I will be on the road over the next week. I’ll try to update as much as I can, though I may disappear for a day or two. But I’ll be back in full force next weekend. After all, I’d hate to disappoint my new biggest fan, Mr. Glenn Greenwald.

Take care, good people. Don’t give up.


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  1. you will find yourself checking daily and posting. Next week will be a good week for the President. Be safe and enjoy.

  2. We won’t. It seems you won’t either. This is becoming crazy isn’t it ?? I hope you’re not too nervous about becoming a celebrity…

    Have a nice and safe trip !!

  3. Have a safe trip. You will be missed.

    The Greenwald thing is just weird. He must be threatened or something.

  4. It’s fine. They can’t hurt my anymore. I couldn’t figure out why there were so many visitors here today – but now i know. I guess i should thank him for the free publicity.

  5. Thanks for the heads up that you’ll be gone. I’d worry that something happened, cuz that’s just how I am. Lookin’ forward to the new posts when you get a chance to catch us up.

  6. Hey BWD!

    Just had to drop a little note to let you know I got your back!

    Safe travels

    Bizarro world has finally arrived

  7. If you’re getting on the nerves of the types of GG, all within an upsptart week of a startup, I don’t know where you will go in a year. 🙂

    Have a safe journey.

  8. Wasn’t that the most cockeyed, pathetic, pathological comment? Some people on the far left have completely lost their marbles. What in the world is it that drives them off the cliff about those who notice and acknowledge the positives about President Obama? What is it about these truths that just drive them over the edge? It’s pretty sick.
    So anyway, I guess you can thank him for the mention and giving those who continue to back away from that other increasingly crazy place a sane place to flee.
    Safe travels, and I will look forward to future posts when you are able. And thanks for being here.

  9. Glenn Greenwald was just feeling left out. “Hey guys, talk about me, I’m part of the professional left who bitches and moans about everything too!! Look at me over here, I’m the most serious person in the world, this is me looking serious right now..LOOK AT ME DAMMIT!!!”.

    Thanks Glenn for publicizing this blog so some folks might realize all the shit that is getting done. you know the stuff you and your wannabe pundits never talk about let alone give any credit for.

  10. Have a good and safe trip.. missed the Glenn Greenwald thing.. so guess I’d better go catch up on your previous posts.

    I call it: J E A L O U S Y.. E N V Y 🙂

    thats what a whole lotta folks have over our president and apparently now you too, once you became a calm intelligent voice you were sure to attract the crazy flakes~

    Best wishes kid 😉

  11. Have a safe trip and return soon, so you can keep your new fan, Glenn “I’m sitting on the back of the bike with Fonzi” Greenwald, pleased.

  12. I just read the story on Obama’ diary. Sorry, you have to deal with jealousy. I appreciate you and many others.

  13. To the Dotster: Glenn Greenwald is not the “far left.” Far from it. Trust me – I’ve been part of the far left since 1967 and he’s not here.

    Besides – fuck him & his petty self-importance shtick. He’s a whiner and there’s no time for whiners. We’ve moved on, Glennie….

  14. Simply put, the message is getting out that there are folks out there that are tired of seeing this president being bashed and trashed.

    There is something called constructive criticism but when it gets to the point when you can no longer distinguish the vitriol coming from the left as oppose to that of the right it’s time for folks to take a stand and say ENOUGH!

  15. The hatred of the left and right are alike in their arrogance and disdain for those that disagree.
    Thanks BWD for your efforts in creating a space in which we can appreciate the slow steady progress which is being made and the ongoing insistence on civility, hope, and dogged determination to turn this ship around.
    Safe travels.

  16. Good for you to take it in stride! If you were Greenwald, you’d be crying and lashing out. Travel safely.

  17. What I can’t believe are the number of posters at DKos who are actually trying to excuse Greenwald for that tweet.

    Sometimes, I’m just left speechless.

  18. Safe travels to you, BWD. I will miss you.

    Greenwald is a big Jane Hamsher friend; sorta 2 peas in a pod. So much hate, so little time! Terrible way to make a living.

    So nice of him to give you traffic though. 😉

  19. Save travels! I don’t comment much but I totally love your new venue!
    I’m here at least three times each and everyday – here because I thoroughly enjoyed your blogs at KOS & delighted that you found your very own site. It is a shame that ill-mannered & depressive snarks like Greenwald intrude into your sphere. He should read the first sentence of “why I’m here” on your blog and maybe he’ll understand why it’s important to try to recapture his own center again. Chip on his shoulder much??

  20. Yes and i called them on it. Saying defending his actions is wrong. they are trying to sugar coat and they can’t. he did just what he ragged about the Tea Party. Defense of it is just as worse as saying what he said. Sad!

  21. Hello BWD,

    I have been a lurker at D-Kos since the primaries and had even considered signing up. I’m glad I did not. I have decided to subscribe to your blog because I think it is important for supporters of President Obama to help get his message and accomplishes out to others. I think D-Kos has outlived it’s relevance and frankly the so called “progressives” there do not occupy space in the real world. A place where compromises and deals are always made, and the middle class need their tax breaks.

  22. The vitriolic defense of Greenwald’s imbecilic and distasteful comment over there is beyond the pale, and clearly indicates that those people feel threatened by BDW and this blog for some reason. It is simply baffling.

    I’ve commented over there sporadically for the last month or so, but after tonight and the moronic defense of comparing someone to Riefenstahl’s Nazi propaganda I am officially divorcing myself of that site. I want nothing to do with it. And at this point, I think the only cure for what ails DKos is for others to do the same.

    Let the extremist ideologues (and rightwing provocateurs) who have taken over that place have it; they do more harm than good when it comes to advocating for progressive change in this country with their perpetual hysterics, screaming, and name-calling. The site is sinking into irrelevancy, it doesn’t have nearly the influence it once did or that many there think it does, and at this point it’s only serving to a) propagate the smears of the right and b) give all liberals/progressives a bad name.

    There are far better sites that feature information, news, commentary, and discourse than the fetid bile that passes for political discourse at DKos.

  23. I’ll miss the posts but wish you a great week. Thanks for each and every article and photo you post on your site.

  24. BWD, you have put together a lovely website that is fast becoming “a community” – a REAL community. GG was way off in his comments and I think most people agreed that he was out of line. For those who didn’t think so, who cares. They’re in the minority. Democrats on the whole like President Obama, so it’s nice they have an alternative place to come to.

    I know I look forward to this site every day and am keeping my fingers crossed that it continues to grow.

  25. Safe travel, and I will miss you while you are away…. I check this site daily because I like knowing that others like, love and support our President….

  26. Have a good trip – I’m glad to see that you can see the humor in Mr. Glen Greenwald – your new PR flack!! Strange how completely irrational and angry the pathetic man is!! And so strange that people would be so fixated on BWD because her presentations feature pictures of the president and presidential activities. This seems to be quite the obsession for the critics. But, as a society, we have been looking at glossy photos of our presidents and their families for decades (can you say Kennedy?). And now we are more visual than ever with HDTV, UTube, etc. So why are they so up in arms about images of this particular President??

  27. BWD,
    I have enjoyed your diaries on DKOS for a long time, but have to confess my thanks to GG for being such an @ss or I wouldn’t have found this site. I am delighted.

  28. Here’s wishing you safe and peaceful travels.
    So appreciate this blog. I’m still tearing myself away from the other place. But it’s sooo much better for my mental health. Peace

  29. the old theatre adage – i don’t care what you say about me as long as you spell my name right!”

    by keeping this site positive, people who come here can judge for themselves the merit of the site.

    as long as it doesn’t descend into blog wars (good idea to never mention other blogs, imho), then the work stands on its on merit.

    what is astounding is that greenwald seems to ignore the FACT that this site is reporting news that is going unreported by the main stream media and the pundits.

    listing actual accomplishments is not propaganda. it’s called “reporting”.

    distorting fact to make something seem to be what is not (as in greenwald’s tweet) IS propaganda.

    shame on greenwald. that he has a broader audience does not exempt him from responsibility for his actions – the tweet he made was unacceptable.

  30. what can i say thanks as well blackwaterdog for this blog maybe now the so call professional left has now realise that is not everybody that can afford to fight a fight simply for ideology purpose that thier life may depend on the success of just one fight won i.e “compromise” he that have wisdom let him think

  31. I hope everyone will get a chance to see Senator Al Franken argue against tax cuts for the wealthy. His passion and intelligence are on full display. He educates and informs by simply stating the FACTS.

    At the end of his speech, he asks his colleagues two simple questions: “What are our values?” What are we doing here? He had me in tears. This is a video that really deserves to go viral.

  32. I will never give up. That’s what people like Sarah Palin do – give up on the people of Alaska for personal gain and fortune.

  33. Be safe out there BWD. Travel knowing you didn’t something fantastically GOOD by creating this blog. You had to go through the fire of spite and hatred at DailyFox in order to be inspired to make this.

    I haven’t gone back to any of the sites I deleted since I’ve found this one. And through this one, I found other great sites. So when you’re traveling, smile knowing that you attracted like-minded people to you not through negativity, but through positivity and hope.

    You’re an inspiration on how to use emotional energy to your own positive ends. Thank you!

  34. i am still uninformed about bwd’s leaving contributing to kos, but of course aware of how much crap her posts were getting

    imagine if she were there this last week or so, with the piling-on against the prez lately

    i’m still going there because, though much reduced, good diaries and comments are still to be found, even possibly are increasing

    i think some of the sane contributors were shocked by the takeover by the rabid, and are only just now willing to try to reset the balance

  35. i’m guessing that glen greenwald was the precipitating factor in bwd leaving kos, am i right?

    very glad that i knew enough never to read his stuff, gathered long ago that he wasn’t true blue

  36. Who is Glenn Greenwald? Remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Just say something crazy and people will listen. Stay travels BWD.

  37. Happy, safe travels! It is a disgrace that a Salon columnist is so contemptuous of this President that he would accuse an innocuous, positive blog of Nazi-ism. Says everything that we need to know about the virulent, over the top disdain with which POTUS has been treated at the toxic spaces.

    I’m so utterly glad that you started this new space and that a community is so readily forming here. That this has drawn such a hateful accusation is unfortunately unsurprising, but it’s a marker of how much of a threat positivity is to people who participate in the cottage industry of anti-POTUS new media content.

  38. He’s terrific! I knew that Franken would make a decent senator, but he’s really exceeded my (pretty high) expectations (I remember him going to bat for women with legislation designed to hold military contractors accountable for creating unsafe environments with abuse and rape). I only wish that he would leverage his celebrity a little more and offer up these intelligent, common sense explanations on more news shows.

  39. I’m so glad that you de-lurked! I find the argument that the tax cuts, including the middle class cuts, aren’t very stimulative pretty compelling. But indeed, in the real world, compromise and concessions take place whether we like it or not. If more energy were spent educating the public about the job-killing nature of the tax cuts for the rich, we’d be getting somewhere IMO. But that message has been lost in all of the excess.

  40. I have been lurking and commenting just a little at DKos in the past few days (throwing a few donuts when I can – 5 a day isn’t nearly enough.)

    In all the years I’ve been there, I’ve never seen it so bad. I suspect it will have to hit rock bottom before it will be possible for the sane among the Kossacks to regain effective moderation. I don’t think it is finished as a site for progressives because there are too many good people who will not be scared away. At least I hope so.

  41. No, Greenwald’s offensive tweet was just yesterday. It was the generally toxic atmosphere for positive statements about President Obama that lead to BWD leaving, I believe.

  42. Indeed. It is pathetic. But I am still trying to figure out what is so menacing about people seeing the president in a positive light, so much so that it causes some people to lose their equilibrium.

    As if the number of people in blogosphere shoveling kaka POTUS’ way is not enough.

    This site must have really struck a nerve with the all important papa Greenwald. If he thought his little tweet was going to wreak havoc for BWD, I think it proved the opposite. Even for some of those that put him on his inflated perch, this was a new low.

    What a small man! Go figure.

  43. Success is the best revenge for envy. When people try to beat you down, as long as you believe in what you are doing and doing it to the best of your ability, it will make the downers crazier and show them for what they are.

    While this POTUS is not perfect, I think he strives to do the right thing for the country.

    The good papa Greenwald must have plenty of time on his hands. One would think that such a “Big and Important Man” would not even have the time to poke his head in this room that is supposedly beneath the high minded thinkers. LOL!!Oh, well, go figure.

    Safe trip.

  44. Have a safe trip! The “professional left” are really defining themselves hunh? Confirming their status as bratty teenagers and their irrelevance to the adult business of governing.

  45. My sentiments, exactly. And wosre, I think it is hard to educate people when some of the very vocal blowhards hardly know the issue.

    Everyone wants to be an expert, talking loudly and saying nothing. It drives me royally batty. On almost every issue, we see this — healthcare, environment, energy, etc.

    So nonesensical.

  46. Safe travels, BWD! You have consistently seen through the muck and and brought us the info we know is available, always timely, always documented, always honest and organized.
    Brave, brave Mr GeeGee fights his imaginary electronic battles, looking for any word or paragraph that’s out to get him. His resources include… Mr GeeGee. He’s wrapped up in his own little litany or rantings, bravely facing the keyboard daily. Oh he’s not in the least bit scared 🙂

  47. Must be something in the water. But you want to know something, after a while this kind of thing gets old and stale.

    When people see that nothing this president does is “good enough” for either side, they will come to the conclusion that something stinks. Last night, this came from my 13 year old when I shared this topic with him and my hubby.

    Go figure!

  48. Glen Greenwald — hyperbole much? Nearly fell off the chair when I read that.

    Safe travels, BWD, and thanks again for this wonderful blog.

  49. Have a wonderful and safe trip BWD!

    The ridiculous tweet is absolute validation all you need to know that you are doing something really wonderful with this blog…

    They continue to try to make liking and supporting President Obama a bad thing…

    Trying to force disclaimers from and putting anyone who supports President Obama on the defensive…

    It’s called psychological warfare folks and they started with it the very day he won the elections –

    Any favorable mention of the President was quickly shot down as “gushing” and soon it became imperative to offer gratuitous digs, nitpicks and put downs of the man so as not to be considered “in the tank” for Obama…

    Many never returned and even more remain completely devoid of the ability to do other than diminish this spectacular President…

    I refuse to be co-opted and will not participate in the glaringly obvious multi-faceted attempts to destroy a brilliant and decent man whose only crime was legitimately winning the elections for office of the President of the United States and throwing himself into the hard work of bringing the country back from the brink where he found it – with very little help and a whole lot of obstruction, sabotage, hostility and unwarranted attacks and insult…

    I will continue to support and gush unapologetically about this very deserving President and I wear very proudly and with absolutely no disclaimers, the Obama fanatic badge…

  50. I have followed Daily Kos for 3 years and each day looked forward to your posts. You were the main reason I followed that site and I hate it now. I have missed you and really appreciated Citizen K posting the link to this new blog. I believe a positive attitude and hope is our best weapon for instituting change.

  51. The ridiculous tweet is absolute validation all you need to know that you are doing something really wonderful with this blog…

    exactly, and it should be inspiring to BWD to keep on doing the great work she does.

  52. Wow, Glenzilla is a bigger creep than I realized. This brings a whole new meaning to the term, jumped the shark. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an uglier ax to grind. I guess that’s what it looks like when all you have is vitriol in your soul.

    BWD, travel safe and know that all the racist hyperbole in the world doesn’t chip away at the daily truth of progress. Thanks for simply bringing us some very beautiful light in a very dark and musty media swamp. Hurry back.

  53. It’s an admission that Greenwald views President Obama as akin to Hitler; why else would POTUS supposedly need a Nazi propagandist? What I find astonishing is that publishes the writings of someone that compromised.

  54. I cannot believe that site is now DEBATING with venom why BWD left. I just love it and is the reason I am never going back there again. GO BWD BEAT KOS!!!

  55. BWD has had a blog for a week. Amazing that it’s already drawn such venom. I give Greenwald points for honesty: he is not trying to hide or disguise his disdain for President Obama and supporters: we’re Nazis to him. But this level of irrational contempt is not confined to Greenwald IMO.

  56. So well said. Jacks and Janes of all trades; masters of nothing. I was musing yesterday about the money being spent on anti-POTUS ads in Iowa (in obvious allusion to the primary which the Professional Left would like to field). Imagine those funds being spent to educate people about the seriously underutilized program designed to provide affordable temporary insurance to those who been denied insurance coverage for preexisting conditions. So many people are unaware of this program because of all of the anti-HCR noise and excess. Lives could be saved with spreading that word. The new media has grown horrible for liberals and progressives IMO. Counterproductive.

  57. There’s a method to the madness and a purpose for those tactics. I’ve have posted this several times, so please forgive the repetition if anyone has already seen it: these are insights created by zizi describing the teaparty playbook. As there are elements in the new media who admire and emulate the teaparty, I’d suggest that it applies to people like Mr. Greenwald, with his gratuitous and false Nazi accusation, as well:

    1. Erase and endlessly shift the boundaries of “taboos” – speaking the unspeakable : The goal is to significantly recalibrate our tolerance level for verbal and the threat of physical violence. We become desensitized to what we once believed was taboo and are no longer sure what the acceptable parameters of public discourse are anymore….the taboo boundary has been shifted.

    2. Decentralize the source of attacks: Use multiple levels. The point of bombarding us non-stop with wingnut “IEDs” is to reset the decibel level of public discourse. They anticipate that the din will drown out any conversation whatsoever plus the threat of violence will and drive many people OUT OF THE PUBLIC SQUARE. See, the problem the wingnuts and their conservative allies realized was that too many of us came out into the public square as far back as the 2006 elections believing that we had re-claimed that space for civic participation. The Palin rallies last Fall test-drove the idea of noise warfare but they ran out of time before the election to seriously clear us out the public square. Now that we’re in governing mode, which necessarily involves debate, dispute, doubt, soft and hard decision making, and dissatisfaction, the wingnuts think that their noise will meld with our policy anxieties into this unbearable and amorphous sense of ennui. Their hope is that we literally quit the public square in disgust over the insanity. Voila, we exit, we abandon prize territory that we won. The media predictably eggs us on to sour on the public square.

    3. Reconstruct the subject/object equation of the public discourse: They have gotten us taking about a subject matter that they have chosen…We enter “reaction mode” and we talk about them and not us or our proactive agenda/debates. We also are limited to using terms they have released into the public bloodstream….And it does not matter if we are talking about these terms critically or even pejoratively. The fact is, these have become the topic/subject rather than something else of our own choosing….the fact is that these wingnuts are INDEED pushing the envelope of unapologetic displays of threat beyond what they could do during the 1990s when the last Democratic President was in office. They are OCCUPYING the public square and dare us to enter it. At first it all seems fringy, well, until a critical mass of their ilk does it and it becomes commonplace

    4. Generate facsimiles of endless crises: Like a perverse Seinfeld episode, the “crises” don’t have to be about anything at all, let alone about something substantive. Both conventional and insurgent armies routinely create diversionary battles that seem pointless but the value of which lies in creating the “right atmospherics.” Crisis mode occludes long-term strategic planning in favor of instantaneous fire-fighting mode. Putting out fires generates “heat,” blinding light, acrid smoke as all kinds of dangerously combustible components flare up…wingnuts re able to freeze it in the “acrimonious present” where the facts are recast as “opinion” and outright lies are given serious consideration.

    I think that this meshes well with your insights.

  58. BWD –

    I give you great props for having a good sense of humor about Glenn. I’m not sure I would have been as big a person. In fact I am sure I wouldn’t.

    Personally I think he needs to fall to his knees and apologize. But hey that’s just me 😉

    Safe travels and always remember –

    If you are not having fun you are not doing it right.

  59. Well it looks like Mr. Greenwald did us all a favor by publicizing this site for you. I see lots of new posters here today.

    Have safe travels BWD!

  60. Some have been trying to silence BWD since her first diary at Kos. They tried anger, shame, name calling, and vitriol. It worked to the extent that they drove her and many of us from their website but the truth will out as the saying goes, and BWD just created a new place to speak her piece in peace. But this site apparently threatens those like Mr. G who want only their own point of view getting out to the public. They want to control what news we see and how we react to it so to them BWD is dangerous. She doesn’t let them be the only opinion makers and counters their messages so they must attack her. Everything they have thrown at her so far hasn’t gotten her to slink away quietly so now GG decides it’s time to up the vitriol and start calling her a Nazi. Godwin’s law may have been bent by the acceptance of the media to not call out the Tea Party for their use of Hitler/Nazi themes but it’s not broken yet and Mr. Greenwald is likely to find that out soon if he hasn’t figured it out yet.

    In the meantime, welcome to all the new people who have found their way here thanks to Mr. Greenwald.

  61. As far as I’m concerned the right, the left can go to hell. I am with our President and will volunteer to get him reelected. What the left does not understand is the fact we have “Lieberman”, “Conrad”, and many others like them. These Senators are not Dems, they are what used to be Republican but they don’t fit in that extreme rightie mode.

    I am so sick of these lefties.

  62. I wish black kos would do their own blogs. I look forward to their diaries. Eclectablog, Kat4Obama, Deanica, TIMT,lauuren monica and its a couple more i enjoy reading and commenting on.

  63. Begs the question: if BWD is a Nazi propagandist, doesn’t that necessarily mean that President Obama is akin to Hitler?

    Is anyone surprised that both teapartiers and lefty new media sensationalists like to use Nazi rhetoric as pertaining to President Obama and/or his supporters?

  64. I’m here from daily kos, where I don’t go much any more. Very glad you’re still doing what you do. 🙂

  65. Greenwald is exactly like Glenn Beck. What a total jackass. I love your stuff bwd… NOthing wrong with being positive… DKOS is going downhill… yesterday a diary by Cenk called Is Barack Obama Stupid? Made it to the top of the rec list… even with over 100 h’rates!

  66. Those are insightful points, and we’ve been witnessing the amplification of “desensitizing” since the Palin VP rallies. At first it was shocking that people were showing up with stuffed monkeys and racist signs and then it became common place and then there were birther and joker signs and Hitler signs and accusations that Obama was a socialist, communist, fascist. And we go along, and then, as Roger Simon pointed out on Tweety on Fri., someone shows up at an Obama rally with a fully loaded AK47 and it should be utterly shocking with consequences, and it’s not that big of a story, many in the media dismissing its significance. And the rhetoric and the attacks keep escalating. And now the same thing has happened on the left. The rhetoric and the attacks keep escalating, with calls of impeaching and primarying Obama, calling him a “dangerous President” and now linking his supporters to Hitler supporters. It’s absolutely insane and pathological, and you wonder what is going on and where they go from here. They’ve lost all sense of reason.

  67. I have a question. I just left a goodbye message at Kos and I wonder as folks come here if BWD will need to raise money to enlarge this site? Dont know much about this…just wondering.

  68. Love the slideshow format!!!
    Just recently decided to buy the audiobook version of Dreams from My Father…. it’s abridged, but totally inspiring to listen to. I read the book when it first came out, and missed portions… or I’m now understanding certain aspects of Obama.

  69. Absolutely. I also think that this creates an opportunity for people who would not like to join this slide into teaparty territory to create alternatives. I just wonder if it was inevitable that the larger lefty new media spaces would be reduced to merely replicating the excesses of the teaparties, echoing their rhetoric and ultimate goals (removal of President Obama from office). Sensationalism (and IMO a visceral response to this POTUS) has led those spaces to a counterproductive result.

  70. You are one of the main reasons I would visit Daily Kos. So glad to have found you!! Thank you for your inside view, your positive attitude – I am with you girl!

  71. I’ve been wrestling for a while with this whole “bullying” theme.

    I know we’ve seen some of the racism in the critique of Obama – but I think we need to start talking about the sexism as well. It goes deep!

    This morning I took a stab at writing about it for the first time. I hope folks won’t mind if I post a link here. I’d really love to hear people’s thoughts and see more discussion about this.

  72. He’s become my favorite senator – one of my best investments was sending him some cash during his race with Coleman since it turned out that every vote did matter . .

  73. I just read citizen k’s excellent diary and I swear this is just more proof that there isn’t an inch worth of difference between the left and the rights criticism of this President and his supporters. They have officially morphed into ONE.

  74. snowbird 42 I know that the wordpress blog sites are free with signup but I don’t know about expanding the site and if that would cost anything.

  75. Wrt to the GG tweet: At least a lot more DKers (and others) now know that BWD has a new blog.

    As someone who spends a lot of time on Facebook, I’d really like to see a FB page for this blog … more PR!

    Safe travels to BWD!

  76. finally came on over to say hi to everyone and to tell bwd to laugh off Greenwald’s stupid hyperbolic tweet.

  77. My admiration for our President has not waned; it increases the more I see him in action.

    Thank goodness for blackwaterdog! Pictures speak louder than words.

  78. I personally think that people should leave that space to its own devices. It has pretty much the same demographics of the Republican party, and it shows.

  79. Apparently while I was away the Internet experienced another freakout. It is the height of irony that those who accuse BWD of being a propagandist for the president, suppress all opposition to their flawless heroes such as Greenwald– a legend in his own mind, histrionic individual on a good day.

    That anyone would defend this sort of language is disgusting. As a general rule, if you are thinking of comparing any current American politician to Hitler, his spokespersons, his propagandist or the Nazis in general, you have moved into Glenn Beck territory and should immediately back away from the keyboard.

  80. I read that, too, and citizen k hit the nail on the head. Add to that the fact that when one begins using Hitler analogies, one has already lost the argument.

    I never would have dreamed that I would see the so-called left sink to this level.

  81. I find this Nazi talk to be a lot of ridiculousness…the right saying this is quite bizarre to me considering the absolute alligance they have to the Party and the oath they must take to be in lock step with each other on everything. No free thinkers allowed. They don’t do anything that veers from what they are told to do, and if they dare speak their minds, they are voted out, not given a chairmanship on a committee, whatever the punishment is deemed to be. I find that terrifying. No consideration is given to what the people of the state they represent need or want,no consideration to the urgent needs of the country, it is to the monied corporations that fund their campaigns…constituents be damned. Certain Dems(we know who they are…mostly the faux Dems, that were never Dems anyway) do the same thing. The Republicans say they heard America loud and clear on election day? They heard NOTHING,and will continue to hear nothing from the people….they will listen only to the uber wealthy and corporations that enabled them to be there. They are willfully ignorant, and plan to stay that way, because the “little people” won’t give them the power they need. The people have become an impediment now.So Nazi talk, at least from them, is just projection.They have no ideas, so let’s just throw the scared masses some red hate meat, and when they are fighting and arguing amongst themselves,they’ll try to steal everything that is good from America and hoard it for themselves…piss on the little people, they can’t give us the power we require…keep them scared and distracted…while we dismantle America. That is why this place is a haven from the haters..from both sides. We can wish for more, but frankly, all things considered…this President is amazing. Unlike the multitudes in Washington that only have their own selfish best interests in mind, I believe that our President has the interest of ALL of us in mind. I’m grateful everyday for his patience and strength. Frankly, I think that the R’s are terrified of him, contrary to popular belief,and I’ll keep thinking that until someone can prove me wrong.He managed to get more done in a short time than any President in MY lifetime…in spite of them! Is that the sign of a weak President? I don’t think so!

  82. I too wish that black kos would move- they have a strong healthy voice and would attract a huge community imo. I still go back for them, but I’m getting tired of wading through the cesspool that is the rest of the site.. although I admit I’ll keep going there as long as bkos is still there.

  83. By the way, Mr. Greenwald is one of those people PAID to say certain things…no different than those on the other side, PAID to say certain things. It’s all become such a joke. They all think they’re so important.

  84. Hi BWD, I’m so glad you’re here and that I found you via citizen k’s post on dk. I have always loved your diaries and was missing them. I think it is important to be reminded of the good that occurs, particularly when I often have an easier time seeing the negative. I have been upset with much of what President Obama has, or has not, done lately, and I appreciate being reminded of the positive that I miss or that is overshadowed by negative stories and comments – even if those negative and critical points of view are justified.

    Plus, your posts and diaries make me smile.

    Thank you!

  85. When I saw Greenwald’s odious comment, I knew that how BWD responded was critical.

    You hit it out of the park with this one.

    Just enjoy the added site visits and new subscribers.

    Be sure and post numbers from time to time showing your site stats, as I’m sure they will be skyrocketing.

  86. that is how I’m feeling too.. quit trying to save it, let it fall. and with Hate and lies and racism as it’s engine, it is going to fall.

  87. Doesn’t he have something going by which he collects a check from Jane Hamsher’s PAC? Utterly agreed; it is pretty grotesque watching a paid columnist working for a major publication spew this level of venom (Nazi analogy!) at an amateur blogger for doing nothing more than posting good news roundups and pictures of the President.

    This is surreal.

  88. The most shrill and sensationalist members of the lefty new media all have cults of personalities. All of them. The accusations of cult-like behavior seem like projection to me.

  89. To be fair, they don’t speak for the entire left; they’re more of a boutique media audience. That said, they will sink lower than this, guaranteed.

  90. Hi sheri! And it would also allow us to exit this period of venting and detoxification and focus upon a more forward looking and positive plan of action, as suggested by edrie and several others.

  91. Completely agree with you, sherijr. That place is a trainwreck, awful to witness but so incredible that I can’t seem to turn my eyes away. It’s a laughingstock for commenters on the other sites I like much more.

    BWD, hope your travels are for pleasure, not work. Have fun and take care.

  92. One of the things that I liked about this site from the beginning is that it’s so beautifully innovative. I’ve mentioned before the fascinating movement of type over the black, stationary background, but it still fascinates me.

    Perhaps commenting on the beauty of the site is trivial, but the content is first rate and that goes without saying. I just had to comment on the innovative frame that holds it all together. I think blackwaterdog must be an artist.

  93. Thank you. My mind swims so much I can bearly keep up…can bearly sleep.I did read an interesting comment, somewhere, that the President knows that the next election will not be determined by the far left, or the right. It will be determined by the Independents, who are sick and tired of the bickering (who’s not) and want to see progress made…a move in a stable direction. Not gridlock, not “no” to everything…these are the practical people that he is tending to right now.I’m ok with that, because in the end, though we are passionate about our stands on the issues, I understand that maybe sometimes, on certain things, the truth is somewhere in between.The President knows this, and that is why, I think, he does what he does. The country isn’t made up of only progressives (in my fondest dreams) or only conservatives. The folks in the middle are the ones that make or break a candidate.Chess player Obama knows this. The race for 2012 has already started. He will appeal to those in the middle and alienate the right to all but their rabid supporters. The light will shine in the rightwing nuts, and we will be better for it.Though it infuriates me at times, it’s in the long term game plan….he’s a forward thinker like we have not seen before. Americans aren’t patient…we need to be. It’s all good…let’s stick together and keep calling the BS out when we see it…:) Peace.

  94. I agree. I just found this site based on a diary today in The Daily Kos by citizen k.

    I enjoyed BWD photo essays, and I’m glad to see this blog.

  95. It is surreal. Everyone is bought and paid for.They all have their own agenda’s…him included. Trust no one. Sorry state of affairs, wouldn’t you say? Go after the Wikileaker, but ignore what they did to Valerie Plame? That was ok?? Two sets of rules, people you thought you could trust, are behind you ready to stab you in the back..the scary thing is, that we are just coming top realize that all we thought we knew,we don’t.Things we thought were stable, aren’t.People and institutions we thought we could trust…we can’t.Scary stuff.

  96. BWD,

    Glad to see you in this new incarnation. I was unaware you left DailyKos, since I rarely go there anymore. Trying to stay positive these days!

    Weird that Greenwald is spending any energy at all on knocking you and your fans/friends/people who happen to still support this president. Are we/you really the enemy? Is your attempt to build up and notice the positive things, focus on the good really that big a threat? Very petty and small of him.

    In my opinion, fundamentalism, in religion and thought, is perhaps the most dangerous problem we are facing. I see very little difference these days in the thought processes of some on the far left and those I often deride on the far right. The idea that one’s beliefs are the only truth leaves one with no place to go, digging deeper, cementing yourself in place, No thanks.

    Keep on keeping on, and good luck!

    susan in colorado/aka susan in sc

  97. I think its racism 101. I think the depth and breadth of their hate reflects their fear. I’ve never lost site of the fact that most of these haters are caucasian with fat paychecks.. and ex republicans toboot. They’ve never swerved from using the most outlandish language to describe this President- vulgar and violent. And when they travel into Natzi and Hitler comparisons- they are setting a particular stage prepping for a specific outcome- absolutely no different from the racism of Beck or Limbaugh. Its what I’ve sensed on dkos for a very long time.. and this Greenwald twitter is just an extension of the whole Jane Hamsher blackface bs. I would surmise that it only gets worse from here.

    Now as to your comment below (to me) about where we go from here..? Well I say we become a real community of news: we put out the facts, not the punditry. We stand up for the guy we voted for and if folks aren’t on facebook, etc.. get on there and really start imparting the successess and progress this administration is making.. and we help them do more. We call all of our congress people, repubs as well as dems and we push for the agenda this president has outlined from day one- legislation by legislation. I’m just an average voter, I’m no expert and I think I fall into the large majority of folks.

    What a lot of us have learned over this week with bwd’s new site.. is that we are not alone, and that bwd’s site is not alone. Its so funny because this is becoming true: One voice can change the room. Bwd’s voice has changed the whole picture.. by taking her voice out of the trashpile of that other site, she also made us – who didn’t know- aware of all the other thoughtful voices out here. And that there really is a hunger and a thirst out here for truth and for facts. We (I) sat on dkos for two years.. reading about the hate of the people in this country.. teaparty this, Obama that.. to fall into believing that the majority of this country is just hateful and deceitful. I think thats wrong. I think this country is made up mostly of ill-informed folks who don’t have time to sort out the lies from the truth: they are busy, living, working striving.

    Bwd and others are SHOWING and telling the facts of what this president is DOING everyday, what he is accomplishing that will directly effect the lives of most of us positivly. This is what the media is supposed to do- and we all know they won’t. So we must, we must pass onto folks the facts.. tell our friends, family, neighbors.. support all new blogs/new media that pop up who also give the facts and truth to the lies being poured nightly into our heads via the teevee. And we build from there, imo.

    Sorry- this is long and maybe a bit rambling. But I have always believed WE are the power, not the teapartiers, not the haters, not the pundits, we the folks who knocked on doors for the first time in our lives because we believed in our countries worth, in the man we wanted to lead our country and we believed in ourselves. I still believe in the power and ability of all three- and I’m not looking for a fight, I’m wanting to be a member of the progress.

    And one last word to Mr. Greenwald, who I personally never heard of as an average LIBERAL all my life, voting, being an all inclusive human being, believing I AM my brother’s keeper, believing I ought to do unto others that which I want done unto me.. to you Greenwald, Cenk, Hamsher and followers I say the same thing I say to teabaggers: your RACISM is showing, thank you for taking off your hood.

  98. Hi Everybody

    I’ve been out of town, dealing with personal (medical)issues back home, had food poisoning last night BUT, totally cracked up when I realized what the GG business indicates: WE WON! They are threatened by us, because WE are on the right side!!

    The “left” is officially nuts. F ’em 🙂

    Will miss you, BWD. Safe travels. You’ve saved the mental health of many fantastic people.

  99. Well said – sadly racism is alive and well in this country and populates the community of those who claim to be “progressive” in much the same way that it does the wing nut community. Of course, I don’t believe that these people are truly liberals or progressives (hence the quote marks) because of the venom with which they attack President Obama. I just can’t square how they communicate and what they say with anything remotely resembling liberal/progressive values. They have no credibility with me even though I am very much on the left side of the political spectrum.

  100. Thank you GN, you have been one of the smartest voices I’ve read over these two years and you have a great quality for sorting through the mayhem and putting out the facts.. often you were the voice in the comments that changed the room, just wanted you to know how valuable you’ve been to me and I would imagine to others as well.

  101. Hi Dotster,
    It is so good to see many of the people who’s comments/diaries I enjoyed @dkos moving here to BWD’s sane space. I have a limit on my tolerance for incoherent vitriol and it was surpassed around the time of the recent elections.

    p.s. I miss the rec’ button myself 🙂

  102. Pitch perfect and spot on! Thank you for your important and insightful thoughts. Won’t hear an argument from me:)Which is in part why I said in my earlier comment that they are terrified of this AND smarter than they are! How batsh*t THAT can make them!

  103. I agree limpidus, I have never seen these loud violent speakers as the left- no left that I’ve ever known personally. I always get quite annoyed when folks refer to them as the left- whether they be paid pundits or commentors who are ‘experts’ in their own minds. Also it is important to remind ouselves that many are mere followers, and I think folks follow for all sorts of reasons.. following the hate/racist rhetoric fills a need in them some way. But one doubt I do not have and that is that this is racism, it always was- that part has always been obvious for me.

    The day before Thanksgiving I was in my local grocery store.. I’m in a small ND town, red, I knocked on these folks doors for the election, they are republicans through and through… and yet while walking through my grocery store I recognized that they were human beings like me.. something I forgot while sitting on dkos day in and day out. these folks in the grocery store would no more sit on a blog spewing hatred than I would. They just want to buy their groceries.. live their lives. They and I are seperated by our political views, but we do not have to be seperated by our humanity.

    Our president looks for common ground because he really is determined imo to represent this country.. not just me. What we ought to be doing is letting the folks in this country know all the things he is doing to represent and better all of our lives and stop allowing the media and their fellow purveyors of hate rhetoric and racism set the constant tone. We are stepping out in the proper direction right here right now. In my opinion.

  104. Thanks for letting us know you will be gone this week. Safe travels. We will all be back for the positive news and the beautiful pictures!

  105. Excellent comment, Dotster.
    I never kidded myself that racism had gone away. The GOP uses it all the time to win elections… and to scare off the majority of the electorate from what should be popular public policy initiatives. We saw that in the health care reform town hall discussions.

    The thing is that the watermelons on the White House lawn, bone in the nose depictions of this president, references to Malia as looking ghettoish because of her hairstyle when she traveled in Europe, etc would be underground and not out in the open. Now, we have political leaders, and other high profile people, feeling comfortable being connected with that stuff. Hell, they are often the ones emailing it around.

    And, the threats of violence and display of weaponry… with more on the way, probably, with more states considering legislation to make open carry and guns on college campuses acceptable, show us that these are hard, and, often dangerous, times to live in.

    We have been led into this reality step by step. We have to look around and see how serious it is. We have to stay engaged and strong. Our children and grandchildren are depending on us.

    So, yeah, I do support this president, though I do disagree with him at times. And, I appreciate sites like this, and others, that we all know about to read and talk to people who haven’t completely lost their minds over the thought of a Black family living in the White House… or that someone like BWD might put some nice pictures up of them once in awhile.

    Blindyone here… for anyone who had the patience to read this long comment. 🙂

  106. Hey desertflower, thank you. Batshit crazy is so true.. deceit is what they’re pushing and they’re relying on the fact that most folks won’t check them on it for lack of time, energy and wherewithall. So its down to us to spread the facts..the real progress minus the punditry and people will have no problem telling the truth from the lies. Which is one of the reasons why I love Media Matters so much- we have to add to that voice.

    My mom, a liberal- true blue.. not fake. She is 78 years old.. never heard of Greenwald or Hamsher or Markos. Knows of dailykos via me (and could care less). My my votes, my mom has never missed a vote, my mom and her elderly pals LOVE this President. They know hes not anti-gay, they know hes not stupid or dangerous or a republican. They’ve watched and taken part in the history of this country- and they are paying attention. When my mom asked me where she can go for FACTS, where she can send her friends to for FACTS- I sent her to I told her get it from the horses mouth. You want to know what the president said about this or that? Want to know whats going on, whats being done? Go to Go to and look at the bills, who voted. Don’t let the pundits snow you. Take one hour a day or a week or a month and go to cspan and watch the repubs and the dems debate one bill- listen to what each side says: for one hour.. and learn who is representing you. Folks take one hour a week out of their lives to learn facts- and we win. I say lets help them.

  107. Americans are like women in successive abusive relationships who keep insisting they crave the love of a good and decent man who will treat them with dignity and respect.

    She finally gets the nerve to leave the abusive guy for the lovely good guy;

    Good, caring, generous, decent, smart, gainfully employed, lovely guy shows up with flowers, opens doors, serves her breakfast in bed, helps with the chores, includes and validates her etc.

    She’s been so abused over the years she deems his way weak…

    He does not hit and push her around and does not get into fitful rages when she waves to the next door neighbor – the only standard she’s known; She associates all that abuse with great “manly” strength and deep love-

    You know that scene where she keeps insisting that he hit “me because he loves me so much and hates to see other guys flirt with me…”

    She quickly tires of decency and goodness – she goes back to abusive guy;

    She returns to the familiar – the drama, thrill, pain and uncertainty that comes with manly abusive guy…

    And to hear her tell it, lovely guy was the problem – he just wasn’t “manly” enough…

    Heaven forbid she ever came to terms with her incredibly sad dysfunction and warped standards of love, relationships, the workings of it and other normal expectations!

    President Obama is unlike any other president in American history –

    Contrary to their loud protestations, Americans weren’t quite ready for the decent and good guy –

    Or why would they heap scorn upon President Obama while holding up his juvenile, self-serving and abusive opponents as the standard for “manliness” while insisting President Obama stoop to their level instead of demanding they rise to his?

    How to explain the fact that the same guy who got us in the mess we now have President Obama cleaning up, is running around yucking it up with the very same media and selling his memoirs to the very same American people who demand the world from President Obama even as they begrudge him even the slightest hint of respect due his office and credit for his efforts and phenomenal accomplishments in under 2 years…?!

    Twisted, wicked, dysfunction laced with a huge vat of racism…

  108. What a lovely thing for you to say! Appreciated, and I’m so glad that you’re along for the ride as we start from the bottom up in terms of elevating this hidden world of balanced national politics content.


  109. I spend no time on facebook, but familiar enough with how it works and I have to agree. Just posting daily updates of “Shit Obama and the Dems get done that you won’t hear about on TV” that folks could “friend” that would then pop up on their wall daily would be a beautiful thing.

    Just the facts, with little editorializing. Just bullet points that wouldn’t seem like pushing an agenda, and wouldn’t take up too much space.

  110. They have mistakenly analyzed the teaparties and come to an erroneous conclusion: (a) this is a legitimate bona fide grassroots effort {rather than a viral meme created by CNBC and financed by oligarchs}; and (b) what works for teabaggers would work equally well for liberals and progressives. There are so many reasons, including institutional aversion to liberalism {it’s always been a harder climb for liberals than conservatives}, as well as a liberal aversion to the rhetoric and stylings of the teaparty, as you noted.

  111. I have always believed there was intense envy at the root of much of the Obama bashing. He is everything many of his detractors are not—someone with highly evolved thinking skills, charismatic, attractive, insightful, compassionate, beloved by many, reaching the pinnacle at a relatively young age—-none of them come close to measuring up. It’s like some jealous clique in jr. high—-hate of the popular kid, not for anything he did but for insecurities in the haters.

  112. Just found your site today, via a friend’s link.

    Kudos to you….what a relief!!

    I plan to be a faithful reader and commenter.

    Best, Nicole473

  113. Blackwaterdog-

    You are on the right side of history. Thanks for being an oasis of sanity, strength, and truth against the irrational and destructive “faux left”.

  114. citizen k had a great quote on something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. He says its from a book by Richard Rorty.

    The difference between early twentieth century leftist intellectuals and the majority of their contemporary counterparts is the difference between agents and spectators.

    It reminded me of the difference Al Giodano talks about between activists and organizers.

    So much of the blogoshpere seems to think that our job is to critique politicians.

    What you’re talking about is what Al refers to as organizing. Or what Rorty calls being agents.

  115. Oh yep, I agree dotster- add all that and pour it into a black male.. and we have the ingredients of the super hate, the super rhetoric that flows day in and day out.
    They’ll never admit it- because that would take a depth of self insight they’re not willing to invest in.. imo.

    They don’t fear for their country or the little guy.. they fear for their own inadequacies. Barack Obama IS the smartest and most grownup in the room. Lets face it, these pundits have strived to get their name in lights for a reason: to be known, to be famous.. to fill their pockets.

    Barack Obama could have been anybody he wanted to be. And whats amazing.. is that when hes all done helping America back on its feet, hes going to be wanted all over the world for his advice, his thoughts.. his help.

  116. Well said,Sherijr! My mom passed away several years ago, but I remember having political conversations at the dinner table that lasted for HOURS, and I was 12 years old…my parents taught me at a young age that it’s MY job to find the truth, and not take someone else’s word for anything. She was so right. I believe as citizens it is our responsiblity to search and research on matters that are important to us..not just politics.You certainly gave your Mom great sites to go to..I always thought that the White house site was great, and go there often, but wonder how many peole go there that think this President is a joke? They don’t want to know the truth, which is why they keep listening to the lies and conspiracy theories. Makes them feel better about themselves and gives credence to the wrong thoughts…I have to tell my dad (Republican)things ALL THE TIME! He has no idea what’s going on other than what he hears on the news, or he reads in his right leaning newspapers.Just the other day, I had to do it because my brother’s bank is yanking him around with his modification…they want him to short sell his house instead of abide by the agreement they made with him.He said he’d get $3000 to move if he short sold the house…I told him to fight the short sale route, but that if that’s what he chose to do, then he could thank the President for not letting you be totally desitute while the bank through him out on his ass.He had NO IDEA. Typical.Anyway…I totally agree with you:)

  117. I like Al, he is another straight shooter- facts. I read citizen k’s diary today and I agree on that quote, so smart and so truthful. Lots of sitting on asses talking smack all over the blogosphere.. and on teevee. “what the president ought to do”.. “what the president really means”.
    what a lot of hooey.

    And yes I am talking about organizing. This is what sticks with me from knocking on doors my first time out: I sat in the backyard of a young woman who currently lived with her husband and in-laws and her three little girls. This young woman was lonely, she was 21 years old, with three small children. Doing well financially because we here are in the midst of an oil boom.. her problem with democrats, with Barack Obama specifically was this: “He (Obama) is going to let gays marry”. Yep of all her concerns, this is the one she most spent time being concerned about. I hated hearing that and in another life I would have walked away shaking my head… but I remembered what Barack Obama kept saying over and over and over about our neighbors: they are not our enemy, they are folks more like us than not, we just have to find common ground, we just have to find an open door, a place to at least begin the communication. So I reminded this young woman that in every instance in our history where folks were not allowed the same freedoms of other folks in this country- they fought for them. In every instance where inequality stood- folks did not give in or give up. They kept at it until they received the equal rights of everyone else in this country. My challenge to her was, did she really believe that with or without Barack Obama gays would stop fighting and ultimately winning their rights? Her answer “no”. She agreed that gays would win their rights the same as black folks, the same as women. History shows us the truth of that. I said Barack Obama may make their fight less hard and less long.. but he is not the decider. People who are not free are the decider. After we talked a bit more, she agreed to vote for Obama, she agreed to talk to the others in her family about giving their vote for him too. Maybe she did all that and maybe she didn’t. But I tell you she didn’t hate him or fear him when we were done talking and frankly I don’t think she hatedd or feared gays after that either. At the very least she saw another point of thought.

    Much as I sincerely disagree and frankly detest all things republican, we have to talk to all the people where we can- with reason. Now I do draw the line at racists, at Becks, Limbaughs and the full blown haters on the other website.. but remember we’ve been talking to them for years. Enough. Lets get onto the folks who are reasonable: they, we are the majority, I believe.

  118. The President in his position as THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD, stares them in the face ALL DAY LONG! They hate that he is there, that he is a role model for others in a minority that aspire to do great things, amybe even BE President one day. They realize that minorities will be the MAJORITY soon and it terrifies them. They can’t hide the racism and bigotry anymore…it is out there for all to see. The fact that this great man, rose to this pinnacle, in spite of the lies, in spite of the money spent to defeat him,is like a knife twisting in their backs every,single,day.They know they are on the way out…and they will fight dirty, like caged, rabid animals till that day actually comes.It may not come right away, but if they stay on the path that they are on right now…I believe this party will become extinct.

  119. I seem to be the only one not in on the whole BWD-GG thing. Did he say something about BWD? What did he say?

  120. The defense he and his fans is offering is even more pathetic. This whole claim that they didn’t explicitly call Obama a Nazi isn’t even the point and obfuscates from the fact that they compared BWD to a Nazi propagandist, which many of them are now saying wasn’t actually comparing BWD to Riefenstahl. WTF??? So, they bring up Riefenstahl but they weren’t making a comparison to her, they’re just saying this blog is like something Riefenstahl would do if she were an Obama “fanatic???”

    These people have gone off the cliff. When I logged off that other site last night, they were referring to anyone who defends or supports Obama as messianic, cult-like, etc. I was a member there since 2004 and to see so many ppl that have been there as long as I have been using the smears and attacks of the right is downright sickening.

    I hate that this conversation has come to this site but a) none of us should tolerate lunatic comparisons to the Nazis and their propagandists and b) it’s time that the actual base of the party and progressives in general push back, because those hysterical fools are making it all too easy for the right to smear all of us as a bunch of leftwing ideological extremists. They are also making it impossible to levy valid criticism and engage in discourse with the administration. Criticism should be constructive, but their idea of criticism is to scream hysterically and use abusive, hateful rhetoric – they have no actual interest in influencing policy or engaging in debate.

    In short, they are making it impossible to achieve any real progressive change in this country because NOTHING will EVER be good enough for them; they are that ideologically rigid.

  121. And never lose sight that Barack Obama as President is the open door to who comes after him.. women, gays, Native Americans, Mexican, Asian presidents and lots more black folks.. none of those folks are gonna get pushed around anymore than Barack Obama is getting pushed around. This man is a sound grounded thinker, implementer. He ain’t no fluff ball. Hes the scariest thing in the world: someone who knows who he is, likes himself, respects himself and treats
    EVERYONE as equals. No lines in the sand, because he believes we all have worth, we all bring something to the table.. and he ain’t talking about you pundits out there getting paid to confuse people and alienate folks from one another. Barack Obama IS a uniter. Now of course repubs in congress.. not so much. Remember our job is show folks who vote republican: who and what they’re voting for.. how they are not being represented.

  122. On Twitter, he compared this blog to Nazi propaganda.

    If Leni Riefenstahl were an Obama fanatic and had a blog, it would look like:{link to}

  123. I didn’t know about the Greenwald tweet and couldn’t find it so looked at Daily Kos.

    Citizen K has an excellent diary, top of the rec list, about why bmd and others left DKos, the Greenwald tweet, and what is going on at the DKos site.

    The Blackwaterdog that barked wrong (update1)

    I can’t say enough times — thank you bwd for creating this site.

  124. I think if they’re now saying all that, Greenwald and his pals/followers: then they are nothing but LIARS. Of course I’ve watched folks lie day in and day out at dailykos for sometime now. Greenwald is a LIAR. He knew what he said, he was quite specific.. stand by your stinky words Greenwald. Come on over to my house here in ND and tell me I’m a Natzi for supporting my president.. tell me I’m a natzi for being a longtime Liberal Democrat. Lets talk, come out from under your rock and “man up”.. or like you and your troubled mob like to project: have some balls brother.

  125. “If Leni Riefenstahl were an Obama fanatic and had a blog, this is exactly what it would look like:… #CreepyReverence”

    I think Glenn is an important voice in what’s going on out there but he seems to have crossed the line here. If anything because he’s lost all objectivity, which is normally his strong suit.

    He’s a lawyer so he routinely holds people to the letter on what they say. Clearly he’s comparing O to Hitler and that’s clearly off base. He may argue differently when it comes to executive power, indefinite detention et al, but I think that’s a stretch.

  126. He said this on Twitter: “If Leni Riefenstahl were an Obama fanatic and had a blog, this is exactly what it would look like” and then he links to this site.

    Tons of folks at that other site, who have been around there for a long time (some as long as I was, which was about six years) are defending his insane comment and have unleashed a torrent of even more insane, hateful rhetoric that mimics the insults and smears of the extremist right – anyone who supports Obama is messianic, cult-like, a Caesar worshipper…it is beyond absurd. And they’re now basically calling anyone who doesn’t fall 100% in line with their way of thinking Nazis and supports the President Nazis.

  127. This is why this emerging new effort to create alternatives with a different editorial point of view makes a lot of sense.

  128. Who is paying him? (*this is not a snarky challenge to your assertion, I’m seriously curious)…

  129. Never mind, I jumped on my twitter feed and figured it out. What a jerk? He’s getting pummeled for it and I love it. I posted this tweet:


    Poor @ggreenwald, he’s being attacked, and he doesn’t like it. What’s that saying about karma… pompous self-righteous asshole. less than 5 seconds ago

  130. (((GN))).. Oh I’m with the best folks right here.. to me that means: FACT bearers, thought implementers, honest folks who are tired of lies and hate. You are a great voice GN and I’m very glad to be a part of ‘elevating’ things with you. What a great word that is: ELEVATING.. and I like EVOLVING too.

  131. It’s time the rest of us started pushing back against the hateful loudmouths. Glad to see so many people come out in defense of BWD. We need her voice.

  132. Am also on the road for a couple of weeks. Have a safe and enjoyable trip. I certainly plan to do likewise.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the reference to the Daily Fox. Couldn’t agree more. Feel bad for MB having to put up with the garbage the FPers post over there. Otherwise, have read little on the FP that isn’t a paranoid, juvenile rant, including those of the loser founder of the blog who virtually never gets anything right.

  133. sherijr, I could not believe some of the comments I was reading over there last night. I hung out at that place enough to know that some of it has been there for a while, but so many of them have truly gone off the deep end. Props to those there that have stuck around to push back against it; it seems to have created a deep and serious divide in what is left of that community.

    Greenwald’s own defense, per Twitter, is that he wasn’t explicitly calling Obama a Nazi, completely ignoring the fact that he compared some largely anonymous blogger with a WordPress blog to Riefenstahl’s propaganda work for the Nazi’s. I mean, why else even bring her up if that’s not the comparison he was making? How can you separate her from who she was – an admirer and ardent supporter of Hitler??? So much for context and nuance, I guess. Just make some ridiculous comparison and then act like the reference made has nothing to do with the person being referenced.

  134. Right now, there’s series of blogs firing off and a twitter storm going on over Glenn Greenwald’s remarks. No, they’re not defending him, they’re calling him on the carpet about it. On the plus side, in one “stepping in it big time” swoop, he’s called more attention to this site. 🙂

  135. I agree with you, Desertflower, the Republicans are terrified of President Obama because he’s not afraid of them. He doesn’t judge himself using the same measuring stick, and he’s not desperate to be President or popular. His family is strong. His personal mission is just and honourable – he wants to improve the lives of Americans, and leave a better world for his children. And he’s well centered inside. I’m sure he suffers from the same insecurities and vanities that we all do. But, essentially, he’s more than just the President – and he will move on to do more and more good in the world. This is just what he’s doing now. I think all of this is what gives him strength – that, and his faith. And because he’s the real deal, the Republicans are terrified of him – because they don’t have anything that can really break him. I just pray for his physical safety – all the time.

  136. The jerk just tweeted this:

    “I affirm my distaste for photographic leader-glorification, but I’ll rescind my invocation of Leni Riefenstahl as too inflammatory & extreme”

  137. See you’re already doing it.. you are the voice of information, real factual information within your family. That is our job.. like I said there are reasons folks don’t knwo the truth: the liars on teevee, the liars online. Most folks do not have the time, the energy or often even the desire.

    We can’t start with the premise that average voting people have to start paying better attention… I think we have to start with the premise that we have to bring the information to them.. they have seldom sought it out.

    I used to work, until 4 years ago when my doctor erred on a minor outpatient surgery and nearly killed me. She took my good health, she took my average normal life. Because of all that I had time to get involved politically in the Obama campaign.. I wrote my only diary at dkos about being average.. about just being a vet, a working single mother, with a little bit of college.. who voted for the guy I believed will make our country better. I read his books, I listened to his speeches and I listened to my fellow human beings who were also paying attention. The smartest thing I ever did was knock on doors and talk to people face to face and learn how poorly served they are by the media. How every speech I’d listened to with my own ears was being distorted on the nightly news.. and how my neighbors were believing it. I didn’t ask them to take my word for stuff: I asked them to hear me out and gave them the resources to check my facts. we have to help folks see the truth, which means we have to put it in front of their face. Because their teevee is in their face, and their teevee is convenient. And what I know from being a struggling working parent is that I rarely had free time, let alone free time to check the facts of the media. Truth is, I’ve always known the media was full of pretty faced liars.. and what I see with thes blogopundits is that they too just want to be famous. I don’t want to be famous.. I want a healthy safe country for my grandchildren.. and I’m thinking thats true for most of us.

  138. Did you know that the White House already does this? Daily Facebook bullet points of events and important accomplishments. Tweets, too, although I don’t really do Twitter. And a daily snapshot to your inbox with summary of the President’s daily agenda, links to livestreams of events and bullets of blog entries noting important info. Very convenient. You can sign up to receive, and can also get an RSS feed of the daily calendar.

  139. Yes, he did. But he’s since tweeted that the distraction is the fault of others – not his comparison to Riefenstahl – and saying ppl calling him out for it are intellectually dishonest.

    First, he created the “distraction” with his sensationalist comparison to a Nazi propagandist. Second, such a comparison is the height of intellectually dishonesty.

    The guy is a first-rate, self-absorbed jerk.

  140. The jerks latest tweet and now someone had the nerve to write a diary saying this is an apology.

    “I affirm my distaste for photographic leader-glorification, but I’ll rescind my invocation of Leni Riefenstahl as too inflammatory & extreme”.

  141. LOL!!! “photographic leadership glorification”??? that is so lame! Did anyone tell Greenwald that this is not North Korea and no one is forcing Americans to look at these photos?

  142. Until about a week or so ago, I literally read every comment in those diaries. I guess I have got in the habit over these two years of reading a diary.. and then reading the comments to search for the real facts.. and invariably a comment by a GN or a Jaywillie or a Dotster.. or a soothsayer or a Deoliver would be in there.. and I would get some truth. Those are the reasons I stayed so long and those are the reasons I read comment after comment. What changed last week for me? The diary about Barack Obama being a “Manchurian Candidate” on the very tip-top of the Rec List.. with rec after rec after rec. And nada word from the admin. When comments: “Barack Obama is a republican” by slinkerwink, being rec’d over 20 times and nada word from admin. Then I stopped, I finally stopped. I realized these folks need to be left alone on that site, they need to be allowed to go the way they’re going. I told Meteor Blades my opinion was that dkos should quit the pretense of moderating that site and let it go for broke. Let them all say what they really want to say. And I tell you, imo it is beyond: impeachment, it is beyond President Gimmick. There is a poison there and it is being promoted. Greenwald is a drop of that poison.. he can deny all day long and twist and turn his words.. remember this – we may be nice, but we ain’t stupid.

  143. Exactly Roscoe. Just the facts.. and posting / linking to facebook is valid.. I do post bwd’s site to my facebook page. I get zero feedback, but then none of my ‘friends’ are political folks.. but none of them have unfriended me either. 🙂 I just know that as long as we’re passing forward FACTUAL INFORMATION.. people will know it when they read it. folks really are not entirely stupid, they are exceedingly busy.

  144. Bravo,could no have said it better. The world is watching, and seeing what your President is doing and achieving.

  145. Oh GN, I agree with all that you said.. they are not representative of most of us on the left.. and these folks sure as hell are going to sink lower.. I say leave them to it. I would no more hang out there anymore than I would attend a tea party. I still go to bkos and I hit TIMT and citizen K’s diaries.. but no more peeking into the cesspool. I don’t like teabaggers- imo they are mostly unreachable.

  146. I read your post, and I wouldn’t characterize the qualities as “feminine”. I would characterize them as reasoned, mature, calm, emphathetic – qualities not usually associated with cowboy style presidents that we’ve had in the past. I agree that President Obama’s style is different from past presidents, but not past leaders. Martin Luther King used peaceful resistance and calm, measured dialogue. Ghandi was about Peace. Even Jesus was all about peace instead of violence – and he was rejected as a Messiah because he didn’t come in on a mighty steed brandishing a a sword and swearing vengeance on the enemies of the Jews. But all of their legacies have endured and done more to advance the cause of humanity than many of the more violent leaders who have existed.

    You’re also right about people wanting someone to vent the anger that was built up over the eight years of Bush. They want a bully to beat up the Republicans and demean them, just as they were when Democrats were in the minority. They’re not satisfied with just making progress – they want revenge. And if they can’t get it from President Obama, then they’ll exact their revenge on the one who’s denying them that satisfaction.

  147. Well all I can say is: Thats mighty white of him.. and I mean that in the kindest way. lol. what a crappy human being he is.

  148. I am skeptical about posting comments on websites but I have to say BWD has always captured my interest with her photo essays of the president. I am a big fan of Mr. Obama because I realize how difficult it must be for him to operate in an environment that is negative. Yet, he manages to deliver on many of his promises. BWD gives him the credit he deserves and for that I am a big fan of BWD.

    I’ve been to DKOS and feel the frustration of many who are posting here. There are many comments on the site that I found offensive and wonder why that is allowed. Not just the comments about the president but in general the headings with curse words leaves me depressed. Often, I wonder about the age group of the folks writing or posting commnets. As a mature adult I am turned off by anyone who cannot make a point without using a four letter word. So, I look forward to coming back to this site for some honest adult conversation. Thank you BWD for starting something that many will appreciate. Wishing you all the success in the coming months and years because we have an election to WIN in 2012:)

  149. Wow NL, well said and put in a clear perspective. Plus I love that you brought it here and that its being discussed. Excellent imo.

  150. Bravo, Chi! I wholeheartedly agree with you. And I’ve also noticed that a lot of people are still under the influence of the bullying because whenever they offer praise of President Obama, they temper it with something like “while I don’t agree with everything he’s done”, or “even though he’s not perfect” or some other phrase. This is a little ridiculous. No-one is perfect – that’s just the absolute fact. If we agree that the President is human, as he emphasized on election night, then we don’t need to state his imperfections every time we recognize some new amazing thing he has done. We don’t temper praise of our spouses or children when we’re gushing about some new wonder they’ve performed. We often offer simple praise to employees, without tempering it with matching criticism. So, why can’t we recognize that we’re living history, enjoy the success and leave it as a given that there will be things we don’t agree with, or moments where mistakes will be made.

    There’s enough bad energy out there surrounding this presidency. We should give ourselves permission to unapologetically lavish credit where credit is due. Get some balance going.

  151. He need to apologize to her on the same open forum he insulted her on. he did not mention her or her site. the apology goes to BWD. this rescind is not an apology. His credability is gone.

  152. It was awful. he reference BWD blog, to a Nazi Propagandist that worhsipped Hitle! Said something about it being creepy.

  153. Marabout40 is that you. If so HI i really missed you! This is tulips/ makesense. Im so glad i found you

  154. Bravo, sherijr! You have said what I have tried to communicate for a long time. We must be the educators of the public. Like you, I do not believe that the hateful fringe constitutes anything near a majority. Yes, let’s use this blog and others to spread the truth about what the administration has accomplished and is trying to accomplish in the days ahead. Leave the gutter talk to those who want to be in the gutter. Pushing back against them only gives them more publicity. With the help of the internet as well as personal communications and letters to the Editor, we can be the news and change the tone and the substance of debate. This blog is a great success – we all have witnessed the rapid growth in readership and participation ( Thank you, BWD ). If the professional haters slam this blog, it must be doing some good. But let’s concentrate on our mission and leave them to walllow in the dirt.

  155. I find it interesting that BWD can leave that other site and that’s all they can talk about over there. Very interesting.

    Keep up the good work BWD. Your blog is the beauty of the internet. If you don’t like one site, you go to another one.

  156. Thanks for that. Hadn’t seen any reports of that yet. Yesterday there was chatter on one blog that Obama was going to screw over Pelosi on the tax cuts issue. They were trying to create tension where there wasn’t just like the media did when Obama first entered office. Now I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, but I have said from day one that Pelosi and Reid are Obama’s biggest allies on the Hill so why in the world would he ruin that relationship? They may have issues but at the end of the day they know they are all on the same team and are all deal makers.

  157. Yep, WE are EXACTLY who we’ve been waiting for. We have the power to change things.

    It always puts me in mind of a room full of people in a movie.. you have the bad guy with the gun.. and you have all the folks he’s holding hostage.. and he has all the power: the hostages think so anyway. Not so. They the group together, if they’d work together, if they could realize that gun does not hold anything more than bullets- that yes used against them will kill them.. but again its when you together rise up and literally say HELL NO.. I’m no ones hostage, I’m no ones dupe and I have the power to turn the tide. We proved this beyond a shadow of a doubt when we worked together state by state and community by community to get this man elected. I have never seen anything like that in my lifetime. We were supposed to be just getting started with OUR power, with our ability to change the tone of this country.. remember we got to know our neighbors, we got to shape the tone, because we presented the facts and truth person by person while the media was presenting lies at the top of their lungs all across the nation. And we called out the liars in emails, in newspapers.. and we told on them – we pointed out their nekkedness in broad daylight. And then we went to places like dkos thinking we’d continue our ‘activism’.. and instead spent too many long hours trying to argue with more liars. Now we need to regroup: and we need to first do what we’re doing here.. vent a little, talk to one another and find we are not alone, we are no kinda minority, we are many voices who’ve been paying attention and we are finally fed up with this very long silly season. We know what to do from there, unite, push back, present facts.. talk to our neighbors and let folks know what is being done for them and against them. Treat our fellow human beings like we want to be treated.

  158. Yep that is so excellent- I receive my email everyday.. and I’ve passed that link on to my mom also- to get the facts. It is the ‘transparency’ – and it is a link we ought to pass forward to everyone out there, imo.

  159. I’m so glad I found you, BWD! Yea!!!…just clicked over from DailyKos diary, and here you are. Now, to get to reading and viewing. Thanks so much, BWD; you always made my day, and now you have your own blog. I’ll be visiting often.

  160. Thank heaven I found you…………have missed you terribly at DKos!!!! Bookmarked you!! All the best always!!!!!

  161. An excellent comment. Long, yes. But every word is important to how we go about changing this world.

  162. I don’t think that they other side need to do any work right now against this president the left is doing a great job all by themselves Thank you!. It is amazing how people you might call smart have chosen to go all out against themselves. The sad thing is they might take the rest of us down with them and give us president Palin.

  163. hey BWD, and all you good folks…

    I joined last week but haven’t had occasion to come here and post because wordpress is blocked from my government computer at work… i do most of my surfing during dull moments during the workday… but here I am, and I’m glad that citizen k posted that diary – it was classy and it had to be posted.

    i guess it wouldn’t be all that constructive to delve into meta, but the one question that is most on my mind is – why is everyone so angry that Obama is such a disappointment to them? Sure I’d like more progressive legislation, but hey, i lived through the Clinton years. I remember the devastation wrought by the complete government shutdown instigated by Newt. I KNEW that the Republicons were going to go at Obama hammer and tongs, even more strongly than they did at Clinton. I knew this. Maybe I’m just older than most of those folks. But the cheerleading ended rapidly and the calls for primarying him and disregarding and denigrating all of the good legislation that’s been passed, including the health care bill, which we saw die in the 90’s because Clinton pushed too hard against the immovable opposition… i have to ask, maybe they don’t understand basic things about politics in Washington? dunno.

    Glad to be here and know i’m not alone either!

  164. I, too miss the “rec” button. It’s hard to have to type a whole comment when all I want is to say, Right On, You said it, Way to Go.

    Oh well, the joy of seeing dotster and desert flower and the others whose comments I enjoyed on the other site now here. Perhaps many of the other sane ones will find their way here as well.

    I go here via Citizen K’s excellent diary (still top of the rec list; some ppl there are still sane) so I’ll hope that others migrate here as well.

  165. I identify liberal progressive values with respect, compassion, inclusivity, and hope. Great leaders who changed the course of history like Gandhi and King did not spend their time in lashing out and demeaning their opponents in the way that we see the extremists of the left and right doing. Hate breeds hate. Were our president to engage in the scorched earth tactics demanded by the blog purists he would never get anything done. The enemy you make today might be the vote you need tomorrow.
    I think we have the power to support one another and to reach out and forge a coalition for positive change. Most of us live and work with people of varying political views, none of whom waste their time on Internet flame wars. These are the people we need to talk to. Neighbor to neighbor, block by block …
    Perhaps we can have action links, suggestions. I am going to do the OFA phone bank on 12/8.

  166. During the last election somebody – can’t remember who – said “the only person who should be compared to Hitler is…..Hitler.”
    I certainly agree.

  167. I have absolutely zero sympathy for meteor blades. He helped create the environment that now exists there and he is one of the reasons I left.

  168. He had credibility?

    (oops. meant to reply to the following comment. was referring to Greenwald.)

  169. You were one of the reasons i still went to daily-KOS, have a safe trip and remember if you are nobody, no one will ever try to tear you are in our hearts and minds…see ya when you get back….hugs from me and the wife.
    -Yusky and Sabrena

  170. Congratulations on your blog, Blackwaterdog! It’s wonderful that you have your own space to communicate. Thanks for all you do and keep on posting!!!!

  171. Yes, luv, it’s me! 🙂 So happy to see you here too. I’m sorry I left DailyKos abruptly. It was the only way I could pull myself away – cold turkey – even though it meant leaving some people (including you) I’d grown fond of.

    DailyKos has become the very thing Bill O’Reilly declared it to be: hate-filled. That’s too bad.

  172. sheri you are just on point throughout this entire comments thread. Reminding us of why we give a damn about politics in the first place. It certainly is not for the divas and prima donnas the consultants and professionals. It’s because we want a better country. Looking forward to these next years in such fine company.

  173. Thanks for that theo.

    I’ve struggled long and hard in thinking about this. And that was my first attempt to write something that I’m sensing in my bones.

    I know the word “feminine” doesn’t capture things well because its so hard to define and we have trouble divorcing it from female. Sometimes I’ve thought that maybe talking in terms of yin/yang would capture it.

    What broke for me today was stuff I’ve read – not just from progressives, but from more centrists Democrats, about how Obama needs to “man up.”

    Something just broke in me and I had go go with the feminine language when so much of the criticism is couched in these kinds of terms.

    In the end though, Riane Eisler does capture things well with her delineation of dominator vs partnership models. What we know from research (and she explains this in her book) is that cultures that buy into the dominator model are both more violent and more sexist. Those things do seem to go together.

    The truth is that our country has a long and sordid history of dominance and patriarchy. I think Obama takes a more partnership kind of approach to power and that is one of the things that people criticize him the most about when it comes to domestic politics (funny how we progressives like that approach much better when it comes to foreign policy).

    Anyway, I’m rambling now. These things are rolling around in my head trying to find words to express them.

  174. Thanks sherijr.

    I’ve needed a place to talk about and explore some of these things. That ceased being DK quite a while ago for me. So once again thanks to you, everyone here, and especially BWD for bringing us together.

  175. I hope it’s okay that I jump in here—got tired of scrolling down—to inform that The Obama Diary has some beautiful photos (those horrible things!) of our very handsome First Couple at the Kennedy Center reception for this year’s honorees.
    And how do I get an avatar thingy, so I don’t just have that dumb, sad outline? Any simple instructions for a tech challenged dotster would be much appreciated.

  176. Wowzers, Glenn. Thank you for that “heartfelt” and “kind” screed you wrote.

    Now, Glenn, I would like you to personally


    Sorry everyone else who thought I was too mean.

    And to everyone who thought I was too kind as well.

  177. We’ll miss ya BWD and can’t wait 4 ya to get back to those uplifting pics of yours. I must say that yours and others such as deaniac are greatly need to bypass the negativity. I also find it odd that people have such a hard time saying good this about the president and your blog. I do believe that a lot of the criticism he is getting is steeped in racism that is unfortunatly eminating from the supposed progressive side. Everytime they attack, it’s always the fact that he didn’t do X enough to ones liking or didnt go far enough with a particular policy. As i have said before, its almost as if they wanted a houseboy to do their bidding..while promoting a TV show, book or whatever. Bill maher had the nerve to call the pres wimpy and wussy on cnn. WTF??? were these people expecting samuel L jackson to come out and buss some MFing heads?

  178. Thanks for the heads up dotster. Those are some of the most brilliant artists in the country. Even the most cynical and hateful should be able to enjoy seeing that level of creativity awarded. Thanks again.

  179. I’m looking forward to forgetting the toxic sludge spewed forth from this “journalist” as well, lol! dotster has a reminder about the Kennedy Center awards, and weeseeyou has a thread. Happy Sunday everyone!

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  181. You sound like a wonderful, wonderful person:) You are right, and I will continue to do my best everyday to right the wrongs and educate those that are being told the lies…that’s what we do. One day at a time, one step at a time…moving forward. Be well…and I hope you took care to get some money out of the Dr that damn near killed you! So sorry to hear that.Thanks for the comment.

  182. Thanks to YOU, BWD, there is no giving up around here! The photos, videos and FACTS just make it so clear that this president is AMAZING. Hope you have a great trip! Much love and light and continued success!

  183. doster up at the top of this page you should see a bar that says “My Account”. Go into there and it will prompt you to make changes and there is a place to add an avatar. The only problem is that this type of change might go into moderation so you may want to wait until BWD gets back.

  184. Totally.This isn’t about him, and he knows it. He always did. For him, this isn’t about the power, but the purpose. He is the right President for this moment in our history. I believed that from the very first moment. I’m so very proud of him.The world IS watching, and I know they are glad to have that man in this White House…me, too!

  185. Sorry I went to that Daily Fox link, even though it was voicing support for bwd’s diaries. The subsequent gang-banging that has ensued in the comments, as usual, is EXACTLY WHY I LEFT THAT F’NG BLOG. I’m sick and tired of the baggers voicing their hatred and fear of all things pro-Obama.

    They can all KMA.

  186. Justice…bless your heart:)I think there was a “desertsomeone” over there, but it wasn’t me. I was merely a “lurker” who would read the diaries and comments of others, to afraid to even join up because everyone there seemed “smarter” than me. How wrong I was:)

  187. I forgot to say…I hope that you enjoy what I have no fear to say on BWD’s beautiful site. She is the reason I am here…that, and I love the company she keeps.

  188. And you know what? When I was out walking early this morning, I thought about how thin-skinned some are.

    Even the pundits who feel the need to answer every criticism thrown their way.

    Imagine if POTUS or Reid or Pelosi ran in front a microphone every time these pundits and self-professed know-it-alls bloviated about them.

    Imagine that!!

  189. I’m glad to find you here, BWD. You were one of the few reasons I continued to go to DKOS. Keep up the good work. We need it to counter all the negativity.

  190. Glad to be here and know i’m not alone either!

    I could not agree more. That is what I feel every time I log on to BWD’s blog. We have a place of our own now. We have BWD and each other. It’s a good thing.

  191. Up until that diary, I had decided to stop commenting over there. Then I saw that diary and it just drove me batty. How dare this man insult the president in such an ugly way.

    I had to respond. Told myself I would just lurk after that, then I read the diary about BWD.

    I will try to hang out here where some adult conversation without the nastiness can be had.

    I’d be willing to work my butt off here and getting involved in organizing and spreading the word about what POTUS and some Democrats are achieving.

    Glad to see this site organically taking off and with some of the people I enjoyed reading on the other side.

    Glad to be here.

  192. Me too- looking forward. This whole thread is just lovely to behold imo. Lots of wisdom. yeah there is venting.. but there is a time for all things, right? And this is the time we get things off our chest, we recognize our place in all this thats got our country in such an upheavel and we decide whether we progress further or we cry buckets.

  193. Is it possible that some of the posters/commenters on DK are really Freepers? Because it sure seems that over the last couple of months in particular, it’s getting closer to something like Red State, et al.

  194. I’m not familiar with Greenwald’s writing, but this tweet makes him sound pretty full of himself — like he’s conferring some kind of regal proclamation — invocation?

    That’s not an apology so much as he admires his ability to be “magnanimous,” while claiming moral superiority.

    Not going to be searching out his essays.

  195. Thank you for your kind words desertflower, thank you.

    I got not much :(.. interestingly my politics in fact had something to do with that.. the lawyer for the doctor- which is in fact the lawyer for the doctor’s malpractice insurance in fact brought up my comments on the OFA blog during the election.. in fact had every intention of making an issue of it when we went to trial, believing that the judge/jury- republican voters.. would go against me because of my support of Barack Obama. It was amazing. In the end I chose to settle.. but not because of that, but because they intended to attack my then 9 year old son at trial- he ended up put out of school with PTSD because of nearly losing me- as I said I almost died- and there was a lot of pain involved for him, we’ve come back (still not there) from a lot in 4 years. All in all, what sucks is not the $$$ but the fact that I had to sign an agreement when I settled that basically allowed my doctor’s error to be swept under the rug. At the time I was just too beaten to fight too hard. I am glad the legal aspects are over- that was the healthiest thing that happened for my son and I, to finally put that part behind us.

    Anyhoo.. this is an outstanding thread because it is about uniting, it is about progressing.. and to use a word you used in one of your other comments: its about PRODUCING. You said the President wasn’t about Power, he was about Producing.. exactly right, imo.

  196. What a wonderful comment. I’m going to print this one out — it’s inspiring to read other people who, like the people who went to the Rally to Restore Sanity, believe in our country and want to be members of the progress, and part of that is providing forums and sharing news that is a counterbalance to the rabid negativity, racism and hate both on the right and the left.

  197. Oh and the pic is my youngest son and my eldest son and a younger thinner sherijr 🙂 about 9 years ago.

  198. a classic non-apology!! He’s rescinding his statement only because of the reaction and not because it was wrong as wrong can be . . .

  199. I think all Bill Mahar and other progressive see is a “black man” the other night people kept retweeting Bill saying Obama needs to be like Shug Knight, that was so offensive and low down.

  200. It’s bizarre that they impute God-like powers to President Obama to mow down with a sweep of his hand all the forces arrayed in opposition to anything even remotely progressive at the same time as they bash those of us who support his good work as mindless, uncritical idol worshipers. It’s an interesting dichotomy as they seem to want an all-powerful, beneficent dictator . .

    Many of the critics are simply dishonest – they can’t possibly believe the crap they are posting on the Internet. After all, many of them claim to be educated and aware (like the DKOS FPers such as Adam B who rather frequently parades his academic credentials).

    In any event, how aware do you have to be to understand that our political system is designed to stop change and that compromise will invariably be required to get anything done??? That’s why I would call their motives and honesty into question. Yes, we can quibble about the details of the compromises that Obama makes or the tactics that he uses in reaching compromises but to be outraged that he has to strike deals (and figure out how to get them done) is beyond the pale.

    The only commenters that I would let off the hook are the very young, simply because I remember being hopelessly idealistic and believing that all kinds of change was possible when I was young. But I don’t sense that the vicious attacks are actually coming from young people, at least not based on what people say about themselves as they offer their opinions on the Internet.

  201. Hey BWD and TOAITR posters!

    Just wanted to say keep doing what you do, and don’t let the fauxgressive bitchassness get to ya!

  202. I’ve been busy with my niece and nephew most of the weekend so I’m just now realizing how this has blown up. I saw that there was almost a 2,000 post diary on the topic at the GOS, and there’s a topic on it at Balloon Juice. Look, I don’t give two craps about GG, and could not care less that he’s an asshole who won’t give a real apology, but don’t give me this crap about how he wasn’t really comparing Obama to Hitler. Yes the **** he was by using that analogy, and any attempts to be all “reasonable” like another GOS diary there to try and explain why he used that analogy…no. Ain’t gonna fly.

  203. One of the reason’s I’m glad for this blog is that there’s finally discussion of this particular undercurrent of stereotyping that’s been prevalent from a lot of prominent white liberals, and which I think contributes greatly to a lot of the viciousness in which they’re going at President Obama. Mystical Negro, Bad MoFo syndrome, whatever you want to call it, but I’ve always felt it.

  204. The haters are numerous, but those who love and support you dwarf their number. It is no sin to be optimistic, and it is no sin to support the President. I always loved your work at DKOS and I’m happy you’ve got a new home. You are going to love your traffic stats since Glen Greenwald decided to go all goodwin on you.

  205. I’m a hugger…so many, many hugs to you and your son.Those tough trials in our lives that test us that way really do have a profound and lasting effect on who we are. I pray that this awful experience made you realize that you are stronger than you ever thought possible. At the very least, you certainly can let others that you know NOT to use that Dr:)Karma has a way of working those things out! Good people here will keep you strong…I’ll need some of that soon myself. Feel like I’m going to do battle…with the bank.AAHHH! Everyday I pray for the strength to get us through this. I’ll just think of you and your son, and I know that I can get through this too.Thanks for sharing your personal story with us.

  206. Great to see this blog! I loved your diaries on DKos. Just found you via Citizen k’s diary today. Thanks for doing this – it is so necessary. I will post a link on my FB and assorted e-mail lists.

  207. What surprises me is that the editor of Salon seems to staunchly advocate for real Progressive principles, and doesn’t do the typical Obama-bashing. I’m surprised she would put up with such low, crass behavior. This Greenwald nobody needs to be removed.

  208. Oh Hachiko ((((marabout)))) it is just so wonderful to see you again 🙂 I’m feeling down right postive.. that bwd sure has brought the folks together.

  209. Safe travels, bwd. If you take just half of your calm and sane demeanor with you, it will be a fantastic trip for you.

  210. Maher is not a progressive, neither is half of those leftbaggers who try and call themselves that.

  211. I just want to say that I’m an “immigrant” from the DailyKos. Way too negative for me. I love this President and can’t hang in a place where they are drinking the negative kool-aid anymore. I rec’d a notice from my employer yesterday about the changes to our healthcare plan (their words: Pres.Obama’s healthcare initiative). Every single change was great. No more lifetime limits, caps on treatments, dependent coverage changes (age 26) etc. Anyway I just wanted to say that I’m so happy to have found BWD’s new “home” and thank you for the great vibes!

  212. Now I want to know what a blog by Josef Stalin, Ivan IV of Russia, Vlad Ţepeş or Leopold II of Belgium would like. I’m sure that Mr GeeGee can tell me 😉

  213. Good to see you BWD, you were too good for GOS anyway. It infuriated me to watch the same cast of characters constantly attempt assassinate your character in every diary simply for bringing the positive.

  214. Thanks for this blog BWD. I never posted on DKos, but just read it sometimes. I am glad you don’t have rec buttons because some of us would come up short and feel sad. This way, posts are what they are and no one feels intimidated. I was afraid to post on DKos. Seems now that my instincts were correct. This site is more my style. That place is going mad. What abuse and silliness! I think I’ll visit also, and the sites you have links to. Thanks for all this work. I wonder if I can figure out the avatar business?

  215. I think some on the left are infatuated with the whole Overton Window political theory and think that if they can establish that the President is hated by the progressive left because he’s too centrist/Republican then it will open up Obama to come more left without anybody noticing.

    Bill Clinton told a story about Bernie Sanders coming to apologize to him when a piece legislation failed and Bill said “Why are you apologizing for? You were with me the whole time”, and Sanders replied “That’s why Iam apologizing, because of an admitted socialist such as myself is with you it allows th otherside to paint the legislation as too liberal”.

    Now I might be giving them too much credit, but I think some are attacking on this premise, or that’s at least how it started out. Of course they’ve also attracted a lot of teabagger’s left-equivilant, the true believers that Obama is a failure Republican. Now they’re going about it all wrong, making theselves out to be cartoon characters and completely marginalizing themselves as a block who will never be taken seriously – but to them the ends would justify the means and they see themselves as some progressive vanguard.

  216. I wasn’t aware. However I also think a non-official source would serve well as some believe that if it’s coming from the White House it will be spin.

  217. Daymn. Guy goes out for a drink (or two) with his buddies and comes back to mother of all $&@tstorms all over the librul and ex-repub blogs over bwd’s one week baby.

    Talk about arriving with a bang. 🙂

  218. Not to be too cynical, but by doing that, isn’t it only a matter of time before some of them come over here and try to ruin this blog with their ignorance and hate?

  219. Greenwald’s a douche…who knew?

    How nice is it to find a place where people actually still like the President on the internet.

  220. Exactly right – he’s a libertarian – free sex and drugs is all he cares about – he could give a rat’s ass about social justice.

  221. LOL, that’s rich he posts his distaste for “photographic leader-glorification right beneath a picture of himself.

  222. oh it is there and it angers me why that particular community can’t see that for what it is. Why is it that black men and women have to have set standards by whites for what is normal and acceptible in society? Why does it suprise anyone that Pres Obama acts like a gentlemen and the first lady isn’t some neck rolling sista with an attitude? I’ve even heard that he acts like a white man(really??) So yeah, that’s where the bulk of the disappointment is coming from. Change indeed!

  223. I didn’t realize you were gone for good. When they are driving off long-time posters like you, it’s getting bad over there.

  224. Yes this site was necessary. A picture is worth a thousand words and BWD showed us that all the time.

    For those trolls at the other site, this site is the last thing they want to see. It got so bad that BWD made this site because the attacks where instant, and mean. They would close down people that wanted to show how truly great this President is. They were able to pick fights and bury a positive voice.

    But BWD did not go away, this site is proof you can still be PROUD of our President and realize the need for this President is great.

    Once again, happy to be here and among friends.

  225. I don’t think so. Most of them are being egged on by long time DK posters like slinkerwink, nyceve, chiz, etc.

  226. I am another longtime DK member lurker who read alot, posted afew comments, but was always looking for BWD. It was so discouraging I quite reading any comments. Thank you all for being here. This is really scaring times and I am so glad that we have an adult in the room. I don’t always agree with all he has done, but I know that things take along time to change. I don’t listen to the news or any TV anymore. Only read afew blogs. This keeps me sane.

  227. It is a toxic environment now. Really quite a shame, it was one of the first places I was drawn to when the Dark Ages started. Now that BWD is gone, I have no need to go there at all.

  228. That’s how I feel as well. When we visit that site or try to push back against the insanity, we give the site hits and make it seem less extreme than it is. I think we let is fall into obscurity. That’s what happened to myDD and OpenLeft. They went off the rails much earlier than DK and now they are both ghosttowns. Let them become irrelevant.

  229. I do as well. I really miss the Black kos crew. I rarely posted in their diaries, but I always read them and learned something new.

  230. I do think emails should need confirmation before one could post here. The deal whereby an email is sent to the email used here to make sure it is real and active.

    Otherwise folks could just make up bogus emails to post here.

  231. My husband is a doctor and his Father and brother-in-law are also physicians. They are all dems. They are all smart enough to know what Obama had to deal with when he came to office. It seems to me lots of people on the left who are bashing President Obama just forgot eight years of suffering during Bush.

    WE would have liked public option, more stringent financial regulation, repeal of DADT and closing of Guantanamo, but you can not achieve those goals with people like Lieberman in the senate. What are the people on the left thinking? I imagine most of them voted for Nader and gave us Bush in 2000. We can not let them do it again.

    They like Feingold? I gave money to Feingold and I regret it. He actually voted with the Republicans yesterday. I am not sure why people think he is a progressive Dem?. How can you be progressive when you vote with Republicans? He is a jerk!

  232. Jaleh, in defense of Feingold, he often votes to make a point when the outcome is predetermined. In this case he objected to the $$$ amount in one of the tax bills.

    It was a symbolic gesture, as everyone knew the bills had no chance to pass. I have no doubt that if Feingold’s vote had been needed for either of the bills actually to pass, he would have voted for it.

    It’s just his style.

  233. There are undoubtedly a few right wingers posting over there but the majority are just getting themselves all worked up from the propaganda that a few prominent diarists put out regularly. They accuse BWD of being propagandist but can’t recognize how much negative propaganda is put out over there. The tone in some diaries is so similar to the right wing talk radio hosts it’s scary. It’s all panic, fear, danger, etc. It works well on people who are already uneasy due to economic hardship or personal distress. I think some do it purposely in order to get a loyal crowd that will guarantee them exposure and internet “fame”, others join in because it is the “cool” way to fit in, and others are just singularly focused on certain issues that they feel aren’t being addressed adequately and let the extreme rhetoric sway them into being far more harsh than they would normally be. It’s the attacks on those who dare to disagree with their extreme interpretation that drove me away on top of all the attacks on the administration. I’m all for hearing different opinions but I want them to be based on facts not on a bunch of hyperbole.

  234. Well said, susan. There is a strong resemblance between the far left and the far right and I think you are right that it is form of fundamentalism in thought. If you truly believe you have the one and only possible truth then it becomes far too easy to demonize anyone who disagrees with you. DKos has become a place for conformity these days. It’s sad to see in what was once a vibrant community.

  235. Actually, I would question whether Feingold would have delivered his vote if needed. He withheld his vote for financial reg reform when it was desperately needed, forcing the Dems to weaken the bill on derivatives to secure Scott Brown’s vote. I can do without that kind of “principle.”

  236. Glenn’s just jealous, BWD, cuz he knows you’re going to get more hits than him. LOL.

  237. hello like minded there is something i read somewhere that i thought i will like to say something about somebody was saying somewhere, yes they agree with the president and all that is doing but that he should get the democratic congress in line with him as well after his aurgument has been smack down to which i say yes he is the president and is still a black man too, belive it or not there is a limit to the respect willing to give to that black skin even if they don’t say it public, am even surprise how much he gets done every single day, may God bless his wisdom, just saying

  238. May I suggest that you write a letter to your local paper about the good things with your health care plan? The public needs to hear these things again and again from regular folks whose lives have been affected.

  239. I agree. Especially now. I just heard Cokie Roberts ‘smirk’ that there were a ‘handful of Democrats’ who voted with the Republicans.

    If it didn’t matter, then why not vote with your party?

  240. Seconded! That’s a great idea.

    There’s a lot of good stories floating around, but getting the word out to the public who does not frequent blogs, and rely on newspapers for information, continue to be woefully uninformed and getting primarily negative spin. Anything we can do to help spread positive news to other media is important.

  241. I can do without that kind of principle also. It doesn’t make sense that him voting no is just fine and dandy.

  242. How do I follow messages on this site? I don’t know when new post are made on any article.

  243. Oh I agree with you on this!

    That is exactly what I though when I read about GG’s comment on BWD and this site. My instant reaction was “Why yes, of course! Because Obama is exactly like Adolf Hitler!” Then I thought, F*#c You, You F*#cing A$$hole.” (Excuse my language, but that is what I thought.)

    And then it was well, yes… as I’ve been saying for the past few days, ever since the PCCC Obama attack ad last week, the president’s opponents from the so-called left are going full tea-bagger. I actually thought and saw other people saying “it won’t be long unti they call him Hitler and demand the birth certificate.” Then Greenwald does this! OMG. It didn’t even take them a week! What a bunch of moronic jerks. That’s my edited opinion.

  244. Hey BWD,

    I just want to say, after scanning a 500+ post thread over at John Cole’s place, Hang in there. Even the people supporting you and calling this blog a “fansite” just don’t seem to get it. You are linking to actual news stories here, stories that the right and the left wing blogosphere are ignoring in their rush to condemn everything to do with this administration. You are providing some balance. And, frankly, I think you have struck a nerve or Mr. Greenwald and those idiots over at GOS wouldn’t be bothering to pick on this very new endeavor. Keep up the good work! I’ll be checking in daily.

  245. Hey, askew. Happy to see you here too. I don’t miss it. I just missed you guys and now here you all are. 🙂

  246. Where this president is concerned, it seems the left and the right are agreeing more and more each day.

  247. John Dean Quote:

    “There has been a pattern in recent history that goes as follows: We elect a conspicuously-able president and he does not magically cure all the nation’s ills (for instance, Bill Clinton).

    Then, we elect a new president (for instance, George W. Bush) who is not so able, and who not only fails to solve all the problems before him, but also creates new problems. What no one seems to notice, in this pattern, is that the able presidents spend most of their time cleaning up the mess of their predecessors who were not so able.

    Thus, in dumbing the office down, we are creating a legacy of increasing the unsolved problems that call for presidential attention.”

  248. Hi Mally,

    So terrific to see you! I wasn’t banned (I wrote a “test” comment at a moment in which my comments were not showing up, presumably because I was having ratings abilities removed or whatever). I think that it’s a good idea to build up alternative spaces where the diverse, positive, and reasonable voices of the base are valued. I hope to see yours often!

    BTW, do you know where robinswing and amazinggrace are posting? They’ve been very much so missed.

  249. Thanks for the link! That is a great segment. Props to Kerry for stating things so clearly and strongly, and also have to give props to David Gregory for actually allowing him to finish his statements and make his case without interrupting. He did try to steer the conversation to “Obama’s political problem” a couple of times, but Kerry just stayed on message and was excellent. Thanks for sharing it!

  250. I am so glad someone at DK let us know that BWD has her own blog. Looking forward to reading more. I too, do not agree with everything this President does but I am glad to have voted for him and will do so again. Thank You BWD for giving some of us a place to read some of the good things that are being done by this President.

  251. I feel compelled to remind people, at the top of this thread, why Greenwald would call BWD a Nazi and why sensationalists on “the left” spend so much time wrapping us up in their outrageous claims and stridency (h/t zizi, who broke it down like a fraction re: right wing wingnuts, but her insights apply *perfectly* to fauxgressive supposed leftists as well; the cult and Nazi accusations are on purpose:

    1. Erase and endlessly shift the boundaries of “taboos” – speaking the unspeakable : The goal is to significantly recalibrate our tolerance level for verbal and the threat of physical violence. We become desensitized to what we once believed was taboo and are no longer sure what the acceptable parameters of public discourse are anymore….the taboo boundary has been shifted.

    3. Reconstruct the subject/object equation of the public discourse: They have gotten us taking about a subject matter that they have chosen…We enter “reaction mode” and we talk about them and not us or our proactive agenda/debates. We also are limited to using terms they have released into the public bloodstream….And it does not matter if we are talking about these terms critically or even pejoratively. The fact is, these have become the topic/subject rather than something else of our own choosing….the fact is that these wingnuts are INDEED pushing the envelope of unapologetic displays of threat beyond what they could do during the 1990s when the last Democratic President was in office. They are OCCUPYING the public square and dare us to enter it. At first it all seems fringy, well, until a critical mass of their ilk does it and it becomes commonplace.

    It’s my opinion that it is a waste of time trying to dialogue with this mentality. Every second spent going back and forth is a second *not* spent calmly and thoughtfully discussing organizational ideas going forward. I would encourage everyone to rethink the time spent at spaces debating people whose agendas are opaque and are as described above.

    Good morning TOAITR family!

  252. John Kerry is superb. He is an example of an *actual* liberal progressive ally. Thanks so much for this link.

  253. Hi Charmed, if you go to the home page and scroll down a little, there is a Subscription box in which you can insert your email for instant alerts.

  254. Thank you for the link. As always, Sen. Kerry (I’m happy to say my Senator) is superb. But the battle we are now facing cannot be won without our own effort. We really have to divorce ourselves from the constant back-and-forth with the irrational right and the equally irrational left fringe. We need to bring activism back into the forefront. Every supporter should be on the phone on a daily basis and call on our representatives to “represent” us. We need to have community meetings and share information and start organizing again. In other words, we need to take over the “news” of the day with items related to our agenda, not just our response to the latest outrage. By the way, the President will be speaking on the issues at 12:20 EDT. Tune in if you have a chance.

  255. I would love to say much worse about him, but I’m always trying to be nice on the internet. 🙂

  256. I have to give to Senator Lugar for admitting that the President has extended his hand. finally a republican being honest.

  257. “Progressives” gone wild…that’s my tag for them now. They are really “Fauxgressives” though.

    Here is Arianna Huffington vacationing in Italy with Newt Gingrich. Is she even donating anything from her book “Third World America?” I mean the President is donating the proceeds of his book, and it would seem logical that Ms. “Huff and Puff” should be doing the same since she is so concerned about this country becoming a third world America.

  258. Arianna Huffington is like a Republican “spy”, embedded in the “liberal” blogosphere. She means no good, and is grabbing as much as she can, just like the grifter from Alaska. The fact that she chased out Gov. Gray Davis to put Schwarzenegger in – to complete the California Decline – and the fact that she vacations with the very people who are bringing about the “Third World America” says pretty much all I need to know. It’s also telling that Barbara was on that vacation, too. I always suspected she was a Republican. The fact that she lets Hasselback get away with the vitriol she spews on that shows speaks volumes. There is no “liberal media”. One just had to listen to the Stephanie Miller show this morning, quoting the vile nonsense from Frank Rich’s article, to know that they are all working to demoralize the American public.

  259. I find it absolutely delicious that Greenwald’s attempt to take you down has backfired royally. Karma remains undefeated.

    Safe travels BWD. We’ll be here when you return.

  260. While I certainly understand why Dems would cut a deal in order to obtain concessions for average Americans, this is a great article discussing what we could be getting for the value of those rich tax cuts that the GOP insists upon:

    Congress appears to be on the verge of extending the Bush tax cuts on income above $250,000 a year, which will cost the US $60 billion a year, writes David Leonhardt in the New York Times. What else could that amount of money buy?

    It could reduce the deficit as much as four other measures combined: the elimination of earmarks, the proposed federal pay freeze, a

    10% federal work force cut, and a 50% foreign aid cut.

    It could triple federal medical research funding.

    It could provide free college for about half of the full-time students at four- and two-year-schools—including room and board.
    It could allow for a 15% corporate tax cut.
    It could provide a $500 tax cut for all households.

  261. These people and their tactics are a threat to the very future of this country. They have opened some very dangerous doors, and I don’t know how those doors can be closed again. And all the while, the rest of the world is actually following the President’s advice about education, clean energy, saving levels, infrastructure, cooperation. These people on the right, and their operatives on the left, are indeed a cancer on America. They are slowly killing the country.

  262. My feelings as well. Let’s not forget that bloggers are humans with egos and lizard brains and everthing else. I believe we have been programmed to assume libs/dems/prgs are above all that, which leads to the “Just can’t put the brakes on Bush mode of thinking.” But…and I am admittedly non-intellectual, there are simply immture attention grabbing self deluded assholes among the left” as well as the right. Those people would never have gotten even fifteen minutes of fame without this new gig of POTUS hating.

    And a whole f’ing lot of them are bigots. The left is not above that as well.

    DK was a naed emperor experience for me about many of my fellow “dems”. They, like Lieberman, are DINOs.

    But not here.

  263. Amen, symmetry. Dems could get much more accomplished if there were a solid, coherent, united front against the excesses of the GOP.

  264. I so utterly agree with this assessment. Disengage, detoxify, then get organized and active. Brilliant.

  265. There may be Rove trolls at DK, but I recognize the biggest mouths as the people I’ve loathed for the past six years. Nothing new there. I suppose the DD group is having fun as well.

    See MB – this is what you wrought. Does your site represent the values you claim you sepouse?

  266. Kerry was wonderful.. yet I have to admit it is the likes of Gregory that pushed me away from watching teevee two years ago. The guy and so many others in his ‘field’ are so smug.. and so attached to their “the president this/that” malarky.. that they never listen. He didn’t listen.. all he could do was say over and over: “the president is caving.. and liberals are mad” When in hell did David Gregory become the spokesman for liberals? See this is the kind of mass BS that the likes of dkos has started- they are now “the liberals”- and they will be considered thus as long as they are continuing their constant screech of anti-Obama.

    Its hard to tell anymore if the teevee is getting their talking points from the left or if the left is getting their talking points from the teevee. Either way they sure do sound identical in their bs.

    I personally WANT folks to get their unemployment- what it takes for that to happen is not caving, it is common decency. I have been laid off with two little kids to support before, and if it was between me getting my unemployment and some rich folks getting an added tax break.. I would not care about their tax break, give it to them- just give me my unemployment. If we have to give up something to the wealthy to help the very least of the people of this country- then get to it. I do not call that caving, I call that as someone having a damn conscience. Just my opinion.

    And David Gregory, FYI- I am a liberal, you are not and I suspect many at dkos that you’re using as your ‘liberal’ talking point aren’t liberals either. sheesh

  267. Oh Wow – Sen. John Kerry just rocked in that clip!! He should be sent forth to do a lot more media work – he’s very articulate and gets the big picture and all its nuance.

  268. I couldn’t agree more. And the sad part is, as they work so intently to ensure that this country no longer has POTUS’ leadership, other nations would grab him up in a hot second to negotiate progress amongst disparate factions, articulate progressive ideas in a common sense fashion, etc. I understand that pretty much everyone merely does what they think is best to move progress along, but I can’t think of a more damaging movement than the fauxgressive/teaparty one, or a movement so clearly financed by and working towards the interests of a handful of very wealthy ideologues.

  269. Absolutely. I left KOS a few days ago when it finally dawned on me how much people there are behaving like tea baggers. They’ve got a different ideology, but there absolutism, their rigid thinking, and their narrow mindedness are just another kind of fundamentalism.

  270. This is MUST WATCH for anyone who cares about this country, and is frustrated with the media failures and the hostage-taking by the Republicans. I called Senator Kerry’s office to thank him for a simply incredible and concise and passionate defense of Democratic ideals, and for providing critical information. David Gregory tried to confuse the issue, and focus on the President’s political position, but Sen. Kerry stuck to the truth, which is quite damning for Republicans. I wish the Alan Graysons, Anthony Weiners, and other Democrats and pundits would take note. It was awesome! Thank you for the link.

  271. Thats a great point- I too will call Senator Kerrry’s office and thank him.. this is how we let them know that speaking out is what we want from them.. we have to talk to them and let them know how we feel, that we support their efforts when they make them and that we want to have them doing more of this. thanks theo.

  272. There are a lot of Dems in Congress who won’t stand by or up for the President, but I don’t think those same DEMS realize they owe there seats to this POTUS. Many of them would not have been sweeped into office without Barack Obama being on the ticket. Had the President been on the ballot in 2010, I firmly believe we would not have lost as many seats. Let’s see how many of them will start to inch closer towards himas we get closer to 2012. There are certain votes that they will need to have in order to remain in office.

  273. Glenn Greenwald has his own set of readers who obviously agree with his point of view, so I really don’t see the point in him “calling out” BWD’s site. I mean this is America, free speech and all that…so it seems to me that it is not enough for the Obama critics to just express their POV and move on, they have to antagonize anyone who doesn’t agree with them. It was completely uncalled for for Mr. Greenwald to make the statement he did. In a way, it’s a form of bullying and serves no one.

  274. Thanks so much for that link! I don’t watch MTP anymore since Gregory is on. Can’t stand him. I did, however, call Sen. Kerry’s office and thank him for the great interview….anyone reading should watch it and do the same:) 202-224-2742. His aide said that he was very appreciative of these calls.We need to reward the good behavior, and call out the lies.

  275. Apparently Congressman Weiner has taken it upon himself to once again criticize the President, and accuse him of “punting on 3rd down,” when it comes to the tax cut compromise in the works. I am fed up with all of this disingenuous BS coming from the left, so I decided to send Congressman Weiner a letter.” It may never really reach him, but I did what I thought was appropriate. If punting on 3rd down means that the President is fighting for unemployment insurance and other tax cuts for the middle class then I would have to agree with Weiner, but obviously that is not what he meant.

    The letter is on my blog.

    Here is an excerpt: As a life long Democrat, it is disturbing to see “Progressives” turn into an “extreme” element, and become indistinguishable from those on the right. Have you frequented the Daily Kos or Huffington Post lately? Maybe you should, and look at the comments calling the President “dangerous” for this country and “weak.” When people like you come out accusing him on “punting” when you know damn well that he is working hard for “us” middle class Americans, you are just adding to the problem. Do you see Republicans coming out criticizing each other? What is your game? Did you also criticize Russ Feingold? I don’t even know if I have a place in the Democratic party any longer.

  276. Well done Tori, I just read what Weiner said on my facebook and defriended him for his comments about the president. I’ll write him also, I’m pretty fed up with the attack on the president by all sides.

  277. Arianna Huffington IS a Republican. She ran for governor against Schwartzenegger as a Republican. Her ex-husband blew $25 million trying to be a Senator as a Republican. She’s been very active in Republican politics for decades, until just a few years ago. As you say, she still vacations with Republicans. Andrew Breitbart helped to design Huffpo, a supposedly liberal blog. Has she really changed? I seriously doubt it.

    I think she’s been extremely effective in undermining Democrats for other Democrats. She’s like an über-troll. I don’t go to her tabloid site anymore. Don’t give her the clicks.

    I don’t know about Barbara.

  278. I think that this is an effort to ensure that there are no voices anywhere which are unabashedly pro-POTUS, and anyone thinking of creating an explicitly pro-POTUS space risks being labeled a Nazi by a Salon columnist with a large following.

  279. I think the “What is your game?” question is the best one for all these Democrats who are attacking President Obama. I am beginning to believe that the game is to achieve 15 minutes of Fame and thereby Profit! For every 15 minutes of Fame they get in the “progressive” blogosphere, I’m guessing they get some nice big kachings to their re-election funds.

    Basically, it pays for some people, in notoriety if not in actual funds. Who would have heard of Weiner or Grayson if they weren’t really loud and hyperbolic? It’s the Internet gone to Real Life. The Loudest and least responsible get the cameras in their faces, the microphones in front of their mouths, and they get to effect the outcome by having their discordant voices amplified. The Far Right of the Republican party has been doing this for ages and the Republicans have known how to utilize the press and the “angry people” to their benefit.

    The “Progressives” are now learning to play this game. Unfortunately, there’s no over-arching structure to hang it on, so it’s just screaming into the wind. If they can drag the responsible Democrats along with it, they probably could achieve something. Whether it’s a good thing or not, though, I’d seriously question. Moving further to the right to appease their angry people really hasn’t made the Republicans any more responsive or responsible.

  280. Lugar is one of the few remaining old-style Republicans. He’s serious about actually governing, as opposed to enforcing an ideology.

    He also was Senator Obama’s partner in their “loose nukes” legislation. They took a trip to Russia together.

    If the Republican party continues in the Teabag direction, I’d bet that Lugar will retire, as Voinovich is doing. (Voinovich is the one who broke the filibuster against the small business bill.)

  281. I’ve been mulling this for sometime.. and I’m still boggled by it. I think you’ve certainly nailed part of it, in that they make $$$ by getting the angry left’s attention whenever they publicly oppose/attack the president.. but I’m wondering too if they have ‘illusions’ of grandeur.. if perhaps they expect to gain politically in the longterm for opposing Obama loudly and brashly. And yet I’m left with the fact that 80-90% of democrats and liberals support President Obama.. so what is the gain..? Are they under the belief that their freakout is more supported than they actually do.. do they in fact believe the things they’re saying?
    When we have a calm, longterm, intellegent Senator such as John Kerry speaking on behalf of the President, laying out a thoughtful case for folks to understand… then we have a Weiner pointing fingers and calling the President sellout, etc.. it puts me to wondering that possibly Weiner thinks hes gonna be ‘that guy’ when these angry knuckleheads get on with their ‘primarying Obama’.

    Like GN’s comment down below about Greenwald.. is it possible that his comment about Obama being Hitler to Bwd’s Hitler propogandist.. is that just another part of this game of undermining the president, of no holds barred in bringing him down in the next two years, by hook or by crook? things to ponder imo… and yet ultimately their agenda should not determine our agenda either: which is to progress and accomplish good things for our country and imo the best way to do that is via the president, via his administration and not letting the Congress get away with passing the buck- because that too is what I’m seeing.

  282. Greenwald Goes Godwin. What a “progressive” icon.

    I wish he would run for office since he obviously has all of the answers. But then again, it’s probably much easier to sit at a laptop and get paid to complain all day.

  283. Fauxgressives function “best” when they are OUT of power. They turn on the spigot on their capacity for long-winded “analyses.” However, they have no concept whatsoever of KEEPING power, EXERCISING power or fighting the opposition from a position of wielding power.

    This is the reason for the NIHILISM we are seeing from the rabid left. They’d rather lose power than keep it cuz they are more comfortable whining and pointing out what is wrong than ACTUALLY CONSTRUCTING anything POSITIVE (which necessarily comes in shades of gray, is messy, and not ideal).

    Armchair revolutionaries are the perverse alternative we have now for the boots-on-the-ground actual liberal fighters of yore.

  284. I think they are “fighting for the spotlight.” Really when I put in all into prospective, what makes them any better than Sara Palin? I remember Weiner saying so many over the top things about the President during the healthcare debate. Sure things could have been better, and sure I would have loved a public option, but I also understood that many historic bills started out one way, but by the time they were amended over the years, they were so much better for example the civil rights act, and Medicare.

    I think they are jealous. Weiner tried to run for Mayor of NY in 2005 and failed. He has only sponsored one bill that has passed, and that was the The Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act (PACT) of 2009.

    “Shouting” loudly is not a legitimate governing tool that a President should use. People like Weiner wish that they had the political clout that the President does. Watch how many of them will be almost begging him to campaign for them in 2012 when he has the wind at his back again. Many of them road in on his coattails in 2008 but now they are all bark and no bite.

  285. Thanks for the info on Weiner’s job performance.. I know little about these politicians individually, I just know bs when I’m hearing it usually. So frankly in a nutshell the guy who yells and pounds the table the loudest and hardest in America 2010 is the newest bravest hero.. to “progressives”.

    I wrote one diary two years ago and I commented that we have a very dysfunctional country on many levels, I believe GWB had much to do with that.. he really beat America to the ground.. his sloganeering: Bring it on.. his lies, his warmongering.. his obvious distaste of so many other human beings and his pure ineptness has leadership.. and I often think that folks have his mentality/behavior so ingrained in what they think government/leadership is that they honestly don’t have a clue how a responsible leader behaves. I’m constantly flumuxed by this insatiable need some have to believe that hate and attack mode are viable tools toward accomplishing anything real or lasting. This is what makes the republican politicians so destestable.. and it is quickly making for me- some on the left to be just as detestable.

    And fyi- yours is the second comment I read today that makes mention of how these ‘democrats’ will use the Obama name/ presidency to keep their seats in 2012.. and add to that, that some of them got their seats by riding in on Obama’s coattails in 2008. but the one thing I know is that President Obama ain’t stupid.. he’s paying attention to this stuff, he’s keeping track of motives.. and even though he is willing to work with folks for the sake of the people of this country, I doubt he’ll forget who had his back. I won’t forget.

  286. I think that nihilism really keys into the crux of the matter. There are people seeking “emotional satisfaction” from politics (a commenter said as much recently on WSY) and have an emotional need to see the sort of stridency and urgency expressed as “shout louder” on a national stage.

    They’re not looking long-term, or if they are trying to formulate a plan of action beyond immediate gratification, the long-terms plans are not well-thought out, if not outright ridiculous, for example:
    1. Empower the GOP to get rid of all of the prostitutionwhores in the Democratic party and teach them a lesson.
    2. ????????????
    3. Progressive utopia.

    I also see a tendency to constantly search for heroes, elevate those heroes, then feel abandoned, betrayed, sold out, stupid, horrible, when those heroes turn out to be human, with weak areas and inconsistencies.

    This all speaks to an utter loss of perspective created by people who IMO want to skip the long, hard step of engaging the electorate on the ground and convincing them that our ideas make sense, instead looking for a savior or group of saviors to “take it to the man” and make everything better at the snap of a finger.

  287. BWD,

    Please accept my gratitude for your work on this blog. I’m a pragmatist who’s remained encouraged and heartened and very, very confused about the insanity and endless kvetching from all quarters in response.

    I found this blog thanks to Greenwald’s annoying fuckery (via ABL), and will henceforward check regularly.

  288. Anthony “I voted for the AUMF, sowwy” Weiner? Ya know, it would be nice to see a Democratic party which is willing and able to present a unified front against the GOP at some point.

  289. I listened to Thom Hartmann a bit on the way home—-until I flipped it off in disgust—-but he was promoting primarying Obama—-and his great candidate is……Eliot Spitzer!!! Yeah, that would work out well. I swear these people have no basic understanding of what is and would could be. And people were calling in saying to primary Obama with anybody! and let Palin win the presidency and let everything really go to pot—Supreme Ct. picks too—-so the public would finally understand how bad it could be. These people are willing to destroy our country to make a cockeyed point, as a goal of their political crusade. Just like the crazy baggers on the right, they’re the most unAmerican, the least patriotic people in the country.
    I heard someone on msnbc today say that Obama is doing the best he can with the very rotten hand he’s been dealt. Everything is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.
    And the DailyFox has some real braindead diaries up with vile comments and calling Obama every horrid name they can dream up.

  290. Yup, enable the Republicans step one, step two (???), step three, everyone realizes that fauxgressives were superduperright from the beginning and a progressive utopia will thus ensue. That this flies in the face of fact, history, and any reasonable application of game theory just doesn’t seem to matter. These are people who are unconstrained by reality IMO, operating on a fact-free basis. A diversion of energy.

  291. Oh Desertflower I couldn’t reply to your comment about your ‘bank problems’ but I wanted to wish you the best.. and to hug you back for your lovely comments and hugs to me

    What I learned throughout (and still learning)our ‘ordeal’.. is that once you survive the all out horror/tragedy..etc.. then you have to find a way to live with what you’ve lost. And living is the key, imo. We adapt and we manage first- slowly and painfully.. but then its a matter of recognizing that some things don’t come back (in my case I had 02 deprivation and had some brain damage). I’m trying to learn to live without stuff I took for granted. And I miss that stuff, lol.

    The key also I think, is to remember that shit happens to everyone, we’re never alone in the possibility of bad things happening and having to find ways to start life over under different less perfect circumstances.. so its not half bad to remember that there are more folks who’ve been wounded by hard times, than those that have not. And frankly I am a believer in trying to rise out of the muck, using whatever resources I can dig up.. and thats something to also remember.. there are resources for most anything in this country, so ask for help. Ask often if need be. This is my email, should you need to talk: sjrich49 at yahoo.

    I absolutely wish you the best and I hope that things turn out well for you. 🙂 take care.

  292. Yeah.. some of the names I’ve read at the dailyfox in which to primary Obama are beyond silly. Pretty soon they’ll be yelling for Rush Limbaugh.

  293. LOL, Eliot Spitzer. Really? Some of the people on the left function best when they can sit back and complain.

    After winning both of houses of Congress and the White House, instead of working like we were ten points behind, people sat around yapping about how the Republicans were going to be in the wilderness for the next couple of decades.

    They thought that after winning, all of the work was left to the president and Democratic leaders. No, they did not have a part in pushing the agenda. They rested on heir laurels while the teapartiers supported by Corporate America went to work to undermine everything that mattered.

    Instead of attacking Republicans for their obstructionist ways, they trained their ire on Democrats that tried to do something and this president.

    Here is the thing, POTUS, Pelosi, Reid, et all will be long gone, and those same people will be flapping their gums and pushing the same diatribe. And don’t you know it, they have all the answers. Their self-inflated egos won’t let them think otherwise.

    Go figure.

  294. I don’t want to start a flame war but I would really like to see Kerry consistently doing what he just did, defending Obama. I mean his candidacy was him being excellent on some days and the rest? Really meh. Same thing for his days as my senator from MA.

  295. let Palin win the presidency and let everything really go to pot—Supreme Ct. picks too—-so the public would finally understand how bad it could be

    This is the fauxgressive playbook in a nutshell. It’s passive and it lays down, rolls over for the GOP under the theory that Republicans winning is a de facto win for the left. It doesn’t require actually standing up to the GOP. It’s doesn’t require watching the excrutiating process of sausage-making and other aspects of governance and maintaining perspective. And most importantly, it doesn’t require making any concessions whatsoever to a reality that others disagree; the ideology stays pure and pristine, and everyone else is either a sellout or the opposition. Must be nice to reside in lollipop land.

    This is a free country, and people have every single right to politic in any way they so choose. But those looking to for things to actually get done, this sort of myopic, ridiculous strategy is a very poor one to follow.

  296. Bingo. If no one ever thought about it before, it is something I’ve seen since POTUS came to office. People put his name in the title of their books, it shoots to the top of the best selling list.

    Want to get some air time, blast POTUS. Want to get more page views and clicks, bingo!!

    I could care less for Weiner. He is an opportunist and likes to hear his own voice. I have ceased listening to these people. I don’t watch TV much anymore — no TV as of late. But when I would watch Keith or Rachel, whenever he came on, the mute button on my remote control went into full effect.

    All these people with their egos, can’t stand them.

  297. And it gets more hillarious because now there is a diary:
    advocating for exactly that.. not only do they use Tom Hartman’s ‘advice’.. but they dig up a black man for their cause. Gotta have at least one black man to go after the other.

    And another diary advocating for Bloomberg.. is he even a democrat?

    Good grief. Seriously DailyKOs you are ALLL effing cuckoo.

  298. My pleasure..thank you because I did forget to go over to weeseeyou. I love that site by the way… marvelous snarky comments too.

  299. Andrew is among the few in the blogosphere that fully understands what this president is doing.

    Thanks for posting this. I used to visit his site religiously, but stopped because I didn’t know if after the elections he had joined the others in bashing the president.

    I get so tired of everyone wanting everything right now, never mind the obstacles involved.

  300. This was a fabulous speech. A sputnik moment as the rest of the world passes us by while we we talk about social issues and Sarah.

    Very little mention of the speech that I have seen. If we dont act this country will pay for its backwardness.
    The other party wants only war and we know where that goes.

  301. Time’s Mark Halperin vs. NBC News’ First Read

    One of them is wrong.

    From Halperin today [emphasis added]:

    The coalition that got Barack Obama elected President just two years ago has been shattered. Gaming out the trajectory of the next two years can be done any number of ways, but Obama’s efforts to rebuild a politically robust alliance will be the most telling.

    From NBC’s First Read today:

    Obama ‘core’ coalition hardly ‘shattered’

    Which one is right? Hint: The First Read bases its conclusion of recent, and specific, polling data. Halperin does not.

    How lazy is Halperin’s He’s-Doomed analysis? This lazy:

    A survey of the political landscape shows that many groups who were part of the 2008-09 Obama coalition have turned on him.

    Meanwhile, from First Read on Obama’s latest approval ratings:

    – Blacks: 90% approve/6% disapprove
    – Democrats: 82/12
    – Liberals: 79/16
    – Latinos: 56/33
    – Post grads: 56/41
    – Women: 52/43
    – 18-34: 49/43
    Halperin tells readers that Obama’s coalition is shattered and that “many groups” who supported him in the past have “turned on him.” But apparently those groups do not include blacks, Democrats, liberals, Latino’s, post grads, women, or young voters.

  302. I think you nailed it with your last paragraph. They want everything they want without having to do any of the work themselves. Civil rights didn’t happen without a ton of public action. You don’t get ahead by just leaning on one person, no matter what position he holds. It takes motivating the public to demand change. The President can do some of that but he must have backup from the congress, the activists and most especially from the public at large. He is not just the president of the far left. He leads an entire nation and that nation is not yet behind all of the things that left wants to see happen. So it is our job to sell our ideas to our friends and neighbors and convince them to vote for people who will support those ideas. We need to be a team working on change not just a bunch of people sitting on the sideline yelling at the president.

  303. I swear to you people were like “huh” when I said (tongue in cheek at the time) that Bloomberg and Scarborough were a ticket which I thought that the netroots could get behind. Why am I not surprised that there is already pro-Bloomberg content?

    LOL, now that I’m not participating directly with the frustrati, they’re fairly amusing and fun to watch.

  304. Sorry, I’m not trying to be a complete thread hog.. but chipsticks just posted a ‘heads-up’ and link to the president getting ready to speak in a few minutes on the tax cuts/unemployment compensation. He’s not on yet, but shortly:

  305. But I thought that POTUS lost the base…this couldn’t be a media hit job, could it…thanks for posting this link here!

  306. There is some resentment in Congress at President Obama for “jumping ahead” and not “waiting his turn” before running for president. I think there are some who would rather see him defeated than support him because they feel he doesn’t “deserve” to be president. I don’t think people put much thought into why there are so few congresspeople and senators out there speaking out in support of the president’s agenda and are instead talking him down or just not speaking at all.

  307. I’ve been thinking this for a while.. these folks are scared of republicans. They go after the president because he is an easy target- and he’s available on so many levels. To actually fight republicans they have to go through fox news bs, tea party bs.. and frankly they’d have to bring some facts for folks to listen. When its just so easy and convenient to join the mob on the right and yell “OBAMMMAAAA” and accomplish nothing of value. Its like first they wanted a daddy and as you wrote earlier- a hero/savior.. now they need an on going target- and whats easier than the black man who is so foreign and unlike us?? Because personally I think the repubs are huge targets and set themselves up constantly for us to point them out as the wankers they are and the media who protects them.

  308. I remember reading that: Scarborough?? Good heavens. No one can tell me that the invasion of rightwingers is not at least a part of the mess at dkos.

  309. “It’s passive and it lays down, rolls over for the GOP under the theory that Republicans winning is a de facto win for the left.”

    So much truth, and to this comment below by africa:

    “After winning both of houses of Congress and the White House, instead of working like we were ten points behind, people sat around yapping about how the Republicans were going to be in the wilderness for the next couple of decades.”

    Do you remember how most of the left reacted when the Tea Party held their first event on April 1st, 2009? With laughter, and then they dismissed them. And when those same people started showing up at the town hall events, did the left immediately put aside their differences and organize in local areas to confront them? No, they fell back on their second-favorite play, which is to blame the White House messaging to cover for their own continued failure at messaging for years. Wanna know what capitulation really is? Trying to change your own name brand because Republicans making liberal a dirty word got to you. And even more ironically, the Republicans were easily able to do with the “Tea Party” brand what “Progressives” largely failed to do, actually make it a viable voice for their side to be listened to by being cohesive. You can print as many “civil war” stories about the GOP as you want, when push comes to shove they unite. The left is intent on helping to try and bring down yet another Dem administration. But it’s okay, because then the country will really open their eyes, and it’ll be a progressive paradise for everyone. Really.

  310. Wow Eliot Spitzer anyone who would propose that is completely disconnected with the real world and how it works. Any person who would try and primary the President would have absolutely NO future in the Democratic Party.

  311. I see the only Obama photo HP had to show in their big banner headline about this news was one with his tongue sticking out.
    I have never seen such venom directed toward a President. I’m starting to wonder about a reason that I’ve tried to avoid. I didn’t see this much hate from the supposed left when Bush was bombs away on a war of lies. There was outrage but not this personal loathing.

  312. Imagine that. Activism, including boots on the ground and strategies which appeal to the country rather than are mere “demands” and displays which convince no one of anything.

    We need to be a team working on change not just a bunch of people sitting on the sideline yelling at the president.

    Makes too much sense.

  313. Looks like the deal is 2 yr etension of Bush tax cuts – making it an issue in the 2012 Presidential Election, 13 month extension of unemployment and a one year payroll tax holliday.

    I don’t know the specifics though – if the Bush tax extension will automatically sunset again, or what.

  314. I agree with him. Unemployment compensation for the folks in need is not worthy of a symbolic battle. I stand with President Obama on this.

  315. We make compromises in our individuals lives everyday. I can’t understand why people think that politics is any different.

  316. Yeah its pretty amazing, the psychology of all this hatred and personal freak out over all things Obama.. is in need of professional analysis methinks.

  317. I get the feeling that folks on the left believe Bush got everything he ever wanted out of every piece of legislation he passed.

  318. Exactly these are not ABSTRACT battles to the folks living on the edge. “we can’t play politics when the American people are looking to us to solve problems”.

    good I’m glad he didn’t answer any of their bs questions.

    Anyone thinks he’s in a bubble and doesn’t know the absolute CRAP thats being said about him.. ought to know better right now: “To Democrats and Republicans”. Although I beg to differ that many of those folks are democrats.

  319. That’s it:
    these folks are scared of republicans. They go after the president because he is an easy target- and he’s available on so many levels

    now they need an on going target- and whats easier than the black man who is so foreign and unlike us??

    It’s that simple IMO and is why I’m so thrilled that there are these new emerging spaces away from this mess.

  320. The thing is Obama and Dems are on the right side of both issues, so take it to the people. I mean if the Dems played chicken and let the GOP block any extension of Bush tax cuts for middle class AND blocked UEI extension – who would blink?

    For a 13 month UEI extension it sounds like the GOP got a two year Bush tax cuts for the rich extension (and bring it into a Presidential year, and a year when Dems have 23 Senate seats up for grabs) and sounds like they cut a deal on estate tax.

  321. So do i and those progressive protesting this just let the middleclass know that they are willing to sell them out for revenge on the right. People can eat and pay their bills.

  322. thats how I think too.. who gets through daily lives without some form of compromise.. at home with spouse, with children, on our jobs.. even dealing with other business’. This is just how folks maintain common sense and reach any sort of momentum toward their goals.. if its always a battle of all or nothing nobody wins, nobody gives an inch and nothing gets moved forward. I know folks will say ” he gives in without a battle” Well why must he battle? The onus is on the republicans and needs to be placed soundly in their laps- they who refuse to do anything whatsoever for the good of the American people. So the president who really does want folks not to suffer.. gives that extra inch or foot or yard.. and folks get something. We need to turn this anger and noise on the actual culprits who’ve caused all this trauma.

  323. Agree with you sherijr and Symmetry, and the blogosphere which will no doubt suffer a meltdown after this announcement needs to remember that the Rs held unemployment hostage not the President and that real people will suffer if this extension doesn’t go through. Americans stand up and take note, the Republican party once again proved whose side they are on, tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans were more important than the needs of the unemployed and middle class.

  324. Thanks Mr President, I was hoping the compromise would be the 13 months unemployment extension, I want 12 months extension, I’ll take13 month instead sweet. Compromise is the way of the world my peps!

  325. They were already in meltdown mode; reasonable people are always welcome here and at several other spaces when they become emotionally spent and start to wonder whether tales of “caver” “weakling” are overblown theatrics.

  326. It certainly will give unemployed folks peace of mind for a year, especially good for right now being the holiday season. If both sides refused to blink it’s the poor and middle class who are hurting and scared, because the rich certainly not worrying where their next meal will come from if this deal isn’t struck.

    Also making the tax cuts a presidential campaign issue, Obama can challenge his opponent where he/she wants to cut in order to pay for those tax cuts. It’s a discussion the GOP dodges like crazy right now – in a Presidential campaign, they won’t be able to dodge it.

  327. I’ve always felt that President Obama simply did not want to raise taxes on the middle class, period. Not that he wanted to “sell out” to his corporate overlords, not that he wanted to spit on the left, but because that was his main promise, and it would kill him to go back on it. You can disagree with letting the tax cuts for the rich to be extended, as I tend to, but I won’t accept arguments that he hasn’t been trying to act in good faith.

    The congressional Dems had two years to do something about this, and quite frankly they need to come up with something better as opposed to just going to all the media outlets whining about it.

  328. Yup, and that every concession to the GOP signals an entire GOP victory in which we received no concessions in return. These tax cuts for the rich do absolutely nothing for the economy, zero. I know few people who are going to be happy with this aspect of the deal. But as a concession for UEI and tax relief for the working/impoverished classes, it is what it is.

  329. I know if it was me (and it has been me in the past).. single, laid off with two kids, two weeks before Christmas.. then tonight I would be breathing a sigh of huge relief and thanks to this president for looking out for me, the little person. And I would be telling Republican Congress people to kiss my behind.

    So tomorrow I will be calling the whitehouse when the switchboard opens back up and I will say thank you sir. And then I’m calling out the republican congress for not giving a damn about the American people who are in most need of being cared about.

  330. Those so-called progressives are sleeping well, eating well, and getting on well with all their high and mighty principles.

    They didn’t have to live like me for the past two years from hand to mouth, counting every penny and counting my blessings.

    To hell with them.

  331. Exactly. It should have been the congressional Democrats who were negotiating a deal in the first place not the president. This is one of our biggest problems as a party. We put way too much on the president and not nearly enough pressure on our representatives and senators. But it seems on issue after issue it is President Obama who has to step in and be the adult in the room who settles everything. If he had more backup from congress he wouldn’t have to be doing it all so they can sit back and not have to do anything “controversial” like their jobs.

  332. So I just deleted Markos from my Twitter stream.

    Please explain to me how a showdown on this matter would have gotten the people their unemployment $$ and for 13 months . He said that the cost to let the Bush tax cuts expire would cost the average middle class $3000 a year. If thats correct it would be devastating for many.
    He called the repugs out for their greed and clearly said he hated giving up what he had too.

    Please tell me a better outcome oh… its so nice to comment here with out getting criticized and yelled at. If you disagree please say so but thanks for the comfort here.

  333. Yes they already were in mm (meltdown mode), just hoping that they’d quit pointing their fingers at the President and aim them at those who were really at fault(the Rs). He did the right thing, I know a couple of people on unemployment who were really sweating this out.

  334. And that really IS the point Africa. I have never lived over the poverty line, at least I’m pretty sure. As a single working parent all my adult life (until this health thing) I cannot ever recall being concerned about the ‘rich’. to me they are the abstract. I spent my time being concerned about me, folks like me who worked hard and had little.. or were the first to get laid off with families to support. I understand that folks in the blogosphere don’t want the wealthy to get more cuts.. but I’m saying in the scheme of things: we poor folks just want to feed our families- we’re not spending our time looking in other folks backyards being all concerned with what they have that we don’t have.. at least I’ve never felt that way and I’ve known a very few low income folks that do feel that way. Tonight we need to help folks understand that the President and the democrats just saved unemployment compensation and that they save the tax cuts for everyone else.. and if other folks want to spend their time crying over the tax cuts for the wealthy.. then we’d better get together amongst ourselves and agree to make sure that WE who care about folks living hard- care about them more than the next political battle.. imo.

  335. And I meant to say also, Africa, I’m sorry for the tough times you’ve been through, I hope things get better for you soon.

  336. Yes, that was Hartmann’s intro into his push to primary Obama. See—-even a black guy wants to primary Obama. Aren’t these the same tricks the Repubs tried to pull? They were always trotting out their one black guy who was amiable to speaking out against Obama. The purpose of course was to try to peel off black support for Obama. It didn’t work. And now the loony left is not even original and is engaging in the same transparent tactic.

  337. Thanks for the link, I don’t believe a showdown would have resulted in a better outcome, the President once again showed that he’s more interested in getting things done than political theatre. The cut in payroll taxes Klein talks about seems to be a pretty good deal.

  338. Exactly! the left is all about revenge, they are showing they are no longer about the people. we all know the right caters and look out only for the rich.

  339. Im umemployed im not up for an extention yet, be good to know we got it when it comes. I hope to be working then things are looking better.

  340. Im umemployed im not up for an extension yet, be good to know we got it when it comes. I hope to be working then things are looking better.

  341. “Know the Facts”

    According to Politifact the President has

    Kept 123 promises
    Compromised on 40 promises.
    Broken 24 promises
    Has 80 promises stalled
    Working on 232..

    So he has a good track record on his promises. He has only compromised about 33% of the time thus far. His broken promises account for about 20%..

    I mean what do you want? I didn’t vote for the President because I thought that he would deliver on all of his promises did you? Therefore I can’t be labeled a “blind follower” simply because I never believed that he could get everything done that he promised. I don’t have to be disappointed when something doesn’t work out the way he planned on it, or if it doesn’t line up to fit with 100% of what he said when he was campaigning.

    I compromise in my marriage often. I don’t consider it as “caving.” I consider it as doing what is necessary to keep the peace, and to keep my marriage healthy and happy. I don’t feel that I should just “fight” it out, therefore I didn’t feel that the President needed to just “fight it out” on this issue for the sake of symbolism.

    The chicken littles are out full force.

  342. You are so correct Lilaf. He is a Dem, but the moment he took that oath he became a Dem that is the President of all of the people. That means he has to govern for all, not just the Dem Party. He should not be negotiating. They can look to him for direction, but Congressional Dems & Rep should be negotiating in good faith to do what right. If they are effectively negotiating no one party is going to get everthing that they want. If one party leaves the table with everything and the other doesn’t have something, then is it really right for ALL Americans or is it just right for one particular party??? One of the problems I had w/GWB is the whole “I’m the decider” or “you are with us or against us” attitude. For tens years, I felt and could see that the country was being governed for one party. I don’t think that is healthy for the country. You can belong to whatever political party you choose, but governing soley on idealogy is not always the best thing for the Country as a whole.

  343. And he made his case that Spitzer would probably have a good chance to overcome his prosty prob and be elected because—–Vitter keeps getting re-elected in La. What???
    You can’t make this stuff up. It’s as if there’s a contest to win the Looniest Leftist of All Time trophy.

  344. Wow – that’s a pretty good deal that President Obama negotiated. The “professional” left is starting to look certifiable (or maybe corrupt looking to make a buck through faux outrage).

  345. Lets’ see, if I were unemployed and the President of the USA made sure that a safety net is still in place for another year or so until I find a job…I would say you got my back Pres.

    Then if I do get a job within a year, there is a payroll tax that allows me to save some more of my own money….I would say thank you Pres.

    If my small business gets to write-off investments… I would say, that could help my botton line.

    Should the Rich get a tax break that they don’t want? … I would say HELL NO..

    It doesn’t change the fact that I need to survive inspite of the RICH.

  346. Sherijr, I don’t even believe these people yelling at the top of their lungs give a whit for the poor. They claim they don’t want the rich to get those tax cuts, but they are all racing trying to be like those folks. They use their little-achieved name recognition to write books, and make a few bucks with these blogs.

    How they can argue against this deal is plain selfish to me. There are a lot of people hurting out here, but because they want to prove a point, they want them to continue to suffer.

    Some progressives. Go figure.

  347. Oh, thank you so much. I have been at the top before, but I learned from my dad growing up back home, to always prepare for things when they go bad. My hubby, my son and I, are surviving, thanks to a whole lot of good people in our circles.

    I will finish school on April 30, and hopefully find me a job. We will be fine. I know for sure, even with my struggles, there are people far worse off than I am.

    I am eternally grateful for everything, even the hard times. It has taught my 13-year-old some life-long lessons.

    Thanks, Sherijr.

  348. Wow. Thanks for this link. After reading this little piece, the bloviators should have egg on their faces. Again, what this tells me is that everyone wants to be an expert. They know not what they speak of. They are just like folks in the media with the herd mentality.

    One person comes out with a story line, and everyone follows suit as if it is gospel.

    I have seen a lot of these people for what they are. I will always remember them in this light. Always!!

  349. He is at heart a community organizer who know that you take what you can get and keep moving forward, talking to people, helping them articulate their interests and stand up for change. It’s not about venting and blaming which produces nothing but anger, frustration and isolation. Love that he continues to challenge Americans to work together to regain American dominance in the emerging green industries and technological advances!

  350. They’ve actually been advocating Bloomberg for a while now…

    Who do you think Jon Stewart was doing the dirty work of demeaning, disrespecting and bashing President Obama on behalf of all this while…?!

    Bloomberg has been slinking and crawling around both Murdoch/Fox news and the Jon Stewart’s, Chris Matthews’ etc. on the “left” desperate like so many others, to take the shine off President Obama a la James Carville, and weaken him to argue for a challenge against him while making a bid for his supporters…

    But they are all in for a mighty shock…

  351. Envy, jealousy, pettiness…

    These are not men of substance, integrity or any measurable amount of character or dignity…

    Weiner is simply another common, desperate grandstanding, self-aggrandizing opportunist looking to elevate himself to any higher form of political office and by any means necessary…

    Marrying the girl that works as Hillary Clinton’s aide de camp was only another ground covered in this desperate bid…

    Don’t you guys worry, President Obama will have the last laugh in all of this…mark my words!

  352. Arianna has always been so obvious in her deceit and double dealing…
    Barbara Walters has never been successful at hiding her Republican allegiance…
    She is another Bloomberg for president cheerleader – she just wants to be able to have sleepovers in the White house and have some in with a president…

    These are just desperate, miserable, pathetic, vainglorious, dubious women who crave relevance again – something an Obama Presidency seems to have denied them and quite a few other members of the coalition to defeat Obama…

  353. Sorry, but I’ve had my reservations about Feingold since President Obama took office…this ever so slight but unspoken sense of self-importance and condescension masquerading as some heightened but fake form of moral superiority-

    I also honestly think like a few others he nursed a bit of envy and resentment where President Obama is concerned…

    Actually I think a few of them are actually gleeful about the ‘political headaches’ they think President Obama has at the moment…

    They hated the outpouring of love and support President Obama enjoys around the world and it did make and still makes many of them feel rather inadequate and generally overlooked…not a good feeling at all-

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