Ohhhhhhh ;)

More Pete Souza awesomeness from Afghanistan.




53 thoughts on “Ohhhhhhh ;)

  1. I guess at an Air Force base, they would have a large enuf hanger for Air Force One….but man it looks BIG inside a building.

  2. Apparently the troops haven’t been infected with DK syndrome!!!! They sure do like him . .

  3. What is going on with AF-One between the President and the wing? Is there a section missing or just an optical illusion reflection? For the life of me I can’t figure out what I’m looking at…

  4. Saint Roscoe, I believe that’s a mirrored section of AF1, reflecting the floor of the hangar.

  5. These Sousa photos are nothing short of inspirational. The looks on the faces of these troops are fantastic. I ADORE the photo of the woman taking her photo with the president in the background. Her smile is worth 10,000 words!

    Thanks as always, bwd! This does my heart good. At least there are MILLIONS of Americans who don’t buy the Fake News/DKos B.S.

    We’re free on this blog to talk about what this president is ACTUALLY DOING on a daily basis, thanks to YOU! XXXXX L.L.

  6. Thanks for these!

    I also just watched the West Wing Week video – unbelievable how much is packed into one of his weeks even *before* the surprise trip to Afghanistan – and that’s just what plays out in front of the cameras, not all that’s going on behind the scenes. He certainly needs our prayers and our support.

  7. I’m trying to figure out why the stairs into the plane look shorter than the usual set of stairs he climbs in other photo shoots.

    Like you I don’t get the section of the plane you are looking at either that looks as thought it is missing.

    OhNoz! It’s a fake plane and he really didn’t go to Afghanistan. hahaha. Just teasing.

  8. Oh, BWD, you have done it again. I thank God for our troops and how they reach out and touch their Commander-In-Chief with such joy. I give thanks for each one of them. This makes my evening and entire day when I come to this blog. It is so wonderful to have it confirm that our President is liked, and that he is doing so much good for our country. I take away some of all of the energy that is found here each day. Again, I can’t thank you enough, BWD. God bless you!!!!

  9. I love and support our president! Thanks for giving us the info, space, and a place to appreciate our good fortune in having this good man represent us at this time.

    Perhaps you could put a sidebar about good books. Love the new Reading Obama, The Bridge, The Promise, and the new Young Mr. Obama. As well as his books.

  10. Lovely pics bwd. Wonder if any such pics ever of dubya existed.

    The whiny noise from the professional left over this morale boosting visit is disgusting.

  11. I would suspect this might be a different plane than the usual one. Almost any plane can become Air Force One when it is needed. They may have needed a plane that flies faster and longer for this trip.

  12. Pictures like these will drive the folks at dks crazy. Sometimes I wonder if they actually want to see Obama fail.

  13. I mentioned yesterday, and I’ll repeat it again today, because it bears repeating. Obama is so much more respected by our troops than his predecessor. I have a son who is a career officer in the Army. He’s not happy with evrything Obama has done or not done (I don’t know anybody who is), but through him I know how most of the troops feel.

    What people fail to realize is that when Obama has to make decisions, he has to look at the full picture. Sure, he could have donean executive order to stop DADT, but he knew that the troops (forget th brass) may have resented that. Not that they are for DADT, but it would have been as if he didn’t give a darn what they thought, which definitely was the attitude of Bush, the gret decider.

    Instead, although letting them know it was going to end, he also told them, through the urvey and evrything else, thathe cared about the impact on them and he wanted to do it in a way that made it a smooth transition. They don’t expect it to be like a democracy, but it showed he cared, and that is important.

    The irony is that all those that see climate change as being something that involves a whole system don’t recognize that Obam is dealing with a whole system. They complained about Bush being near dictatorial and now they want Obama to be the same way.

  14. I was in the U.S. Navy stationed in the DC area when Bush was elected. I was chosen to stand his Pass and Review at his inauguration. I was not thrilled but still acknowledged the honor that it was.

    We went down to Pennsylvania Avenue to set up and practice our stances and it was already packed with protesters. There was a man about 10 feet to my right (but behind me) that screamed at LEAST 30 times in a row at the top of his voice: “GEORGE BUSH IS AN ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT! HE UNDERMINES THE VERY CONSTITUTION HE SWORE TO UPHOLD!!”

    And as I sat there at Parade Rest waiting for the Presidential Motorcade I thought, “I couldn’t agree more”.

    Luckily, after 3 hours of standing and shivering mightily (I was soaked from head to toe from standing in that freezing drizzle), my back started to spasm and I had to go back to the bus. This happened practically minutes before the motorcade came through. I like to think this wasn’t a coincidence.

  15. Gosh, look how well they’re hiding how much they don’t like him *chuckle, snort* 😀

    I never could stand watching Dubya doing anything, especially when he visited the troops. There was such a rank frat-boy attitude he had, how cavalierly Bush treated the lives of our soldiers and their sacrifice.

    Obama may not ever have served in the military, but looking at these photos, he’s got their respect.

    Thanks for posting, BWD. 🙂

  16. Our side gets so caught up in the “controversy of the day”. I thought I would share this article with you.

    Please Cancel My Hissy Fit!
    “I think the time I squander over on HP is having a negative impact on me. The atmosphere there has become so negative and so bursting with outrage generated by incendiary headlines and slanted stories, even “Obamabots” like me are joining the hissy fit class.”


    There is a lesson in this article that so many progressives need to heed to.

    Thanks BWD another great one from you!

  17. I’m feeling less and less crazy these days. I think ppl started to lose it when they where advocating “kill the bill” on HC and it went downhill from there on most liberal blogs. I felt so alone until I started seeing others having the same view point.

  18. saint russ voted along with the rethugs on tax cuts just now. Will be interesting to see how his fans will spin this.

  19. Great lesson there. Thanks for the link. I’ve seen that kind of thing happen over and over and over. Someone posts some inflammatory diary, usually from some misleading HP headline, and that sets the mob off and running, hair afire. Never mind that they have inaccurate info and little to no understanding of the reality of the issue, the outrage is in full gear. Then eventually the clarifying truth becomes known, and the issue is dropped without a mention, and the search is on for the next over-inflated outrage. It’s really been an unbelievable thing to observe. So much wasted energy.

  20. Feingold, Webb, and LIEberman all voted against the extension of tax cuts for just the middle class. What’s that again “angry liberals?” How is it again that the President “better” get those tax cuts extended again? Somehow though, KOS, Huff and Puff, and Fire Dog Lake will still find a way to blame the President.

  21. For all their poutrage from the professional left against the prez, calling him the corporatist dem and republican and other uch childish names, it’s six of the dem senators, including I’m-the-most-principled-man-under-the-sun, saint russ, who voted against the middle class tax cuts though Nancy managed get the bill passed in the house.

    The much reviled “bipartisanship” was achieved thanks russ & co.

  22. This is one of the main reasons why I left Daily Fox. I begun to feel like their poison is actually effecting me.
    If you go to DU now, they have a poll asking who are you going to vote for in 2012: Obama or the Republican nominee. The second option actually get votes.

    Crazy, all of them.

  23. I wonder if that means Feingold gets removed from their splendid list of candidates to primary Obama now. They sure have been wrong about a lot, haven’t they? Like almost everything.

  24. Lovely pictures, BWD. I just love the joy on their faces at seeing their CinC whom they respect and (dare I say it) love! What an oasis you have created here, BWD.

  25. saint russ even voted for schumer’s version. It’s clear where this ‘puritan’ stands.

    Obama knew that how untrustworthy his ‘esteemed’ colleagues from his own party are and hence his attempt at bipartisanship.

  26. They’ll say he is “principled” and opposes the extension of any tax cut!!! I never did get the infatuation with Feingold and the rationalization of his many bad votes (confirming John Roberts to the Supreme Court??)

  27. Just as President Obama knew on HCR that a significant number of Dem senators were sell outs on HCR, he knows the same thing to be true on tax cuts and that he either has to give up extending tax cuts for the middle class or cut a deal with the Rs. It’s that simple. All the “back bone” and threats in the world were not going to make Lieberman, Manchin, Webb, Feingold, and Nelson into real Dems.

  28. Yes, he is so much ‘principled’ that he votes with rethugs on gitmo closure, finregs and now tax-cuts. Wasn’t he the one, along with lieberman, wanted to “investigate” Obama, barely months after he became the Prez over some stupid thing ?

  29. Yup. Saw that this morning. But the leftwing critics-in-chiefs will blame Reid and Obama.

  30. What’s really ridiculous about the Feingold primary fantasy is that RF couldn’t win his Senate race and yet they think he could win a national race.

  31. I think that Saint Russ might have joined with the Rethugs in obsessing over Obama’s appointment of “czars.”

  32. I’ll probably get crucified on as BWD calls it Daily Fox but at this point I really don’t care.

    My attempt to redirect their anger:

    “Instead of all this outrage directed squarely at the President (and no I don’t think he has been perfect through all of this) why aren’t Dems lined up by the hundreds or thousands at Senate Republican and recalcitrant Democrats offices all over this country demanding they represent their needs?”


  33. I have concluded that republicans/opponents of the President infiltrated the Kossacks, and then worked to diminish the President’s popularity at Daily Kos. In fact, I raised this view in comments several times. There was no real rebuttal for this position. The response I got was something like, “So!” Daily Kos is no longer a liberal/democratic blog. The individuals who participate there are not trying to get things done for middle class/working class citizens. They want to beat up the President. They have no sense of how to win at politics in America.

  34. I agree and I suggested it too on DK. First it was the Firedoglake crowd then the right wing.

  35. Was he as obsessed over the appointments of “czars” with any prior Administration? I never trusted Feingold, and now I know why.

  36. They are making a joke of the Democratic party. Republicans don’t need to do anything to bring down the Democrats – they do a great job all by themselves. They either vote with Republicans against the people of this country, or they eagerly bash the Democratic President so they can be popular with the bloggers. They don’t understand their duty at all. And the left tea baggers are professional activists, who make a living by being outraged – but can’t seem to find time to actually get anything done. This country needs a strong third party that really stands for the people.

  37. Yep,
    It’s called transference and a virulent symptom of impotence/powerlessness. When a person who repeatedly suffers at the hands of a loathsome bully finds they are powerless to attack back,that person channels that fear and anger at the nearest ally who is just trying to help.

    the rabid left has discovered that none of it’s rants has hurt the GOP, that it has woefully failed at convincing the American people to see the world through it’s lens even if the left’s arguments are factually correct. So, to the angry left, it must be Pres. Obama’s fault that the American populace hasn’t drifted leftward ideologically.

    This is the left’s nihilism we are up against in addition to the right’s nihilism, plus the real economic woes of this country. That Pres. Obama can still remain positive in this toxic soup, is truly a miracle.

  38. I read your diary and good for you in not giving up! Deaniac has a site ‘The People’s View’ where we are trying to work together to get positive messages out and to be activists not whiners.

    If you haven’t visited there I would urge you to give us a try.

  39. Thanks for sharing this, Donna. Now, I will share something I have been saying about HP for months: ‘If you need a Huff, use a bong!’

  40. Shrub never served in the military either. He managed to slime his way out of that one while so many of his contemporaries were getting drafted.

  41. I only saw the Air Force One Plane close by, or as close as you can get without being stopped by armed guards, one time when Bush was still Prez.

    My plane was way late getting into the Phoenix airport and I was the only passenger on the shuttle bus to go home. The driver asked if I would like to get a closer view of AF One where it was parked. I said “Wow! Yes!” and he drove down a back access road that probably put us about 300 or so feet away. The plane was all lit up, really impressive and quite beautiful.

  42. I saw Air Force One in London, when I landed at Heathrow Airport. Kind of cool to travel to a foreign country and see the plane for the President of the US. This was during Clinton’s first term.

  43. LOVE the pictures. There were some on the front page of our paper this morning.

    You know, first thing I noticed was that it’s nice to see so many brown people shown smiling around the President. I know minorities make up a disproportionate percentage of our troops, yet in most of the Bush photos it seemed he was surrounded by white dudes…..

  44. I know the soliders are not suppose to talk like and dislikes about the commander and chief. But i wonder how they fell about him. I think they feel cared about.

  45. Sousa rocks.

    thanks BWD for this diary. you can see the respect for POTUS from the troops.

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