats think like folks here. Some applauded what he said and believe this is a good deal. I got a response asking me what Country Club I belonged to.

    Being 62 unemployed, and holding on to my house by a very weak thread I’ve decided that it I am done. I have fought the good fight over here long enough. Obama does not need my helpat Kos these folks are in self destruct mode and I think I will just leave them to it.

    Also just as a note if you are looking for other places to go try Motley Moose ( There is debate, but it is civil and constructive. What a concept!

  48. President Barack Obama has 100% of my support. Still the only adult in the room…the smartest person and the room…and the finest man in the room! (I had to throw that one in there 🙂

  49. Listening to black radio, they are steaming at the perception of weakness is called, they called out republicans and for the first time many expressed that the party they thought was for them is against the president. They blasted dems. They expressed finally a president who thinks about the poor. AA are really paying attention more than they use to. Dems should be careful.

  50. The professional left tends to use attacking Obama to get on tv or get higher ratings. Fox news uses lies about Dems to get on tv or higher ratings. One very good thing about Republicans is LOYALTY. How can Dems govern without loyalty?

  51. I’ve tried to point that out on other blogs and it gets dismissed or they’ll mention this one black that they know who is also disappointed in Obama.

  52. I concur!….. I know so many folks who are paying attention(not just black folks either) now, and they are starting to get a little irritated with the media, right, and the so called, Congress, who is supposed to be for the people…. Watch out, people!….

  53. Most Americans support President Obama’s tax compromise according to a Gallup poll (link is somewhere in this blog. We who are in the middle or slightly left of center are the majority. We just don’t have the same access to the bully pulpits that the Professional Left has because we’re at work or looking for work.

  54. I canceled my subscription over there yesterday.. I was sad cause, I will truly miss some of the folks at the DK. I still might pop in once a month or two.

  55. Well, to be honest, I did not watch the press conference, but have read enough comments to reach some conclusions. People that did see it can correct any misunderstandings I may have.

    1) Obama chastized the “left” who were whining about this as being sanctimonious. Well, they are, so if the shoe fits… Some of the comments on other sites point to this comment to justify what they are saying, even though they were bitching first.

    2) Obama has already started to brand the Republicans. This is great news, if he keeps it up. Calling them hostage takers is the next thing to calling them terrorists (which is pretty accurate as well). He can’t go too far yet, because there are some things he needs to get done in the lame duck, but he should definitely push back against those Republicans who are against START and DADT repeal and DREAM. In all cases, the national security establishment not only now but going back several administrations, has pushed passage of all three as vital to our national security.

    3) I think Obama is signaling that he is going to hold the Republicans responsible for the increasing deficit and that what he did will help the economy despite the negative impact of the tax cuts for the wealthy.

    4) And this is not from the presser but a general impression. I don’t have anyy problem with a lot of the Congressional Dems threatening to vote against this. In fact, doing so but the deal as is or slightly revised (maybe getting the UI extension to match the tax cut extension)still passing, can be good for 2012. The Dems can say they were against the wealthy getting richer and that it was the Republicans that showed their true colors.

    5) Finally, and maybe most important, Obama does need to increase his press conferences. It actually is the best way to reach the most people, as long as he keeps hitting the Republicans on their hypocrisy and the fact that they will put our security (both national, economic and personal) at risk for the sake of the rich.

  56. I cant overstate how much I appreciate the way you set that petition up. It looks like I found my fellow Democrats at last. Let the purists howl at the moon, we have people who need our help and with the Presidents leadership we’ve been able to do what Ive always thought Democrats stood for. Namely, helping the poor and working middle class any way we can. The purists are willing to stick it to the poor and unemployed if thats the cost of letting the tax cut for the rich expire.

  57. It’s about time the peope in the center who approve pragmatic solutions to improve the conditions for ordinary people. The president’s north star. I’m calling for OFA today to get supporters in other states to call their senator (DaDT, START and tax cuts.) we need to be heard.

  58. Same Mary Landrieu that works for the oil polluters and who fought the President when he suspended some drilling to allow for investigations after the gulf disaster?
    That Mary Landrieu…?!

  59. Exactly!I have been asking all my friends who are screaminghe is weak. Give him 60 senators and democrats will get what they want. They simple fact is the votes are not there but nobody wants to hear it. I was watching last saturday six democratic senators voted against thier own party how come no one is talking about that.This so called tough guys had a chance vote on this tax issue before they left for election but they chose not to do it, now every one is screaming how tough they are. Now they have thier chance to produce a miracle by producing 60 senate votes for what they hope for. Until then they are all playing politics and not interested in producing results.Now they have a chance to use thier righteous indignation to produce result for the American people otherwise they need to step aside.

  60. Watched it; watched it again.

    My recommendation for the presser – once a week, not every two.

    Another recommendation – town hall, no pre-selection of questions, different State, every other week, with the presser at the WH the intervening week.

  61. “And who was that egghead who started saying “Barack Hoover Obama?” ”

    You mean the one that sputtered out in seconds..? He was so pathetic – couldn’t even articulate a coherent sentence…

  62. Thanks for this site. Am on the road but enjoying these posts. No more page hits at DailyFox from me. Feels liberating.

  63. They won’t talk about it Cilliza because they’ll couch it as a “principle” vote as they’ve argued on Russ Feingold’s behalf…

    It’s double standards where these folks are concerned always…

  64. oh, makesense4tulips, thank you for this!

    You’ve expressed my frustration with the visible left. They’re happy to pin this mess solely on the President. What about the Congressional Democrats who’ve been sitting on their hands for the past months? If they’d done their job, it wouldn’t have come to this. If they’re willing to verbally attack the President, why not Congress as well. The visible left’s viewpoint on the tax cuts is disingenuous, at best.

    As for the Congressional Democrats who are now angry about the President’s decision, I’d like to ask – “Where were you the past months? Were you so concerned about being re-elected that you were afraid to take a stand on anything that might be considered ‘controversial’?”

    It’s not just the poor he’s trying to save, it’s all people who are depending on unemployment benefits. The working poor, middle-class, upper-middle class, black, white, latino, asian, gay, straight. Unemployment is hitting all socio-economic classes and all colors. It is non-discriminatory.

    The visible left, some of the Congressional Democrats, and all the visible right and Congressional Republicans have taken American citizens out of the equation. They merely see us as pawns in a huge chess game.

  65. I’m not surprised. I was getting my hair did yesterday and happened to catch the NBC news segment on this. I did appreciate that they let a lot of the important segments of his speech air without interuption, although they did bring on that tool Chuck Todd at the end, but whatever. Anyways, the initial average reaction went from “What’s this all about?” to “Damn, he mad, huh?” to “Yeah, that’s right.” As the resident political expert, I broke down what was going on. And you know how many of them immediately became outraged about the current tax cuts being extended, or even expressed mild irritation? Zero. You know how many supported continuing the tax credits that actually impact US as well as extending unemployment benefits? All of them, and then we moved on to wondering if Beyonce was really pregnant this time, but y’all get the idea. I’m all up in this, but the average person at this point just doesn’t want to lose more than they already have, and that’s the bottom line. Not all this other stuff that we may rage about online.

  66. So did I. Unfortunately, my Democratic Congressman is one of the ones doing the grandstanding against the tax cut plan. I’m pretty disappointed in him (Jay Inslee, WA-01). More so because earlier this year, when Pelosi brought tax breaks for companies shipping jobs overseas up for a vote, he voted FOR tax breaks for companies shipping jobs overseas. When I wrote him about it, the response was tepid at best and went on and on about innovation and education and lots of other BS. When he voted for that the Kos Kiddies were calling him a Blue Dog. He’s a hero there today. Funny how quickly they forget who they hate. Funny how they lose perspective.

  67. Anytime anyone pushes back a little at the whiners they use it as a justification for their whining. “Rahm called us retarded” (No, he didn’t, he called a tactic you were calling for retarded) “the professional left” (which for some obscure reason bloggers who are not paid and therefore not part of the Professional left like to claim as being about them) etc., etc. The fact that the whining started long before any pushback doesn’t matter to them. They can be as vitriolic, hyperbolic and personal in their criticisms as they like but if anyone connected to the White House should ever call them on it, the White House has “gone too far!!” “All we did was say the president is a weak, dangerous, sell out, corporatist, republican in disguise who is only interested in helping his wall street masters who bought and paid for him. How dare he say anything about that wasn’t 100% accurate?”

    By not going to certain other sites, I can now just see how silly they all sound much better than when I got wrapped up in the silliness myself. There is a strong tendency on the left to complain and moan and never be pleased no matter what. Somehow, some think this “works” or “helps”. It works about as well as it does for a whiny toddler. It irritates everyone and gets their valid complaints ignored because when you whine about everything, big or small, all other people hear is the constant whining and they tune you out. If only we could put them in a few timeouts.

  68. I like your plan. It’s important for the public to hear Obama’s views from Obama, and not as someone else describes them.

  69. Getting anything done for anyone, other than the wealthiest of the wealthy, when Rethuglicans stand in lock-step to filibuster everthing, is what this president is up against every single day. Along with the corporate media that trashes his every effort on our behalf. We have a champion of the people in this president, yet both sides take great pride in trashing whatever he does. And he STILL gets things done for the middle class, despite all these amazing odds. Only blogs like this and people like us stand up and fight for him and defend what he’s trying to do every day. The ENEMY is the Rethuglican Party, NOT BARACK OBAMA, CHUMPS!

  70. According to the left, he has to go on the road to the Senator’s states and somehow convince them to vote yes. And they still only have 59 votes if some magical words come out of his mouth that will persuade Jim Webb and the other 5 to vote his way. But now if they don’t go for this deal, the left will blame Obama because they wait and fight till after January 1st ending up with nothing. But it will still be Obama’s fault.

  71. Well at least you don’t have the likes of Lamar Alexander, Bob Corker or Jimmy Duncan representing you. I sent letters, but the chance of me getting any response from them is zero, especially since I’m not a republican/teabagger.

  72. Yep. The president did his part. He convinced the public on the tax cut issue. Poll after poll shows it. But the congress didn’t hold a vote on it before the election like he asked them too. And then, when they finally got around to doing it, they couldn’t pass it in the Senate. They couldn’t even get all the Democrats on board let alone sway the Republicans. So the president has to step in and do their job for them by negotiating directly with the republican leaders in congress. This should have been the job of the democratic congressional leaders, but do you think any of them will mention that they weren’t doing that and left it to him? Then when he gets a deal that the republicans will agree to, one that gets a lot from them in concession for a temporary extension of the tax cuts for the wealthy, they don’t hang their heads in shame for making him do their jobs, they don’t thank him for getting in there and taking care of their business, they go on tv and rant and rave about what a bad deal he got! They could have done so much better – then why didn’t they? Why didn’t they hold the tax cut vote before the election? Why didn’t they get the members of their own caucus to vote for the elimination of the tax cuts for the wealthiest? Because that would take work and political risk and they are too scared to do that. They would rather let the president do all the work and take all the risks in order to help the people the Democrats are supposed to be all about helping.

  73. Thanks I signed it and sent the e-mail. My two senators are solid D votes but my rep is an R. Maybe it will help with him.

  74. Johnny Isaakson and Saxby Chambliss, here. Awful having such people representing us, isn’t it?

  75. Information on the National Tree Lighting ceremony.

    White House says Democrats partly to blame for tax-cut deal

    Senate and House Democrats “skeptical” about President Obama’s tax cut deal

    New Blog Entry by Andrea titled: Aarrgh! Can We Mute the Screamers?

  76. I sent letters, too, and about fell off my chair when Jim McDermott responded that he is supporting the President’s original position. Seems when the Dem herd is stampeding, who cares who gets trampled underfoot. First time ever that Jim has been a complete disappointment to me. Makes me regret the money I sent to him when he was flat broke fighting the Republican lawsuit and lost. He should be the first to realize how demoralizing it is to be broke and out of work, which he almost was. Sorry day for me.

  77. Why do I, a white woman feel more solidarity with the AA community? (and it goes without saying, with my Blue and lack comms) The AA comm will be accused of supporting POTUS for one reason only. And we all know what that is. But guess what folks, the color biased ones here are the haters, not the AA’s.

    Caveat, although, I believe this is a place I do not need to be on auto-defense, as I was over there. I do not mean, ALL of ANY GROUP. This was a general statement. The Causcasian element I refer to here the left screamers.

    The idiot-progs, the bastions of equal rights for women and non-essential nature of way, cannot restrain themselves from framing politics, especially Obama’s GROWN UP politics, in sexist and aggressive, militaristic terms. For good measure, over THERE, they throw in homophobic ugliness as well. We have met the “morans.” And they are “progressive”.*

    * to those BWDogs who are concerned that Progs should not be painted with a broad brush, I usually lower case the ‘p’ when referring to DKos progs and their ilk.

  78. I can assure that it’s not just folks in the center. There are many of us who are left of center who support this as well because we understand that a) Congress failed to address this before the election like the White House wanted and most of them are just posturing now after they’ve been safely re-elected, that b) this is the best deal we can get now, thanks to the cowardice of so many Dems in Congress, and c) hearing so-called liberals talk about aligning with Jim Demint to filibuster this just doesn’t sit well with us.

    It is possible to be a pragmatic liberal/progressive and we see what the next “deal” will be if it is left to a Teabagger controlled House to decide.

    They will either pass a renewal of all the tax cuts alone or none at all or a poison-pill laden bill that they know won’t pass so that they can then proceed to blame Pres. Obama and every Dem in Congress for raising taxes and for their incompetence to address the issue. If they even consider taking up an extension of unemployment benefits, they’ll actually go in and gut domestic spending somewhere so they can say they paid for it, likely forcing Dems into a position where they have to choose between extending the benefits and cutting important spending somewhere else. And we’ll definitely get none of Pres. Obama’s tax cuts/credits from the stimulus that benefited the middle class, students, etc.

    Not only that, it will most certainly end the possibility of any action on DADT repeal and ratification of START, both issues that so-called progressives should adamantly support. I’m somewhat stunned that so many people on other sites treat nuclear non-proliferation as an unimportant issue.

    We also know that the ideologues have no alternative whatsoever beyond saying that President Obama should make it happen, as they fail to understand completely that there is utterly no chance of shaming Republicans into doing the right thing. That would require Republicans to have shame.

  79. Thank you.

    The following is the letter I sent to the WH in mid-November. Have no illusion that the President would ever see it, but he certainly wouldn’t if I didn’t write and transmit it 🙂

    17 November 2010

    Subject: Comitting to a ‘Weekly Conversation WITH Americans’

    Dear Mr President,

    The recommendation is simple. Please discard the ‘Weekly Address to the American People” and replace it with a ‘Weekly Conversation WITH Americans.’

    Once each week, travel to a City in a different State, host a town hall meeting, no scripted questions, limit your opening remarks to 4 min, allow folk from anywhere in the State to submit questions online during your town hall, split questions between those attending and those submitting online, try to schedule the town hall meeting at lunch time or just before dinner as to encourage students and working Americans to be able to participate, record the entire event, post it to the White House blog every Saturday morning before 6am EDT.

    The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision was a strategic, multi-media weapon of mass destruction aimed directly at the soul of American Democracy. Several devastating direct hits exploded across America on 2 Nov. You, and the majority of us who have a clue, recognize that the corporate media are not only aligned with the ultra-wealthy, but they also have every intention of enabling even more damage on Election Day, 2012 – and I assure you Sir, they want you out of Office. We cannot allow that to happen.

    You have millions of us ready to mobilize to bring the truth to our neighbors, friends, adversaries and the like, but you must be Messenger-In-Chief way more effectively than any of your predecessors.

    Thus, I hope you accept my recommendation and join in a conversation with your fellow Americans, every week, State after State. And, when you complete the first cycle in 50 weeks, start through it again. You, the majority of Americans, and our Democracy will all be gratified by the experiences.

    Thank you,

  80. Well crickets so far this morning on dkos about the gallup poll. Anyone surprised 🙂

  81. Or ill, or family care givers. In my case, I use my free days to do volunteer work. I remember slapping down slinkereve once – “try talking TO patients once in a while instead of [supposedly] FOR them!”

  82. No. Minds are made up and are closed to any further input that may change them.

    My sig line at Kos is appropriate:

    In the choice between changing ones mind and proving there’s no need to do so, most people get busy on the proof.

  83. They were afraid. They were too scared to have that fight because there was an election coming up. It’s completely counter-intuitive because it would have allowed vulnerable Dems to draw a clear distinction between themselves and Republicans. But no Democrat that I can recall, even the most progressive, was willing to have that fight and they were all silent when it came to the WH’s request to hold a vote before the election.

    Instead, we get these pantomime votes in the House and Senate last weekend that no one will remember and were never going to pass. Pure gimmickry when it’s too late to have an impact. By embracing cowardice, congressional Dems squandered any advantage they had on the issue and forced the President into a position where he had no choice but to negotiate with Republicans.

    It’s so easy to criticize someone for taking a stand and making a decision after you’ve failed to do so yourself. That’s exactly what these Dems in Congress are doing right now – taking the easy way out after two years of failing to stand up and defend what they did accomplish under this President.

  84. Hehe. That’s to be expected. The poll runs counter to their beliefs and arguments so they’ll pretend the poll doesn’t exist or find ways to discredit it.

  85. I’m perplexed as to why they are trying to stand together and so firm against the POTUS. They have had ample opportunity to channel their defiance/anger towards the republicans and they were to chicken shit to do so. I’m really questioning their motives. And this whole “shaming them” thing is a joke!

  86. Kat’s diary is up.

    Hi, all. Today’s report features:

    • President’s press conference: President discusses tax cuts for the middle class and extending unemployment benefits; fact sheet.

    • First Question: Online questions about the tax cut agreement, unemployment insurance, job creation, DADT.

    • Statements of support for the tax cut agreement: Support from economists, advocacy groups, pundits, editorial boards.

    • Sustainable energy solutions and exports: Secretary Chu at UN Climate Change Conference; agencies promote energy efficiency exports.

    • DREAM Act update: Round-up of support, including op-ed from Dr. Jill Biden.

    • Justice round-up: The day’s DOJ news.

    • EPA @ 40: Agency history; 2010 enforcement and compliance results.

    • Secretary Gates in Afghanistan: Meeting with commanders and troops.

    • Pearl Harbor Day: New USS Arizona Memorial visitor center; Presidential Proclamation.,-12-8-10-

  87. Grateful that he’s calling out the Congressional Democrats. They *are* partly to blame!

  88. I’m glad that he defended the compromise so vigorously but it is just incredibly sad that he would have to educate a group of such self-professed sophisticated political and media personnel about this country’s history and how lasting change is made.

    Just as Maureen Dowd is so ignorant that she thought that POTUS’ reference to “the North Star” was about Sarah Palin rather than the guiding light which led people out of deprivation and bondage, the ignorance in this country is astounding, deep, and widespread. Too many people are just unaware of this country’s history. Due in part to the gross historical revisionism which has taken place in order to distort and dismiss the accomplishments of this Presidency.

    Good morning everyone and Happy Wednesday TOAITR family!

  89. LOL!!! She thought he was referring to Sarah Palin? holy mother of pearl. That confirms it, she’s a total idiot. Profoundly stupid.

  90. During the election of President Obama, many of us supporters got together and made an “Obama family cookbook.” I will be posting recipes from the cookbook and my own personal recipes on my blog each day. If you love to cook, or just want to try, check them out.


  91. I watched the video, from OFA and then I sent a very long thank you to the President.

    I was riveted by the way he spoke, so clear and so true, I never saw anything like it.

    I just wish more people appreciated this man. I know the Republicans fear him, they get it. He just checkmated them and then he tried to explain it to us. The only way for him to fail is if the liberal base is torched by angry pundits that we watch. I was shocked to see Keith and Ed and I gave up because I could not watch Maddow beat him up too, I’m not sure if she did or not.

    This is right out of the Rove Handbook on how to screw up the Liberal base that votes democrat. He needs to create a Palin for us. A liberal we would love, so he could then that person would be so left, they would never win. Like Palin and the right. So far I would say his plan is working.

  92. Hi G! Typo, lol!

    I meant:


    As new as this blog is, this already feels like a community to me.

  93. So quick to want to get a lick in against POTUS, she made herself look quite foolish.

    Most of the column was about Palin, with this towards the end:

    Obama used to play poker in the Illinois Legislature, but it’s hard to believe. First, he cried uncle to Republicans standing in the corner, holding their breath and turning blue. Then, in his White House press conference, he was defensive, a martyr for the middle class.

    He said he must compromise at times as he follows “a North Star.” It was odd, given that Palin uses North Star as a code name, her own “city on the hill” reference, and an allusion to God.

    Here’s a clue Maureen: POTUS was absolutely *not* referencing Palin; 1st and 2nd graders know that the North Star was a guide to escape from slavery, used by POTUS as an allusion to guidance from the Repression we’re climbing our way out of. Palin is important to the national media; the rest of us couldn’t care less about the Quitta from Wasilla.

  94. I just ran icebergslim away. I asked her what should the plan be for the unemployed. she melted away.

  95. Thank you for that link. When I get home I’ll be sure to go in and give it a rec, one of the few things that’ll get me over there anymore.

  96. They are pissed at Lawrence Odonnel. They can’t explain Jane hamsher others not having a plan or agreeing to move the to february. we challenged so hard they could only begin name calling on lawrence.

  97. The thing is MSM do not want him out there often, because then they cannot mis-represent his words; or it becomes more difficult. Remember his first six months when he did several tv moments. The Media outlet started complaining about loosing ad revenue, because he was taking time away from their wonderful programs AKA reality stupid shows?

  98. I was stunned last night watching Rachel Maddow. She had Senator Sherrod Brown on as a guest. He actually said that the Democrats could have shamed the Republicans into eventually voting for UI. He felt the president should go out on the road and visit the states of some of the Republicans to put pressure on them.

    I had to do a double take. I could not believe what I was hearing. As with everything else, instead of the Democrats sticking together to strengthen the president’s hand they abdicate their responsibility (because the are gutless wonders so fearful of what the GOP will say about them) and then expect President Obama to do all of the heavy lifting. Then when he makes a decision, they feel betrayed because they don’t agree with all of the details.

    Well cry me a a river. The Democrats in congress might as well just join the crybabies in the professional left who require strict adherence to their demands. The rest of us in the reality based world will with stick with the president.

    I for one am feed up with the Democrats in congress. From the beginning, the Democrats have been the biggest thorn in President Obama’s side. Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu, Russ Feingold, Evan Bayh, Blanche Lincoln, Mark Pryor, Jim Webb, Mark Warner. The usual suspects are well known.

    I have a suggestion for the Democrats in congress, you blew it when you had a chance to make a statement about the tax cuts. You can’t unring that bell so face the reality of the situation. Do you really think the situation is going to be easier next year? Wake up, snap out of it, strike while the iron is hot.

  99. Just read some comments from your link. The one about Ed schultz. He went after landrieu for the oil spill, the public option and now he quotes her. she voted for bush tax cuts, against the public option and against the moritorium. Now shes his new BF. wow! please people keep paying attention, they are revealing who they really are.

  100. You have to be kidding.

    He actually said that the Democrats could have shamed the Republicans into eventually voting for UI.

    What part of “we in the GOP leadership consider the unemployed to be lazy shiftless bums who get paid to not work” does Brown not understand? This is just pathetic. Rather than reminding the country that Dems got the UEI extension, EITC renewal, and middle class tax cuts renewal, Dems are eating other alive and on the defensive as per usual. People like Brown need to turn off the netroots and come back to reality.

  101. Of course the tradmed don’t want him to be with all of us, with us asking the hard questions (which they never ask) and him answering for all to hear.

    Precisely the reason why he needs to do more of it. I particularly like the strategy – not because I suggested it because many others much savvier than me also have, I’m sure – of him doing a presser at the WH one week, followed by a Town Hall the next week. Over the course of the next two years he could have done a Town Hall in every State and the contrast of the idiocy of the questions he confronts in the presser with the likely genuine questions from Americans in and of itself would provide valuable insight for all Americans.

    And, I think he would enjoy himself immensely in the process!

    Thank you.

  102. Thanks. Have you EVER seen something so positive, so inspiring develop this quickly. As I mentioned, I have health stuff to deal with. Husband bought me an IPAD so I could “hang out” at Blue&Black in bed recovering. It’s the coolest thing. The visual clarity is amazing. BWD’s photos will be gorgeous!

  103. I love the concept that he could have shamed the Republicans into voting for UI. Probably the one bit of consistent thinking on the left for the past several years is that the Republicans don’t know what the meaning of shame is. Now, all of a sudden, apparently they are now subject to being shamed into doing something. What stupidity.

  104. Hi Tulips!

    A bunch of people look like idiots today for having acted the utter fool and hyperventilated about a compromise for which we absolutely benefited. Perhaps this will provide more evidence revealing the uselessness of sensationalists during a period of governance.

  105. And one more thing. Do you want to put the future of several million people at risk on the less than even odds gambkle that the Republicans would have given in? I wouldn’t. And we don’t even know if Obama may have gotten other concessions that haven’t come out yet, relating to DADT, START and DREAM. I can see that happening but not wanting to make a general announcement at this point.

  106. Love you too!

    BWD has given us a gift that is immeasureable. I got bad medical news a couple weeks ago, but in addition to wonderful friends and family – you know what’s been keeping me upbeat (mostly :)) – this blog!!

  107. I agree. I thought it ludicrous to hear Sherrod Brown on the Rachel Maddow show talking that same rubbish and saying the President should go on a speaking tour around the country and shame the Republicans.
    This was repeated by the Move On guy Adam Greene and another guy who wrote some book called “The Mendacity of Hope” on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show.
    They seemed to forget that the President did this in certain areas before the mid-terms to great effect but did not go to other areas AT THE REQUEST of Dem Congress people who did not want to be associated with him because he is supposed to be unpopular in their states.

    Give me a break-either these guys are memory challenged or completely out of it.

  108. jaywillie,

    If you have the time, I’d love to see you send a variation of your comment to the newly found courage of some congressional dems to blame the president for their shortcomings. Specifically, I’d like to see some letters directed to Bernie Sanders because he think he’s one who actually might listen. One who REALLY cares about real world consequences to the poor and working class-in the here and now. Yet somehow he is out there vowing to filibuster.

  109. Lila

    It was when I distanced myself and started reading sites like this, that the whole DK thing came into perspective for me. It’s damned close to non-existence.

  110. mmm I respectfully do not agree with this notion that the President should do these pressers every 2 weeks. He should absolutely do these when they can make the most impact such as the one yesterday. Also I know it may not make the cable news, or on the pundits shows when he goes to a small city like Winston Salem NC, etc…but please realize it is a huge deal to those small cities and it makes news for days after. When he came to NC our local interrupted their daytime schedule and showed from the moment he stepped off AF1, the people there to greet him and him jogging over to them, his motorcade, and the speech in full. That is big, the local news is a major boost to seeing and knowing exactly what our Pres is doing and that is why even with high unemployment our Pres is still hovering at 48% approval even with the cable news 24/7 bashing.

    Not everybody (raises hands) watches the cable news. Majority of people don’t watch these pundits jabbering, nobody goes out their way to see these tools that call themselves journalists pontificate and act awkward,to the same degree they tune into their local news. We watch our local news people because we have done this since we were little, we know them, we don’t know the glen becks or even olbermans but we know our locals. We celebrate when one gets married and cry when another announces cancer has stepped into her life. We want to see how our local middle school teams did on that day, not what some Washington reporter queried the pres about. We are interest in what went on in our own cities and especially on a day when the President of America comes to town, we tune in and the Pres knows this, he gets it.

  111. If they thouht that shaming the Republicans would work, then why is extending unemployment benefits still an issue? Why didn’t they same the republicans into doing something for the 99er’s amd why didn’t they hold the vote for UI & middle class tax cuts before the election?

  112. But symmetry, you’re relying on facts and reason. In Lollipop Land, just scream louder and everyone will do what you wanted them to do prior to your tantrum.

  113. The notion that the GOP could be shamed into supporting UEI benefits is just utterly out to lunch.

  114. Here is a beautiful picture gallery of Elizabeth Edwards. Many of us might not have supported her husband for POTUS, but it is undeniable that she worked diligently to get HCR passed in order to ensure that people in her position would not continue to be denied insurance.

    Thank you, Elizabeth Edwards. RIP. Deepest sympathies to John Edwards and their beautiful children.

  115. Peace to her memory. I always admired her – such a strong woman. Such a sad loss for her children, but they will always be sustained by what she gave them while she could.

    As to her husband, what *was* he thinking??

  116. Blackwaterdog!!!111!! 😉

    I, Darnell From LA, being of sound mind and interesting body hereby declare to visit this blog regularly, while cutting my intake of DailyKos to zero for the sake of my health!

    The reaction to this tax deal by some liberals has been mothing short of breathtaking (in a bad way).

    The GOP has proven over the last 2 years that they DON’T CARE what happens to our economy or those most hurt by joblessness. The idea that the GOP would have been “shamed” into caving on things like U/E benefits is silly.

    Instead the President gave the GOP their shiny trinket, and extracted in return almost 3 times as much in the form of help for middle class families and the unemployed, without letting Americans suffer for weeks or months while the GOP sits on its hands.

    I’m as liberal as they come, but frankly I’ve been ashamed to call myself one of late. This President is constantly trying to do what is best for this country, but some on the left would rather have him stand on principle, even if it means some Americans suffer.

    Damnit, when are they going to realize that “The American President” was a movie, not reality! (And it wasn’t even Michael Douglas’s best. See “Black Rain.”

  117. Symmetry, I read what your twitter friend wrote and could not agree more. Let the person know it was impressive. Peace

  118. Sherrod Brown never did strike me as overloaded with candle power but, yeegads, the congressional Dems are sickening these days. The House could barely get it done on most of the critical issues, IIRC (tight votes on all the big issues and many Dem defections, often from both ends of the political spectrum). And the Senate – Who can forget the Baucus debacle surrounding HCR?? The same guys who never got it together to pass the basics — a budget resolution and appropriations bill for the fiscal year that began on Oct. 1 — are now screaming because the Obama deal is not one they would have written even though they are not capable of putting themselves in the position to enact decent responsive laws . .

  119. Symmetry I have shared that on Facebook. I don’t expect very many “likes” from my Liberal Friends.

  120. I don’t remember shame working very well when earlier this year Repubs allowed UI insurance to expire for hundreds of thousands of unemployed americans. Repubs have no shame. How can you shame them? Stupid-ass argument.

  121. And I do recall that RM had several segments on her show a few months ago in which she showed that republicans suffer zero shame, or embarrassment, as a result of any of their actions. That these pundits and some members of the DP believe that they can make the republicans budge on any issue, shows how the extent of their cognitive dissonance. Heck, even some of the democrats join with the republicans to vote against some of the president’s policies.

    I’d like for all of the screamers to have the opportunity to be POTUS for one month. They’d likely find themselves having to make some of the same hard choices that the president has had to make. Things always tend to seem different when one views them from the position of an outsider. I know this firsthand. As a retired teacher, I cringe when I hear people who have never taught a day in their lives give their “professional” advice on issues related to public education.

  122. Ed cannot be taken seriously. He is too ill informed. He is usually way over the top and hardly seems to be able to grasp all the facts.

    Keith is more entertainment rather than news

    Rachel hit and misses

    Tweety not many hits

    If they could just report the facts and save the punditry! Sorry they are not news just talking heads

  123. I’m not passing judgment so close to Elizabeth’s transition, but I think that she was a deeply beautiful woman. And I love your thought about her children being sustained by her legacy. I too lost a parent very early, and it does mean a great deal that his legacy is admirable and he’s remembered fondly. It really does make a difference. Elizabeth’s gorgeous kids, both the little ones and the older girl, should be incredibly proud that their mother went to bat so vigorously for people who were denied insurance because of preexisting conditions. Helping to put such an accomplishment in place is just huge.


  124. I posted on my as well. I’m sure I won’t get many “likes” either. The majority of the ppl on my FB are ppl from HS & College and sadly, none of them appear to be interested in what is going on. I continue to post things of relevance with the hopes that someone is reading it.

  125. I wandered over to DK yesterday and read her diary. I know I’ve probably got quite a few ugly responses to my comment, but I was totally disgusted by the diary and the comments that were calling the president names and calling for him to be primaried in 2012.

    I let my disgust with icebergslim and the other posters be seen. I wanted to know why they weren’t doing anything except sitting on the sidelines complaining and trashing the president, and I wanted to know why they weren’t going after the democrats and republicans who keep them from getting some of the things they say they want. Not one of the thousands of high school students I taught in my 33 years in the classroom ever behaved the way that these liberal purists are behaving. It’s shameful, and I let them know it.

  126. You will feel better staying away from KOS. I still check in, long enough to see icebergslims new Obama trashing diary and see if there is news then I leave.
    Reading this blog is fun, comforting and sane.
    I realize I spent way too much time over there and it was making me sick.

  127. I have been utterly disgusted by the behavior from the “professional left” on this issue, and I predict that both Keith and Rachel will some day regret the gratuitous attacks they launched on this president yesterday. I think they underestimate how much support Obama has among ordinary citizens (not professional bloggers, radio hosts or MSM pundits).

    Here is a link from a top rec’d DKOS (eclectablog’s) diary which contains some very good information about this deal.

  128. I also read this great article on PlanetPOV! Thanks for posting as I was also thinking of doing the same. I agree that the author should mail a copy to ALL media outlets.

  129. I just made a promise on the mish mash page not to bring up dkos, if i slip remind me of my promise. They are really coming over and reading comments, and bringing them dkos.

  130. It was only a matter of time. I won’t do the blog wars either – thanks for the heads-up. But I’t will be hard….

    They did bring this on themselves though.

  131. They are also my senators, starshine, and they are totally useless when it comes to doing anything on behalf of Georgians and/or Americans, and it seems as if the majority of the GA voters approve because Isakson was re-elected. I keep wondering just how bad things have to get before the voters here realize that republican policies = hardship for the poor and middle class. Deal just announced cuts to the Hope Scholarship may be a part of his plan to rein in government spending. This scholarship helped my daughter get a college degree. I’m fairly certain that a lot of the conservatives who voted for Deal have kids in college who benefit from this scholarship. Maybe the republicans have to totally destroy the poor and middle class before those who continue to vote for them wake up.

  132. As much as I like Sherrod Brown, guys like him and Leahy could have done the exact same thing – BEFORE THE ELECTION. They could have been doing the shaming for weeks now, but only when the President stands up to get something worked out do they all start clamoring for taking action. Like I said in another comment, it’s a lot easier for these Congresscritters to take a “stand” after someone else (the President) has been forced to make a compromise because of their inability to put pressure on their colleagues in Congress.

    They leave everything up to him, whine about it, and then demand that he do even more. Unbelievable.

  133. How do you shame the shameless??? And what are you going to gain from it??? Who do you think the unemployed will blame? Republicans?

    I use to think that SB was actually one of the smart guys.

    As for Rachel – She’s a great talent, but in many ways, she really is still a child.

  134. All of us “old time members” of Move On who disagree should make sure our voices are heard.
    Otherwise, if we only unsubscribe, I fear the poutragers will carry the day and will only serve to marginalize a once proud movement.

  135. Welcome Darnell – I’m g (used to be ACD over there). A friend referred to DKProgs v Progs to distinguish. I call them the Screamers. But we know not all libs are like those people. I don’t even KNOW anybody like those people IRL. They are not the base.

  136. Don’t worry about what they think, tulips. You can drive yourself bananas in the feverish world of fauxgressives. IMO they’re a distraction. I’m thrilled that new spaces are emerging so that those of us who find it to be a waste of time don’t have to entertain it.

    Look at this space. You can tell how diverse it is by the avatar pictures. There’s a range of thought, opinions, and ideas. But there is no virulent disdain or drama. *This* resembles the Democratic base. Read the white liberals here who say that they have more in common politically with black folks (who are overrepresented in the Congressional Progressive Caucus etc.) than the teaparties (in contrast with some other spaces which sympathize with the teaparties and want to ally with them). *This* is the liberal base.

    It might take some time to break old habits, but liberate yourself from worrying about what sketchy people think and do. Their point is to waste people’s time and divert focus IMO. Look how Dems played themselves running to the TV thinking that the base hates the compromise based on new media excess when they should have waited and trusted us to have a mature outlook and understand that we got a whole lot more than we gave with that compromise. POTUS did good.

  137. They are? Good for them – I guess with the severe decline in discourse and mass exodus ( a lot – and I mean a lot – of people have split that lame scene) they’ve been forced to outsource quality comments! /snark

  138. Hi Darnell! I’m proud to be liberal; fauxgressives don’t and never have spoken for me. Great comment.

  139. g,

    What most of the MSM fails to realize is that we AAs are more into politics than they want to acknowledge. I spent part of my childhood under segregation, and I recall how often my parents, siblings, and I discussed politics, and I recall how much time my parents devoted to studying the candidates’ positions before deciding for whom to vote. We discuss politics almost everywhere we go–at church, in beauty/barbershops/ at the grocery store, at community events, etc.

    When the republicans whine about AAs not voting for republicans, they fail to realize that many of us are more politically savvy than they think we are. Plus, why would any sane individual vote for politicians when he/she knows that these politicians could care less about persons of color, gays, lesbians, atheists, agnostics immigrants, Muslims, the poor, the middle class, etc?

    As a general rule, most AAs know what is behind these attacks on President Obama that are coming from both sides of the aisle, and they are not all related to his positions on the issues. I’ve been voting in national elections since 1976, and I’ve never seen the level of disrespect for the office of the president that I’m seeing today.

    What galls the republicans in regard to not getting AAs to vote for them is the fact that most AAs realize how toxic they are, and we want nothing to do with them. We also have long memories, so it might be a good idea for those democrats who are attacking the president to proceed with extreme caution.

  140. Lots of sound minds over there, and humor, thank goodness!

    Many of the folks there started at Huff Po
    and bless their hearts some still
    fight the good fight at HP from time to time.

    I am very glad that BWD put this site together.
    It’s nice to find so many sane people sticking together.

  141. That site is becoming irrelevant. It’s over-run with conspiracy theorists and faux progressive hacks. I never really read BWD’s diaries while I was over there, but this blog of hers and Blue Wave News is >>>>> DKOS. It’s nice reading posts based on facts without having to look out for the usual bomb throwers that hate the prez.

  142. Same thing happened to me this morning….*L*

    “We want you back.” And I had told them in no uncertain terms why I had unsubbed.

    So much for them.

  143. “I, Darnell From LA, being of sound mind and interesting body hereby declare to visit this blog regularly, while cutting my intake of DailyKos to zero for the sake of my health!”

    Darnell, it will be the best decision you ever made. I too am deciding to do the same thing. Gonna start coming here, Blue Wave News, and Balloon Juice. Maybe a few other places. DKOS is filled with bomb-throwing haters now. You can’t post a positive diary about the prez over there without someone taking a big dump in it. Gloom and Doom can only attract so many people. I hope that site falls into obscurity.

  144. Hi kefauver! balloon-juice is also terrific (there are some nonsense comments at times but that space is generally pretty level-headed). Great to see you here.

  145. K!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s me, ACD/gc/g. Just can’t get enough of me? LOL! Delighted to see you. You will love it here. between BWN and BWD, I am actually HAPPY in blogworld again. I never would have believed it…

  146. I just wrote a comment and it disappeared so it this new comment repeats I apologize. I first want to say you speak for me too, BWD. Your comments fit how I feel about the situation.
    The press and the legislators use the old measuring devices to proclaim failure or success. PBO does not conform to the old methods of politics. He looks at what needs to be done and looks at the entire forest not just the trees. He uses his experts input and assesses how to best get to helping the economy and the American people given the current circumstances. He does not worry about arbitrary wins without results saying well we tried and they just wouldn’t budge.

    Those screamers say he shoulda this he shoulda that have not shown how he could have changed the unprecidented obstruction shown by the Republican party. I agreed with PBO’s assessment of the Left. It hurts when your own party is the roadblock. They seem to look after their own tails and think we can survive taking no tax cuts for an ideology.

    Yes! The rich do not need a tax cut and PBO agreed but the people needed unemployment extensions and didn’t need taxes going up right now. The stimulus aspect of the deal is also a help. I am not sure with this present outcry if PBO can even get his side to agree to the deal. So sad! I hate to lose the best President the Middle Class has had fighting for them in my lifetime due to people not looking ahead.

  147. You again speak what I am thinking, BWD. I was in my car this morning with my radio on. I used to have it tuned to the progressive station but these days shy away from it knowing what I would hear there. I had NPR on instead and was even disappointed there to hear the same talk of Primary him, not a good negotiator, giving too much away with nothing in return, not fighting hard enough, could have gotten it without giving in, attacking his own side, etc.
    I think about the media and think they do not realize that we do not have to do everything politically as it has been done in the past. It is not weakness to not get everything wanted. It is good to get the best that can be garnered instead of just saying we tried but they wouldn’t budge. That is shades of the old politics and thinking in the old way.

    Sometimes I think PBO is so good at working for us that the press and legislators do not even realize it. I know one thing, measuring success with the same old yardsticks does not make sense. To throw away the best help to the American people we have had in a very long time just because he uses a different method shows some are not ready or farsighted enough to realize things can be done differently to achieve the needed goal. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is supposed to be a sign of insanity. Maybe the press and Congress should consider that.

  148. Apparently only the president is capable of doing the shaming. He is also the only one capable of coming up with bills apparently. And the only one who can actually sit down with and talk to Senator Brown’s colleagues across the aisle. All messaging, all negotiating, all bill writing and all vote whipping are his responsibility now, didn’t you know? The Senate has no responsibility to write or pass laws, I guess. And we certainly can’t expect them to press for policies they support on tv or in their own districts or states. Their only job is to sit back, watch the president do the work and then nitpick the results and call him an outrageous failure when he is done.

  149. Good to see you too, GN. I think I’m leaving DK for good now, only checking in every blue moon or so. TexasMango had a great diary last night where she told all the a-holes off. It was great. I won’t be going down in a blaze of glory like that, but I am walking out on that place. I’ll be damned if I trust some local internet celebrity like Slinkerwink or Bob Swern instead of someone who has actual experience running things outside of their home or apartment.

  150. I totally understand your feeling. I have to remind myself to ignore them as well.

    I’ve decided to not let those morons at DKOS bother me anymore.

    I used to stop by and peek to see if there were any interesting diaries or postings by BWD. But no longer.

    They are completely rabid there. It’s completely useless. So much negativity and destructive venting.

    So I have removed it from my favorites and no longer go on that site.

    It’s a waste of time to even think about them anymore.

  151. It’s pretty awesome, huh? Positive accomplishments by Obama actually being reported on and not spun in a negative fashion. No clueless screaming by the “Obama sux” crowd. A refreshing change for once, huh?

    Be seeing you around. Take care.

  152. Wow more reasons to be grateful for the life and commitment of President Obama to his country.

    Forget the naysayers, he is one of the best Presidents we will have!

  153. first time posting I thank you for this website and the comments from people of like minds, saying that…. I really agree with obamagrandmama, our president is so thinking outside the box and ahead of everything that I began to wonder, were the pundits expecting a cookied cutter type of guy. well we can see that he is his own person and is trying to do things his way. Im so proud of him

  154. So much so that they are calling it a second stimulus. 200 billion on top of the roughly 200 billion still left over from the Recovery Act is going to be a nice jolt to the economy.

  155. Did Sherod mention what tactics the President coulf have used to shame members of his own party who didn’t support UI extension?

  156. Lady, Agreed!! I am fed up and boy did the “tone” change tonight! I say let’s stand with President Obama, he KNOWS what he is doing, and I don’t doubt this one bit. President Obama knows his enemies in the Dem party and for sure in the Republican party.

    I am going to sit back and watch, because I believe President Obama sees the “bigger picture”.

  157. Hi kefauver! I personally prefer a fauxgressive-free lifestyle but I don’t blame anyone who takes a stick to the hornet’s nest at some other spaces. Just don’t let it distress you.

    Your thoughts and insights over the years have been invaluable to many of us. I’m so glad to still have access to your voice and I hope that you stick around at least part time!

  158. Wow!! Brown is my senator. I had no idea he’d punk out like that. I used to be so proud of him. He will definitely get a call from me.

  159. “I for one am fed up with the Democrats in congress. From the beginning, the Democrats have been the biggest thorn in President Obama’s side. Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu, Russ Feingold, Evan Bayh, Blanche Lincoln, Mark Pryor, Jim Webb, Mark Warner. The usual suspects are well known.”

    They might be “Democrats”, but they all still share a lot of the very same mindset and harbor the very same deep seated prejudices the teabaggers publicly and proudly flaunt…

    Barack Obama’s Presidency has exposed a whole lot of them and a whole lot about them and now it’s very clear that there still exists and in a big way too, racists of every stripe in todays America:

    Teabagger racists
    Republican racists
    Gay racists
    Leftbagger racists
    Bluedog racists

    And they all harbor one thought and share a singular goal: destroy President Obama at any cost…

    But they will fail and woefully too…

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