32 thoughts on “Krugman is a little disappointed by not being very disappointed

  1. A. I love that my job apparantly doesn’t recognize this as a political site yet, so I’m indulging while I can.

    B. LOLOKWhatevs Krug

  2. Wealthy people like Krugman have the luxury of getting gratification from their glorious “disappointment.” The majority of hard working Americans simply want to be able to have a roof over their heads and food on the table. I think Obama’s policy decisions are made with the latter group in mind, not the former. And I’m thankful for that.

  3. You know those kids who hated whatever was popular at the time? Star Wars? Billy Joel? etc. That’s Krug. If people might like it, than he’s gonna hate on it. He’s made a pretty good living and stating that item A is not good enough. Doesn’t matter what item A is. He’s the economic Gene Shalit.

  4. Hey Hopefruit, my sentiments exactly. Folks sit in their warm homes and their frufru offices making big pronouncements with little care about how it impacts little folks like me.

    I don’t want these guys fighting for me, not at all.

  5. Actually, I like Krugman. And I respect a lot of his opinions from a economic viewpoint. He tends to state what he feels would be the ideal situations, and not being involved in the politics of the situation, he has some extra leeway.

    And he is correct that this was not the ideal solution to the problem. What he is doing, somewhat to my surprise, is stating that what was done was better than he really expected, even though it is not ideal.

    It is a grudging form of admiration for Obama.

    Keep in mind that Krugman never said he felt it was politically feasible to get a larger stimulus or to discontinue the tax cuts, just that from an economic viewpoint it would be better to do so.

    The problem with the folks at DK is they think that everything they wanted was politically feasible. In that sense, they and Krugman are worlds apart.

  6. I am glad that the President doesn’t govern by sitting at the table with his laptop out reading the “diaries” from Dkos and fretting “what does slinkerwink or icebergslim think?”! or even what I think for that matter!

  7. What Nobel Eeyore said.(I actually like Krugman and his book “Conscience of A Liberal” quite a lot…it’s still really easy to picture him with his calculator in the Hundred Acre Wood saying “if there is a recovery, which I doubt!”

    Man, I hope Sullivan’s right.(A sentence I expected to say, well…NEVER, actually.)

  8. I think Krugman’s intentions are good…economists don’t often deal with political fallout though. But I do think he wants this country to share the wealth, get people back to work, have a solid safety net…all that stuff.

  9. Isn’t it incredible? For Krugman to make even this concession means that this deal must be hella good, because Krugman has no love for POTUS and hasn’t since the primaries (he is the origin of the claim that POTUS’ base is cultish). IMO he’s lost perspective re: President Obama, and when I read him (which is becoming more and more rare), I read him with that huge grain of salt.

  10. Krugman loved Hillary’s HCR plan…until Presidnt Obama adopted something materially similar and actually made it reality. Krugman has a blind spot re: POTUS. Read him, listen to his interviews from the primaries and view how consistent he has been with his dislike and disapproval of President Obama’s politics. This is of a piece with that.

  11. Obviously Mr. Krugman isn’t Irish

    ‎”When the sky falls we’ll catch larks.”
    Irish Proverbs

  12. Fuck Paull Krugman.

    He’s been on this “I’ll lambast the President if he doesn’t follow my recommendations to the letter” schtick since inauguration.

    I could care less what he thinks.

  13. Let’s see….the Repubs didn’t want unemployment benefits extended. Benefits will be extended.

    The Repubs don’t want to give anything to the evil, evil Federal employees. Such employees will get a tax decrease.

    The Repubs wanted the Bush tax cuts made permanent. They have been extended for only two years.

    Meanwhile, POTUS gets a tax break for government employees, an extension of unemployment benefits, an extension of tax cuts for the rich that is temporary, and a similar extension of tax cuts for everyone else, also temporary.

    They get half of what they wanted, he gets 2 and 1/2 of what he wanted.

    Who’s the winner here?


  14. Same Bullshit from Krugman, another policy battle.

    This is the same Krugman who denounced the Stimulus bill in 2009 until he saw the employment bikini graph and then decided Pres. Obama’s economic policies were a wonderful success in stemming the economic slide.

    It is the same Krugman who lambasted the HCR bill until it was to time to pass it then he praised it’s shrewdness in committing the country to the heath-fare of the poor and uninsurable.

    This is the same Krugman who acknowledged that he had underestimated the President’s economic acumen. There is a pattern now…Krugman needs to freaking wait to see results before spouting off his mouth!!!

    So I ask how many fu***ng errors in judgment does Krugman have to make to be laughed out of the room?

    But he like Feingold are the fauxgressive darlings for being WRONG nearly always. Go figure!!!

  15. And as woody at WSY noted, his initial estimates for the stimulus were in line with what Dems actually delivered. His calls for a higher level of stimulus were only subsequent to that. But to hear him and others tell it, he’s the oracle of oracles.

    But if even *Krugman* has to begrudgingly concede that we got a lot out of this deal…we got a lot out of this deal. Can’t be denied.

  16. Amazing, isn’t it? I am learning to just wait for these things. Everyone seems to think they have the answers to these difficult issues, especially since they are not the ones making those decisions.


  17. One has to wonder what things would be like if POTUS were to follow all their advice. And they never admit when they make mistakes.

    But they want their words to be gospel.

  18. Is it just me or Krugman never offered any concrete plans with numbers? If he was for the larger stimulus, why didn’t he promote Christine Romer’s plan for a trillion dollars stimulus? One more thing, I remember, Reich was Labor Secretary during the Nafta and cafta deals, but he is bashing Obama with no specific solutions. Wow.

  19. If you read Krugman regularly, it will come as a shock that he has suddenly decided that deficit reduction (i.e., ending the tax cuts for the rich) is more important than short-term fiscal stimulus (i.e., extending UI, various tax cuts for lower and middle income folks).

    Krugman has had a bizarre chip on his shoulder when it comes Obama ever since the primaries to the point where it’s driving him to intellectual incoherence.

    He’s leveraged his expertise as an economist into a gig as a political commentator. But his understanding of American political institutions, legislative strategy, public opinion, etc, is pretty weak.

  20. LMAO! I’m reading all the great comments from thread to thread here, and yours is funny crackers! Too damn funny!

  21. Paul Krugman never got over the fact that Barack Obama defeated his candidate, Hillary Clinton, in the primaries in 2008. It’s that simple, folks!!!

  22. We are witnessing the emergence of a new class of progressive — the perpetually disappointed. It doesn’t even matter what he does or doesn’t do (gee, doesn’t that sound like the rightwing?). It’s never enough. He will never live up to the outlandish, ridiculous, “we elected a magician,” why-aren’t-you-waving-your magic-wand expectations that so many of these folks had for the president.

  23. Krugman’s math leaves something out: this deal also clears the decks for more legislating during the lame duck session.

    If, on top of the extension of Obama’s tax policies and UI benefits, this deal also leads to the passage of DADT repeal, START, and the DREAM Act, then Obama will have clearly done well by this deal.

  24. Blackwaterdog-

    I’m happy to know that you’ve landed on your feet and will keep providing the photos that many of us enjoy and appreciate.


  25. either ignore nasty comments or just delete them, you can do that can’t you? I come here for the info in the diary itself and the brilliant pictures of course and if the comments are going to degenerate like they tend to in on-line sites i won’t even bother to read them since unless they add info or facts to the debate they are useless to me. That won’t stop me from using the site though. Keep up the excellent work BWD, we need this positive reinforcement and balance more than ever,

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