Pictures Worth 2000 Words


17 thoughts on “Pictures Worth 2000 Words

  1. Look at how serious and solemn he is. None of that frat boy goofing Dubya did every time he was in the presence of the wounded.

    BTW, why is everything dated tomorrow?

  2. I’ve been meaning to comment on the discouraged feelings regarding the poison out there with this video clip by Paul McCartney with wise words during his acceptance of the Gershwin Prize for Popular Music. It is at the 8:10 minute mark:

    “I knew I had to say that even though we all know you’ve got lots of really difficult issues to deal with — I just want you to know you have BILLIONS of us who are rootin’ for you and we know you are going to come through.”
    Sir Paul McCartney… then he sang Michelle My Belle. Classic!

    Billions. There are over 6 billion people on this earth. We have to remember that BILLIONS are rooting for him. even if it just a third of the world’s population. Sir Paul soothes us with wisdom.
    Just as BlackWaterDog does with her inspiring blog! 😉

  3. That Purple Heart pic makes me tear up, the longer I look at it – trying to imagine who might be in that bed.

    It looks like Gen. Patraeus in the mirror there maybe?

  4. Thanks for posting, I so enjoy the pictures and comments. What an incredible journey!
    Thank you for sharing!


  5. I loved that line – and I played it over and over on the day that he said it. He said it with such force, that one had to believe it. And I think it encouraged the President.

  6. What an awesome way to think about the kind of support our President has, KnowHopeLisa! 😀

    I’ll have to remember that. It’s not just Americans who are rooting for him! America is like a beacon to the rest of the world, and when Bush and Cheney were ruining this country, the whole world was holding it’s breath.

    These photos make me so sad. The solemn expression on President Obama’s and the young female soldier… well it doesn’t seem like anything but a sad situation in that room.

    I can never know what it’s like to serve this nation in the military. Especially in combat. I can only try to imagine, but I do know it takes a courage I will never have. Bless those who find it for all of us.

    And President Obama is keenly aware of their sacrifice and I’ll bet it makes him feel sick inside.

    Bush slept through his two terms while Rove and Karen Hughes and Rumsfeld et al. easily brainwashed him because he’s brainless, and Cheney orchestrated everything along with everyone affiliated with PNAC, and GWB felt none of what this sitting President does.

    I have to write some thank you letters tomorrow to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and our President!

  7. Yes, I snapped to the very same about Bush the “Frat Boy.”

    The time and dates are off, Catzmaw. I’ve gone over to my account to try to set it for my MST with Denver as the city in my zone, and I’ve tried everything else, and nothing changes. ?? I don’t know why.

  8. You have inspired me to write also tomorrow. Just to say thank you for all that he does along with Speaker and Reid.
    I also saw the seriousness and compassion that he showed standing there with that young woman. What a moment. Also, I saw him wipe away his left eye as he was speaking about his visit to the hospital. He had to keep it together as he was standing there speaking. What a load held within his heart. We know that we have a wonderful President of these United States. And thanks to BWD we can come here and lift each other up and be lifted other by all of you. I hope this site will stay pure for a peaceful space for us to come to. Again, thank you all. My heart is full tonight.

  9. “Some people ask whether America’s best days lie ahead or whether our greatness stretches back behind us in the stories of those who’ve gone before. And when I look out at all of you, I know the answer to that. You give me hope. You give me inspiration. Your resolve shows that Americans will never succumb to fear. Your selfless service shows who we are, who we always will be — united as one people and united as one nation — for you embody and stand up for the values that make us what we are as a people,” said President Obama to the troops at Bagram Air Base during a surprise visit to Afghanistan.

  10. He is such a good man and so caring of all of us. It must break his heart to see men and women in the hospital and know he has a part to play in their being there although the cause is worthy and necessary and their bravery unquestioned.

  11. Sad that the President met with the troops that had 6 members killed earlier this week by an Afghanistan policeman. I think that the 7 CIA deaths last December (this is from memory, could be another date) were also by an Afghan policeman.

    Last Sunday’s 60 Minutes ( had a sobering assessment of the challenges facing US & NATO in the training of Afghanistan police. Unfortunately, this effort is not very promising.

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