LA Times: Obama’s policy of engagement and sanctions on Iran is showing signs of success

Thanks ParkRanger for the link to yet another positive story about the Obama administration foreign policy. Really great article

…From reading every document released about Iran so far, you might miss the most important fact: The Obama administration’s long campaign to increase pressure on Iran is actually showing signs of progress.International economic sanctions are finally beginning to bite. Major European oil companies, including  BP and Shell, have finally stopped supplying Iran with the refined fuel products it desperately needs. European banks and other businesses are reducing their profiles in Tehran.

And the measures are stoking dissension in Iran’s government. “We have never had such intensified sanctions,” Iran’s former speaker of parliament, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, complained in September…


24 thoughts on “LA Times: Obama’s policy of engagement and sanctions on Iran is showing signs of success

  1. All in all, I think its fantastic. They wouldn’t come over here to screw with you if you weren’t taking supporters, excuse me, who they THOUGHT were their supporters. This is a great thing BWD. A great thing. You are a force that rails against their purity screeds. You hit a nerve with them. Keep going.

  2. BWD, I am not sure I’ve commented on any of your diaries at kos, and I know not here. However, after seeing that you’ve got Big Important Bloggers (or BIPs) completely losing their stuff and sputtering out slimy insults, I just had to stop by and say…

    WELL DONE! Keep up the good work!

  3. How incredibly creepy. Apparently he’s been blinded by such self-importance he didn’t even see the cliff he just leaped off.

  4. What a refreshing change from cowboy diplomacy. The undercovered story is the quiet competence in our agencies as opposed to all the Brownie incompetence of the previous administration.
    Safe travels BWD.

  5. Folks, I have a suggestion. How about not giving in too much on hate ? I am speechless about Mr. Greenwald’s tweet and I find it stupid, but I don’t want to go into attack mode. Negativity saps energy.

    About BWD’s post:

    I’m happy to see that the efforts of President Obama and his team seem to have some effect. Slowly, systematically, patiently, this administration is making a difference in the world.

  6. Ultimately I agree, but of course it’s completely up to BWD. But this site is new and a lot of folks here are just venting (I certainly am). Sooner than later though we need to get past that and focus on helping publicize what the President and Congress is doing that isn’t getting press anywhere else.

  7. We can all be glad again President O was elected president and not Senator McCain. We’d be engaged in 3 wars if it had been President McCain and they would all be a mess.

  8. Wow…just…wow. :-O There’s just so many things wrong with that comparison that I don’t even know where to start.

    To quote one of my favorite philosophers: “What a maroon.” 😀

  9. I work for one of our agencies (won’t say which) and that’s a HUGE difference. The focus on thorough, accurate, results-oriented work. The sheer COMPETENCY of government agencies have increased 10-fold since Obama came into office.

    You notice you don’t hear Republicans talking about how Obama is “soft on terror” anymore? That’s because using LAW ENFORCEMENT (props to Senator Kerry) to find and arrest terrorists works better than constantly saying “evildoers” over and over.

  10. I’m gonna go to an old Kris Kross song:

    “When you talk about me it just lets me know I’m on your mind. And it’s alright.”

  11. I am grateful to BWD for her photos from before at DK and now here because many of the things she shows are not covered anywhere else.
    Keep it up and I look forward to your continued efforts which are much appreciated.
    Go and return safely.

  12. I wonder if Keith will include Greenwald in his Worst Persons in the World segment. Seems to me he fits the parameters.

  13. You know, one real positive at DKos is the rarity of “First!” IMHO, there is not need whatsoever for an inanity like that.

    OTOH, hope you have a happy weekend too.

  14. That is one the reasons I backed Obama. His campaign was run so competently and I was hoping that transferred to his running of the federal government. Thrilled to read that it has. While the GOP controls the House for the next 2 years causing gridlock in Congress, Obama is going to have even more time to devote to improve foreign policies, the executive branch and regulatory agencies.

  15. President Obama knew this as well. The second half of the Presidential term is always focused on foreign issues because domestically the midterm losses is sold as loss of a mandate and the voter rejecting the President.

    So while the new Congress dicks around, President Obama will have Sec. Sebelius working to implement HCR, will have Elizabeth Warren setting up CFPB domestically. However the GOP seem intent to meddle in international issues as well, as signalled by their pushing against the START treaty.

  16. this site is the bomb. Hurray for jackandjill for the link. Hate to say bye to KOS but they have gone mad. Used to think that rightwingers had come in to divide and conquer, but reading Glenn now I learn why no one wants to be associated with liberals. Funny thing is, them running you off is great because I can now look at this stuff whenever I want. Be sure to include that $ex# first lady of ours who is nothing more than genius eye candy. Lucky Pres!!! Go Obama!!!! Go Dems!!!! Go to hell Glenn!!!

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