“Obama: President; McConnell: Sucker”

Andrew Sullivan:

It’s been fascinating to watch the left’s emotional roller-coaster these past few weeks. It’s also been fascinating to watch Obama out-run them, and to observe their responses to the final deal in the last 24 hours. Krugman has gone from “Let’s Not Make A Deal” to “better than what I expected.” The response from the far-right has also been illuminating. Drudge rushed to declare Obama’s payroll tax cut as a Republican idea. Hinderaker below insists “Obama has admitted that the Republicans were right all along.” Notice something about all of this? They all now realize that Obama has been a little shrewder than they took him to be.


Now for the short-term benefits of resolving this tax-and-spend dilemma so swiftly. The president urgently needs to get the new START and DADT through the Senate. DADT would be a major boost for his base – and the country’s military. Getting START through is critical to his foreign policy cred. If he can pull all this off by Christmas – and the Senate should indeed stay open for an extra week – the last Congress will indeed be viewed by historians as one of the most substantive (and liberal) in recent history. And Obama will have orchestrated it – while ending up firmly planted and rebranded in the center.

Meep, meep.



338 thoughts on ““Obama: President; McConnell: Sucker”

  1. Again, I know I will sound like a broken record, but most of these blowhards, who claim to be speaking for people like me, know zilch about what they are talking about.

    The wait for a Krugman or Ezra Klein to come out against something the president does, and bingo, they open fire.

    Andrew Sullivan has been a voice of reason from inception of POTUS presidency. Andrew has constantly pointed to the Republican’s outlandishness, and he should know, he is a conservative.

    It will be interesting to see what the Krugman followers will say now.

    And you know what’s weird, people on the left like to think they are much smarter than folks on the right, but some behave no different.

    For example, they will swear allegiance to a blogger who spends ample time instigating, bullying and playing coy when called on those actions, but will have no qualms denigrating the president. And sometimes for good measure, they bring in his wife and his mother.

    I was waiting to hear from a cross spectrum of people, instead of the loud and saying nothing folks. They are so predictable.

    Kudos, BWD for picking up Sullivan’s thoughts.

  2. Even though Sullivan can be grating at times, overall he’s an astute observer of the President, mostly because he’s clear-eyed about what he can and cannot do. (And even the liberal Paul Krugman, etc., etc.)

  3. I wish all of these stories would come out after the votes. I don’t trust McConnell for nothing, the worm will go back on the agreement in a heartbeat if this is being sold as a win for Obama.

    I believe Congress is supposed to recess on the 17th, so the vote would have to be scheduled pretty soon, especially if the plan is to have a START and DADT vote, but I believe I read that Congress would have to stay in another week for those votes to be held.

    I avoid MSM like the plague, has other GOP senators come out speaking in favor of this compromise publically – Brown, Snowe, Collins?

  4. Africa, It a lot coming out for what the President decided, Ezra Kliein, the Alantic and a couple of more.

  5. So glad you posted this–I was hoping you would. Sullivan is right on the money, IMO. Thanks, BWD!

  6. I think I need help — I’ve run out of epithets disgusting enough to lay on the Republican congress and the wimps there among the Democrats.

    Thank you blackwaterdog for steering us to these favorable analyses (more than one analysis — spell check doesn’t like it)of the deal struck by Obama with the Republicans.

    Thank goodness that’s over. Now on to START and DADT.

    I don’t know why anyone would take on the mantle of the president of this country voluntarily

  7. Hello TOAITR family. Thanks BWD and everyone for creating a space in which we can calmly evaluate policy without risking getting played or twisted into acting against our best interests due to excessive levels of drama or sensationalism.

    There has been some surprisingly rational analysis which has emerged. I have not always agreed with Sullivan, but I think that he’s correct here. And it’s hilarious that even Sour Krugman has had to begrudgingly admit that liberals and Dems indeed walked away with some significant items from the tax cut deal.

    Something which I’ve noticed about this WH is a genuine concern and willingness to act for the childless poor who tend to fall through some cracks in the safety net and don’t have a prominent media voice. This is apparent in HCR (in which Medicaid will be hugely expanded to rope them in), it is apparent in then-Senator Obama’s insistence that they receive earned income tax credit (EITC) consideration, and it’s apparent now, with the WH insisting that the EITC improvements be extended alongside tax cuts for the rich and middle classes.

    You know what guys? Liberals haven’t done half bad with this WH and legislative session and I’m thrilled to be participating in a space in which I’m not called a cultist for admitting such. A lot of people just got a major assist from the safety net because we chose to put a Dem one-party state in place. And now, people who might have been worried greatly about being cut off from benefits during the holidays (a NYT article profiling some of these people almost had me in tears) can rest assured that they at the very least have a few nickels to rub together, as is appropriate for a civilized society rather than a zoo where “I got mine, too bad for you!” is the prevailing philosophy. *This* is why I emptied my pockets for this WH and can’t wait to do it again.

    Happy Tuesday everyone.

  8. You are so right!! I went back to listen to Obama’s 2004 speech. I think everyone should go back and listen to that. He hasn’t changed any – I mean in how he channels his actions or strives towards his goals. But being president has altered the way he’s used to doing business.

    That this is a country that allows criticism against our political figures is a great thing – however with technology today which sends out this criticism in less than seconds, the whole process of debate has been weighted down.

    gah. Don’t want to get all morose. I love this site, though. At least I don’t have to filter through crap to get to the heart of matters.

  9. What I particularly liked about the Sullivan piece was his insight about the President being a strategic rather than a tactical thinker. I admire this quality in the POTUS, that’s the kind of person I want leading my country.

  10. Sullivan hit the nail on the head. I am pretty certain that there are some members of the GOP who woke up this morning with the feeling that they’ve been had – and not exactly clear on how it happened.

  11. Hi TIMT!

    For some reason, I had trouble posting at TPV, but here’s what I had to say about your terrific essay, piggybacking onto one of the comments there:
    protecting those most affected by this “repression” is an even more “core” Democratic principle than that.

    It strikes me that the “no tax cuts for the rich or bust” folks are people who would mock and harangue a parent for paying part of a ransom to rescue their child. Sorry folks but no way no how was POTUS about to watch a bunch of people get cut off from their benefits for “principle.” Why are they not livid with the *GOP* for holding this entire country, including national security (START) and modest benefits for people who greatly need them, hostage to tax cuts for rich people who don’t need them and won’t even spend most of them. That is where my anger is directed: at the hostage taker, not the victim and not the ransomer. I doubt that POTUS is thrilled with having to pay part of that ransom, but it is what it is. Welcome to the world in which perfect outcomes are few and far between. As a liberal, I am satisfied that those who I believe deserve consideration have received it alongside the freaking rich.

  12. It’s frightening, how consistent he has been.

    I think that at the end of the day, POTUS’ style of politicking is new, unusual, and is so far from the partisanship to which we’re so used, it was just bound to make a great deal of people angry.

    Bush and the GOP one-party state threw their weight around and pretty much sneered at liberals. They made up their own fantasies and successfully promoteed them as facts; they laughed and giggled as liberals fought quixotically against a disastrous foreign policy and the lies implanted in the media to promote that disaster. Given that, yeah, people kind of thought, “just wait until Dems get back into power; you’re going to pay for this.”

    President Obama does not provide that emotional satisfaction because *his* urgency pertains to making some much-needed improvements in this country, and he has always said that he will not sacrifice the good for the perfect. This attracted enough of us off the sidelines to create a new base for President Obama, but in terms of trying to empathize with the frustrati (now that I’m away from them, that’s much easier to do), they were bound to find this Presidency outrageous and unsatisfying. Those of us much more interested in seeing things done and lives improved (rather than emotional satisfaction which to me isn’t appropriate for politics anyway) find this Presidency successful.

  13. Hey BWD, I never really read any of your diaries at DKOS, but I found out about this place last week in Citizen K’s diary. This blog is actually pretty nice and very well done. More importantly, it’s nice to see actual positive posts about the prez without all of the frustrati running about with their hair on fire. I think I’ll be coming over here and over to Blue Wave News more often. DKOS has sunken into purity troll and Bob Swern Conspiracy Diary heaven.

  14. This is a cross-post from The Obama Diary, I hope that’s all right —

    An important thing here. I just received an email from Chris Bowers, Campaign Director of Daily Kos with a petition attached opposing the deal just struck. I was invited to sign it which of course I declined.

    Just a heads up. I don’t know what we can do about this except write to the administration and the president that we heartily approve of his deal as the best he could get. I think, though, that we should try to counter this petition in some way. Has anyone a more efficient idea than just individual efforts?

    Or is it just an aggravating itch that doesn’t mean anything except to get some cyber time?

  15. Yup GN. No drama Obama. Slinker types have been yelling and shouting since 2008 primaries and thank God Prez wisely ignored their “advice”.

  16. I wrote Chris back saying I couldn’t sign. I was unwilling to tell the unemployed that they were going to be collateral damage in a war over tax cuts. Nor could I risk, in a shaky economy, the $320 billion is stimulus that this deal might mean to just make a point about Republicans.

    I then unsubscribed for the email list.

  17. He is who he is. And I got a huge Medicaid expansion among other tangible safety net improvements which help real people live their lives. He’s taken a bite into poverty, very quietly. As a liberal, this is gratifying to me. Which is why people who call this Presidency Clinton II are just off base. Rather than welfare reform, we got a welfare expansion (snuck through the stimulus legislation).

  18. so true, so true… I know too many people in bad straits with this economy turndown. Between losing jobs or having no healthcare, or being disabled…

    Every day I think, at least I have job security(so what if there’s a freeze on fed employee wages, I’ve benefited from yearly increases just based on location alone), I have health insurance. I have a roof over my head. I have independent transportation (ie, vehicle)… am I paying into a system for others to merely survive? well sure. But I always thought this was a country that did would help those in poverty (I guess that depends on the administration!)

    I just think everyone has gone way off base on most of the issues at hand. There is no instant relief, instant gratification, instant fix!!!

  19. I posted the video of the president’s remarks on my FB page with a note saying that I support his stance.

    I’ve just been ignoring the petitions. Perhaps there could be a letter of support for this action that people could sign. I’d love to counter the “lefties abandon Obama” meme.

  20. That’s it. This is a microwave society, everything is instant instant instant. While that urgency is understandable, the condemnation of this WH is not. I absolutely and utterly agree that in a civilized country, providing benefits and a safety net is the very least that we can do. It is a disgrace that there was even a suggestion that the third of the unemployed who are even eligible for benefits in the first place should have those modest funds cut off unless the rich got money that they will not even spend to stimulate the economy. My anger is thus directed towards the GOP.

  21. Why don’t we set up a petition? I don’t know how.. but someone here must. Set up a petition, send it to every single congress person and the president.. and follow it all up with calls and emails (I don’t think there is time for letters) to ALL congress people.

    I received that email petition from dkos too and just decided to finally unsubscribe. The top rec’d diary right now at dkos is: IT IS UP TO US TO SAVE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY.. by none other than slinkerwink. Because if anyone can ‘save’ the democrats it sure is dkos and slink.

    I am stumped by the comments I’ve read over there that state: I’m for the middle class, the working people and Obama isn’t.. while all the while yelling about the fact that Obama and dems are trying to save tax cuts for the middle class and unemployment for those most hurting. I just do not understand this furor over the rich keeping their tax cuts. I do not understand how the ‘dems/progressives’ of dailykos seem to care more about sticking it to the rich than they do about saving the rest of the people of this country. How is this not a worthy trade off?? What is it that they are so furious about.. I still have not found their point.

  22. Nothing this President does is ever good enough. He is not going to be able to govern and please everyone. There is always going to be something that someone doesn’t like or agree with. Now the union is not happy:

    AFL-CIO comes out against tax cut deal: “The gains for the middle class and jobless workers in the deal come at too high a price”

  23. So, what’s their proposal? “No soup for anybody!” Of course, the rich already have their soup, so really it would just be taken away from those who depend on it.

  24. I’m confused about something if this tax deal was so bad for President Obama then why is it not on the top of the page and in bold letters on the Drudge Report? There’s a story about a lady biting off her husband’s tongue while singing Christmas carols just above the Obama story.

    I’m sitting here waiting for the Obama press conference to begin and John Kyl and Mitch McConnell are speaking at a gathering, but strangely enough they don’t look too happy. I guess they just figured out that they got left holding the bag.

  25. I held my breath and ventured over to DK just to see what was happening. About what we’d all expect, but I did see this comment that I thought was worth sharing, and worth taking the message to heart (of course, the commenter is getting crucified on the thread over there):

    “This is the GOP holding a gun to the heads of the unemployed. We know they’ll pull the trigger. They have no qualms about hurting their fellow Americans. None. We are paying the ransom, and the GOP gets what they want… and it’s up to us to make sure that they get what they DESERVE.

    Spread the message – tell every single person you know: The richest few, thanks to the GOP, are getting a bailout which is supplied by the taxpayers.

    Spread it far and wide: THE RICH ARE GETTING A BAILOUT AT OUR EXPENSE, courtesy of the GOP, who don’t give a rat’s ass who they hurt.

    And why are they getting it? Because the Democrats (most of them) and the President are not willing to run over the unemployed and the rest of us – to crush us entire – to get what they want. They’re not as cruel as the GOP.

    It’s the truth, so frame it that way and sell it. Every. Damned. Day. Until everyone out there wakes up and sees what’s going on.”

  26. It appears that the only time that the Dems can walk lock step with each other is when they are opposing the President. Do they reallly believe that if the President holds out any longer that the outcome as they would like?? They are delusional. The outcome will be much worse. There won’t be any UI before the first of the year and the tax cuts for middle class would increase. The Republicans would be more than happy to table any deal in order to wait until they take control in January. Since the Dems were to chicken shit to deal with this issue, they would be wise to take this and move on to the next issue that needs to be resolved.

  27. Well said GN.. and you are right about the things being done to benefit the childless. Years ago I worked for child protective services in CA.. and one of the biggest problems I ran into were indigent folks with no kids who had almost zero resources.. they indeed do fall through the cracks. Veterans are another group being considered more so than ever- by this whitehouse.

    And I agree about this space here, in that I have felt freer, less stifled to speak my peace here than I have ever felt at the other place… yes in large part because I don’t think the folks here are going to spit on me for what I say.. they may not agree, but they won’t (I believe) be out to smash me either.

    I am now going to call the whitehouse and my congressmen and ask them to support this agreement.

    I also am beginning to think that maybe there is just two kinds (or more) of liberals, those of us who see a win because the folks most in need will be helped, and that is our largest concern.. and those that are more about kicking the wealthy/corporate folks… no matter who is harmed by that. Otherwise I just don’t understand the anger and the thinking.

    The only problem I have with what Sullivan wrote is his comment about the “liberal base”. I don’t think thats correct, those screeching on teevee, dkos and huffpuff, krugman et al- I don’t think they are the liberal base at all. I think that 90% black 79% dems is the base and includes the liberal base. So this meme that these loud angry folks represent us- the liberal base is an error too many folks are making, imo.

  28. I’m telling you guys; let that space play itself out. It’s providing nothing but an opportunity to build up sane alternatives. Already, rational responses are starting to accumulate and people are asking themselves precisely why again should they feel frenzied because of this deal.

    Spaces which jump from crisis to crisis and claim that every single compromise or concession spells the end of…I dunno…those spaces are unhelpful. Not even Krugman claims that this deal is evil, which tells you that those who are in some battle to the end of the earth are in another universe right now.

  29. And of course the ‘media’ does their job by asking the first of no doubt many StUpid questions.

    How is keeping the middle class tax cuts for now.. not political.. how can the American people trust him to not flip flop??

    LIke I said stupid.

  30. Great insights as usual, Sheri.

    one of the biggest problems I ran into were indigent folks with no kids who had almost zero resources.. they indeed do fall through the cracks. Veterans are another group being considered more so than ever- by this whitehouse.

    The childless poor don’t have a big media voice, and vets have been appropriated by the GOP which claims to be more American courtesy of them but have been allowed to languish under the GOP’s theory of “every person for him or her self, even people who served this country.” Utterly agreed that it is beyond gratifying to see these groups receive consideration and tangible benefits.

    I said elsewhere: the situation is like a parent paying partial ransom to get a kidnapped child back, negotiating a deal to get other kids back in the process and saving as many people as possible for the least amount of money possible. Most rational people would be very upset with the hostage takers. They would not condemn the ransom payer. I’m just thrilled that we are building up alternative spaces for great discussions.

  31. These folks are completely ignorant to what the republican party is capable of.

    “taylormarsh Why doesn’t Obama understand that Republicans would have blinked on unemployment insurance? Who is he kidding with this stuff”

    There is no way to guarantee that they would blink. Does she no something that the president doesn’t? Have the republicans blink since the President has been in office and I missed it?

  32. I think they are all addicted to emotional highs and right now many are just jumping from the peak of one wave to the peak of another, and by high I don’t mean quality but quantity of emotion. Can one get political ADD?

  33. The Republicans would not have blinked. They have one goal and they don’t care about collateral damage.

  34. Damn he’s good. I agree totally with him. This is exactly why I voted for him. For too long we’ve focussed on the short term to the detriment of the long term. He’s got the vision thing. He gets it. He embraces the complexity and works with it. This is indeed the man I voted for and will vote for again in 2012.

  35. That’s precisely it. And it’s super-stupid because high emotionalism almost always leads to mistakes. I am at my worst and least rational when really angry or really upset or at some state of high emotion, and the same is true of most people. So to try to conduct political analysis during a period of governance in such a context is just foolhardy. The Shock Doctrine outlines how neverending crises are used to fool people into acting against their own best interests. Progressives and liberals are badly served by sensationalism.

  36. Holy shit, that last answer was brilliant. Can’t wait for that video to pop up here.

  37. Hi GN

    I’m dealing with RL stuff now, and if I ever did not give a mofoing damn about DKos it is now 🙂 I used to care what they said. Then I discovered they were nothing but liars and thieves, and yes – BAGGERS (gonna HR me HERE, Mr Blades – or how about one of your sternly worded posts, everybody blew off?)

    THEN, my old bud Urizen told me had read Kosbots only represented 3% of the populace.

    Ergo (imto Law and Order, UK)…I now really, REALLY don’t give a damn what they say!

  38. Wow what a smackdown the President just gave. He just basically told the “whiny” left to STFU and to revisit history if they need a look at “compromise.” That’s why I posted a blog entry about the compromises of Clinton last night. Does the left get it? Then he smacked down the joke that we call media and put them in their places.

    I love it…

  39. That was a good press conference. I doubt the “progressives” will like it because he called BS on all their talking points. He was passionate and reasoned at the same time. I doubt they will listen to him because they truly are more about revenge than progress. That is why I refuse to call them progressives without the quotation marks. Progressives push for and applaud progress. They don’t spend their time whining about what would be possible in a perfect world as if this were that world. They have no long term vision and they have no true alternate plans to achieve what they say they want.

  40. The pundits are just as much a joke. When Obama wouldn’t compromise in the HCR talks, he was too rigid and leading to partisanship, now when there is a compromise and it’s “He’s weak, he caved”.

  41. It’s a little off topic, but happy news! A pootie/woozle diary has been posted today on Daily Fox.

    As to the press conference, I’m listening to the viewer reactions right now on C-Span 3. Couldn’t hear the conference, but will catch up with it later.

  42. No, the professional left is still not happy. They feel like the President was displaying his anger towards them. They really think that they are that important.

  43. What really resonated was the trip down history lane and how progress has been made in this country. Analyses which omit factual bases such as this are useless to me. I don’t want to hear advocacies or plans of action which omit context, history, and reason.

    I loved that press conference. The chiding was gentle, as is appropriate, as he appealed to people’s use of reason and grasp of fact.

  44. Was that a kick ass news conference or what. I am feel really good today. Go mr president. The News Corps is a complete joke especially stupid Chuck Todd

  45. I find it funny that ppl are quick to bring up history, while ignoring facts. They never look at the entire historical reference only parts that are convenient to them.

  46. He took them to the woodshed and he was pissed. It felt like Dad giving a bunch of wayward teenagers a talking to on Responsibility. Damn, it was good!!! I loved it!

  47. They are acting like complete idiots and furthering ridiculous media memes which are divorced from history and reality. Too bad if they’re upset that POTUS dared to point out that the sanctimony of fundamentalists can’t put food on the table of the unemployed. This is truth and reality, hardly an insult to rational adults.

  48. The anger and criticism should only go in one direction and that is TO the president. Anger and criticism directed at them is an outrage. How dare he try to school the base. Spare me…

  49. These are people who call POTUS a “Republican” and attempt to label clear liberals as “conservative Dems.” Intellectual honesty has never been a strong suit as they think that they are merely pushing the Overton’s window to the left. What they are doing in reality is participating in gross historical revisionism and giving the GOP an assist with their condemnation and character attacks on this POTUS. Or in other words, being spun by sensationalism into acting against their own best interests and moving outcomes *to the right.*

    IMO POTUS was talking to legislative Dems, not the professional left, and telling those Dems to keep it real. Highly appropriate.

  50. Yup; it’s pretty much a fantasy to imagine that the GOP gives half a damn about unemployment insurance benefits. And let’s not even talk about the EITC (one of the reasons for the tired GOP canard about Americans who don’t pay taxes and get money from the govt instead—duh, they should; they’re poor). But if facts, history, and reason don’t matter, it’s easy to reinvent reality.

  51. If what I’m reading is true, and Kyl came out looking sad after the agreement was reached, then maybe he did realize the President got more of what he wanted than Kyl did. But, then, Kyl always looks like a gravedigger. On a positive note, we have got to try to get DADT through and START. What can we do to make that happen? Any ideas? I’m in Kyl’s state, and I will write him an email as I have twice in the past three days. Which Democratic senators do we need to prod? I hear the DREAM act will be voted on. What are the chances for that??

  52. there’s literally no pleasing them. I’m actually glad the president understands that.

  53. I just called the whitehouse.. it took a little while to get through because their lines are ultra busy. I hope others will take a minute and call with some support, we know the angry folk are making calls.. and frankly I believe potus deserves to know that the left does support him and understand exactly why he’s doing this.. and I for one am very grateful that the unemployed are being looked out for by the one adult, the one true liberal in the room- thats what we do, liberals- we extend a hand, we ain’t about slapping down folks when we can raise them up. So I told the whitehouse operator “well done Mr. President” thank you.

    1-202-456-1111 whitehouse comments

  54. AFL-CIO comes out against tax cut deal: “The gains for the middle class and jobless workers in the deal come at too high a price”

    Wow. You would think that a union of all things would understand the crisis working and unemployed people are facing.

    When holding out for pie-in-the-sky principles fills a poverty-stricken child’s belly or keeps a roof over their head, we can talk. Otherwise go sit down somewhere.

  55. 3% is being way to generous. That’s saying there is nine million of ’em.

    Maybe that number was came to by using voting numbers from 2010. But DK has a bit over 300K accounts(how many are a)still active and b)not spam accounts?) and 600K daily hits.

    600K divided by 300M x 100% = 0.2%

    Even just looking at folks who vote – 131M voted in 2008.

    600K/131M x 100% – 0.46%

    So they’re less than half of one percent.

  56. Hi Mally; that is so true! And I think that at the end of the day, POTUS was appealing to congressional and senatorial Dems, reminding them of history and fact, and reminding them that sanctimony and purity has never produced progress in this country. I thought that it was beyond appropriate; just sad that it even needed to be said, as this is common sense IMO.

  57. Agreed, GN. I think we are on to something at this site and off to a great start. Having great and rational discussions about the issues without nastisness and with respect for each other is something that I have been yearning for.

    I am so glad that we can come here and speak without looking over our shoulders or be shouted down with some silly label, because we see a different side to the issue.

    Or because while we disagree on some things, but believe in the greater good of what has been done, we shouldn’t have to speak.

    I really love this place. I hope we continue to build it up. An of course it must be heading that way. Why else would an “all-important” blogger have to stop by here to poke his head and go running off to negatively tweet about it? Success is the best revenge to envy.

    Thanks to BWD and everyone for the civil and respectful discussion.

    This is a wonderful Christmas present.

  58. Not only did I tell Chris I won’t sign and support President Obama 100%, I also unsubscribed to their email notifications.

  59. Thank you, Sheri!

    I am preoccupied with personal problems now, but completely appreciate your efforts!

  60. Very well said, africa. I have a feeling that as the national and new media grows more disconnected from the feelings and prerogatives of the Democratic base, spaces like this will continue to grow. Couldn’t be happier than to be at a space edited by BWD.

  61. You are so right AMK. This president is who he is. He’s never prentended to be anything but.

    I appreciate him for his consistency. He is just simply a different kind of leader.

    What I see in some of those on the left though is that, how dare this president not do what they say (never mind he is smarter than most)after all they PUT him in the White House. Yes, how dare he! You hear it in their discussions, in their commens, their writings, etc.

    Litle do they know that too many of us see them exactly for what they are.

  62. Africa

    Back on that ridiculous bog, the “blowhards” would be continually disgusted with me, “What’s the matter? You think Obama is smarter than WE are.” “Uh, yeah. And he actually knows what goes on in Washington.” Slnk was always braying ” I worked for the government!!!” For all we know she could have been the plant waterer.

  63. Rethuglicans don’t care about the American people at all. I heard that the estate tax has gone up from 0% to 35% on Randi Rhodes. More money for the country.

  64. And you would think that the so-called progressives would direct all their ire at the GOP or even those Democrats that are always voting alongside the Repubs. So, it is mind boggling to me that people would blame this president for everything — when in fact, he has been about the only sane person in Washington.

    But as I have said before, and I believe this with every moral fiber of my being, those people screaming are so intellectually dishonest that it burns.

    These are people who want to line their own coffers, all in the name of fighting for us little folks. I surely don’t want their types going to bat for me.

    Clearly, this president, by making this compromise, is thinking about what happens to the single mother and her children, who stand to go broke even further without the unemployment benefit.

    I am trying to understand. Did these rich, “progressives” want, for the sake of principles, to allow the millions of people whose unemployment was going to run out to just be pushed to the side?

    Tell me. How many of them are writing their blogs from the warm comforts of their home? How many of them worry about going to bed hungry tonight?

    I honestly don’t take them seriously anymore.

  65. I see that Tulips. Also, great that these are people who often look at the issue from all sides before emotional reacting.

    I am so glad for this site and glad for the rational and respectful discussions we are having here.

  66. Funny how people think they are so much smarter than this man or how they are so quick to take down Democrats working with the Administration.

    Legends in their own minds. Ha.

  67. Sherijr, thanks. I am on vacation from school and am glad to be able to do this. I just called and left my message. I told the young lady to tell the president what he did is honorable. I told her that that by making the compromise he showed more resolve than those who are screaming going off the deep end and that his actions were above politics. That he would choose to put food on the tables of millions of Americans instead of trying to prove a point said a lot.

    I told her to tell him that there are millions of us who are not screaming loudly to get the attention out there but we hear him. I told her that just because we are not loud, does not mean we don’t support him.

    She was patient to hear me out and thanked me.

    I am going to write him a note, too.

  68. So I just unsubscribed to Move On.. they sent out an immediate email after POTUS’ press conference calling his agreement .”an absolute disaster”. This is what I wrote back to them, because frankly I’m tired of the way this is being spun:

    I’m unsubscribing because you ought to be taking your voice out to attack republicans for holding Americans who are most in need of help- hostage. This president is the only one who has stood up for the unemployed and he saved a whole lotta folks with this agreement. I can see that sticking it to the rich is far more important to some folks than actually helping those suffering. Sorry, I’m standing with the guy helping the suffering- I’ve been a liberal democrat for 40 years- and that is what we do- help folks. I’ve also been below the poverty line raising kids for my entire adult life.. and I worried about feeding and clothing my family- not ‘sticking it to the rich’. What a waste of time, money and energy. A whole lotta folks have breathed a sigh of relief today, thanks to President Obama- they just got a 13 month reprieve on their unemployment compensation and the middle class won’t see their taxes go up.. and you folks are worried about the rich. good grief.. I’m done with you.

  69. I loved that press conference. Obama kept pointing out that all Republicans cared about was getting tax cuts for the rich. He kept saying it so many different ways and painted it as their reason for breathing. That was dang good. I’m sure the left will ignore that of course.

  70. No, Dear Roscoe. They ARETHEBASE . Obama had their number from day one.

    I believe they are completely unhinged now because he is winning, they are losing, and BWD type forces are solidifying and fighting back. We will have right AND might!

  71. Right on Sherijr. I unsubscribed from several progressive mailing lists today. I am so damned sick of this nonsense. I don’t think I have my head in the sand about anything. What I see is a President trying to make his way through a hostile environment, without the help of people in his own party. If the Senate would grow a pair, we wouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place.

  72. Ditto. I just unsubscribed from dKos email. After the press conference, Chris Bowers emailed asking me to sign a petition asking the president ” not to cave”. I found it offensive and told them so. I asked what plan they had to extend UI for the millions of unemployed in the absence of this agreement, then I hit unsubscribe.

    The thing is, I’m not crazy about this deal but I hate churlish attacks on the president and I won’t be a party to it.

  73. Tell me, will it work?? I tried to unsubscribe from MoveOn before – but I still get their emails!

  74. I dunno know 🙂 but it felt good. I did just get another email from them saying: don’t go.

    I don’t like the pile on I’m seeing, I don’t like the fact that once again in two years the republicans are being ignored for their behavior.. that the only folks pointing the finger at them and the error of their ways is the President and us.. Difference between us and the president is that he has to work with those knuckleheads, we don’t and neither does dkos or moveon or any of these other ‘progressives’.. but what they’re doing is going after the president and once again the repubs get a free ticket to be assholes to Americans.. including from the media.

    I’m sure we’ll continue to get emails, and I’ll continue to tell them how I feel, same with Adam Green- I’m still getting his emails and I unsubscribed to his nonsense last year. Now I just send them to spam 😉

  75. I’m so sorry to hear this. I thought she had at least a few weeks left. My prayers with her family.

  76. He didn’t call them sellouts; he didn’t call them Republicans in Democratic clothing; he didn’t call them insane; he didn’t call them compromised; he didn’t call them Uncle Tom; he didn’t call them akin to Bush; he didn’t accuse them of hating him; he didn’t accuse them of having secret plans to harm him

    all content which can be found in some new media spaces

    That was a gentle chiding which was nothing more than a reality check. Amazing how thin the skins that it would elicit such outrage.

  77. RIP. At least she lived to see HCR passed. Prayers/good energy to the entire Edwards family.

    ThinkProgress posted a tribute (h/t weeseeyou.com commenter GreenLadyHere):

    ThinkProgress is devastated and heartbroken to hear that the health of our dear friend and colleague Elizabeth Edwards has deteriorated, as she wages her courageous battle against breast cancer. A long-time advocate of universal health care, Elizabeth transformed a personal medical tragedy into an instrument for social and political change after her initial diagnosis in November 2004. In the process, she gave voice to the millions of Americans who were left behind by our health system.

    With her trademark courage, activism, and strong sense of justice, Elizabeth directly confronted the inequalities of the American health care system and the politicians who perpetuated them. During the 2008 presidential campaign, Elizabeth — a regular contributor to the Wonk Room throughout the health care reform debate and a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress — took to our blog and challenged conservatives for releasing a health care plan that would have excluded millions of Americans who suffered from pre-existing or chronic conditions. “Why are people like me left out of your health care proposal,” Elizabeth asked Republicans, pointing out that market-based proposals would leave millions of Americans “outside the clinic doors” and allow insurance companies free reign to continue excluding sicker beneficiaries.

    Through congressional testimonies, public speeches, blog posts, and countless television appearances, Elizabeth emphasized the human and moral dimension of the health care debate. She pressed lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to pass a law that not only offered insurance to those who went without it, but did so at affordable rates. After all, nine out of every ten people who sought individual coverage in the current system “never got it,” Elizabeth reminded the protectors of the status quo. “People who have had cancer are denied coverage and those who get cancer run the risk of simply being dropped by their insurer for any excuse that can be found.” Elizabeth also highlighted the inequality facing women, who pay more for health insurance than men because they can potentially become pregnant.

    Elizabeth was indispensable to the Democratic push for health care reform not only because of her persuasiveness and breadth of knowledge, but also because of her dedication to extending the health benefits she herself enjoyed to every American. In spite of her ailing condition, she inspires a sense of strength in all of us. She has viewed access to health care as an urgent issue that every American could agree on. And as she wrote in the aftermath of the death of her friend Tony Snow, “lots of people who valued the same things Tony did — a family well-loved and work well-done — have died and will die of colon cancer, those who have preceded Tony and those who will follow him.” But “can’t we start with something easy on which we can agree?” she asked, suggesting “that no one should die of a disease we can find and stop?” Thanks in part to her tireless efforts, that vision will become a reality.

    You can read an archive of her work at the Wonk Room here.


  78. I just followed Sherijr’s example and called the White House to tell the President how much I admire his courage for making a difficult decision; one that some in his own party are vociferously against. I said there is a silent majority out here that may disagree with components of the deal but still appreciates difficult decision being made.

    The operator thanked me and said she’d pass on the info. I encourage others do the same if they feel they want to. I’ll repost the number: 1-202-456-1111

  79. May she rest in peace. It was only yesterday the news flashed about her worsening condition. Sad.

  80. A suggestion to posters here:

    It would be great if we could try to avoid making generalizations about categories of people (i.e. The Professional Left; Progressives; the Left). That’s what gets every discussion everywhere off-track in my opinion.

    I still see myself as a Progressive and a Lefty! And I support the president.

  81. I just finished watching the press conference President Obama gave today. People, if you haven’t, watch it TILL THE END !

    It was honest, realistic, and STRONG. He basically said to everybody: there’s no way I will make vulnerable people be the colateral damage of a political battle. He said the political battle will continue in the next two years and he’s more than willing to engage in it.

    He explained his point of view very clearly and honestly. He’s not a traditional politician. He’s not interested in playing games. He has never been.

    The last minutes of the press conference were a sight to see. Boy, he is MAD. He obviously finds the rhetoric of the hard left unrealistic and unproductive. I hope his harsh critics will listen to his point of view. One can dream…

  82. please what frontline Obama’s Deal you will see what he went thru for healthcare. It will change your opinion. great! please watch.

  83. I so agree!! There are some good things, with this TEMPORARY extension. He has not broken his promise, and we get additional help for a year, to stimulate oue economy. Stop crying, and get to work. Who you gonna vote for in 2012, Romney or Palin?

  84. Maybe the Republicans would have blinked but after two, three, four months. THAT’S what President Obama wanted to avoid.

    So frustrating that some on the left are so blinded by their rage that they can’t understand that.

  85. Forgive my ignorance. I stopped watching political TV for a while now. Where can I catch this?

  86. thanks for the minder tulips, watching now. Africa look just above your comment- written in blue: Watch PBS’s Frontline: Obama Deals.

  87. I do too africa, and I’ve always felt she was a very good soul, I join you in wishing her peace.

  88. I share your concern re: McConnell and republicans.

    If the deal is not viewed as a sufficient blow to President Obama, republicans will be tempted to budge.

    Furthermore, the tea-baggers will be in full force against it and frighten the republicans into voting NO.

    The same can happen with the hard left.

    This thing isn’t over. I’m very concerned it will take some more time and it will be bad news for the repeal of DADT, and the DREAM Act.

  89. I unsubscribed months ago, and haven’t received another email from any of them. It’s wonderful!

  90. pbs channel 11. I saw it before, and it showed what that man was and what happen in the battle for health care.

  91. I also recommend watching “The President’s Photographer” which is available for streaming on Netflix. It will also give you an idea of what the President went through for Health care. In the documentary, he said that achieving HCR was a greater moment than even inauguration (paraphrasing). Watch it.

  92. They are also the same people who questioned his manhood, told him to “bend over” and all other inappropriate colloquialisms intended to emasculate or demean him.

  93. I must admit I worried for a while that Obama has lost his mojo. No more. I loved this forceful and confident man. He said it like it is today and Im sorry the left didnt like it. When are they going to tell us what they would do for the unemployed?

    We need a petition supporting the Pres. Im already sick of being asked to sign complaints. I support him all the way.

  94. During the presser, FOX news even had a headline about how much the unemployed benefits are going to cost people – but not a squeak about how much the bonus tax for the rich will cost. They had absolutely no intention of blinking.

  95. This was my favorite part of his new conference today:

    “Now, if that’s the standard by which we are measuring success or core principles, then let’s face it, we will never get anything done. People will have the satisfaction of having a purist position and no victories for the American people. And we will be able to feel good about ourselves and sanctimonious about how pure our intentions are and how tough we are, and in the meantime, the American people are still seeing themselves not able to get health insurance because of preexisting conditions or not being able to pay their bills because their unemployment insurance ran out.”

    Full transcipt here:

  96. thanks will watch, I have netflix.

    Just finished the PBS one linked above.. its rather bittersweet imo. The $$$ of lobbiests and the fickleness of Congress people is sickening to watch..and the President took the fall on so much after being the guy trying to look out for the most Americans. And then theres the ever sanctimonious Orin Hatch and the rabid Rush Limbaugh.. but all in all it was enlightening. It actually pushed me further into ther president’s corner- if thats possible:)

  97. I just read the headline at dkos fp stating that over 100 democratic house members oppose this tax deal.. so what are they going to do? My question is: Where were you when the deal was being negotiated? Where’d this 100 voices come from? And who are they looking out for? Are they the same folks more interested in hitting the rich than they are in helping the lower and middle class right now? I’m just wondering what THEIR PLAN is? And again: where was this unity when negotiations with the repubs was going on?

  98. IMO he never lost his mojo. I think that he was conciliatory to Dems after the election to show that he gets it, we lost a chamber that some of us thought we could have kept. Had he come swaggering in light of that, the “out of touch” accusations would be flying. He genuinely mourns those lost seats, statehouses, and gubernatorial mansions IMO.

    But a lot of the mojo issue was a media concoction. They especially were not slick with all of the concern trolling re: his Asia trip which was all about the Chamber of Commerce getting pissed off that the WH took their time to put a trade agreement in place, wanting to look out for the auto industry and workers rather than rush into the agreement which the Chamber wanted. So much bs in the current media environment it isn’t even funny IMO.

  99. Thanks for the number I will definitely call to let the president know that although I don’t like the entirety of the compromis I understand it was necessary.

  100. I’m not certain, but I think that Color of Change let’s you start yout own petition. Check that out. I’ll sign that bad boy!

  101. Daily kos sent me a petition thru email to sign , I replied don’t send me nothing i don’t agree with you.

  102. Wow, I took a quick peek over there and there are a lot posters furiously denying their racism. That site is truly a waste. I wish Black Kos would leave that site.

  103. I do too. But as I mentioned recently, if not for basically being protected- BlackKos would be overrun by the dkos racists. The comments in that diary are the same fare I read in nearly every single diary – even when its not about the president, it becomes about the president. There are very few commentors in this diary who are attempting to empathize or even to understand the level of hurt the diarist is informing them she feels.. they’re more hung up on the N word. Truthfully- I expect the N word to become of regular use at that site in regards to the president quite soon. They are that far gone in my opinion. I’m proud of the fact that I’ve gone there hardly at all this week and only because a couple of diarists emailed me first to get support for their positive diaries. Other than that it is no different from what I suspect is a whole lotta online KLAN meetings. And yes they deny: they are just SHOCKED to be considered bigots and racists. And that is typical and sad to me.

  104. Sheri, I was just thinking the same thing. Where were these people in fact before the midterms elections?

    Why didn’t they push for the votes then?

    What is their plan for real? How do they propose to do this? I am curious. Are they going to vote against it?


  105. You got me, really.. I mean are they going to join the repubs in denying unemployment extensions? I see no win here, but lots of loss for folks stuck in the middle trying to survive. No one listened today to the President, because they’re all still playing politics, imo.

  106. I just don’t see it as a racial issue. Clinton was attacked as a murderer and a rapist and was impeached. DK hated his guts as a DLCer and a triangulater of the highest order. Remember Al Gore invented the internet, so it was only in it’s infancy then.

    The tea Party was full of racists – to try and say the Left is as well because they are overly critical when they were over critical of Clinton through the 2008 primary?

    There was pretty epic primary wars at Kos, and a lot of Hillary supporters left and promised never to support Obama. They you have the LGBT Bloc saying they’ll leave the Dem tent forever, and the Latino Community speaking for all Latino’s saying they’ll leave because there hasn’t been immigration reform. Why does lone people feel like they can speak for their whole people?

    Let’s not forget the left first loved to blame Rahm Emanuel for Obama’s percieved failings, then it was Axelrod and Gibbs – there wasn’t a direct jumping on Obama until recently. So for the first two years it wasn’t racial, but now it is?

    I’m prettu sure they hate Lieberman, Conrad, Nelson, Webb, Landrieu, hate all the White Republicans. I know netroots hated George W Bush for all of his eight years. That’s what they do – that’s all they know. They’re purists and haters, but I’m just not seeing the racial element at all.

  107. Yes- and what money in their pockets buys. That woman lobbyiest for the insurance companies was disgusting and disturbing.. no frothing at the mouth, just a reasoned seasoned liar.. like repubs in congress.

    And don’t get me started on Max Baucus.

  108. I went to the link and planned to watch a few minutes. I watched the entire hour! It’s riveting and illuminating. Shows the back-stabbing, back room, back handed dealings they had to contend with.

    And still, they got it done.

    I think I heard that when Social Security was first passed it didn’t include… teachers? Some large group, I don’t recall exactly. But the point was, it was a work in progress, and to get to the Social Security we know today took many votes, many steps.

    A public option is not out of the question for the future. We are certainly closer to it today than we were pre-Obama.

    In the climate that’s portrayed in the Frontline piece, it’s amazing that any Health Care bill got passed. Amazing.

  109. Well Roscoe, the truth is that no one that I’m aware of has ever stated that all of the hate and nastiness at dkos and elsewhere is racist.. we have said that racism is there and for some of us it is writ large and bold in some diaries and front page commentary and in frequent comments. I remember the Clinton years too- I remember all of the bogus crazy that attacked him and particularly Hillary.. there is indeed all of that from the right.. and from the left. It is the things that are said, it is the phrazing, it is also the usage of republican language, it is the violent and virulent speech- that I see.. and it is my opinion I’m speaking of here. There are commentors, regulars at dkos who never fail to make an appearance in a diary about race and deny its possible from the left- same folks, same bs. There are diarists who imo go out of there way to write a nasty diary about Obama and will use any quote from an AA person they can find. Then they show their head in a BlackKos diary and say howdy friends, trust me.

    Some folks pay attention to racial dialogue, to commentary- we don’t have to use a magnifying glass, we know the euphinisums (sp sorry).. the tone and the taste. I have never in my lifetime told a person they are a racist.. and I’ve known a few, seen a few, heard a few.. in my son’s schools, teachers, coaches.. etc. But just because folks don’t call them out everyday, doesn’t mean some of us aren’t observing, aware and know what we’re hearing/reading. This isn’t an arguement, this is just my take.. and there are no doubt a host of folks who disagree and see it different. But I can tell you that TexasMangos diary speaks for me.

  110. As weird as this is for me to say I don’t think in this case that it really matters what the Dems will do because if it makes it to the floor the Repubs (marching in lockstep) along with whatever amount of Dems are left will probably have more than enough votes to push it over the finish line in both the house and the senate.

  111. I am sickened and sad about the HR’s on this diary.
    I am a 68 yr old white woman and I feel the awful racism.
    What can I say. Obama can never do enough or do it right. This diarist(you?) really hit home. Who do they think will save them from the viscous right.
    When the right doesnt want unemployment help they are talking racism.
    Really Im not good at this and Ive never walked in your shoes.

  112. I can’t believe that diary made the rec list. Wow. I took a quick glance at it. I have vowed not to log back in to my account or to participate in that site any more, but I couldn’t resist clicking to read that one. I’m shocked it made it to the rec list. I totally agree with you Askew, DKos is a complete waste now, and the best thing that could happen woud be for it to become a wasteland. I wish every sane voice would leave in protest of the insanity they are peddling. Certainly it would be a good statement is BlackKos members take their business elsewhere.

  113. No I didn’t write it snowbird. TexasMango to my knowledge commented rarely.. but always from I read – quite thoughtfully.. never in battles, none of that. She/ he most likely lurked and read more than anything.. and has no doubt been reading the same sort of things I’ve read/ been hearing that are not only questionable but racially motivated. that is what has sickened me at dailykos.

  114. I also unsubscribed from their mailing list today. For the past week I’ve been waiting for them to send me another obnoxious message so I could click the unsubscribe link. It’s a small gesture but it felt good to do it.

  115. I really they are imposter! to many news names is popping up all on the same band wagone of anti Obama.

  116. Well, according to Sen. Sherrod Brown who I really like, Obama has sold out the middle class. I couldn’t believe it when I heard his segment on John King!!! He said that the Korea and Tax deal sold out the middle class and John asked him if he was saying that Obama sold out the middle class and he said those are your words not mine. I’m shocked, just shocked that he would make that allusion especially after I read some of the analysis today from CAP and Ezra Klein and others that there are things in the Tax deal for the middle class.

  117. You know I have often asked myself why did they get so angry so fast. They lost patience with him before he even took the oath of office and it just grew at a rabid pace from that moment.

    I initially blamed it (and still do to a certain extinct) on the New Media (blogs,cable,facebook etc) but it just feels different to me. Maybe I’m just sensitive racially by nature but their critique seems over the top.

    I remember WJC as well and they were not happen with him but I honestly don’t remember reading anywhere that they were ready to primary him a few months into his Presidency like this crowd was last summer over the Public Option and it has only gotten worse.

    It does indeed make me question what the anger is all about considering what this man has accomplished in such a short amount of time.

    If its not racism then what exactly is it that’s driving such reactions?

  118. OMG! I missed it all. I just saw couple of clips and honestly I wanted to hug him. He wad awesome. Brutally honest and as truth telling as ever.

    Now I have to watch the whole thing and it will ne at least two hours before Ill be able to.

    Love you, guys.

  119. I’m a recovering New Yorker. My family moved out to the left coast while Koch (shudder) was still mayor. But, being homesick, I continued to follow NYC news, and I remember David Dinkins getting elected as the city’s first black mayor. He was subjected to barely disguised racism during his term because, much like Pres. Obama, he didn’t fix everything that was wrong with the city with a snap of his fingers. When Obama was elected, that was the thing I feared that most: that he’d be “Dinkinized”. That’s truly what I’m seeing on both the far left and far right. I expected it from the right; I’m heartbroken that it’s also coming from those on my side of the aisle.

    (And just remember who New York got after Dinkins.)

  120. Have some popcorn and a glass of wine, he call them all out. His last remarks was so on point.

  121. yep you had to see it, He was on message and awesome, he gave the left the right a piece of his mind, now some left group got a petition going to go against the deal. i refused to sign it,Its about people lives and not revenge.

  122. Oh my God, you will ENJOY IT!! Major teaching moment, MAJOR Smackdown. Can’t wait for your thoughts!

  123. Daily Kos is filled with racist, anti-Semitic and especially anti-Christian individuals. I feel sorry for those who are filled with such vile feelings, that’s how some illnesses are caused.

  124. I can’t seem to log in to DKos, but can someone tell icebergslim to STFU and that she’s a fucking lame ass idiot!!! all she seems to care about is that fact that the pres didn’t fight harder against the tax cuts and wants to call him a flipflopper. It doesn’t seem to matter that the people who will be affected the most are the %20 unemployed who happen to be black..oh wait she’s black who knew? I mean, she really is part of the reason why people like me think progressives are full of shit and why they ar enot interested in getting anything done. and it’s on the rec list. go figure

  125. Progressives took McCain’s contention that Obama is the Messiah as gospel. Either that or he’s “magic.”

  126. They’re tripping and falling all over their righteous indignation. What a joke! The diarist may have used the “N” word, but many, MANY DK posers have used their own versions of the “N” word to describe President Barack Obama and it flowed like water right off their lips. I’m waiting for the “I’m not a racist, I have 2 black friends” excuse. You can disagree with this president all day long but give him the respect his position demands.

  127. I just don’t understand slim.. during the election she seemed to be quite the supporter.. then during HCR she went off the ropes with slink et al.. and ain’t been back to reason since. What always blows me away is her contention that “Obama sucks at messaging” HUH? I mean isn’t that part of what shes supposed to be all about? Getting out the message.. I mean she’s got a blog, she gets rec’d up for every ignorant whiny diary she writes: I mean she could at least use her voice / message for good. Nope.. just another follower. I’v never bothered to tell her to stfu.. but I have told her shes a damn flake.. no one listens to me, however;)

  128. If you haven’t seen it, you have to watch Obama’s press conference from today. I just finished watching it and it’s so great. He brushes off people like her… gives them the smack down they deserve. It’s a thing of beauty. Of course they are howling in rage over it… which I think is hilarious. I guess I”ve crossed some kind of bridge with all this. I quit DKos a few days ago except for briefly skimming a few diaries once it while, and after today I’ve stopped being mad and started being amused by them. President Obama totally rocked at the press conference today. I have not loved everything he’s done but I still love that he is our president and he’s amazing! The Poutragers on Daily Freakout are a joke.

  129. Just a theory I’ve had for a long time – that she’s a plant. She came from nowhere being Obama’s biggest fan, assigns herself an interesting handle, develops a fanbase. Then turns on Obama with a vengeance. The Kosheads react predictably: “IF IBS lost faith in O, it then he has clearly lost his base.” They ADORE when AA members (or supposedy AA members)trash POTUS. It justifies their brilliant insights. Almost as though this were planned out. She/he then, because of having accrued major DK cred, is able to exploit it when she/he comes to the Shocking Revelation that she was completely wrong about Obama, and he is, in fact, worthless.

    I saw the same trajectory with Co Shiz, but she is not as devious or machiavellian. Or capable of long term and linear planning, IMO.

    I remember once IBS asked where in NY she resided. She answered the Upper East Side. You know, Nannyville.

    Interesting story arc.

  130. I can’t Afro Diva, I said something that was a no-no and I must comply that what I said was wrong, I refuse to check that little box, so I can’t tell her what you said. Sorry.

  131. I have a tiny analogy: my son played college basketball in a small town… Most of the team was black.. some were from other states and even other countries: these guys were loved LOVED when they walked into a store in town, wherever they went together they were treated well- and in that town they were the only black people with a small smattering of NA population… until they lost a game. Then they were called the N word from the bleachers.. they were threatened from the bleachers..and they were physically attacked in the parking lot. They were acceptable when they won. And ultimately they have been to this date the most outstanding mens basketball team in the history of this town. Now this doesn’t equate to anything close to being the first AA President of the US.. and true it could have happened to a white bball team. Maybe maybe not.

    But this is what I know- if black folks are telling us that they see racism directed at the first AA President- then why aren’t we listening to the experts on racism in America? To my reckoning- the experts are black folks.

  132. that’s because she and like everyone else were never really supporters, but more like jumping on the bandwagon..or she’s completely clueless about how politics works and thought that now that we have a black man in charge, he should be held to a different standard. either way, its HER job to be the messenger, and has the facts to her disposal, yet that piece of shit is on the rec list about him ‘flip flopping’ on his campaign promise. and people take her seriously?????

  133. BWD – one of his best performances ever – must see TV. He called out both the fake progressives and the Republicans. It was a thing of beauty. I think I like him even more when he’s angry because you can see and feel the passion and intensity yet his still operating with total logic and control.

  134. Oh yeah! I just watched the whole press conference and then I just had to rewind and watch the last 10 minutes again, because I just loved every word of it.

    He was fantastic today, he said exactly how I feel about those people, and I also really felt that he gets it, about what people like my family need out here! President Obama was not willing to let our lives get blown up to play political games. As he said, the republicans took us hostage, and he was not willing to allow them to hurt us. Good! I’m very relieved if our taxes are not going up by $3000 a year, which we cannot afford. but now I’m worried that the stupid congress is going to blow this deal up. Anyway, the press conference is a thing of beauty. He sure didn’t sound like a ‘groveling beaten lump’ and he is standing up for himself and hitting back at the people who have been attacking him 24/7, and now they are howling in rage that he isn’t cowering before their superior wisdom! It’s actually gotten to the point where it’s just funny now.

  135. Now that is prolly the most accurate thing said, eggzactly how her pals play her too, but she seems to dig her place in the sun over there.

  136. Lorraine. I wanted my accunt deleted. They refused. I never wrote ANY diary, let alone a GBCW one, and wasn’t interested in learning the diary posting system. I was determined to be banned because it was consistent with my opinion about that site. And this was six months ago! MB was pontificating to his suckups about Rules & Regs that he so objectively (my ass) enforced. I asked him in that thread how does one get onself banned. He answered that refusal to check the little box of a warning leads to banning. I asked what consitutes banning. He informed me that HRing a poster you were in a dispute with. I chose Willibro, baited him, got a reaction, HRed him, got the Warning Box, refused to acknolege it. It took a few months, but mission accomplished.

  137. That stuff makes me laugh.

    Those cowards in Congress – even the Progressive Caucus – were AFRAID to have this tax cut fight BEFORE the election, like the President wanted. They’re all a bunch of blowhards. Now, they want to have a fight about it, when they don’t have to go out on the campaign trail and defend it.

    And like you say, where were they when negotiations were going on? They are a bunch of damn cowards.

    As for DKos, it has been completely taken over by leftwing ideologues (those folks are not progressives; they are whackadoodle lefties who have to call themselves progressives because they are the type of myopic idiots that helped make liberal a dirty word in this country).

  138. I seen it earlier today and thought that he was on point. Especially when he virtually said that now is not the time to play around with people’s money and the historical reference at the end when it came to compromise. This country is built on it and is no different when other presidents did it. Except only this time, policy does not exclude minorities and women. They are seriously freaking out while claiming that they still support the president, you know like they did in november when he lost the house an almost the senate.

  139. Sanctimonious purists…so very true. They’d rather accomplish nothing and thump their chests about how high and mighty their so-called principles make them feel.

    I said it in an earlier comment: we are in a battle between extremist ideologues, both left and right, and the real, genuine progressives, who realize that progress takes time, sacrifice, and compromise (that’s the very definition of progressivism). What they want is radical, systemic change to occur instantaneously.

  140. Oh they take her.. they use her to push their message of Obama this or Obama that.. and she seems a willy participant. Its a weird vibe over there in her diaries, slinks- the mob.. they are completely obsessed with POTUS- I mean every breath breathed seems to be about him, I have never gotten it. But her hate is tangible.. and often she sounds so betrayed- like I said a weird vibe. I think part of their attraction to her (other than she hates the president) is that she is black, that she also often sights other AAs as feeling the way she does.. shes the voice of the people over there (to dkos).. and then theres brooklynbadboy.. he pisses me off.

  141. It suits MB to have BK there. It showcases his liberal values. Really cynical motivation, and I believe he genuinely supports them but his motives are confused (my take) At any rate it’s a great piece of DK.

    It suits Kos to have the Pet Lovers forums there – provides more hits and loyalty than he would get otherwise. Also cynical.

    Morning Feature was highly respected and produced by published writers, he probably was not thrilled they left. Heh.

  142. Great book on how the moneyed interests have taken over and why the GOP has gone right is Winner-Take-All Politics by Jacob Hackman.

  143. I just got the OFA video too, and after I watched it I filled out the feedback form to say Thank You to President Obama for doing the right thing. I know they’re probably getting flooded with “you’ve lost me forever” and other worse comments, so I wanted to send them a kind note of thanks.

  144. Roscoe,

    You might be right, it might not be a racial issue but the optics of all this rage against President Obama is confusing at best. How can you have the first President to deliver Health Care Reform, Wall Street Reform, Student Loan Reform, on the verge of ending DADT and on the verge of passing the Dream Act be subjected to such vitriol from his own party? And that Roscoe is what is so perplexing to many of President Obama’s supporters.

  145. I try to stay away from her. She is so damaged, I can’t believe her, can’t trust her, and when I try REAL hard, have some modicum of empathy for her. She is also an MM (“master manipulator”) Just don’t get caught in her web.

  146. They should have put Morning Feature on the front page. But they were too reasonable for that site. I doubt that Kos or any of the inner circle there cared in the least when they left, unfortunately.

  147. And the Administrator of the Year HR’s for accusation OF racism, but not for racism itself. Damn, they play him like a violin. Mr Blades, the 60’s ain’t coming back. Perhaps your peeps WERE sincere then. Do not make the mistake of assuming they have not changed and morphed with the times.

  148. I’ve never commented to her or interacted.. but her comments and over the top stuff.. and defender of anyone who opposes the idea that theres racism at dkos- are always so dismissive. Anyhoo.. enough about them 😉

    We’re supposed to be Obamabots we should be talking about how effing purty that POTUS is.. right, isn’t that what we do? lol

  149. I tend to be slightly suspicious of any DKos poster who sings the same hateful song every day without any real deviation from a single negative story line and manages to kick out a diary a day. It’s just not plausible to go from being a staunch supporter to a rabid critic, who wants to impute every ill motive possible to President Obama. That’s just not how we humans works if we are being straight up. We may change our minds about a candidate but not this quickly or this severely — I know I soured on Bill Clinton but it took a while and I still managed to find some good in his presidency. It’s hard to know what they are up to but very easy to question the motives of many DKos regulars (like Icebergslim, bobswern, badabing, and slinkerwink), who all seem to have inordinate amounts of time to devote to Obama bashing and all seem to be following the same play book.

  150. Badabing, lol.. was a supporter? The diary he wrote Thanksgiving eve was all about how Barack Obama is a Manchurian Candidate- that was the last straw for me at believing folks over there had any sense left. Slinkerwinks comment: Obama is republican. recieved mucho recs. Oh I think theres a push for these diaries.. but I think the push comes from dkos itself, whether its MB or kos himself and maybe its connected to FDL too.. I think there is indeed orchestration ongoing.

  151. I don’t think we should take this argument down the path that will lead to racial animus. We don’t need to do that to make our point known, we can and will win every political argument if we just lay the facts out.

    On a side note Olbermann in his “Special Comment” tonight came out swinging at President Obama. As usual Keith was heavy on emotion and light on details that will actually fix the problem. I have heard everyone say that President Obama failed on the tax cut deal, but I have yet to hear anyone say how they would have done it differently. I guess when you have to factor in those two million people that will almost starve without their unemployment insurance, the people with all the answers suddenly get quiet.

  152. oh god, brooklynbadboy is another one. and so is slink, stevej, and THanswer. pretending to speak for a community they are clueless about and yet wonder why no one cares about them. because it’s not about them thats’ why.

  153. I’ve stayed away from Shiz, too. Not sure why. Part of me feels sorry for her and I’m not sure why.

  154. Hi GN,

    For some reason, I cannot seem to post at TPV either. Hope I can get it resolved because I like much of deaniac’s policy analysis and would love to join the discussion. TPV seems like a natural place for you as you discuss policy incisively and logically. Anyway, it’s good to “see” you.

  155. Hi TiMT,

    Read your awesome diary. Thanks for the link. Just wanted you to know that I’m unable to figure out how to post at TPV. I contacted deaniac yesterday but haven’t a response yet.

  156. I just watched Keith and Rachel trash Obama.
    All the Dem Senators and Congressmen are up in arms.
    Best I can tell, Obama is done according to them.
    Where were they before the election? Why didnt they fight the Reps then? Because they were scared.
    Now they will fight over this to the end.
    No Start, no Dream, no DADT just brinkmanship with the Reps who are gloating at the good deal they got.

    This is a mess

  157. That’s all they are good for – exploiting ethos.

    Look, it’s HCR all over again. They didn’t have an answer other than, “Make it happen,” and they don’t have an answer now. All they have is their self-righteous indignation to fall back on. They are capable of little more than screaming about how ideologically holier-than-thou they are than everyone else.

    And I guarantee you that if this deal had failed, they would have immediately attacked the President for a) letting unemployment benefits expire and b) not making the conservative Dems in the House/Senate who will vote with the GOP on taxes do his bidding. In short, they still would have pumped themselves up with a lot of sanctimonious rage and screamed at Pres. Obama to “make it happen,” rather than focus some of that ire on the cowardly Dems in the House who were too disorganized and too terrified to address the issue before the election, when it could have been used for actual political leverage, and those Dems in the Senate that they would need to break a Republican filibuster, as well as the Republicans who invoked that filibuster.

    These are folks that go around acting like they have all the answers, but never have a solution for making them a reality and for whom it is easier to attack their allies on the left rather than the Republicans. And from my experience, people who go around acting like they always have the answer, are some of the most useless, obtuse people you will ever run into.

  158. The gutless wonders who would not vote on denying tax cuts to the wealthy before the election but are now ready to deny tax cuts to the middle class and low income and unemployment benefits to the unemployed?? You mean the same people who could barely pass FRR, HCR, and the stimulus??? The ones who can’t get it together to repeal DADT?? They dare claim to be righteous and unyielding now and on this issue??? Keith Olbermann is a blowheart so no surprise that he would be negative but I’m surprised that Rachel would join the mindless mob . .

  159. I think that the racial part does need to be explored. When Clinton was in office, not only did he pass DADT, NAFTA, and dismanteled parts of the Glass-Steagall Act while going through the whitewater and lewinsky scandals. And at the same time, Dems in congress backed him up even though he got impeached. Pres Obama has acheived much more than any president in the past 40 years in just 2 years such as HCR and the Stimulus and you have members of his own party jumping ship and pontificating on TV about what they are not going to vote for. and not to mention the GOP/tea party making subtle but obvious racial remarks about the first black president. So no, if a white guy was in office, I think the tone would definitely be different and not to mention, he would have had some help…

    and screw keith olbermann. he lost me a while ago when he said that he doesn’t vote. And he’s waaayyyy to over the top for me

  160. The Senate is often blamed alongside Obama, especially the Conservadems, and I believe with Burris replaced by Kirk there isn’t an AA in the Senate. Lieberman and Nelson were called every name in the book and DK is itching to oust Lieberman in 2012.

    Remember these are the same people who called for primarying Bernie Sanders and Dennis Kucinich at one time or another because they weren’t left enough on an issue of the moment for them. I think they’re trapped in their echochamber and lose touch with reality.

    Rahm Emanuel was public enemy #1 and the grima wormtongue who was leading President Obama astray and when Rahm left to go back to Chicago there was hope that now Obama will stop his bipartisanship quest.

    They’re purity trolls.

  161. When BBB became an FPer, Kos showed his hand.
    THanswer was just getting started when I was leaving. Maybe that one IS a troll. Wink’s got issues, so I try to leave her alone too. But they make it so damned hard. I’ve been out six months. That and Lasik were my two best decisions of the last five years 🙂

  162. Their actions is having me to question whether they are for the middleclass and the poor. i go through rough times if they only knew.

  163. I don’t have any doubt on the racism — the ease with which the “professional left” attacks President Obama, the harshly personal nature of those attacks (whimpy, weak, wussy, corporate sell out, corrupt), and the blatant double standard (no white Dem politician has ever been held to the bizarre performance standards that this president has-he’s a failure because he cannot unilaterally impose his will on the entire political system) scream racism to me.

  164. When he stares into the camera and makes that face, I want to slap him! But his symbiotic relationship with DK is just pathetic.

  165. Today I took Daily Kos off my feed. I’m done with that place. There have been plenty of times that I thought I’d really had enough, but today was the last straw. It is a useless waste of time. I can find better information and analysis in 100 different other places.

  166. I’m not. With respect to some of the investigative reporting she’s done, I pretty much tuned Rachel out during the heat of the primaries. Just too much concern-trolling for me. I’ll look occasionally when someone post a video of her taking down a repub or doing some research on a topic, but I’ve never been able to stomach any type of political commentary show for longer than five minutes at a time, and that includes Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

  167. I think I remember you Lorraine. I am not a Christian, but the anti-Christian attitude – the smugness with the spaghetti monster crap, Disrespectful, undemocratic, rude. It infuriated me. I am a firm believer in separation of Church and State, but demonizing ALL Christians – utter crap. I do a lot of volunteer work – soup kitchens and the lot. Who comprises the majority of my fellow volunteers? Not the keyboard religion haters. Who reached out to grieving IGTNT families? Not the haters.

    I am glad, if it is you, that you seem to be comfortable here.

    Good Night!

  168. Keith and Rachel will get into their chauffer driven limos after their shows and head home to their nice homes on Central Park West and collect thier 7 figure incomes. What do they care about the unemployed losing their benefits? It doesn’t touch them! “Those people” are not their friends or family members. Or a family having to pay $3000 more a year in income taxes is the tax cuts expired? It would affect me immeidately and detrimentally. That’s chump change for them. I realized today that there are a lot of Dems who don’t care about the middle class and that was very, very disheartening.

  169. Well they all have a vote, so they can vote it down. Put their vote where their mouth is.

  170. 2 people left today. Liz in sanfransico, and texas mango. daily someone been leaving.

  171. Best I can tell, Obama is done according to them.

    Odd, I’ve been done with K&R and the rest of the MSNBC lot, the Nation crew, and the various pundits for a while now. I live in NYC, in Harlem, work at the Bronx VA. None of these people, as a group, as individuals, not one, has ever come up to Harlem or to the VA to ask questions, to do interviews, to do a town hall, to get information or even walk anonymously down the streets here once in a while.
    They repeat their endless loop of chatter endlessly–but that’s it. Sooner or later you’ve heard it all before and you’re going to hear it again, just like the music loop at the Rite Aide. I recognize RM’s ‘pedigree’ but I, unfortunately, feel that if she did want to ‘investigate’ and ‘report’, she’d go beyond the cocktail circuit, get out of the loop and try to talk to real people instead of “primary sources”–we’re right here, not too far away at all.

  172. I’m sitting here watching Lawrence O’Donnell and his cast of democrats and it is a sight to behold. O’Donnell asked each and every democrat do they agree with President Obama, all of them said no except Ezra Klein. Then he asked them what plan would they have put forward. Crickets ladies and gentlemen, crickets. None of them had an answer.

  173. Well, I think a lot of so-called progressives at DK are actually freepers, pretending to be progressives. They blend in with the real ones, and do whatever they can to cause implosion.

    Seriously, the right wing is full of dirty tricks. Does anyone really believe that the only dirty tricks they employ are robo calls, mailers with wrong voting info, simple stuff like that?

    There is no doubt in my mind that there has been a well-funded operation at work for several years now. There are just too many “me me me only” people at DK. Liberals are “we we we” people,” yet most people at DK are “me me me” people.

    Something is very wrong there.

  174. Know what makesense4tulips most of the people I’ve run into who are complaining the loudest about this tax cut deal have never been on unemployment or had serious financial hardships themselves. I’m sure there are people who are exceptions to this but so far I haven’t met them.

  175. I don’t have the transcript of the show..just watching. He just asked Jane and the others what would you have the President do? He broke down what would happen to the poorest. bottom rate goes from 10 to 15 percent. Ezra Klein supported the position and the things the Prez got out of the deal, instead of letting things go past Jan then try to rewrite the tax laws with the rep house majority.

  176. I don’t watch any of them but after AH appeared on TRMS as self-appointed spokeswoman for the middle class it occurred to me that they’re all just talking to one another.

  177. I get what it, but if people on the other side are so easily fooled, then they deserve to be bamboozeled.

  178. It was really difficult watching Rachel Maddow tonight. She is obviously against the tax cut deal. The segment was dripping with sarcasm. What I found interesting is the following….

    1) She didn’t talk about the vote that was taken on extending the tax cuts last Saturday where Democrats Manchin, Feingold, Webb, Nelson and Independent Joe Lieberman voted with the Republicans against the two tax cut proposals.

    2) She didn’t talk about the fact that the president wanted the Democrats in congress to have these votes before the election but they were too terrified that the Republicans would accuse them of raising taxes on the rich .

    3) Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio was her guest and he is not happy with the deal. I almost fell out of my chair when he said that the Democrats could have shamed the Republicans into voting for the UI eventually. He even suggested that the President could have gone to some of the Republican states and put pressure on them. Unbelievable.

    4) She had an economist from MIT on who trashed the deal and said it was irresponsible. I was wondering why Ezra Klein wasn’t on the show tonight. He seems to think the deal is not that bad.

    5) She never explains exactly how the Democrats are supposed to implement the tax cuts just for the middle class when they don’t have 60 votes.

    6) She kept harping on the fact that President Obama was angry and combative. He’s only human. Why wouldn’t he be angry about the GOP holding the middle class tax cuts hostage? What emotion would have been acceptable??

    7) She was annoyed that he called out purists on the left. Apparently, the left can dish it but they can’t take it. The left can criticize the president but he is not allowed to criticize the base. Ever.

    8) She made it seem like the president had been bamboozled because the Republicans are happy and already sending out fund raising letters about the deal. This is not surprising, they have no souls.

    I missed Countdown with Keith Olberman and after watching Rachel, I didn’t have the stomach to watch The Last Word. Lawrence O’Donnell’s guest was going to be a Democratic congressman intent on stopping the deal. Oy…

  179. Actually, Lawrence was excellent – he’s on the way to becoming my favorite talking head!!! He struck back very hard at all of them, saying basically they have no idea how tax laws are made and that Obama has struck the best possible deal (he said it more diplomatically than my paraphrase but he made them look like fools). I was annoyed by the array of panelists at first (because of extreme anti-Obama bias) but he made them all look like fools, especially that awful Jane Hamsher, who really doesn’t know what she is talking about.

  180. The pols are still taking the frustrati way too seriously. How about some town halls, Senator Brown?

  181. Shame the GOP into accepting a UEI extension? When? In January, and extend it for another couple of months? And then the same dong and pony show? Because holding up extension really hurt the GOP in the mid-terms, when it wasn’t even an issue. I mean how many times did the GOP vote against extending them? How many house GOP voted to extend them? I know Coburn held them up in the Senate.

    Given Portman won in a landslide, Sherrod Brown will be in a dog fight to get re-elected, and it will be that much harder if the economy is still in the shitter.

    But by all means, don’t vote for it Sherrod. Keep yourself pure.

  182. Whoooaaaa…..! lmao!!!
    ‘oly freakin’ cow, he said that?!?!
    No wonder their heads are about to explode!

  183. Thanks for the brief synopsis. I can’t stand to watch TV anymore. Maybe BWD will post some clips tomorrow.

    I really don’t care for any of those political programs any more. They all seem to run together with nothing new.

    Thanks for those of you that watch so I don’t have to.

    I would like to see more reporters ask those who are against the deal what they propose instead other than just saying no.

  184. I’m most definitely a lefty and I support the President, as well.

    Cheers to you, neighbor.

  185. Sherrod Brown wanted to shame the GOP into extending UEI. Shaming the shameless – there is a plan.

  186. I may check him out after all–but I do feel I can’t trust that MSNBC lot. (I sent KO an email outlining President Obama’s accomplishments over a year ago–after he and LO spent 10 minutes asking if it ‘was time to primary Obama [‘course no ‘President’] because he wasn’t advocating for the public option or something–eyeroll.) And I’ve never watched since, and ‘course the great busy hardworking man didn’t have time to respond to my email.

  187. I don’t have access to MSNBC tonight. Heartbroken to learn that Rachel went completely emotional instead of trying to explain both sides of the debate.

    I’m happy that Lawrence put Jane and others on the spot.

    Here are two important objectives of the democrats:

    1) win the political battle against the republicans

    2) helping struggling families right now

    President Obama puts 2) before 1) . The risk: making 1) more difficult.

    Many activists put 1) before 2). The risks: suffering of many struggling families and not winning the political battle.

    Avantage of President Obama’s position: Only one real risk and it can be mitigated. The “tax cuts for the rich” are now hotly debated. The republicans are viewed as hostage-takers. President Obama may indeed have a personal political price to pay. But the democratic argument against the tax cuts for the rich will get a boost.

  188. 3%? That seems kind of high. There aren’t even quite 300K registered members. That’s like 1%, and I’d be surprised if even half of them agree with the baggers. It truly is not a relevant force.

  189. Too right. Yet they continue to claim ‘over 300,000 members’. Literally can’t delete your account and of course it’s a very amusing joke about asking ‘agent orange’ himself to ‘delete my bloody account’. And I think you’re right about the rightwing spam-type ‘accounts’ as well. The agent orange crew are like the El Cid of the blog world. Totally not really that powerful, just an illusion of power. No, really 🙂

  190. Texasmango had some great parting shots in calling out the racism that seems to underlying much of the criticism of President Obama . .

  191. I gave up all teevee during the primaries, I’ll watch stuff online, clips etc.. but I don’t tune into tv news at all anymore. Cannot stand the blatant lies/ spin and misinformation all on behalf of repubs, teabaggers and any liberal trying to make a name for himself/herself attacking the President. And that includes Rachel and Olbermann, though I’ve liked them at times, neither speaks for average Americans.. and frankly I find Rachel rather snooty and smug.. I know everyone loves Rach… just not my cup of tea. And I just don’t need ‘news’ people to tell me how to feel or when to be angry or what to believe in.

  192. Was there.

    Amazing how many were so unwilling to understand where she/he was coming from.

    It isn’t rocket science.

  193. I really like your comment Nina, that is perspective, and imo it is what is lacking on teevee including Keith et al. I stopped listening to any of them two years ago.

  194. Ezra K showed up on Lawrence O’s show – Lawrence put up a very spirited defense of Obama while being surrounded by a veritable Obama hit squad that included Jane Hamsher, some real creep by the name of Roger Hodge (author of a book by the title of “Mendacity of Hope”), and Adam Graves of Progressives something or other (I just unsubscribed to his noxious e-mail service and promptly forget the name of his org). The cast of characters on O’Donnell’s panel made me think that the producers at MSNBC have instructions to go all in on the take down Obama movement as Lawrence was not in any way in agreement with them.

  195. I disagree – I’m not willing to deny the existence of insidious racism on the part of those currently masquerading as progressives. I don’t see any other explanation for the startling double standard that is being applied to President Obama (versus all other Dem politicians) and the ease with which people claiming to be progressives denigrate his character and his motivations.

  196. Yea! Good to hear.
    You can’t say NO to something
    unless you have something that you can say YES to.
    What is HER plan?
    Does she have the votes?

  197. numbers 1 and 5 are really the main reasons why he can’t get much done these days. This is the dems platform, jobs, HCR, yet their voting against their own bills. I’ve watched rachel before, but there have been several occasions where she’s either on point, or completely missed the point. her and others pretty much want a faux fight where the president appears to look tough, but he’s not really getting anything done. they’re just mad that he told them their shit stinks in fron of the whole country. and sherrod brown, really??? he really wanted him to waste his time…ok, let me calm down…woosah!!!

  198. I received this quote in my email earlier today.. I think it connects well with today’s events.. and it comes from someone who knew a thing or two about Progress & Compromise.. and being practical.. and looking after folks who were the ‘least of us’:

    “All progress is precarious, and the solution of one problem brings us face to face with another problem.”
    -Martin Luther King, Jr.

  199. Yup – as a Catholic, I noticed a very high level of anti-catholicism so there is a certain amount of ease with typecasting and group denigration.

  200. wow. first time evah I saw that firebaggerspeak on teevee. Poutrageous cluelessness.

  201. Putting the likes of Hamsher on television is what encourages the wannabe’s at DK and other places. “Maybe if I can out bash and smear the President I can be on one of thse shows”…

    Everybody wants to be a pundit, it’s like wanting to be famous by being on a reality show like Jersey Shore. It’s takes no special skill or knowledge, you’re famous just for saying dumb shit on television. Every vile post could be their big break if the right person is reading it.

  202. Thank you Donna- I did begin to watch at your link.. but when they introduced Jane Hamsher and Adam Green- I couldn’t go any further: blackface Jane.. and Adam “Obama caves” Green – two peas in a pod who have never represented me.. or any liberal I know. How hard is it to put an actual liberal on one of these shows I wonder? Green just put an ad out last week against the president and in it they obviously darkened him up and lightened up Boehner.. just disgraceful. I think Jane and Adam just want to be famous..

    I’m glad Lawrence at least spoke up.. I’ll just read others comments about what he said, again thanks though.

  203. Me too.. I’ve read too many comments there that are just too enamored with repub and tea bagger language to think everyone over there is some mighty liberal.. And they’re mostly quite Aggressive, not Progressive imo.

  204. It dawned me the other day when horrible Jane was on the teevee that she looks exactly like Julian Assange’s twin.

  205. But watching it was funny because he called Jane on changing her position and had the others studdering.

  206. Agree completely with you. Karl Rove must be laughing his ass off. But if you mention that over there….crickets.

    Which leads to the other problems.

    The narcissism, the need to be right or the need to be the perpetual victim.

    Speaking of which, this site is being checked out.

    Caught a comment the other day from Ms. Slink in which she was complaining about all the horrible things being said here.

    But apparently it’s only fired her up, as she’s now defining herself and those like her as the true fighters for democracy.


  207. Oh yeah.. and Boehner looked like he was wearing a halo.. pathetic, and so really right wing of them.

  208. They all were willing to let the tax cuts expire (except for Ezra Klein who was the only one there with any creds on the issue) and none of them had a plan to address getting the tax cuts for the middle class thru after the House takes over in Jan. They sure looked foolish and sounded stupid IMO. I actually found that quite entertaining.

  209. Yeah I saw how she plans to save the democratic party. okie doke slink- power to ya girlfriend.

    Shes not the only one.. MB has been here, because he said something to me in an email when I made a stink about the Manchurian Candidate diary- and the only way he could have said what he said was to have read it here.. no biggy. they need to know what they’re thought of – and not just by folks chatting here. I realize of course that it won’t wise them up.. but what ya gonna do, right?

  210. As soon as they realize that they DO NOT speak for the majority of Democrats in this country, then I will take them seriously.

    As soon as they come up with a plan for connecting up with and addressing the issues of the majority of the people in this country, then I will take them seriously.

    Which means of course, that they have to give up the “We are the base BS.”

    That meme and a couple bucks MIGHT get them a cup of coffee at Dunkin Doughnuts.

  211. Love that quote sherijr.

    Thanks so much for sharing it.

    Been thinking about “the least of these” all night after watching part of the President’s Press conference.

    He never forgets “the least of these.”

  212. Ya know, one of the few key take-aways I had from the Herbert Walker Bush days when I was a teenager was how raising taxes killed him.

    I’m so confused about how people think that wouldn’t have been the message if we wouldn’t have gotten the middle class cuts by any means necessary including giving the rich theirs too. My optics are just so clearly different than my fellow ‘whatevers’ (who the hell knows what the label is anyway).

    I’m really trying to figure out if I’m mis-remembering history here.

    I will admit I’ve almost gotten past the frustrated/angry/disappointed stage and I’m becoming amused at the disrespectful, hyperbolic, unconditional, unuanced and predictable outrage. It’s probably better for my blood pressure that way. 🙂

  213. If they are over here reading I’d like to send them this message, blocked their site on my computer several months ago and can’t begin to tell them how happy I’ve been ever since. 🙂

  214. This country’s disconnect about taxes is why it was a given that we would’nt get Medicare for All or a meaningful PO out the gate.

    That didn’t mean that we couldn’t get out the damn door and start addressing our HC issues.

    As far as Daily Caustic goes, another kossack just GBCW and others are planning their exit.

    Going to be interesting to see what’s left.

    Have the feeling that it isn’t going to be much, which could explain the shift in tone as a desperate attempt for some sort of relevancy.

  215. Jane came across as flat-out stupid and uninformed but smug in her stupidity. She made a laughably bad case for her side (whatever that is!!).

  216. I didn’t post enough to warrant a GBWC, but I’m not suprised many are leaving.

    I hear many periods of deep division have come and gone over the history of that blog (I was only there for the primary wars) so there is a good chance that this too will pass.

    But I think I will basically pass too because it seems futile and self-defeating now.

  217. I saw only the ad. So Boehner had a halo around him. Are you sure the ad wasn’t made for the Republican Party?!

  218. This man is killing them right now and I can do nothing less than love it. Post the press conference please

  219. It’s too bad you are not allowed to delete your account. Why should you be forced to be part of their membership stats ling after you have abandoned the ship. I have deleted bookmarks and refraining from clicks. At least on twitter you can unfollow. I have been trying to block huffpo email alerts for almost a year with no success.
    Al Giordano had their measure during HCR: Chicken littles and full of poutrage. Darker motivations and prejudices can be suspected but not proven.
    Hope everyone has contacted their reps and the white house.

  220. He is the smartest Pres I have known in my lifetime. That press conference will go down in history. You shoulda heard my wife finishing his sentences while he was speaking. What a great job he is doing!!! How smart am I for choosing Obama as my nominee huh?

  221. It’s kinda wierd that you can’t delete your account.

    I should’ve suspected when The Field was no longer on the blogroll that something funny was that way comin’

  222. We should remember “the North star,” what is best for the American people, not just our narrow interests. It’s the instincts and nodus operandi of a community organizer. You set your goals, educate, encourage people to act in their own interest, and get whatever you can then keep on pushing. As the I Ching says, “Perseverance furthers.”

  223. DK indeed has had these little tantrums over the years, but this time really is different. This time the site management have chosen a position and are actively supporting those who agree with them. Note how they deleted BWD’s account.

    During the HCR debate two of their diarists, nyceve and Slinkerwink, were paid by Jane Hamsher to publish daily diaries on DK. Tweets and emails were sent to get their followers to recommend their diaries so they always reached the recommended list. Both diarists eventually stopped taking the money and admitted they had done so, but saying that on DK now will get you a stern email. Kos knowingly allowed that to happen on his site.

    These days the same tweet and email army swarm pro-Obama diaries, just as they did to BWD’s. Many of their comments are seriously abusive. The management does nothing to police that activity.

    So this time it is different. People are leaving in swarms, coming here and to The People’s View and Blue Wave News, etc. DK is going the way of other sites that have chosen fringe positions. It will be irrelevant in another year. Our new sites are thriving already. Nobody really has much need to go back to DK.

    Let the frustrati throw their tantrums to each other. We have better things to do.

  224. They have no answer, but, of course, they’re NEVER wrong! Never, ever, ever!!!

    Look, here’s the thing about Hamsher. She fell on her face as a film producer and needed to come up with a new schtick. Same deal with all these other blowhard Internet pundits.

    They are all about appealing to a certain crowd, because those people enable them to make money, make TV appearances, etc. It’s why every time you see a hit-and-run post from a Cenk or a Sirota it ends with a shameless bit of self-promotion to listen to their radio show after saying something sensational and making no effort to participate in the discussion at all. It’s the same reason Kos used a sensationalized title for his last pseudo-poli sci book – it’s about creating a scene, being over-the-top, saying something absurd to get attention and appeal to their fans. It’s why Greenwald had to make some ludicrous comparison to BWD with Leni friggin’ Riefenstahl and the head of the Great Orange Stupid took to calling Pres. Obama Neville Chamberlain.

  225. Interesting bit of blog history Fonsia.

    I have noticed the FPers going in an interesting direction too. Would any of them say they agreed with the tax deal if they did? I wonder…

  226. Welcome aboard, MOZ! Good to see your name here.

    There are tons of places for people to get info and find reasonable discourse. Balloon Juice is a fun place (though a little wild at times, but at least John Cole isn’t pushing some crappy book or constantly self-promoting himself), Booman, TPM, Bob Cesca are a few of the places I like to hit up.

    A lot of folks have left, and I imagine quite a few more will do the same. Hope to see more show up here.

  227. Hello ACD.

    I can’t [ost at all: password is screwed up. I tried to get it reset, told I’d get an e-mail with instructions to fix it…but, so far, nada/

    Oh well. will keep trying-it’s a great site.

  228. Sherrod Brown offered the helpful suggestion of having the President travel the country, especially to Republican areas where unemployment is really high, and talk about the hostage taking. Well, I believe the President actually did that – before the midterms. And Congress declined to join him in that mission and take the vote while the people were paying attention. And I’m not sure exactly how Sherrod Brown proposed to do all this travelling in the week that they have before they go home to enjoy the holidays, while two million people go without food and shelter. Never mind the question of how they plan to extend all the other tax provisions and stimulutory measures that are part of the deal. He just wants to fight.

  229. Bernie Sanders is looking for a few good Republicans to partner with so he can filibuster the deal and kill it. It’s like bizarro world.

  230. Please forgive me BWD for my post but I’m so pissed off I can’t even think straight.

    What the fuck does President Obama have to do to get any kind of support from the Progressives? Health Care Reform, nope. Wall Street Reform, nope. Student Loan Reform, nope. Making sure two million of our fellow citizens don’t fucking starve to death this winter, nope. I mean really, exactly what does President Obama have to do to get any kind of support from the Progressives? Maybe he should hire an intern?

  231. Thank you! I’ve been seeing that for a long time now. It is the online version of the counter intelligence program run on the black power movement in the 70s. Like the whole “I am so pissed at the president I’m not going to vote in a midterm election” meme. The fact that this kind of divisive rhetoric is allowed to run rampant on DK demonstrates that the sites leadership is not focused on the long term health of the democratic party.

    By the way, I’d love to register with the site without getting email updates. Can that be done?

  232. He he, No, an intern would not do, that is so yesterday.
    I think if he followed their no voting, no office advice, they would then bet bored, call him weak for listening to them and then start trashing all over for him being weak and wimpish by following their advice.

    Its a game, it makes them feel relevant to themselves, it gives them entertainment. (look at the tape from Lawerence O’Donnell last night with FDL etal. that tells you all you need to know) At this point you can only laugh and mock their poutrage. Peace

  233. Don – There is no reality there. Please don’t expend any energy on them. It is purely Calvin Ball and all about their egos. They will always have the last word. Because they lie. Like Rove.

    It was hard for me to admit to myself the truth about those silly people, I wanted to maintain my idealistic POV about “us.” But THEY are not US.

  234. Onomastic – Fe Bongolan here.

    Yesterday, after Texas Mango’s GBCW diary, I have become one of those sitting on that fence about Dkos. And I subscribed here.

    Its the sense of irreality that seems to pervade there–aided and abetted by the blog hopping between FDL and Kos. There are people at risk whose lives they think about mostly in theory. And the people Obama is helping have been at the bottom for a longer time than just this recession.

    But I also think the addiction to drama and outrage there is a holdover from being made powerless during 8 years of Bush and 30 total years of Republican rule. Folks are impatient and want to see the change THEY want to see. But you have to clean a system bottom up.

    I truly wish that Jane Hamsher, that self-serving Arianna and Mr. Greenwald for all their good intentions, would just STFU. But maybe, the more they talk, the more they discredit themselves.

    Thanks BWD for hosting this site. We need it.

  235. I’ve had that same feeling CR. An argument with a baiter on Texas Mango’s blog yesterday felt and smelled to me like a phony. Probably a troll. I’m investigating that one further.

  236. She is. I’ve seen pics of her during the 2008 campaign in her diaries.

    I’ve been perplexed by slim as well, and I was following her pieces religiously until she went off the cliff with critiquing. Yes, you can critique on messaging, but recently the commentary and titles to her pieces have been way too over the top. Its almost as if she wants to one-up the haters there to get the recs.

  237. The more I read up and study President Obama’s tax deal, it becomes more apparent that he legally broke a Champaign bottle over the heads of the Republicans. The Republicans were so concerned about getting their tax breaks for their millionaire and billionaire friends that they gave Obama virtually everything he wanted concerning the working class and the unemployed. Just read the conservative blogs and listen to right wing radio (as much as you can stomach) and you’ll read and hear from a lot of unhappy campers.

  238. It’s so good to see you here Fe1955! 🙂

    Agree with you on people’s understandable frustration after the Bush years.

    I’ve been frustrated since Reagan was elected. But you’re right, real change, lasting change, comes from the botton up.

    The President acknowledged that with his statement during the briefer about the “long game.”

    It’s hard to be patient when there’s so much to fix and so many hurting. But we are getting there.

    There is no magic wand, no silver bullet.

    There’s just hard work day in and day out against immense obstacles, including far too many Dems.

  239. Just did the same Sandy.

    Also asked him if the deal failed, what was the plan and where are the votes?

    How were the unemployed going to stay warm this winter and keep food on the table?

    And where were the Dems in the two years leading up to this?

    Where were the Dems before the mid terms when the President repeatedly asked them to vote on the extension for the unemployed?

    It’s not just the Republicans when we’ve got far too many Democratic members of Congress afraid or unwilling to stand up and do the right thing.

    I love and respect Bernie greatly, but I’m not helping with this one.

  240. I wrote back and also refused to sign the petition. Although I do not like giving tax cuts to the wealthy, I believe President Obama’s compromise is needed and should be passed to ensure the unemployed get their benefits and the middle class tax cuts are saved. I also believe this is a stimulus and will be good for the economy.

    Until this week, I believed I was a progressive, but have become disenchanted with the progressives and the liberal media people (esp. MSNBC’s Maddow, Schultz and Olbermann) who refuse to consider the positives of this compromise. Renegotiating the upper income tax credits in an election year is a plus for the Democrats as it is a winning issue.

  241. I can’t help but believe it’s GOT to be. They think he’s too afraid to stand up to the racist Republicans. HAH! As if the man would be where he is today if he were really a spineless wimp in the face of white bullies. Give me a fuggin break.

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