Indeed, the only adult in the room

 Hi guys

First, i see that you’ve been busy the last couple of days…:) Sorry to miss all the fun. I can’t tell you how moved i am by your amazing support, but more than that, I’m just delighted that you’re comfortable being here and that we’re building a nice little community (Thank you, Mr. Greenwald, for 200 new subscriptions in less than two days. I really appreciate it). 

Anyway, i assume that the Internetz is buzzing because the president – yet again – refused to take a glorious defeat over a tough compromise that will actually help people. So here’s some nice links on other matters: 


1. The Left blogosphere can keep thinking that Barack Obama can’t do without them, but  poll after poll suggest otherwise:

Republican pollster Bill McInturff: “for a guy who took a shellacking, he’s got a pretty strong core pulse”.


 2. That awful health care reform: 

 Connecticut Rejects Anthem’s Rate Request For 2011.


3. Remember this?

Is this why we have this?

Talks begin on Iran’s nuclear program


4. Oh well, that’s like every Republican administration:

Recovery Funding Has Prevented or Ended Homelessness For Over 750,000 Persons 


6.  Gallup continues to insist that things are getting better. People can take it or leave it. After all, it’s all Obama’s fault one way or another…

Gallup: jobs situation improving among many segments of the workforce


7.  Did you read Frank Rich yesterday? Honestly, even when i disagree with him, i never find myself thinking ‘Boy, this was a stupid column’. Until yesterday. If you read it, you should read:

this too.



President Obama earlier today in North Carolina, speaking about all kinds of things that apparently he’s the only one who cares about:




104 thoughts on “Indeed, the only adult in the room

  1. One of his best speeches. should be shown in schools.
    Glad you are here and we miss you

  2. This president’s priorities are always on display: doing what’s right for the vast majority of Americans, despite the non-stop obstruction and outright hostage taking that’s being done daily by his opposition. The Rethuglicans don’t give a damn about any American. They only care about the super wealthy and the rest of us can go to hell.

    Well, they may want us all to go to hell, but our president will stand tall for all of us and the Rethuglicans actually WILL go to hell when they finally meet their maker.


  3. I am JUST beginning to see some pushback in the press about some of the negative articles, aren’t you?

    Like A. Sullivan about Frank Rich.

  4. I think the Amer people will look kindly on Obamas decision tonight.
    Certainly the unemployed.

  5. The deal he struck isn’t great, but he did what he had to to extend UI for another 13 months.

    What may be the “silver lining” is that he is removing Big Business’ excuse as to why they aren’t hiring. They keep saying it’s because of “all of the uncertainty” over the Bush tax cuts and the Estate Tax. That excuse has been removed.

    NOW the President can bludgeon Wall Street from now till 2012 if the hiring doesn’t accelerate and VERY fast rate. And as I always say

    “If I’ve thought of it, I’m 100% certain that Obama has thought of it.”

  6. This President wants to get stuff done for the country. Not letting the majority of the people suffer for some point to be made or fight to be had. Peace.

  7. Senator Lugar surprised me. He admitted that the president had extended his hand to the republican.

  8. These poll numbers suggest what frustrates the professional left is that the president’s insistence on staying true to his plan has not caused his base to abandon him. It must be incredibly frustrating to scream at the top of your lungs and stamp your feet and find that it is not having the effect you had hoped. Or at least I noticed this effect in most 2 year olds.

  9. Welcome back bwd.. and wowzer 2 0 0 ?!! See how smart people are.. I say it all the time: we may be nice, but we ain’t stupid.

    Now up to read and watch all the goods you’ve lined up. thank YOU~

  10. Welcome back, BWD. Thanks for always keeping things in perspective. This is not a chess game. This is real life – dire situations for millions without work and families who are barely getting by. I think PBO explained his decision very well. Now let’s move on to all the other things that will be brought up before the end of the year.

  11. Screw the rich–they don’t need any more money. Screw Republicans–they have no concern aside from the possession of power and the perks that brings to them and their sponsors. The vengeful part of me does wish PBO had played chicken with them. But, I work in a public library. Now, granted, it’s in a wealthy part of town, so one would think that my patrons would be in favor of the tax giveaway to the rich. However, a good chunk of my patrons are living on the edge of homelessness, far from rich, and in need of any help they can get. So, yes, I loathe the selfish and the Republican Party; but if I had to make a deal with the devil so that a good chunk of my people could keep a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs, then I would make it. Thank goodness I don’t have to deal with the shit PBO does every day.

  12. Time to stop in somewhere it’s safe to say this: I do not understand many of the positions the President takes, but I am absolutely certain they all spring from his desire and commitment to do the best he can for all of us, against stunning odds. I’ve nothing but disgust for those who seemingly delight in attacks on his intelligence and his character and try to cloak it as needed criticism.

    Stay well, President Obama and know there are many of us at your back.

  13. I’m a children’s librarian, and NONE of my two-year-olds behave with the brattiness of the whining classes.

  14. The key is for Predident Obama to get the Republicans to own part of the economic recovery. It’s why he wants bi-partisanship, because without it the GOP will demonize it and hope it fails and try to make it fail, however if they got stake in seeing it succeed they’ll tone down the rhetoric and maybe even try to help it along.

    I do hope that the Dems force the GOP to supply half the votes if this compromise passes – I think in the financial reforms and with HCR the Dems negotiated to include GOP proposals and ideas and yet the GOP never supplied any votes. This allows the GOP to run against the issue, to demonize it like they did HCR.

    Going forward the GOP will have to supply seven Senate votes and pass the GOP majority in the House, so they can’t outright trash and demonize legislation because they voted for it and passed it.

    Obama is also willing to take on the Bush tax Cut issue himself in two years. He’s willing to run his re-election campaign with it as a major issue. Because he knows that he’ll be able to force his challenger to answer where they’d make the cuts to pay for perminetly extending the cut – right now the GOP dodges and refuses to answer that question.

    The best chance they have at getting that extended longer or perminently is for the economy to be rebounding so they can say “look the economy is rebounding, let’s not change anything as it seems to be working”.

    Also UEI extension expiring in 13 months puts the issue right smack in the middle of the presidential primary (I believe Iowa is in Feburary). Now we all know in order to win a primary you need to head to the base and away from center, meaning all the GOP candidates will be coming out against any further UEI extension because it will play well with the true believer base – but what happens when the eventual winner now has to run against Obama having run hard right to try and win the GOP primary? They’ll have had to argue against UEI extension in the primary and then argue for Bush tax cut extension for the rich in the Presidential general election.

  15. Good job POTUS Obama. I am just happy that my taxes won’t be going up. I can’t afford for the President to play games like the GOP, the right wingers,and most of all the cray cray progressives wants to. This is real life not a computer game, so thank you x100 Sir.

    Thanks for a factual site bwd.

  16. I’ve always thought two year olds get a bit of a bad rap.. I mean for goodness sake they’re only two, lol.

  17. Everybody knows, the President can not please all the people all the time. His decisions are very difficult. I get that. I think most people would agree. As a liberal I get frustrated just like the next lefty, mainly because what I see is the right being so dishonest and our President and fellow dems blamed. MSM does little to correct the dishonesty. The decision he made today was courageous and right, on so many levels. I’ve been hungry and unable to feed my family a few times in my life. When your a heartbeat away from being homeless, it matters. I’m proud of our president. Thank you for the pictures.

  18. Okay my friends, imo, it is wayyy past time we all had a thoroughly good healthy laugh, you have my word that THIS will.crack.u.up:

    it is short and to the point.. please tell me if its realll???

  19. Those over at dailykos heads have exploded cause they are so angry..HELL I am pissed off!! But I am not angry at Obama as I am pissed off at the conservadems in Congress who keep voting in lock step with the GOP. How does Obama get 60 votes when 20 dems in congress and 6 dems in the senate voted with the GOP on these tax cuts?


    Here is what’s at stake if nothing is done before a new congress

    3.3 million folks dropping off Unemployment benefts a the end of January and 1 million per month thereafter dropping off

    Taxes going up all across the board on current working families. 3,000 added on their taxes.

    Who gets the blame if this makes the economy tank even further?


    So what does he do? Draw a line in the sand and let everything go up just to show he can fight, or get something in return for the middle class. If he doesn’t, he gets nothing and a more conservative congress takes place in January and they will be more embolden to block, anything and everything and then Obama winds up with a more conservative tax bill on his desk.

    He has more bargaining chip right now but won’t have it in January. The GOP wants this to go to january.

  20. You’re both right, most two year olds are better behaved than Greenwald, Huffington and Uygur.

  21. He has to do what is best for the majority of the people not the majority of the politicians. Damn the Republicans for forcing the extension of big bonus taxes breaks for the richest which will increase the debt ceiling, but at least the unemployed will be able to breath easier. He still has over 80% approval from Democrats and even those who voted in Teapublicans in November have got to see that “he’s the only adult in the room” looking out for their best interests.

  22. I was really impressed with his speech in NC. I don’t understand how anyone can say that he is weak. This president is doing things that will push this country forward. Despite all the naysayers, he has gotten more done in two years than any other president. I believe he doesn’t care about the 24 hr News cycle. He’s busy trying to get things done for all Americans. He told us that he couldn’t get it done by himself. It’s up to us to get the message out. Respect all people and try to find common ground. You will not reach everyone, but insulting and yelling at each other gets nowhere.

  23. Although I wish with all my heart that we had been able to jut do the middle class cuts (maybe with a higher limit)just like I wish we could have had a public option and a repeal of DADT and DOMA and a lot of other things, I am not all that put off by this deal.

    In fact, my main disagreements with Obama have been basically around the executive powers during the “war on terror” although he is still miles ahead of his predecessor. In other realms of foreign policy I support him fully. Wikileaks actually did him a favor. The general consensus around th world is that it shows the current diplomatic corps to be fantastically professional. Thank you Hilary.

    As soon as the rest of the lame duck goals are reached (DADT, START) I hope Obama steps right into campaign mode. Start attacking the tax cuts for the rich and most importantly start preempting the Republicans on the improving economy. He (and other Dems) have to point out how extending the UI payments and even the payroll tax thing (That I disagree with)are the things having an impact, not th tax cuts for the rich.

    And every time he asks for something that will cost money, hit the Republicans on their hypocrisy as they obviously don’t care about th deficit whn it help the upper class, only when it might make a difference for the average American.

    If he takes the lead on this, he will win with a bigger margin than he did in 2008.

  24. I’m a sub, working frequently with kindergarteners. They are kinder, more reasonable and less egomanical than the whining classes.

  25. Thank you for this. I wondered why it took 2 years worth of tax cuts for the rich to get 13 months worth of unemployment benefits.

    But this makes sense to me. He wants this issue in the primary.

    Whatever Obama does, I always believe he’s thought it through, that he has a brilliant mind and a plan. My biggest problem with him is often feeling like I don’t know what his plan is.

    Like with the 2 years vs 13 months thing. Of course, he may not want to announce this is a trap he’s setting for Republicans in the primary. I get that, too.

  26. Only the truly sick would use a threat to pull funds from long-term unemployed in order to get money for the super rich. Most of these people have had to use their 401ks and borrow from family just to survive. I love the way President Obama has prioritized the homeless problem in America. I know I read a detailed plan of action to lessen homelessness among veterans. I think it was on in the summer.

  27. Glad to have you post today. I was getting depressed for the little I had heard about the President caving in. I now you you in my automatic open. I refuse to even look at other blogs I use to read all the time. Thank you BWD for doing what few others are doing.

  28. Now this is what governing and leadership is all about. POTUS has shown this time after time. Great job for the people, Mr. President.
    Thank you!

  29. OMG LOL sherijr I’m not sure. Wouldn’t it be all over cable tee vee if it was real?

  30. Excellent comment. I hate to see this compromise with the GOP, whose main priority is protecting the rich, but I need to see proof that Obama had enough votes from his/our own party to take them on.
    My main priority is not crashing the demand side of the economy, and stopping the slow recovery in its tracks, by scaring working/middle class families into not shopping at all over the holidays because they wouldn’t know what money would be coming in to their household in Jan, Feb, Mar…

  31. 200 new subscriptions. Haha! Thank you, glen! #creepyself-reverence

    We got your back, BWD. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

  32. Exactly. He faces a problem and he went to solve it. Who exactly would benefit from his “fight”? Not the 98% who would see a while range of tax raise in the middle of this economy. Not the unemployed. Not the students.

    I don’t like the extension to the wealthy, just like everyone – but seriously, to make *this* the big progressive fight???

  33. I agree. He stabilized the financial system (as much as possible) the stock market is doing just fine, corporate profits are up and they got their tax cuts renewed.
    He can work with this because they have been relieved of most of their excuses and, as you said, they have ownership of this shaky economy going forward with a majority in the House.

  34. I don’t know, I’m pretty sure this is not President Obama’s style.. methinks its been redone.. very well. Which is why its so dang funny.. the President kick in a door is bizarro world. I was literally shocking into laughter by it.. my eleven year old son couldn’t stop laughing. And yes you raise a good point, if it was real- the NEWS would be running it non stop like they ran Rev. Wright.

    I should also say: Do NOT read the comments at the utube link, they are mostly racist and disgusting.

  35. What is it that surprises you – That he said the President extended his hand or that the President extended his hand?

  36. I like that this blog gives actual news. It’s possible to get an idea of the complexity of issues the President is dealing with every day. I can pursue an issue if I want, or write a letter to either one of my frightening senators, Kyl and McCain. Thanks again, BWD.

  37. I don’t think he “caved”. He did the best to help 98% of the people and refuse to take a symbolic “fight” that will make the Left blogosphere happy, and leave everyone else with at least $3000 tax raise.

    That’s what these people don’t understand: This is not about him. He is really there to work for the people. It’s a tragedy that he has to deal with bastard like the Republicans.

  38. Good to see you back, bwd. We tried to keep it going in your absence. I think you’ve created an oasis for many of us here, with new smart voices jumping in all the time.
    And, once again, I think President Obama has proven to be “the only adult in the room”.

  39. How come former Republicans like Ed Shultz, Cenk and Arianna Huffington seems to be dividing Democrats? The only Question from Ed Shultz is “will Obama and the Dems pay politically”. Why Progressives are allowing them to dictate our agenda is beyond me.

  40. Yep, very good comment.

    Here’s what i want to know: How “progressive” it is to be ready to dump the unemployed and 98% of Americans, because it’s more important to get even with the rich?

  41. I bet there are times when it’s important for him NOT to be too transparent about his plan. I mean, if you telegraph your moves, you give the opposition a chance to figure out countermoves. Also, it leaves his options open, so he can get to the basket from a different direction, if need be.

  42. It’s going to take awhile for the uninformed to understand the point you make.. Who will help the President get this to the masses?

  43. I’m willing to bet that his numbers will only go up. Just like they’ve been gone up AFTER the election. People see that he’s the only one in Washington who is actually trying to do what’s good for them, not what’s god for him.

  44. Hi folks! My computer crashed on Fri. night and I’m having a helluva time. I’m on an old computer missing many keys. lol

    Love that video speech by our President at Forsyth Community College. This is a man who takes his job serious beyond the hullabaloo by everyone in the MSM and he’s looking forward, trying to solve problems and keeping in mind that he can’t squelch progress if it hurts the most desperate in this country. I’m not surprised by the compromise, but it is disappointing. We have to remember he has to work with both parties as President, and he serves everyone in this country.

    I agree with some I’ve read who say he couldn’t draw the line in the sand on this one. It’s not going to be easy getting legislation through during the lame duck session, and it’s going to be interesting to see what happens now that the GOP has the House.

    Keep your eyes looking forward like our President said in that speech!

    I can’t post easily,but I will be reading.

    Thank you BWD… and your links are very interesting reads, too!

  45. The ‘Morning Cup’ Joe Show is going to have a field day tomorrow, and I can’t wait to see it….

  46. So, he strives to extend unemployment benefits for all those who would much rather have a job; he strives to preserve tax benefits for the vast majority of Americans, and, he has to make a compromise because avarice is alive and well among the very few with the most.

    I’d say, he’s done a fine days work helping all those whom truly need help, while steadily shinning a light on those who should be totally embarrassed that their greed is their pathologic addiction.

    Thank you Mr President.

  47. Hi, Ray:) You live in the “hate state” too? Need tough skin to be progressive in this state…kudos to you! I like to start my days out giving BOTH of those incompetent senators a phone call from time to time, just to give them a piece of my mind…Hard to tell which ones worse around here…the idiots that run the state, or the idiots that are supposed to represent ALL of us in Washington. Actually, I look at it like I HAVE no representation in Washington at all…McCain, Kyl and….Quayle!!! AAAHHHHH! They don’t speak for me. EVER.I’m a lost, unrepresented soul. Maybe I should move to Tucson:)Oh wait, can’t afford to move. Anyway, nice to see you here..

  48. Ed has been asking that same question over and over since O’ became President, regarding one issue after another. Then he embarrasses himself when our President proves to be right.

    Three peas in a pod who were once Republican now have their country’s best interest at heart? I don’t believe it for a minute. They have been on his ass since he took the oath of office.

    The only “progressives” who listen to their every word are looking for this President to fail.

  49. A quick question. Does this deal de-couple the tax cuts, thus making the Middle Class portion permanent but the wealthy 2% a 2-year extension?

    If so then it means that in two years the election cycle will be dealing with the tax cuts for ONLY the wealthy 2%, and the middle class will not be held hostage in that scenario. And if the wingnuts want to make that election about rewarding the wealthy that will be an interesting message for them to bear.

    Also at the end of 2011 the unemployment tax benefits will be in the newscycle for the republican primaries, right?

    Methinks we have a chance to make a lot of noise at that time if ONLY we Democrats would focus our energies on the real OPPOSITION.

  50. Nonie your comment should be tweeted emailed posted on every site. thank you for breaking down, what will happen if just let all expire. what a great post.

  51. Exactly the will have to explain why they voted against umemployment every time. Its all on record.

  52. I laugh everytime I think about it.. it is so out of character, apparently it was done by the Tonight show.

  53. BWD, i agree with you. He really is the only adult in the room. He refuses to play political games wit people’s lives.

  54. Did you guys watch MSNBC today. what happened to Rachel Ed show was in her time slot.

  55. Very very interesting post !!

    I hadn’t thought of that. The GoP having now a stake at making the economy improve. You could be right.

  56. President Obama continues to govern by Matthew 5. I think it’s the only passage he reads. It is one of Jesus’ best!

    I just don’t think he had a choice on these tax cuts for the top 2%. He couldn’t let Americans who have lost there jobs suffer during CHRISTmas time and I understand. I don’t like the way the light-bright media is framing his decision, but I’m not surprised.

    Hopefully, this means the START treaty and the DREAM Act is going to pass this year.

    President Obama showed leadership on this very tough issue, I’m praying for him.

  57. Another point that is being missed with all the poutrage around.

    With a rethugs owned house and unreliable corporate dems in the senate, they would have reintroduced the tax-cuts bill in the next congress and would have made them permanent too, screw the deficit. At least now, they can’t do it for another two years.

    Some thing to think about.

  58. Watching some of the talk shows tonight and I was totally surprised that Chris “Tweety” Matthews actually was making sense. I can’t stand how he’s so dismissive of Progressives and that was no different tonight but I think he had a realistic take on The Deal and how the President might drive home in the SOTU how we can’t afford the high-end tax cut, especially if the middle class are expected to sacrifice even more.

    Also, one of the guests pointed out that despite the criticism by some in the Congress on his “caving,” President Obama was out in front of this argument making the case against the extension of high-end tax cuts 6 months ago but Congress refused to vote on it before the election. Now these same people, profiles in courage they are, are pointing the finger of blame at the President for compromising. You know when you point one finger, you generally have three pointed back at you.

    Don’t get me wrong, this is an ugly deal but the option of not extending UI is just as ugly.

    PS I’m glad to have found this site and others like it!

  59. Good posts today BWD & Welcome Back. You did indirectly cause quite a stir at Balloon Juice last nite as a post about Glenzilla’s tweeting set off a 600plus comment thread. It was a riot to read w/lots of infighting. Obots vs Glenzillabots produced a Snarkfest. I occasionally comment there & just lurked and laughed last nite.
    Adam Green is on my TV saying “Obama’s statements today were HARSH!” He’s very upset that the prez “implied Progressives wanted to play political games instead of help the middle class & the unemployed!” “Harsh” from a man that has used words like “Loser” “Wimp” “Weak”, etc. to describe our president. No Respect from Him at all!
    Really sorry the prez hurt Green’s FeeFee’s…, not really! I don’t think the president mentioned a specific group so he must have a guilty conscience! This is such a mellow place…back later.

  60. He makes the hard choices while others jeer and bitch and moan.

    If we must give the fat cats a tax break in order to extend benefits for those out of work, so be it.

    Children don’t know anything of economics or deficits. Unemployment checks will go to fill
    little bellies.

    Tough call but necessary. America must take care of its children until times get better.

  61. These people on the lefty blogs calling themselves “true progressives” are no such thing. They are hysterical, screaming agitators, who know how to do nothing but yell and stamp their virtual feet on blogs.

    Look at the latest WSJ/NBC poll:

    90% approval from Blacks
    82% approval from Dems
    79%-16% with LIBERALS!!!
    56%-33% with Latinos
    53%-38% with 18-49
    52%-43% with women

    And yet these so-called holier-than-thou “true, blue progressives” claim to be the base of the party. Hardly. They are a fringe element of the leftwing in the US; they think the base of the party should capitulate to them. I mean, honestly – how the heck can the base of the party amount to something like 5-10% of the party’s voters??? And the other 90% are a bunch of sellouts and not real Democrats or progressives because we don’t kowtow to their hysterical antics???

    But here’s the secret – NOTHING will ever be good enough for them; it will always come up short of their ideological rigidity; they will NEVER be satisfied because their M.O. is to incessantly spew vitriolic nonsense.

    And a lot of the lefty bloggers – Hamsher, Markos, Aravosis, Greenwald – they are simply playing to their crowd because it is a way for them to retain the audience that has propelled them into the punditry class.

    What we have are a mixture of shameless, self-promoting clowns like Cenk and Sirota, plus a bunch of old-guard, single issue lefties, who have co-opted the term progressive for themselves. In other words, a lot of these folks screaming like lunatics about primarying Obama, how he’s weak, a sellout, a “Chocolate Carter,” are the very same old school liberals who ONLY cared about the one issue that motivated them, usually the issue du jour (the recent furor over Obamas pardons is a good example – they didn’t care about that until someone made a stink about it); they are the kinds of liberals who helped discredit liberalism in this country with their elitism and myopic worldview.

    This current compromise is a perfect example. It is more important to them to prove a political point and LOOK like they are standing for something than to stand up for the middle class families who will get a tax break and the unemployed who will continue to get benefits. Now, I’m certainly not happy about continuing to keep taxes as low as they are for the rich; I think guys like Bush and Reagan have done a lot to reinstate regressive taxation in this country.

    But if I have to make the choice between the unemployed losing their homes, getting thrown out onto the street, etc. and nothing, then my progressive principles compel me to suck up my pride – because making sure more people aren’t thrown out on the street and can buy food and pay the bills is more important.

    What they want is a political “show.” And they continually advocate political strategies that are by far more destructive to long-term progressive goals than compromising on tax cuts (see threats to primary Bernie Sanders for voting for HCR, see advocating for voting down HCR and keeping the status quo, see threats to primary President Obama, etc). In other words, it’s more important for them to feel like they are being ideologically pure than to actually do something, to get even a little bit of change.

    And not one of them did a damn thing to put pressure on Congress for the last two years. For them it was, “Yes, you can, Mr. President, do it by yourself, because we’re just going to scream at you from behind the safety of our keyboards.”

  62. I suspect the president’s focus for the next year will be pushing jobs and economic growth. There’s a lot of stimulus in this deal ($150 billion) and will save jobs through supporting demands. If they kickstart the small business bill and push the exports/trade initiatives the increased revenue will decrease the deficit. He will partner with business groups to push infrastructure bills and undercut the GOP. With a less confrontational chief of staff and someone like Altman in place of Summers I bet he outmaneuvers the congressional ideologues and witchhunters and shows that he is the adult in the room.
    I’m writing the white house to thank him for his courage. I will also ask if they can create a way for those who feel badly about their tax cut fir the wealthy to donate the extra to pay down the deficit.

  63. Hi, bwd, I followed you on DailyKos and just popped in here from that site – my goodness, the rending of garments and gnashing of teeth over there has become deafening!

    Your title, the Party of No Loyalty, perfectly describes the Democrats’ fatal flaw. Sadly, there is nothing new about it – I vividly remember the same thing applied to Clinton, and Carter before him, and those who know or remember tell me That Part of the Left Which Cannot Be Named said the same thing about JFK and FDR.

    Sigh. When will we ever learn?

    One thing, I will not be following your blog as much as I’d like to, because the color scheme you’ve chosen is simply unreadable to my baby-boomer eyes. Next time, try good old white on black – your Web designer should have told you that white on black my look cook, but it is simply unreadable to most people.


  64. These folks are not progressives.

    The term progressive came into vogue again around the rise of Howard Dean, who many of the Firebaggers and others on the lunatic left like to cite. But if you recall, Dean stated that in order to truly have a 50 state strategy and build a national Democratic Party, we would have to be willing to compromise on some issues and accept that in some states and districts, in order to win, we would have to welcome pro-life and pro-gun Democrats into the fold, for instance. That’s how we won in 2006 and 2008.

    What these folks want is radical change overnight, which is simply not progressivism. Progressives are liberal, in nature, but not all liberals are progressives – this is another way to look at it. Another way to look at it is that a progressive realizes that some progress is better than no progress, whereas a leftwing ideologue will accept nothing but 100% of what they want (and usually continue to move the goalposts).

    What is occurring right now is a fight between progressives and leftwing ideologues, and the ideologues are the ones screaming to primary Obama and blaming him for every unicorn he fails to deliver; many of these ideologues are the primary audience for the new members of the punditry class – Markos, Hamsher, Ed, Cenk, Sirota, Greenwald, etc. They have to appeal to and appease these folks because that’s who buys their crappy psuedo-political science books, watches their shows, reads their columns, listens to their radio shows, etc. They are little more than carnival barkers trying to entice the audience in to see the freakshow that passes for mainstream political discourse in this country; they are really not that different than the Limbaughs, Becks, etc in terms of style and their exploitation of ethos to garner and retain an audience.

    For me, the only one really worth paying attention to is Rachel Maddow, simply because she is able to balance criticism/editorializing with a recognition of what Pres. Obama has been able to accomplish; she engages in intelligent discourse. The others I listed – not so much. Their more interested in being sensational and bragging about how they make a scene.

  65. Glad to see you back, BWD!

    We must all remember that right now we are engaged in a struggle between the very loud and obnoxious ideologues, who prefer settling for nothing rather than getting some change, and the REAL progressives in this country, who recognize that genuine, lasting change takes time and comes incrementally (that’s the story of America) and that something is better than nothing; it is a struggle between the prideful and those who recognize that getting benefits to the unemployed is more important than thumping your chest over how pure your political principles are as you walk home with a big handful of nothing.

  66. He won a tax cut for the majority of the people who need it and won on unemployment benefits. He may have lost on the cuts for the supremely wealthy but made them look like greedy pigs going after it.

  67. Thanks bwd! Your blog entries are always such a breath of fresh air.

    President Obama has my full support. Nobody else in the world would be able to do any more than he has managed to achieve amidst the kind of hostility and obstruction no previous President has had to contend with.

    If gritting our teeth and compromising is the only way forward, so be it. That’s the political reality we have to work with. Anyone who doesn’t recognize this is simply a dreamer living in la-la land.

  68. I am unhappy about this tax deal, but that’s all I am unhappy. My world does not end, my support does not change. And if it does what I hope it will keep the economy improving my unhappiness will soon be a distant memory.

    As I said in another post I have decided I am not a progressive. I am just unwilling to throw the unemployed under a bus and pull $320 billion in stimulus out of the economy to make want amounts to a point.

    Weak, Spineless? I’ll take it any day over heartless.

  69. We have mastered the art of complaining. We are fed by the New Media and they tell us what the controversy of the day is and we let them lead our emotions. A week ago the Repubs voted to obstruct ext UI for millions in this country and the left instead of rising up to protest against this action where UI was going to be held hostage for those tax cuts instead turn on the Pres and tell him its his fault because he didn’t fight. We can get 200K people to stand on the Mall because an entertainer tells them that they need to rally to be civil but we can’t get 200K people to organize and go protest all over the US at these obstructionist Repub and Dem Congriscritters offices in there own back yard. No one wants to do the hard work to bring about change because it has become far too easy to sit behind a computer and complain. There should have been hundreds or thousands of liberals protesting at each of these offices over the last week. If the shoe was on the other foot the tea party (as astroturf as they are) would be tearing the roof off the Capitol in DC. They would be at every Dems office putting fear in them like you wouldn’t believe but our side puts it all on the Pres to fight (that’s their big strategy) and then complain because they believe he doesn’t.

  70. Donna, is it possible that, the number of folks who still support the President, outweigh the folks who complain? If so, why couldn’t we get a movement going to get them motivated? I’m constantly doing GOTV, and I’ve gotten more folks than not to participate in the political process….However, I cannot do it by my self…

  71. Looking at a couple articles. Ezra Klein says its a good deal the column is on the Obama diary with another analysis. They are saying this is really a second stimulus, he got things that he wanted. its a must read. Sorry if have’nt got that link thing down pat, but please check them out. It makes sense.

  72. Im not unhappy at all. The poor and the middle class is more important than fat cats filling their pockets, they will continue to do that and eat. Now the unemployed can eat. he also got deals for tax credits that some will say spark jobs.

  73. These huffers and puffers on the left like Ahhhhrianna, Olberman (yes I said it!) and Kos, are just trolling for the clicks and viewers their advertisers demand to keep the dollars rolling in. They are no better than the Beckers and Hannitys on Fake News who say outrageous things to make a buck while frothing up their extremist, unhinged base. It would be amusing if so many people didn’t take them seriously, some of whom are dangerous and unhinged.

    President Obama IS the only adult in the room seriously looking out for the middle class unlike those getting paid 6 and 7 figures to rile up people against their own best interests and that of their families. I cannot afford a $3000 tax hike practically speaking and not on principle. I am guesssing many of the 98% affected lower and middle class Americans are in the same boat. That’s money that goes right back into growing our economy. And it’s just one aspect of this compromise that is beneficial to the middle class and the economy.

    Thank you BWD for this site – an ocean of calm in streams of chaos! Although every now and then I still go to those “progressive” sites to watch their heads exploding and spinning off into another dimension… 🙂

  74. welcome back blackwaterdog what more can i say at this junction except blackwaterdog was right all along this is the workings of the only adult in the room especially when it matter most behold how it works

  75. High five, jaywillie! I’m lazy, so I shall just say – in the political world – they are utterly useless. The rest, William Shakespeare can say for me, “Full of sound and fury..”

    Or to parse it even furthere, using an insult I learned THERE, ironically:


  76. {{Applause}} and bravo jaywillie.

    As for g, vulcan mind meld moment 🙂 been thinking of that Shakespeare line every day this past week.

  77. The lefty blogsophere has now jumped the shark. It is amazing how stupidly reactive and ideological they are being.

    I was astounded all they care about is screwing the rich, regardless of who in the poor and middle class might be helped. They care about being right, more than DOING what’s right.

    They are so full of their own importance and delusional about their influence. They have now become as ideologically RIGID as the tea partiers.

  78. The only reason I went to dkos was to see your wonderful pictures……sooooo good to you have your own website………thank you!

  79. I love that skinny man. He is so awesome.

    And his wife is the raddest person in the entire universe.

  80. Nice new site BWD. I’ve missed your diaries but also, missed the falling out at DK as I’ve been slowly weaning myself from the constant bickering and game playing there. (have joined the People’s View and Blue Wave News…mjd_florida and mjd55.

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