Hardest working man in the world

Few hours after returning from Afghanistan, president Obama came out – red eyes and all that – to officially announce the new trade deal with South Korea. You know, that deal he refused to accept a few weeks back because it wasn’t good enough for America, but the media couldn’t care less, they just wanted to celebrate the Obama “failure”.

Now, it turns out that this is one big fucking trade deal – better than the previous NINE trade deals signed by American presidents, COMBINED. But I should just shut up and let the president speak:


57 thoughts on “Hardest working man in the world

  1. Our President continues to produce reults.
    Thank God for his intelligent and dignified determination.
    And our MSM continues the insanity of their cycle of lather, and repeat….doomssayers ignoring the facts in favor of projecting conflict and division. They really S-ck!

  2. What does Markos Moulitsas, Cenk Uygur, Ed Shultz, Ariana Huffington and Andrew Sullivan have in common?

  3. Thank God for His grace, mercy and many blessings, also for President Obama/Vice President Biden and BWD! You rock!!!! This blog is a saving grace for true blue President Obama supporters. I don’t post everyday but I do come over and read all your wonderful words of wisdom and encouragement. Keep up the great work!!!!!!

  4. Thanks for this video, BWD. I have been thinking about doing somewhat of an in-depth post about this trade deal (from everything I have seen so far, this is a good deal) over at The People’s View, and I’ve been doing some research for that as well.

  5. I really wish I could say something nice about Republicans, but I can’t. Their hearts appear to have been replaced by big knots of greed, and may they find coal in their Christmas stockings, no warmth in their Yule fires and no taste to their Season’s food.
    In the meantime, the President continues to do good for the ordinary people of the country, some of whom throw it back in his face because it is not perfect enough or helps someone else, not them. What a sorry bunch they are.

  6. I was hoping you or Eclectablog would write a piece. i get a better understanding from you guys and a fair analysis.

  7. Hey BWD! You are terrific. You used to do about once a week over at Fire-dKOS-Lake but now everyday? I am so supportive of your website. Also Obama up 47-44% in Gallup today. I thought his numbers were supposed to tank after the midterms. 48% in both CNN and CBS and 47% over at NBC. Can’t wait to see the new ABC/POST numbers.

  8. Actually I was going for all are considered influential progressive voices 😉

    Interesting how we’re both right. Huh.

    I wonder if that is a job requirement.

  9. Goodness, blackwaterdog, I saw Obama’s red eyes this morning on the Obama Diary and hope he gets at the very least a four-hour nap today. I worry constantly about how much he’s cramming into his schedule day after day after day and how it must be affecting his health.

    On the positive side, this agreement ought to be showing up in some renewed economic activity here in the country. And one hopes jobs. IF ONLY the Republican stone(head)obstructionist machine allows the agreement to pass.

  10. I haven’t seen anything on “progressive” sites about this historic achievements. I can’t believe I’m about to type this….

    The Professional Left have joined Republicans in wishing this President fails at everything and dismissing any of his accomplishments.

    It’s true.

  11. Sue, I guess they assume lots of conflict and division raise viewer numbers, but as for me and blackwaterdog’s blog, wherever she goes, I will go; and wherever she lodges, I will lodge!

  12. Don’t know if you’ve seen or heard, but the firebaggers are coming out BIG against it (surprise, surprise). Some good in-depth analysis would be helpful.

  13. Thank you, Mr. President. The new trade agreement is a major step forward, and it was certainly the right decision to continue negotiating rather than signing a pact that would have achieved less. Will the hysterical media moguls apologize? I don’t think so. They don’t have the insight or the decency to admit that they were wrong. It is up to us to support this President in any way we can. This blog is a great help. I invite everyone to share this information widely and send a message of thanks to our hardworking President.

  14. Because those sites aren’t really progressive. Time to face that reality IMO. This is why it is so crucial to build up lefty spaces.

  15. People tend to forget that he won the election 53-47, not 90-10. Those 47 who actually felt no shame in voting for John McCain and his vice bitch, will never ever say anything positive about Obama, even if he’ll cure cancer.

  16. Trade deals like this, and the stuff he was doing over in India-trying to get the world to buy more of our stuff, will be the way we get more jobs here.

    Hi, I’m CarolDuhart over from Big Orange. I too am pretty down on what is going on over there these days. While millions are worried about their unemployment, the site focuses on DADT and other matters. While I’m not against those other matters, people need help now. But there was never a single front page article trying to mobilize people to pressure Congress to extend unemployment benefits. Nor was there during the last Democratic Congress such an effort. If we had at least tried to get the Blue Dogs to agree to something, millions would not be faced with hunger or worse this season.

    Now I see on Daily Kos and the firebagger sites what I saw back in 2000, 1980, and as a kid back in 1968-the notion that if we primary a good but not very progressive (in their eyes) Democrat, that somehow we will get a much more liberal President. Instead we get reactionary Republicans who could care less about what we want. In 2000, those people voted Nader because they were mad at Gore. In their eyes Gore=Bush. I wonder what do they have to say to all the dead Iraqis, the dead at Ground Zero, and the dying polar bears about that now.

    In 1980, they dissed Carter-we got Reagan. in 1968, their forerunners dissed Johnson-and we almost got 8 years of Nixon. Each time those people followed ineffective poseurs who couldn’t govern their way out of a paper bag, and whose compassion was tissue paper thin. Think about Gene McCarthy, an addled Ted Kennedy, and Nader. While Kennedy redeemed himself with a lifetime of hard work, four more years of Carter would have really created more progress in the long run.

    In short, they serve to retard the real progressive agenda-and frankly, I’m tired of that. I support Obama for a full 8 years, and hope that Biden gets a full 4 as well. Maybe this time we can get our country really into the 21st Century.

  17. I just got home and checked your blog first, bwd. Thanks for the heads up on this!

    I am also becoming aware of the whole social networking/technology thing. I noticed the “like” button at the top of this post and created a WordPress username so I could “like” it. When I did, my username ParkRanger was taken so I added Suzanne to it.

    I also watched the videos on his Korea speech on YouTube so that it would add to the view count. I made a comment about the video and voted up comments that I liked.

    I think being positive is the most important thing and it doesn’t matter what Republicans or Leftbaggers do. I don’t want to push against them because that gives them attention. When I can though I add my part to all the positive energy and love that is really there for President Obama. You can see it in the faces of all of the people reaching out to him when he is in a crowd — and actually in the polling numbers. He’s going to just keep on doing his excellent job no matter what.

    I feel like I’m coming home here, bwd. Thanks!

  18. He just can’t stand up to anyone.
    Chuck Todd
    POTUS told both Reid & Pelosi today he would veto an Bush tax rate extension compromise if it didn’t include unemployment benefit ext.

  19. I’d like to thank the President for his ability to rise above the fray and focus on the country and the American people. It takes great strength of character to ignore the shouters and the know-it-alls and the haters and to keep your eyes on the prize.

  20. I just want to thank you again for this blog, BWD. You are apparently doing something right, when you have likes of GGreenwood hating on your blog via twitter. He thinks it creepy. I responded back by saying that I suppose he would like the blog more if it was full of hate for our President.

  21. Sorry but I don’t follow pundits, so I have no idea who Ggreenwood is. Can you supply his or her twitter info, so I can give his/her stranger bitch ass a piece of my mind about what is or is not creepy? Please and thank you.

  22. I had his name wrong, but nevertheless here is his tweet (he included the link to this blog): RT @ggreenwald: If Leni Riefenstahl were an Obama fanatic and had a blog, this is exactly what it would look like: http://is.gd/icYrj #CreepyReverence

  23. Way too much time on his hand. But it’s a compliment, creepy is the new “it thing” go BWD

  24. Did you happen to read a bizarre diary at Dkos yesterday? The diarist actually thought President O. should be more like LBJ. And several of the regulars there were defending this. It was like a weird episode of the Twilight Zone. LBJ decided not to run for reelection because of the anti war Left at the time.

  25. This president just keeps getting things done every single day for this country. He gets no credit. Only criticism or full-blown lies and hatred. But, he just brushes it all off and keeps WORKING. For all of us!

    At least we, on this great blog, can concur that this president is one of the greatest presidents this country has ever had.

    Thank you, President Obama! Well done!!

  26. Ooooh, Glenn Greenwald is the most serious man in the world – just ask him and he’ll tell you as much.

  27. They seem to get crazier and crazier. Ms. Hamsher has an article up on Hpost complaining about this deal but also attacking the UAW. I thought the UAW and the unions were one of the key bastions of American progressivism.

  28. I find it hysterical that people reading the FACTS about what this president is accomplishing find it all “creepy.” WTF? I guess they’d prefer it if he was just clearing brush, riding his bike all day long and APPROVING TORTURE and INVADING AND OCCUPYING SOVEREIGN NATIONS for almost a full decade. Yeah. Creepy. Riiiiight.

  29. You can google him. He’s an extremely important (just ask him, he’ll tell you) commentator on all things legal. Used to be some sort of civil rights lawyer, but now spends hours at his computer inviting us all to wallow in his rectitude. He hasn’t actually been in charge of anything for years, nor is he responsible for governing. This makes it easy for him to offer the enormous clarity of his thinking uncluttered by practical realities or political constraints.

  30. Daily Fox is no longer, IMHO, a progressive/liberal/Democratic site. It’s been completely taken over by coporate interests in the form of advertising. I honestly believe that people like Karl Rove have HIRED posers to attack any diarist who is pro-Obama or pro-Democrat. Bringing this up in any way resulted in immediate gang banging and hatred. Calling for anyone to primary this president only works for REPUBLICANS. In fact, pretty much everything on that blog is currently only working for REPUBLICANS. Thus, it is no longer doing any service to our party or our president. I’ve removed Daily Fox from my FB page and my bookmark. Next comes my kindle subscription. Au revoir, righties! Peace.

  31. I posted a diary about it on Daily Fox (heh) last night. Got many supportive comments and was tipped and rec’d onto the rec list, but the hour grew late and before I knew it I was up to my eyeballs in comments from people telling me how the agreement will hurt American workers (even though the AFL-CIO were the ones asking the new terms demanded by Obama), and the evening was topped off by someone who told me I’m a “fucking idiot” who doesn’t understand economics, for which he had 12 approvals. I was HR’d by several people for my audacity in pointing out an Obama accomplishment.

    The “F.I.” guy hasn’t responded yet to my request that he tell me just what qualifies him on to speak on economic issues. Another flame and run from a lefty left bomb-thrower. Tearing things down is always easier than building them up.

  32. If GG has to resort to the lowest common denominator ie Godwin’s Law then he doesn’t have much of an argument at all. Leni Riefenstahl followed a madman and a sociopath. Wonder what his words of wisdom would have been for the generation of Americans who supported and admired FDR? Pathetic analogy Glenn and a presumption on your part that people who want to point out positive achievements are just mindless followers.

  33. What they admire about LBJ was that he was able to bribe and bully Senators into doing what he wanted them to do. First of all, they flunk math. LBJ (and FDR) had at least 70 Senators, and a huge majority in the House (one year FDR lost 73 seats, and the Dems still kept the majority). These Presidents could allow more vulnerable members to vote no and still guarantee passage of their agenda items. Once the Solid South who didn’t vote Republicans because Lincoln was a Republican began to fracture, those extra seats went to the GOP, and for a long time other seats in the North and Midwest began to wobble too.

    Next, funding, organization, and the press was different. A lot of candidates came up through machines that chose them, that funded them, and made it clear that going along with the party leadership was the best way to go. These days, candidates select and fund themselves, so they can tell a President to stuff it if he leans too hard on them.

    So bluster no longer works anymore. It’s like working a room of opera divas, each demanding a bit of the spotlight at times. So finesse is needed to get anything accomplished.

  34. They’ve pissed off African Americans (and other people of color) in countless ways and now they think they can do without unions I guess. Real winning coalition they’re building isn’t it?

    I have often disagreed with her strategy, but my biggest criticism of Ms. Hamsher is what an idiot she is in terms of strategy.

  35. Excellent post. My teenage years were marked by watching how President Clinton was treated like a dog by both political parties from the time he took office until the time he left. Even prior to the whole Lewinsky mess, it seemed like, just as with President Obama now, he was always out there by himself trying to get things done, and always undercut by his so-called allies with their own agenda.

  36. I know my personal preference would be that they expire, but I’m not ignorant to the political ramifications that would most likely follow. The President is going to get what he can for people. I wish I could believe that people would realize that their taxes going up was the Republicans fault if that happened, but with five Senators voting with Republicans to not even allow debate on the plan Reid brought to the floor, and the media being all “Oh it’s both sides”, and the so-called left being more intent on attacking the President instead of Republicans, I don’t.

    But I’m actually able to have a disagreement on policy and not label the President a sellout just because he doesn’t agree with that. If you think it’s crazy now, just wait.

  37. LOL. These people, many of them are legends in their own minds. Some people have become psychologists and mental health professionals — yep. They are analyzing this president’s character as if they are experts.

    That should tell you something about their own state of mind.

    Really funny to hear about people who think their opinion is so important.

    You know what they say about opinions. That’s how serious I take these folks these days.

  38. Yes, I could see the non-sleep in his eyes also. He is the hardest working president that I have seen in my lifetime.

    I hope that he will get some R and R this weekend, which he probably will not. But at least he can spend some happy moments with the girls and Bo. We need to continue to have good thoughts going in his direction and not give in to the negative comments that so many were trying to lay at this feet this morning. He will make this!! Thank you for keeping this open for us to read.

  39. Would you please? Thank you, especially for those of us that are clueless about these things.

    Last night I read a diary at another site and it said that the deal was bad for Americans.

    I am sure many others like myself would appreciate an indepth look at the deal — the pros and cons without the added hyperventilation and theatrics.

    Thank you!!

  40. You are right. I haven’t read Andrew lately and unless he’s changed his position, he constantly agrees with POTUS’ long view. He has written about it many, many times.

    Again, I haven’t read him for weeks now, so I don’t know if he’s come to a different conclusion on the president.

    I don’t think he professes to be a progressive, either. He sees that Conservatism has taken a turn totally different from what he thinks it should be.

    Oh, well.

  41. An excellent post. This idea that the president has the ability to bludgeon his caucus and “moderate Republicans” (as if they still exist) to submit to his will is the story that the fauxgressives never get tired of telling. You’ve done a good job explaining why this is a total fairy tale.

  42. Do you know how to unlike them on FB? Or to unfollow on twitter? I’ve taken it off my homescreen and toolbar. I’m reserving my page views for news sites like Reuters and BBC and for real progressive blogs like this one, the ones on the blog roll and action sites like OFA.

  43. I had just heard on Ring of Fire, I believe, one of those oh-so-concerned liberals bash Obama for the failure of the Asian trip, particularly the no trade deal with South Korea. I was on my way home while I was listening and by the time I got home and checked my computer there was the report (if you look hard enough) on the new deal and how much better it would be.

    Can I assume that same ‘expert’ will be on next week, extolling the effectiveness of this President on this very issue?

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