Wow. Just read few posts out there

And i have this huge lump in my throat and i feel like someone just punch me in the stomach. I never saw so much hate towards a president who is such a good man and has done so much good under the most horrible circumstances. Never read such hateful language, bordering calls to physically remove him. Some of thus stuff I didn’t read from the Left when George Bush was president. I thought I’ve seen it all. Clearly, I didn’t. And i know that it’s going to get much worse.

I sit here and just want to cry.


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  1. Don’t buy into it BWD. I know those who write such hate would not have the nerve to say those things in public. They are slime. It is written to do just as it is doing, make people upset.

    We know the man our President is, and his leadership has carried us through a very difficult period. He is our beacon. No worries.

  2. BWD, i really don’t think you can go by what is happening on the internet. It really not reality based imho

  3. Hang in there! You’re not alone. There are a lot of us that still support the President strongly, it’s that that the haters are very loud right now.

  4. There are people who simply need to hate. Without Bush to kick around anymore, it was only a matter of time before they needed to service their addiction. I think Palin and company just aren’t that satisfying as hate objects. If it makes you feel better, go read what they were writing about Lincoln. History will tell the real story.

  5. There is something else going on where this President is concerned and it is unprecedented. I mean lets look at DADT for instance. I don’t recall the “left” being in such an uproar when Clinton signed the legislation into law, compared to the hate they have been throwing around President Obama when he is a supporter of the Repeal. You would think that he is the one who signed it into law in the first place.

    The “Left” hated the partisan nature of GWB, but now they demand that President Obama be partisan, and if he isn’t he is labeled weak.

    What a bunch of wussies. Just keep your head up BWD and keep doing what you do.

  6. Your feelings are my feelings. I live in the South and really do think that so much is racist. However the fact that the GOP controls the message via FOx news, etc is a testimony to how important a free and accurate press is for a democracy. I am afraid that their campaign of hate and lies is taking down is presidency. He could walk on water tomorrow, bring peace to the middle east, put a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage and it won’t do any good. Your site is so important to speaking out. We can’t be quiet.

  7. We have to stop these whining liberals(who never like prez Obama-they were either Edward’s, Clinton’s or Nader or Kusinich supporters)Howard dean is jelous and bitter too. So, we must tell obama supporters on OFA to invade and comment and blog at Dailykos and Huffington post. We are in the majority, the whinners have the blogs and the influence.

  8. Might I say relax. A little historical perspective. At the same time in his Presidency Ronald Reagan was under heavy attack by the right and there was serious talk of a primary. How did that go?

    The FDLers and the DKos crowd are in full rage over the tax cuts. This too shall pass. Well maybe not for the FDL crowd they have been in full rage since he got elected 🙂 I stopped going there the day they thought holding hands with Grover Norquist was a good idea.

    I am paying little attention to those who really have no clue or who think they look politically smart by bashing Obama.

  9. Think of it this way its a lot of people who will regret their comments and every time someones trash him. Notice how he comes out on top. I can’t turn my back on him. Its something about this president thats special.

  10. Yesterday Jane Hamsher came out to extend all tax cuts rich and middle class. you don;t here a fans write a diary about that.

  11. Hi BWD
    There certainly times when I share every one of your feelings. But you know the press has done this country an enormous disservice. But I think the explosion on the net is the same thing. A few people with time on their hands can post a lot of garbage, on a lot of sites, using many different handles and trying to do as much damage as possible. I actually believe President Obama was sent to us at this time of peril. I think he has unbelievable grace and a “spine of steel”. I think that is what makes his enemies so angry. They are afraid that they will look up and he will have won again. Too bad for them. My confidence in this man is supreme.
    Take care of YOU!

  12. It’s totally crazy. And i was just thinking that they’re willing to throw DADT, the START treat and the Dream Act to the garbage, over fucking tax cuts for 2% of the country.

  13. I just read that KOS is now plotting a strategy to “paint the President as Republican” so that the “liberal” base will turn against him.

    I am part of his base dammit and I am a “no label” supporter. Liberal seems like the new Obstructionist party these days, or are there really just a bunch of “trolls” posting as liberals there?

    I have never frequented that site in the past with the exception of viewing BWD’s diaries, so that’s why I am asking.

  14. As a keen student of US history, this is nothing new, and some of the dirtiest tactics and things said of sitting presidents is not a recent phenomenon. The shrillest, most sensationalist voices are always heard the loudest, but somehow reality gets in the way when it comes to voting, when most electors base their decisions on results, not dogma.

    So I believe it will be in 2012. It will be tough, but most ordinary, hard working folks don’t have time for ideological-purity navel-gazing armchair generals. Obama will be one of the greatest two-term presidents this country has seen, and he will have taken it from the brink and set it on a new long-term prosperous course.

    One word of advice, if I may, BWD? It must feel liberating to be freed from the slugfest in that other place. But spare your fire: don’t forget who the real “enemy” (not a word I really like to use) is; one day soon we will need to coalesce with liberals of all stripes; and finally, it’s simply not worth it.

    Just keep doing what you do best, you’re an inspiration to us all, and set us on a course for action, not words.

  15. I go out of habit to some sites and agree that it is way out of control. I feel like the movie “Mr Smith goes to Washington” is happening before our eyes. they make up stuff and imagine what is happening and get more and more up in arms. Who is the ideal candidate? Dean? What do people want?

  16. I find it actually somewhat amusing that certain people are letting their true colors show after the years of claiming to be unbiased and above the fray.

    Once they say that bizarre hateful stuff there is no walking it back and as soon as this tantrum of the day is over they will be the ones looking really foolish.

    That is my humble opinion.

  17. Or fight back. As the head Judge of the Worst Diary Contest I can say we have had our hands full lately.

    The latest entry today went so far as quoting Sen. Lindsey Graham on how Feingold could primary Obama. When they start quoting Republicans to push an idea the shark has been thoroughly jumped!

  18. I’m a vet of DKos. I predict he and FDL will soon announce an alliance with the Teabaggers to bring down POTUS.

    WE need to keep focussed on the 85% Dems/Libs that are the real base. It is much easier for me to do so, since I blocked DK from my computers.

    There probably ARE trolls out there, but some of the haters I remember from six years ago. They are just assholes (sorry, BWD).

  19. Don’t cry bwd, those of us who reside in the real world know what an exceptional job this man is doing.

  20. BWD, if you read that stuff it will make you physically ill. Please stop doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome.

    Your blog is a wonderful place for information and sanity, we need you to remain well. Comments and article written that cause pain to others are intentionally so don’t be tempted. if you are tempted to read exit quickly when it becomes upsetting. Peace

  21. Here’s something to cheer you up. After I posted on Facebook your earlier post about the the improving economy – an influential clergyman I know with thousands of FB friends proceeded to post each of your links (w/in that post) separately on his wall. For his audience, the original links will carry more weight than a link to your site, but he knows about them because of your work … *much* appreciated!


  22. Bwd, I don’t know if you read what I just read when you talk of crying.. I just read the top rec listed diary: A Dangerous President.

    I have read diaries, articles, comments that have made me sick, made me sad, made me furious… today I’m reading stuff that for the first time makes me afraid for this president. We have folks on the crazy left and on the crazy right, I emphasize crazy.. calling this President “dangerous”.. over and over and over.. and while reading that and the comments today- reading about people thinking so upside down and twisted is beyond my ability to fanthom anymore.

    How long until the media is repeating this.. day in/day out? How long until its bold in headlines across the country- President Obama is dangerous?? Oh its been said by the teabaggers.. and the crazy Steve King and his racist ilk.. how much more needs to be done by the crazed left to undermine this president? When do we fight back against their rhetoric, their staging of what they’re hoping to happen next? And now that they’ve all agreed he is ‘dangerous’.. and they’ve jumped from “primarying him”.. to “throwing him out of office/ forcing him to resign”… someone tell me what is next on their list? What comes next? I am real sick of the noise in this country.
    And damn right it is racism, glowing red hot by the loudest bigots in this country in a non-stop battle of who can say and demand the most extreme kind of crap of this President.

  23. You’re not alone. I shake my head and cry every day. We are so fortunate to have this man as President–I truly can’t understand all the hate.

  24. Oh honey. You’re not alone. I’m still over there because of the community diaries.

    When I veture out of the community diaries it’s like walking into a Swiftian world where down is up and up is down.

    There’s something pathological going on, where the anger and frustration just feeds on itself.

    Nothing, absolutely nothing good will come out of it.

    There’s still some good people there. What I’ve found interesting is that some folks who have criticized on policy issues are taking issue with the level of insults and rhetoric.

    Please have a hug from me, take a deep breath and hang in there.

    We know what is up and what’s down. We’ll make it through.


  25. Hang in there BWD. The screamers are loud and nasty but they still only get one vote each. There are more of us than there are of them.

    It’s just like high school. The better he is, the more people try to pull him down to their level.

    We appreciate your work SOOOOO much.

  26. I’ve been following the downhill progression of that site for a while now, wondering when it would finally reached the absolute bottom. I think today is that day for me. So now not only is Obama “weak” and a “failure” he’s a Republican in disguise. Maybe someone should tell the Rebublicans that. LOL! I had to use the term “jump the shark” cause it;s been overused, but that’s the only way to describe what is going on over there. It’s sad and funny at the same time. Don’t let it cause you despair, just keep up the good fight in trying to stay reality based.

  27. Please don’t cry, BWD.

    You have created a miracle here, a community within one week. Obama knows he is deeply loved by many. THE SS will do their job.

    I have never hated Kos and those people more, and I realize this is an unhealthy attitude on my part, but just had to write it. It will pass. They deserve NO activated neorons from me.

    OTOH – love YOU all. Cyber group hug, friends.

  28. No, it’s just the way it it. If there’s no deal on the tax issue within few days, there will be no time to vote on any other item.

    What’s more important, repealing DADT or the taxes of 2% of the country? START or the taxes of 2% of the country? The Dream Act or the taxes of 2% of the country?

    It’s madness. Bunch of crazy fanatics.

  29. I stopped by, read the diary titles and quickly exited. Reading your description, I’m glad I didn’t read any of those diaries. There is no reasoning with people when there is that degree of extremity and I won’t waste my energy.

    I’m just glad BWD has statrted this blog.

  30. Yes, that’s something we need to remind ourselves of daily ACD, 85% of us support him. And here’s a question for the so called “progressive” blogosphere and Professional Left, how did all those primaries for the more “progressive” candidates you promoted turn out? Oh yeah I forgot most of them didn’t happen.

  31. Haters are always gonna hate. I’m so over all of them.

    I think the silver lining of all this vitriol being flung about on the “progressive” nets is that thoughtful liberals and moderates are finally getting fed up and are fighting back. It’s no coincidence that more than a few of the new blogs that have sprung up (WSY, People’s View, Blue Wave News, POV, your blog) were founded by people who were part of larger communities (Kos, Huffington, Jack and Jill) but rebelled against the constant Obama bashing. The traffic at these new communities are proving that people are starving for informed political discussion and strategies to mobilize to help the President fulfill his agenda.

    Leave the haters to outdo each other into irrelevance. We have grown folks’ business to attend to.

    P.S. I hope once the dust settles a bit you can get some crossposts going at WSY. It was great having you over there.

  32. BWD, that’s exactly how I felt today. I am in just disbelief at the actions of the so-called left. They are worse than the republicans. This president has literally put his life on the line for these fools, the economy is recovering and more good news is on the way.

    Yet they reward him with threats and the most vile name calling.

    My heart breaks at all of it. And I wish I could in some way reach out to him.

    I think I will send a note with a link to your diary to the White House.

  33. Do you have a link to that?

    Given the amount of commenters who are spreading the President is a Republican/Hoover/right of Reagan meme it fits.

    I ability to trust kos diminished after I learned he was in a business relationship with FDL.

  34. I’m glad she has also, one of the smartest things that she could have done. and I’m extremely glad to see how many support it and recognize the worth of it.

  35. Agreeing with you all the way sherijr.

    I’m absolutely stunned that a diary with that title is on the rec list.

  36. Stay strong BWD, please stay strong! These people have loud voices but there are so many out here who don’t agree with all the vitriol.

    A lot of us are working right out here every day in our own communities. A lot of the crap you read here on the internet is not what many are thinking who live and work every day with no time for the gross stupidity you read on the internet and elsewhere.

    Take heart, BWD there are way more with you than there are against you.

  37. Daily Kos was a thread of sanity for me during the previous regime. It was the first political blog I had ever read, and at the time it was a revelation. Now it reminds me of Speakers’ Corner in London where every random person with an axe to grind gets up on his soapbox (literally) and has his few moments of fame. Of course, the point of Speakers’ Corner is that no-one who listens actually acts on what they say; they’re an amusement for the tourists. I’ve peeked into DK now and then for the past couple of days and it just seems as if the wrecked diarists are just trying to outdo each other with the crazy. They get on their soapboxes because hey, it’s easy, and no-one knows who they are anyway. For my sanity, I now try to avoid DK as much as I can.

  38. Hey onomastic.. it has passed bizarre I think. I want them so badly to just self combust, to fail miserably in their hate, I just can’t give folks over there the benefit of the doubt anymore. The problem I concern myself is how it spreads.

  39. I hope so too. Which is why I don’t believe the folks who keep going to these sites to “fight the good fight” is the right thing to do. Let these sites run off more and more with their non-stop outrage. Eventually they’ll burn themselves out.

    They’re screaming louder and louder because nobody is listening to them. It’s a tember tantrum because they want attention.

    The White House and Dems have made the decision that the fringe left cannot be counted on, so they’ll appeal to the folks in the middle. Looking at the raw numbers, every vote you take from the middle is a net +2, because you’re taking the vote away from going Republican as well as adding it yourself. Catering to the lunatic fringe left only gets you +1, and you’ll probably end up a net negative because you’ll lose so many in the middle to get that one vote from the far left that will never be there because they’ll always have another make or break outrage of the moment for which they’ll threaten to withhold their vote unless you give them exactly what they want.

  40. I don’t have a link. I was going off of a comment one of my friends on OFA made when asking how she could “delete” her account there because of it.

    I did venture over there and see a blog titled “Dangerous President,” but I don’t know if that was it or not. Like I said, that has never been a site for me. Dang I thought Huff and Puff had gotten bad, but Kos is like reading a Tea Party blog.

    I just wish that Democratic Senators and Congress People would stop all activities there.

  41. Having spent all their blog capital, they are now name calling and threatening to leave the Democratic party. Ever have kids? Ever told them no? They throw tantrums and threaten to run away from home. As a parent,you feel bad and want to cry after all you’ve done for them but you stick to what you know is right.

    This to shall pass. Most of us still love and support The Prez!

  42. That is good news Aquagranny.. I’m not able to get out much, so what you write certainly makes me feel better. Thank you.

  43. Good to know there are other sane blogs out there. I don’t suppose you have links to them. Now with DKos mostly off my daily reading schedule, I need to fill my list.

  44. Want to know what we could do – get the list of all the NN2010 politicians and start sending them front page and recc’d list diaries from these “progressive” sites to show these politicians exactly what they are and maybe keep them away from NN2011.

    Ask them if those type of diaries are what they are supporting with their attendence to NN.

    Would Al Franken really agree with what they’re writing? NN2011 is in his backyard next year.

  45. Good comment. As I mentioned here a couple days ago, I have had disagreements on some policy decisions, but I also know that there is no way I could predict what I would do if I had to face the reality that each morning brings. And there is a big difference between judging actions and the person behind the actions. My support for our President is not compromised by my disagreements. I have been a follower of DK for year, and will still go there because there are some front pagers who maintain some sanity and some diarists that do so aw well. But I think this is my new home for emotional support.

  46. I just visted DKOs see was they talking about the house passing the middle class tax cut. They were talking about in fact, the front page was House passes tax cut for middle class. Then it back to neagtive again with Obama caving to tax cut. They went by what Gibbs said and the Huffington Post. Yes, that Huffington Post. The frontpager diariast and some commenters on DKOD really needs to wake the fuck up.

  47. Wow, that’s an excellent analysis SR, re:the numbers for the middle and the left especially this part:

    “you’ll lose so many in the middle to get that one vote from the far left that will never be there because they’ll always have another make or break outrage of the moment for which they’ll threaten to withhold their vote unless you give them exactly what they want.”

    Hadn’t ever looked at it that way.

  48. I agree with you, SR. And I want to see their traffic numbers go down. If the Community types ever decide to move, that will really put a dent in it. I know some of these lovely people cannot tolerate the hate. Some (the Gay pet lovers) are in accord woth Kos. That is actually why I backed out out of the Comm diaries. It was awkward. If I hear of someone in need, I’ll crank up Mr Paypal, but log onto that place – nunca!)

    There is no “good fight” – we have “lost”. But lost what? Bragging rights on an irrelevant BLOG? Too dumb.

  49. That’s what I’m thinking as well, Aquagranny!

    Seriously folks, we read the few at the blogs who have become the caricatures of liberals painted by the GOP. The many who voted for him are still standing behind Obama.

    It’s just that on the blogs the loud and obnoxious have all become the epitome of stoopid. I’ve never seen such a bunch of immature adults. See Obama brushing his shoulders off… he gets that there are radicals on the left and he’s not getting riled up like we do because he’s seen this, read this, talked with these kinds of people and he knows they are powerless and ignorant of facts.

    I’ve been sick to my stomach for days because like BWD I despise the meanness perpetrated by these idiots, especially when they meanly castigate the best President we have had in decades, but it’s better to just take time out from that negativity. I think when we go there we fan the flames. They are more bent on intimidation and fighting “O’bots” than they are about doing anything positive for this nation. I almost don’t think it’s even about Obama, but a gang-fight that gives them their high. Adrenaline high from hate. Go figure.

    Look, count the number of people who Rec the ugly diaries, look at long threads and see the same people repeating posts throughout, and compare to other diaries with the same *hit. It’s the same people, over and over. Rabble-rousers. They have no power except among themselves.

    We have to stay strong and keep our wits about us for our President. The people I know in my neck of the woods don’t even bother with blogs. They are busy living adult lives, and they would consider these conversations on the blogs a HUGE waste of time, if not abhorrent.

  50. I’ve been turning my friends and family on to alternative blogs such as this and others. I personally stopped going over to DK and Huffington to mix it up, I mean why should I put a dime in Ariana’s pockets by cliicking on her articles.

  51. YES! The word is pathological!

    “There’s something pathological going on, where the anger and frustration just feeds on itself.”

    In all my years I have never seen such as this. This is one aspect of the internet I don’t like. Anonymous people acting like idiots. Would any one of them act this way in a group meeting, face-to-face?

    Don’t answer that. lol!

  52. Keep the faith! Love conquers hate eventually. I love your blog. And I know there are tens of millions out there who believe in Obama as strongly as you do. They just don’t have a media megaphone.

  53. Sadly, my thoughts as well Sherijr. That diary in particular did me in. 😦

    More reason that I’m staying out of there so I can get my energy back. It’s toxic beyond belief.

  54. Hi BWD,

    Sorry you are feeling so depressed. I know exactly how you feel.

    Here’s some good news to cheer you up:

    From the Associated Press:

    Congress sends child nutrition bill to Obama

    WASHINGTON – More children would eat lunches and dinners at school under legislation passed Thursday by the House and sent to the president, part of first lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to end childhood hunger and fight childhood obesity.

    The $4.5 billion bill approved by the House 264-157 would expand a program that provides full meals after school to all 50 states. It would also try to cut down on greasy foods and extra calories by giving the government power to decide what kinds of foods may be sold in vending machines and lunch lines.

    The first lady said in a statement after the vote that she was “thrilled” about House passage. She called the bill “a groundbreaking piece of bipartisan legislation that will significantly improve the quality of meals that children receive at school and will play an integral role in our efforts to combat childhood obesity.”

    The rest of the story is here:

  55. I think lots of people who recommend the diary you are talking about are from redstate. I just checked a few of them and they have no comments, only recommends. That’s what I think anyway.

  56. This is good:

    House Dems Pass Only Middle Class Tax Cut Bill.

    “Using a wily procedural maneuver to tie Republican hands, House Democrats managed to pass, by a vote of 234-188, legislation that will allow the Bush tax cuts benefiting only the wealthiest Americans to expire.”

    It’s hard to see a good man, a decent and strong man get slapped around by such outrageous ignorance, out-right lies and hate. But, BWD, what you are doing is a masterful and courageous job holding up the good for all to see. You have shown a strong resolve when they tried to trivialize you with smears and bullying. I’m an old dykey tomboy and when that happens I don’t want to cry, I want to get out my six-guns, sawed-offs and armor, and smack some people upside the head! But that’s all keyboard bluster that means nothing in the real world of bloody politics.

    That is what we all need to do in as many ways and in as many forums as we can. It would be so great if we could encourage the DNC or whomever to take Al Giordano up on this advice:

    “Back in 2007, when I was reporting on the Obama campaign and its resurrection of community organizing as a political tool, I was very impressed with its “Camp Obama,” in which tens of thousands of mostly young people from every demographic in the US were trained in its fine but then forgotten arts. And I suggested to the big guns of Obama’s political organization – David Plouffe, David Axelrod, at the time Marshall Ganz – that they expand the concept to also start a kind of “Obama Media Camp” training program and form an army of independent video makers, reporters and communicators in all forms of media to construct a counterforce to the dominant media discourse. After all, its something we had already invented through The School of Authentic Journalism, it works, and if applied on a mass grassroots level, a political movement would no longer be dependent on or victim of the very different and often hostile operating procedures of commercial media. They were busy with other things, understandably, but I bet that, after today’s elections, they’ll wish they had done something like that.”

    Anyway, I no longer read the negative blogs. I only come here, to the Obamadiary, and other positive places. I cannot bear the slimey assaults of the few and phony progressives that seep like a virus into the consciousness of the body politic and will only come back to hurt us all at the voting booth. I don’t comment either, as it is almost impossible for me to rally my emotional energies to respond to misunderstanding. But I did want to say to you, if only this one time, that I have admired your work and steadfastness for a long time and wish you all the strength as I do our dear President.

  57. Hang in there. Here is a quote from someone the right wing evangelicals like. I wish they paid him more attention.

    “Tenacity is the supreme effort of a man refusing to believe that his hero is going to be conquered. The greatest fear a disciple has is not that he will be damned, but that Jesus Christ will be worsted, that the things he stood for–love and justice and forgiveness and kindness among men–will not win out in the end; the things He stands for look like will-o’-the-wisps. Then comes the call to spiritual tenacity, not to hang on and do nothing, but to work deliberately on the certainty that God is not going to be worsted.”

    -Oswald Chambers.

    And no, I don’t see Barack Obama as Jesus. But I do see him trying to walk that narrow path. Keep the faiths,

  58. Oh, dear, there is no edit button and my real name is showing in the post citing Al Giordano! Can we please remove it? Or just the post. Damn, you’d think I know how this stuff works already!

  59. Agree sherijr. It’s a mob mentality there now, with increasingly escalating rhetoric. I couldn’t believe that the top rec diary proclaims that President Obama is a “dangerous president”. I wondered where they go from there also. What’s dangerous is that kind of hateful proclamation. And the hate has spread to the front page also. I don’t know what in the world they could be thinking and what possible good they think could come from that kind of damaging accusation. It instills violence. We have so many nutjobs in this country. I wonder if they ever think about their message reaching someone imbalanced. It is inconceivable to me that I used to only about this with the wackies on the right, and now I’m hearing the same thing from the left. Just unbelievable.

  60. Kos opened that door himself. Blech. I wonder if even Mr Blades, who I’m no fan of, but is basically reasonable, will get to the point where he has had enough.

  61. Agreeing with you and sherijr.

    I’m finding myself wondering how I can get my friends in Mojo Friday out of there. They have no use for the “wreck list.” But they’re strong supporters of NFTT and Gulf Watchers as am I. IGTNT is also near and dear to my heart.

    I’m really at an impass. 😦

  62. Your “humble opinion” matters, based as it is on alot of wisdom that I’ve seen at work over the last year or so.

    I’ll go with it. 🙂

  63. Hey Kay- I agree wholeheartedly with all you said. this:

    They are more bent on intimidation and fighting “O’bots” than they are about doing anything positive for this nation. I almost don’t think it’s even about Obama, but a gang-fight that gives them their high. Adrenaline high from hate. Go figure.

    Exactly, I liken it to a mob.. I mean we see it in movies all the time.. people freaking out for the sake of the rush.. for the freak out, for the power they feel when they incite folks to agree with them. I tol Meteor Blades the other day that he ought to just lift any actual ‘monitoring’ he’s doing.. and let them have at it. Let them say all they really want to say.. and I expect that is exactly where they’re headed.

    But BUT.. we do have to remember as you and others pointed out here: that these are just blogs.. most folks do not go to blogs. I do not know one person, young old or in between that goes on blogs. nada. They listen to the snippets of news on drives in their car/ while cooking dinner- they get bits of info and occasionally read their paper- when time allows.

    Which is why imo, our real battle has to be with the media.. we can change the narrative to the reality that it is the republican congress that has stood in the way of change and progress for two years.. and we can continue to point at all of the progress POTUS and his administration are making in spite of continued republican obstruction. Its important folks know that it is repubs who’ve stopped them from unemployment benefits, from job growth.

    And I’m also in agreement that its time to let the likes of dailykos (with few community diary exceptions) fall down that rabbit hole they’ve decided to go down.. and not continue to try and be any sort of voice of reason in the midst of mob mindset. There is plenty we can do to support this president and our country and to help all of us progress, imo.

  64. I agree dabmd, I’ve been seeing them as spoiled brats for the past year or more.

    Things will be turning around and rather obviously and they’ll be patting themselves on the back for “straightening up” Obama.

    The best thing to do is keep doing what we have to do and slap them upside the head once in a while by a well-worded comment.

    Except it’s impossible to get through to them, isn’t it?

  65. BWD, I’m just glad you started this blog and deaniac started the ‘People’s View’. Check the poll’s, most people aren’t feeling like the ‘Tea Partiers’, Firebaggers or red, radical ‘Kossacks’. The sad part is they’re radicalism will make the Netroots seem extremist and thus ignorable (like the militia movement in the 90’s). The Republicans and christian right will start doing their culture war and ‘real American versus special interest groups (minorities, LGBT etc) thing again in January and ‘average American’ will remember why he votes Democrat or anything except Republican. Repubs, Tea Party and christian right can’t help themselves.

  66. I totally second that. The timing was just *perfect* for a new BWD blog, and the response attests to a ready-made audience willing to travel to read this writing.

  67. I fight with the trolls because they are getting paid to post and people don’t seem to grasp that. I will defend President Obama for free and with gust.

  68. And your thoughts are mine Dotster (nice to see you by the way 🙂 Because I believe that diary is a manipulation geared exactly to bring out the crazy, the whacked.. thats why my question is : what are you gonna come up with next dkos? After “Dangerous President who must be primaried or thown out of office” What comes after that? It doesn’t take an intellectual (of which few any longer seem to be available at dkos) to connect these dots. They’re playing with fire, and frankly I think that is the intent of some of the forces raging there now.

  69. The good news is that the Child Nutrition bill just passed in the House (already passed in Senate) and is on its way to President Obama for signature. The Repubs were trying to use some cockeyed ploys to stall this bill, not concerned about feeding hungry kids, but their despicable effort failed.
    The high school where my daughter teaches added a soup and salad bar to their cafeteria and it has proven very popular and has had a ripple effect, with increased interest in physical fitness. And the principal removed most of the junk food from the vending machines. Michelle reported to be thrilled with the passage of the bill. She has dedicated a lot of time and effort to educating the public about this need.

  70. Cheer up mama. I can imagine the crap comments you are privy to but what you are doing is so necessary and the haters that write crap are just disgusting losers. Forget them and let’s celebrate Mrs. O’s major and historical win today. *hugs*

    US House Passes First Lady Michelle Obama’s Historic Child Nutrition Legislation

    Landmark day for child health and food initiatives: President can now sign legislation into law; First Lady says she is thrilled and proud…
    In a statement released by the White House, First Lady Michelle Obama said she is “thrilled” that the US House of Representatives today passed the historic $4.5 billion Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act 2010.


  71. They are a lot of nuts over there BWD but you should post there anyway…just let the stupid comments flow off like water off a duck’s petootie….

  72. Sorry guy i was wrong about Jane Hamsher, i turned to fast because she irks me. What it was a slap a Nancy Pelosi for even bring it to a vote.She blamed Nancy Pelosi for messing up cap&trade. She stated she is doing the same wrong with the tax cut vote. Sorry i should have listened to the whole segment.

  73. What? Are you serious?

    So I’m sure there were countless diaries on DKos calling her a sellout and corporate wh0re, right?

  74. That’s such good news. The Republican’s really blew it on this one, with their attempt to block it.

    Even the blonde on the view was furious with them. 🙂

  75. I have been going to dailykos for a few years now. It use to be a place where one could actually learn something. Shortly after the President was elected, I began to notice a change. At one point I started to go there in order to ready BWD diaries. There is only so much negativity one can take. I’ve seen so-called progressives all up in arms over some of the rhetoric coming from the tea party/republicans only for them to turn around and spew some of the same hateful rhetoric. I saw them as hypocrites, until I learned that they aren’t democrats at all. They are republicans pretending to be democrats. I’m not suprised at Markos’ actions as he is doing what he and his republican peers do best. They are bullies, plain and simple. I worry about our President and our country. Funny how none of them were up in arms when Clinton signed NAFTA and DADT into law. Perception is everything and from where I’m sitting their behavior appears to some racist vibes. Not from all, but from many. I’m doing my best to stay away from that cesspool of negativity. Those that want to blame the President for not getting what they wanted should be focusing their attention on Congress. I’ve even seen some of the congress members have taken to blaming the President, instead of taking some responsibility.

  76. Oh, I thought you were talking about comments that you are monitoring on here. 🙂 I didn’t realize the stuff depressing you were from some other site. Girl those sites have long since jumped the shark. The huffposts, the dkos, the yahooo news, and others are all on some haterade, get nothing done bullsh*t. Don’t even give them anymore hits or at least to keep your stress level down don’t read the comments.

    I thank God everyday you have your own blog, I don’t even go to dkos anymore. I use to go there just to check if you posted a diary yet. 🙂

  77. I stopped going there the day they thought holding hands with Grover Norquist was a good idea.

    That was the moment I unsubscribed from her organization’s emails begging for donations.

    She disgusts me and everytime I see her on TV representing the progressive point of view, I want to throw up.

  78. She blamed Nancy Pelosi for messing up cap&trade. She stated she is doing the same wrong with the tax cut vote. Sorry i should have listened to the whole segment.

  79. correction about Jane Hamsher. She did’nt want Nancy Pelosit to bring it to a vote. i turned to fast.

  80. Dear Blackwaterdog,

    First, here’s a smile and a hug for you. I really appreciate your posts about the president and I’d rather read news about him and the first family via your posts than elsewhere.

    I agree with you that there’s so much hatred directed at Pres. Obama. The other day at a job interview, my two interviewers went on a diatribe against him, blaming him for everything bad that has happened since he got elected, blind to the fact that those problems started long before he was in office. Well, that’s ignorance. Pure and simple.

    Pres. Obama is doing an excellent job and will continue to do so regardless of the hatred etc. He is an extraordinary human being who has vision, leadership, courage and the skills required to steer the country and yes, the world, in the right direction at this time in history.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know you do a great job gathering real news about what this president is doing.

    Thank you so much!!!

  81. BWD, I was feeling completely hopeless yesterday having checked other places for “news.” Then I came here and smiled. I hope putting this together brings you joy because it is an island of serenity in this insanity. I was taught to read all sides of an issue to be fully informed. Sadly, I now go to places I once found to be havens of sanity for my opposing views and find them quite over the top.

  82. Hey sweetie,

    I’ve also been wondering about how we get out of there, without losing our ‘we.’

    I can’t even bear to check out the site this week. how is everyone doing? have you been checking in?

    loves to you~

  83. Not in my house they wouldn’t.

    I have no patience for the excuses for bad behavior on the internet.

    As I said to someone who used the old, “everyone does it crap,

    “No everyone does NOT do it. That’s a bogus argument.

    There are fellow human beings behind every post and fellow human beings reading every post. We’d do well to remember that.”

  84. I wonder if they would at the very least allow BWD to post her new space in her “About Me” section, because I’d imagine that you are not the only one who came to dkos only to read these pieces.

  85. My friends, if I seem to be ignoring your remarks to me, I’m not. I do not have “reply” in blue where I need them. Most of the posts here do not have a reply button to click on. ???

    Also, if anyone can direct me to the FAQs of this diary, how to post an Avatar, how to change settings for the calendar, or any other rules and regs to this diary, I’d appreciate it.

    Sorry to bother, again, about this.


  86. It’s past the point of being upsetting BWD, just have some laughs, first the rec list went, now a lot of the diaries are on constant Obama poutrage, and Kos himself and other parts of the front page. They’ll either get over it or burn out or become specialty blog.

  87. Ok… now I see Reply in blue under most everyone, but the one person who responded to one of my posts doesn’t have one so I can continue to talk.

    It seems to be random when I have a way to reply and when I don’t.

    ?? Funny that I can reply to myself. That’s good b’cuz I do find I talk to myself often. lol! 😀

  88. The behavior of FDL during HCR debate left a bad taste in my mouth. I stopped taking her seriously way before Senator Obama became POTUS

  89. Seems you can reply to everybody, but can’t reply to folks who reply to you. I guess it’s so blogs can’t turn into a long string of a conversation between two people.

  90. Or the third reply to a comment. So you can’t reply to people who’ve replied to your comment or reply to a third reply.

  91. what I learned the other day is that I could comment to the original commentor but not to the replies to that commentor. what you have to do is just reply to the original commentor.. there won’t be a reply to any of the reply comments, but any reply comment you make to the original comment falls in line under the other previous replies. It drove me kookoo for a while, but it seems to work.

    As to the avator.. it seems to me I just did it when I initially signed up here last week via the wordpress connection/ signup. Right now I show a ‘My Account’ button at the top left.. I believe you should be able to add an Avator via that. I’m lousy at this sort of thing.. I just start hitting links and buttons and hope for the best 😉

  92. Very disheartening diaries at DailyKos. Shame that the site is getting overrun by hatred of the President, whereas otherwise its members support worthy causes. It makes me wonder when this 2006 and 2008 party unity thing all came crashing down…

  93. Does anyone ever check the site stats over at the orange?

    I do occasionally and if I’m remembering right they used to get almost 1 million page views a day. They’re down to about 600,000 – that’s a 40% drop in the last year or so.

    Whole communities of people have stopped posting there – Morning Feature in addition to BWD. I imagine there will be more in the coming days/weeks.

    The sane people are leaving in bucket loads so its no surprise to me that the nastiness is getting louder.

  94. Good point, SR. The Prez has found them as thin reeds (the same view Bill Clinton had) and worse, bad-faith actors (for heavenske, they were privileged to meet with him just last month) and has probably decided to tune them out. Hence, all the poutrage from the professional left.

    Dkos became an initial success because of the shrewd move to give the right hand side to the people. Now the same move will push it into irrelevancy given the shrill & ugly calls everyday . Personally, I think feingold and grayson lost because of dkos progressive (and both of them are not my cuppa tea). And yet their hubris is stunningly funny. I don’t think any dem, progressive or not, will seek nutroots’ endorsement anymore.

  95. Does anyone know where Morning Feature went? I used to lurk from time to time and they were so sharp and snarkilicious.

  96. Wow, have not seen you in a while NL- Hello 🙂 and I believe you on those statistics, which warms me a bit in that obviously people are far more sensible than I’ve been giving them credit for lately. thanks for that info.

  97. Hang in there BWD-it is mostly noise. There are lots of us out here who depend on you for the light thr the dark

  98. Hi Kay,

    I’m far from an expert on this, and I had all the same questions. To get an avatar, I had to sign up for an account and blog with WordPress and uploaded my avatar image through a site called Grvitar, which I think I got to by clicking on someone else’s image. I was muddling my way through it and may not have found the best way, but it worked.

    I don’t know that I’ll ever use the WordPress blog, probably not, but once I signed up, I was able to see how the site settings work and one of them is a setting for how may nesting levels deep to allow comments threads. So my guess is that once the limit is reached on a given thread, the reply link goes away from the last post so no more comments can be added.

    It can be frustrating but one solution is to post @username at the beginning of a new comment to indicate who you’re replying to if you can’t add on to the comment itself. I’ve seen that on other sites. It’s not perfect but it works. Hope this helps!

  99. Never, Ever listen to naysayers!

    Discontent fills vacuums – but does not deliver solutions…

    Clearly, President Obama exemplifies courage:

    Courage means to keep working a relationship, to continue seeking solutions to difficult problems, and to stay focused during stressful periods.

    Reflecting his example, we cannot strive to do less…

    Thank you for YOU!


  100. Saved me a task, NL. I wanted sooo badly to check the traffic, but hated to go there. I was wondering if it had gone down. I am thrilled.

  101. How uncomfortable and unprofessional for them to have put you in such a position during the interview. I’ve learned that when it comes to Obama, some folks cannot clear their brains and behave rationally. Its awful and weird, but it has become insightful too. When I went to the VA (400mi away) a few months back.. the guy that distributes our travel pay is a moron and obnoxious just in regular terms.. but then he got started on “obamacare”.. and was so full of bs- I told him so- its my VA too and I felt like he had a lot of nerve working as a government employee and trashing my President in Republican terminology to me – a vet. Anyway, I reported him for politicizing my medical appointment at the VA.. and I was informed the guy was at least told to knock it off.

    And yes, let me add my hugs to you Bwd.. together we are very strong- and you are a voice in the room that has multiplied the voices in the room many fold in recent months.

  102. Nice to see you, durrati, but I respectfully disagree with her posting there. It would be like a tacit sanction of that blog – that yes, it’s important. I believe it is not. And I quite juvenilely want to see their traffic plummet.

  103. Hey sherijr – always good to see you.

    As there are fewer people over there to provide a check on the crazy, it will just get worse. So the heightened level of pathological doesn’t surprise me at all.

    One other group that left…the Blue Wave News folks. I see that BWD has their place on the blogroll in case anyone wants to visit.

    It strikes me that sharing links to sane places might be one of the ways we can support their efforts and also find more interesting places to visit ourselves.

    I’m writing more at my own place – Smartypants – which is linked in my screen name over there on the left.

  104. Nice to meet you, Frances. I’d like to go all Medieval on their asses – crossbows, swords, daggers… 🙂

  105. There’s a great quote of the president’s favorite words of advice when he was working as a community organizer in Chicago in the new book, Young Mr. Obama: “Stay focused. If everyone around you is acting the fool, screaming and hollering, you stay focused.” so let’s ignore the fools and keep getting the word out, making calls, supporting one another.

  106. LOL. saint russ, who voted against gitmo closure and who couldn’t hold his own seat, is their ‘progressive’ candidate ? Teh reality based community.

  107. President Obama will triumph and so will America!

    Do not be be distracted by the ugly chatter or the attempts to throw you off –

    Let’s stay focused – It is well!

  108. The most endlessly hilarious thing over there right now is the continuing rage of a certain FP’er who wasted god knows how many hours wailing and crying over the “catfood commission”, and is now starting a new streak of wailing and crying over its demise, because now people are aware that there are folks who want to cut SS, and who they are, and we know that people don’t want that ish, and they all wasted their time spinning their wheels over this, and there won’t be a vote in congress, and it’s ALL OBAMA’S FAULT!!!111!!! OUTRAGE SMASH!

    Anyhoo, just read this comment over at BJ about the fact that the WH is still trying to get stuff done.

    They’re trying to negotiate for additional stuff that actually benefits working people, like tax credits for students and extending the tax cut from the stimulus. Typical sellout stuff.

    Great quote from BJ about people’s perceptions. I’m still unsure how we handle language around here, so editing for content:

    [blockquote]You wanted Malcolm X, and you got Jackie Robinson, but without Jackie Robinson there would be no Malcolm X. Deal the f*** with it.[/blockquote]


  109. Dearest blackwaterdog, I honestly believe that all this hatred is because HE’S GETTING REAL THINGS DONE FOR THIS COUNTRY. He’s scaring the shit out of the haters. They’re TERRIFIED that he’s showing the world that he’s a spectacular leader. Let’s stay together and bolster each other against the non-stop onslaught from the haters. Your work is SPECTACULAR and we NEED YOU. Hold your head high because you (and our fantastic president) are doing the RIGHT THING, AGAINST ALL ODDS!!!

    I’m with you all the way, bwd! You’re my hero!!! Keep hope alive!!!

  110. Success has many parents but failure is an orphan, lol.

    Things will be turning around and rather obviously and they’ll be patting themselves on the back for “straightening up” Obama.


    There was a fabulous insight posted at weeseeyou yesterday:

    In school there’s always that kid {POTUS} that is targeted by the bully {the GOP}.

    The other kids sit on the sidelines cheering for whoever is the strongest {netroots}.

    When the bully torments the kid, the other kids cheer on the bully.

    When the kid kicks the bully’s ass, the other kids cheer on the kid.

    YOU are the sideline kids. Think about it.

    I thought that this insight was beyond sharp.

  111. I really think that it is because during the Bush years, he declared that we’re either with him or against him. So we were really all on the same page, against the policies of Bush. Now, POTUS is trying to move politics beyond that either/or and into the world of nuance. I think that so many people just cannot transition; either POTUS delivered perfectly or is a sellout with no balance or “this was great; this was good; this was not so great; I disagree completely with this other decision.”

  112. You’re right about communities quitting dkos. Morning feature is one I liked very much for some good writing and now it’s gone after the elections. Wonder if crissie has her own blog now.

  113. This morning, I deleted GOS from my bookmarks. I’m done. After almost five years. It’s been taken over by righties and they’ve fouled the place, as far as I’m concerned. I stuck around a bit longer to tweak ’em, but now it’s just too disgusting and demoralizing. It’s shameful, IMHO. DKos is OVER for those of us on the left. By design. They should have actually taken control of the rhetoric to protect it, but no such luck. It’s imploding by the designs of Karl Rove. It was too powerful. Now, we have to build up sites like this to take it’s place.

    Send a link to this site to EVERYONE! That’s what I do! 🙂

  114. Well said. Was in a “Can’t we get along” diary a couple weeks ago. It got blown to hell right out the gate by the second comment.

    I tried polite questions and asking for clarification. Tried to be respectful, intelligent and considerate. Use a sense of homor. You know – do a President Obama. After hours of hitting the wall with some folks, my brain finally went –

    “I’m about to send a few people to their rooms, for their own safety! This is insane and THIS is relatively nothing. How the hell does the President do it? He’s dealing with Republicans, Blue Dogs, Corporate interests, Foreign interests, regular folks, the lunatic fringe on the left and the right, the incessent hungry maw of the media, ..[feel free to insert a visual of The Scream here]…Eek!”

    It was a microcosm lesson on what he’s dealing with ALL THE TIME.

    Blew my mind anyway.

  115. Yes I’ve been so heartened by the list of other blogs here on bwd’s site.. have been checking them all out- went to Norbrook’s blog today- he had an excellent rant up. I will happily check yours out too, thank you 🙂

  116. BEFORE Barack Hussein Obama became America’s first melanin-enhanced President, over two years ago, I had a few friendly debates with the esteemed Al Giordano. I was wondering why he had so much anger toward some of the aforementioned poutragers, and he was wondering why I ever spent time at some of those places.

    I used the usual lines about the importance of having pressure from the Left and so on. Al would keep telling me – again, this is 2008 – “Man, you’re wasting your time over there. It doesn’t matter how much Obama will do or the positive effects of him becoming President. For a variety of reasons, they will never be pleased with this man. They should be mocked and discredited at every turn. They are quite literally either nuts, or hiding more nefarious agendas. I’ve seen this over and over again through the years.” Or words to this effect….

    Took me a year or so to really realize that Al was spot on. In pure good faith, I’d spend hours and hours attempting to have constructive debates in comments sections, only to called an O-bot at the end (I prefer Obamatron) countless times, no matter how detailed or well-reasoned my arguments would be. I’d type out incredibly long comments with all kinds of support with links and such, and it was clear people weren’t reading them or paying any attention to them whatsoever, other than to look for things to mock out of them.

    We’re clearly hitting some sort of critical mass in the message games right now, and that’s why its so important people like BWD stay active, and I hope many readers here will follow the lead of BWD and either start their own blogs with their own unique takes, or help alter public discourse in any way they can. Onward and upward, y’all, and remember this whenever you’re at a crossroads…WWOD (What Would Obama Do)!

  117. I agree. I think the rhetoric is more about effectiveness. President Obama is actually getting things done. And there’s no personal drama to amp up (no Whitewater, no Vince Foster).

  118. I am so grateful for this place. I need to stop spending time in the orange place: I swear, the atmosphere there is so toxic right now it’s truly self destructive to be there much at all. I can admit to being baffled over many apparent moves Obama is or is not making right now, but then I have the common sense to factor in what he’s up against at the same time. The man needs all the positive support and energy we can muster right now and it’s good to be among others who feel that way too.

  119. That commission was toothless from the start! Seriously, why work oneself up over a commission which has no power?? The point is, when the GOP mouths vague platitudes about “cut spending; we must cut the spending,” let’s go there in terms of what they *really* mean: cutting SS and Medicare. Point blank. As we can see, the GOP is not even on the same page wrt the earmark fetish.

    Bottom line is that the best manner of addressing the deficit is to continue to rebuild the economy. All of the “catfood commission” is just people getting led by the nose by sensationalists in the new media with their catchy sloganeering and soundbites. There was no need for all of that energy going towards angst.

  120. kini – love right back to you honey.

    Just left you a phone message and yes I’ve been checking in. 🙂

    Hope you find this. There wasn’t a “reply” button for your comment.

  121. Al knows a helluva lot about what REALLY goes on in the blogworld. Whatever he told you, my bet is, it is 100% accurate.

    Thank you for an interesting post. I believe MB is the genuine article. Will he stick it out over there. He is so damned biased by types he equates with the straight up radical types from the sixties. But these “actvists” are poseurs.

    Kos, I think is an entrepreneur. He’ll go where the spotlight is. I also think he is a weenie. Also.

  122. My theory as well, LLL. They are threatened.

    Deleting DK from my bookmarks wasn’t enough for me. I actually had to block the site from my computer until the habit was broken.

  123. I just un-bookmarked Fire-dKOS-lake and took them off my iPhone. It’s Christmas time in the White House and I need BWD this time of year!

  124. BWD, try to stay away from DKOS and similar sites. I know – old habits die hard but I’m paying much less attention to DKOS and expect that it will vanish entirely from my daily routine just as HuffPo and Keith Olbermann did some time ago. It helps a lot that you have created this site – perhaps other simpatico sites will spring up as well.

    There never was a good reason for us to allow a person like Markos Moulitsas to set the tone for the progressive community. He’s an admitted “former” Republican – he has surrounded himself with yes-(wo)men in the form of those FPers who are doing everything they can to stoke the hatred/racism on their site on a non-stop basis. His rise was just a product of the accident of his creating a user friendly website geared toward progressives at just the right time in history. He is not insightful, and his TV performances are laughably bad (he is inarticulate and wishy-washy). There is no reason why his site cannot dry up and vanish over time or perhaps become a small nesting place for the certifiably insane (that’s what I thought when I mistakenly ventured there earlier today).

    It’s on us to find other places to talk and not to be captive to the forces of darkness that populate that site and others like it. I don’t know whether they are just crazies or whether they are wolves in sheep’s clothing (or a combination of the two!!) but I know that they are not worth our time. They provide very little in the way of hard information and tend to repeat the same things in the most tedious fashion. Really, there is no reason to spend time there other than old habits!!!

    Our superb president deserves our support in these most difficult times. And it is more about us than it is about him. Not too be hyperbolic, but the future of our country and the world depends to a significant degree on his success on tackling the many frightening challenges facing us (Where to start??).

    That doesn’t mean that we should shrink from criticizing his tactics or policy choices but there is a way to do that without descending into the counter-productive madness that seems to have consumed big chunks of the Intertubes (are they really interested in solutions??). One has to wonder where those who profit from this manipulation think that this insane jaunt through the electronic world is headed. But I do know that I do not wish to be a part of their world any longer or to contribute to their profits by giving them “views” and “clicks.”

  125. Sounds like you and I have followed a similar path.

    Strange how information rich comments with quotes and links are ignored, isn’t it?

    Went through that time and time again during the HCR “debate.

    Found myself doing more of the same lately, the latest on the recent International Whaling Commission meeting and the attempts to get commerical whaling countries to the table.

    The President was being accused of supporting whale killing. People were freaked and upset, so I jumped in, horrified by the whole thing.

    So naturally I ended up accused of being for commercial whaling.

    It was all BS and I had the facts to back me up. What did I get? Crickets.

    Al was and is right, as usual. He’s had my respect for a long time and I’m very glad you shared what he said with us tonight.

    Thank you

  126. Is that unique page views or counts regulars who check in 5-6 times a day? They’re up over 300K registered members, but it seems over half are spammer accounts and there is maybe a couple hundred people who post regularly.

  127. I agree with you BWD. I too hate the bashing. I have almost completely isolated myself from Progressive Radio and TV. Atleast I turn it off when the negativity starts in on PBO.

    I was in my car and turned the radio on and Ed Schultz was on. I hadn’t listened to him for so long and found he still is incredibly uninformed. He keeps acting like PBO is totally naive and letting the Left down. He mentioned that someone in a meeting with the President said PBO is a Blue Dog Dem. I keep saying if the media did their homework there wouldn’t be such a big surprise at seeing PBO giving credit to both parties. I wouldn’t go so far as to say he is a Blue Dog Dem but he does believe both parties have relevent points. He is closer to the middle than to the Left.

  128. Its unique page views as far as I understand.

    I’d suggest that a large number of those 300K are folks who have accounts but have quit spending much time there. There’s all that silliness about how you can never delete your account.

  129. I LOVE Al’s perspective – if for no other reason than he puts a lie to the idea that those who support Obama are all “centrists.”

    I know he’s busy with important things, but I do miss him writing about US politics lately.

  130. Ah, finally figured out how to sign in again.

    Know what you mean about the so-called “progressives” and their blogs. I’ve stopped giving most of them page views. The other day I tried to go into DKos but couldn’t get in because I had adblock active. It used to be that they’d give you a bunch of shit for that and make the pages and comments difficult to read. Guess their revenue stream is down.

    I do go there to check on my hotlisted folks to give them some support. I think most will be driven away soon, though.

    The interesting thing for me on the “progressive” blogs is how badly they lose. I think that’s a major part of their problem, depression from being wrong about so many things.

    It isn’t that what they would LIKE to have happen would not be good. It is just that they think that the rest of the country HAS to agree with them because what they say is so “logical”, except that a lot of times it isn’t.

    Well I don’t have time to continue this right now. I’d give a lot of examples if I had more time. But I have to leave tomorrow for a two week trip that involves eight days of travel. So I’ll have to say goodbye for now.

    Glad to be able to come here.

  131. Safe trip!

    I think they are getting even worse, because they see the handwriting on the wall – Obama is successful. They..ain’t.

  132. A Blue Dog Dem is where he needs to be to be re-elected. While the GOP primary will be racing to the right like Primaries always do, Obama can stake out the moderate middle.

    The thing with Obama is on the big publicity issues he is moderate looking for consensus, but on the lesser publicized issues he’s pretty damn progressive.

    On the big issues it’s important to be bi-partisan so the GOP has a stake in the success as well. It’s easy for the GOP tp demonize HCR and financial reforms because they didn’t have to supply any votes for it.

    With anything going forward needing seven republican votes in the Senate and pass the GOP majority House, the GOP will have a stake in it’s success and can’t “hope it fails”.

    The whole of the leftroots is less than one half of one percent of the population. It’s a cottage industry where former Republicans go to make money.

    I think Dem politicians give them way too much power, and I hope they learn from it. Politicians love positive feedback and the ATM aspect, but I think Giannoulias for one really got caught up in it thinking it was much more representative and influential than it is.

  133. Hear, hear.

    “I think Dem politicians give them way too much power, and I hope they learn from it.”

    But I think, from here onwards, the dem pols will ignore these howlers especially since they’ve now seen what sort of “influence” these crazies had in halter, grayson and feingold fiascoes.

  134. BWD, don’t let the b*****ds get you down, that’s what they’re trying to do to everyone, grind them in to the dirt with their endless hate and cynicism. F**k them.

    At best they’re keyboard warrior ideologues who haven’t a notion about real life and think the Presidency is a high-school project, at worst….well, we know the agenda.

    Remember that poll figure, 85% of liberal Democrats support the President – so this bunch just belong to the pathetic but noisy 15.

    Just don’t read their bile any more, just focus on all the good stuff: like the latest encouraging economic forecasts.

    Honest BWD, I understand why you are so down, but ignore the scumbags, let them wallow in their own hate.

    Love ya.

  135. I really hope i can do it too soon. At this point, they’re not useful even for the sheer news, because they don’t report on anything good done by the administration.

    Yesterday they totally ignored the new 7 years drilling ban. Couple of months ago, the BP thing was Obama’s Katrina, but now the environment is not that important to them anymore?

  136. An even better number – DK gets 600,000 unique hits a day. If my math serves me correct 600K/300M x 100 = 0.2% of the population.

  137. TO: Saint Roscoe, sherijr, raeofsunshine, amk for obamas (hope I didn’t miss anyone) … all who were kind and responded to my questions concerning maneuvering here, I thank you.

    sherijr, I don’t see a “My Account” button at top left here, so I assume you meant on wordpress.

    I will try to follow your advice and hope I can figure it out. I’m really computer stupid sometimes. THANKS!

    I won’t interrupt with anymore questions. If you notice I’m lost in space over here, please forgive me. lol!

  138. You put into words perfectly my thoughts on what has become of dKos. Except you used an analogy to London’s Speakers’ Corner and I was harking back to my early post-college days in NYC in the early 80s. I was intellectually curious and was interested in learning more about Marxism in action based on my study of Philosophy in college. I would hang with friends around Union Square … which was a far cry from NYC’s Union Square of today. Much more edgy!

    It was a Leftist hangout and I befriended a very sexy young radical who I was very smitten with and who talked me into going to a Socialist Worker Party meeting. It was an eye-opener. By the early 80s the Left was in complete disarray and I was shocked at the level of infighting and invective over the smallest of arguments, all of which were besides the point In Reagan’s America.

    I realized that no one in that room had any power outside that room. Hence the petty tyranny and bullying that I witnessed. I would venture to guess that many at dKos whose methods are the same and who have no real ideas on how to get what they desire actually done, are from that same tired group of lunatic fringe.

  139. I am too almost there, lulu. Still to overcome my urge for smackdowns of stupidity.

  140. Great post Chipsticks!

    Keep your head up BWD, stay positive, ignore them; I know that’s easier said then done which is why I don’t bother checking for some “news outlets”

    Love ya! 🙂

  141. I will only say that ‘agent orange’ holds onto each and every person who ever signed up–you can check in but can’t check out. It’s ever so amusing when they play with the “delete my bloody account” joke (ha, ha, tell it again commenters), but they use the “number” of “members” to justify the business interests of ‘agent orange,’ not to advance the political goals of the dems.
    They in no way represent my goals or interests anymore, but they keep me as a number. Sad. Sad for us all.

  142. Kay, if you’re talking about getting your own avatar, just click on your blank image, create an account at Gravatar and upload an image. The image has to be small, typically stamp size.

  143. Some people just can’t help being negative, it’s just who they are – just love to bitch.

    No president would be perfect enough for them. Being the president of the United States is not as black & white as they believe it to be. We have a GREAT president now but unfortunately they will never see it.

    Shake it off, put on some great music, do something fun and/or positive and be glad you’re not like that.

  144. He has a good Post up now on protections for journalism (the suit which he won) and wikileaks.

  145. I left as soon as BWD started this one. I left huffpo and still can’t get off their email list despite multiple emails and complaints to earthlink.

  146. I sadly say that I harped on the potential for this rancor within our ranks strangely in a diary I posted on Dkos in Sept of 2009, where I argued that there was a method to the madness of the teabagger phenomenon. It was intended run us out of the public square and turns us against each other. Permit me to re-post a portion here:

    …the PR effect certainly amplified by the spectacle-hungry media has simulated guerrilla warfare. This is straight out of the Taliban insurgency playbook. The point is to besiege us the public with nonstop high decibel propaganda warfare, make the public square totally uninhabitable for us, such that we eventually scream and run out of there in disgust.

    Indeed, it is we, not President Obama, who are the real targets of this insurgency (Remember Rep. Pete Sessions’s (R-tX) loud opining that the Republicans should emulate the Taliban? We were warned)….Now, they will punish us for such heresy, and offend our sensibilities so much that we recoil. The endgame it seems is the following:

    1. Erase and endlessly shift the boundaries of “taboos” – speaking the unspeakable : The goal is to significantly recalibrate our tolerance level for verbal and the threat of physical violence. We become desensitized to what we once believed was taboo and are no longer sure what the acceptable parameters of public discourse are anymore….the taboo boundary has been shifted.

    2. Decentralize the source of attacks: Use multiple levels. The point of bombarding us non-stop with wingnut “IEDs” is to reset the decibel level of public discourse. They anticipate that the din will drown out any conversation whatsoever plus the threat of violence will and drive many people OUT OF THE PUBLIC SQUARE. See, the problem the wingnuts and their conservative allies realized was that too many of us came out into the public square as far back as the 2006 elections believing that we had re-claimed that space for civic participation. The Palin rallies last Fall test-drove the idea of noise warfare but they ran out of time before the election to seriously clear us out the public square. Now that we’re in governing mode, which necessarily involves debate, dispute, doubt, soft and hard decision making, and dissatisfaction, the wingnuts think that their noise will meld with our policy anxieties into this unbearable and amorphous sense of ennui. Their hope is that we literally quit the public square in disgust over the insanity. Voila, we exit, we abandon prize territory that we won. The media predictably eggs us on to sour on the public square.

    3. Reconstruct the subject/object equation of the public discourse: They have gotten us taking about a subject matter that they have chosen…We enter “reaction mode” and we talk about them and not us or our proactive agenda/debates. We also are limited to using terms they have released into the public bloodstream….And it does not matter if we are talking about these terms critically or even pejoratively. The fact is, these have become the topic/subject rather than something else of our own choosing….the fact is that these wingnuts are INDEED pushing the envelope of unapologetic displays of threat beyond what they could do during the 1990s when the last Democratic President was in office. They are OCCUPYING the public square and dare us to enter it. At first it all seems fringy, well, until a critical mass of their ilk does it and it becomes commonplace

    4. Generate facsimiles of endless crises: Like a perverse Seinfeld episode, the “crises” don’t have to be about anything at all, let alone about something substantive. Both conventional and insurgent armies routinely create diversionary battles that seem pointless but the value of which lies in creating the “right atmospherics.” Crisis mode occludes long-term strategic planning in favor of instantaneous fire-fighting mode. Putting out fires generates “heat,” blinding light, acrid smoke as all kinds of dangerously combustible components flare up…wingnuts re able to freeze it in the “acrimonious present” where the facts are recast as “opinion” and outright lies are given serious consideration.

    Do these and many other tactics mean that they are likely to drive us out? NO, but that is their plan and these seemingly freakish behaviors dovetail into a potent theme. There is a method to their madness. Generating disaffection using well-worn triggerpoints (racism, myths of rugged individualism, religious apocalyptic rhetoric, good old capitalist greed etc.) is a playbook that they have down to a science. They own the media and are able to exponentially amplify the antics of what should be a statistical minority into a faux critical mass. A successful media sleight of hand, I say.

    Remember, ideologically the rabid right has not had to do anything other than defend the status quo, asymmetrical power relations, and attempt to erode many forms of hard won social advances. Thus, when they play their cards right, as Reagan did, the public ironically feels safe in their hands. We on the other hand risk provoking real anxiety anytime we try to advance social and economic justice. In a country founded on the creed of competition, such anxiety among most ordinary people is real, and not to be mistaken for ignorance/gullibility.

    So we need to be savvy to the wingnut tactics, not dismiss them with snark. The challenge is to devise smart multipronged strategies to simultaneously neutralize the corrosive wingnut stunts whilst doggedly sticking to our long term strategic goals of consolidating our hold on the public square, delivering policies that actually benefit the majority of the populace, and also working inch by inch to build AND sustain a critical mass for our point of view. It is going to be really hard, since as is already evident, we ourselves sometimes work at cross-purposes to our end goals.

    Here we are… sad isn’t it. liberal noisemakers have played right into the hands of the wingnuts. And liberals were supposed to be the smart ones?

  147. the left has lost their damn minds!!!!!! I was just on DKOS and was going thru the reccd diaries and must say that these people sound as if the pres Sh*tted on them personally. Why is it that they make everything about them and their agenda and not what’s good for the country? I have my gripes about the tea party and sister sarah, but at least some tea party candidates won their elections. I can’t say the same thing about progressives. Huffpost, Dkos and jack and jill have lost me for a while and i refuse to support their agendas. Here’s an idea..who wants to bet when they will start taking credit for the economy turning around and his other legislative accomplishments?

  148. Yes. There’s no doubt about it. Yet, Markos Moulitas … well what is the name of his new book? “American Taliban?” I haven’t read it, I won’t buy it, but seems he’s missing something important. Ya think?

  149. It’s a private site, so I think that legally they can exclude anyone they want to exclude.

    However, I think they’d reinstate you if you asked. They have a new policy that GBCW diaries result in banning. However, everyone who has done that and then asked to come back has done so successfully.

    So ask them before you spend any money on lawyers.

    I can’t imagine why you’d want to be on that site anyway. I note that you’re attracting pretty good traffic here. Why not just let ’em have their whinefest in their little crib over there, and forget ’em?

    (And incidentally, BWD, the fervent opposition of the Looney Left might just work in favor of the President. Those are good enemies to have. They are not popular.)

  150. Al Giordano is the smartest man on the internet. I wish he were doing more north of the border (although I understand that he feels his work south of the border is more important).

    He was my go-to guy for polls during the primaries. He spotted Obama as the winner very early on. I don’t think I’ve ever disagreed with a thing he’s said, although he gets far more aggressive than I do! I’m kinda sorry he doesn’t visit DKos any more. He used to take ’em down royally! It was lotsa fun to watch.

    I love your report about his take on the Looney Left. He does indeed know them well–he marched with Howard Zinn decades ago, got arrested with Zinn. He was right there in nucleus of the real Left.

    I’m not surprised he predicted their response to Obama. Great man, Al Giordano!

  151. Thanks so much for the pictures, bwd. They are FABULOUS!

    I think the tension is getting to everyone, left included — so much going on with Republicans winning House seats, Wikileaks, etc. They want someone to make those unpleasant feelings go away and that never works — in the meantime they vent. I found DKos last year and one thing I’ve noticed is that there are people who are just never pleased.

    It’s important to me to spend my time on things that matter so I don’t waste my time reading diaries by people that I know dislike POTUS or I can tell it by the title.

    I’m so glad you created this beautiful site, bwd. There’s a wonderful uplifting energy here and I love knowing that we can all talk and create community with each other. Thank you so much!

  152. So does this theory suggest that perhaps DailyKos (and some of the other sites that masquerade as “progressive” sites) are Trojan horses sent to destroy the progressive movement form within?? It makes sense to me as the atmosphere is too toxic for genuine give-and-take among progressives or for generating support for bills or political candidates and tends to drive the thoughtful people away in droves. As I watched things deteriorate on DailKos (egged on by FPers), I did wonder what the end game of a Markos Moulitsas could be. Poisoning the well for so many of us certainly doesn’t help elect more and better Dems or advance progressive causes. And if it is just about the benjamins,it’s hard to imagine how the site can remain viable when hatred (and racism, IMO) are the dominant themes.

  153. hahaha. The remarks about Obama vetoing or not signing the tax cuts for the middle class through me for a loop! Like he’s really going to walk away from this if Reid can’t push it through.

    I was reading some threads, and there’s one person posting the “anonymous Democratic aides say that in the end, they’re still expecting to compromise with the GOP on a 3 yr. extension of the tax cuts for all in exchange for getting the GOP to sign the START treaty.” Okay, so we are back to anony’s say this or that. When I called this person on it, said person responds, “The message has been the same for the last week, since Obama’s pre-compromise. I wish it were otherwise.”

    Oh my… so forlorn this person is. So sure the bad is going to happen. All because anony’s say….

    How many times have these people gone ballistic over something an anonymous somebody(s) said, to find out later WE were right to say it was hearsay and not to listen to anonymous sources? Usually reported as such from HuffPo!

    Yes, this too shall pass. Just another day of riled up fringe voters who can’t bear to hear good news.

    So… having placed two posts over there, I’m done. It’s tossing pearls before the proverbial swine. Let them eat on each other for awhile. I don’t need it anymore.

    Hell, I used to stay away from there for very long stretches of time, and I got my news elsewhere.

  154. Hello bwd and new community.

    You’ve created a beautiful sanctuary. I plan on spending time here.

  155. There are many parallel strands in DK, many strands these days are negative, of course.

    BUT! We have the work of community-building, even nation-building to do. I can’t say I am sophisticated politically, but this is plain to me: You can’t build community by tearing each other down.

    In engaging in this conversation and the other positive alternatives mentioned upthread, we are doing the rebuilding work, which we must continue resolutely, to completion. Face-to-face, person-to-person, door-to-door. Online, too.

    The hate-filled back-and-forth does nothing to advance the rebuilding, and in fact only tears apart our communities. I’m done with it.

    {{{ Ono }}}

  156. Of course they will take credit. How many of us are thinking the same thing about that. hahaha. Someone actually said at least Reid gets it, and maybe he should run against Obama. hahahahahaha.

  157. Hi, kini,
    I went cold-turkey on GOS two days ago. But I have been back in the MF thread, where, as you know, the wackiness is of a completely different kind. Parallel world to GOS!

    Hope you and yours had a great trip!

  158. Indeed. The outrageous stuff they’ve been posting actually has driven up traffic, but I suspect that’s a short-term effect.

    But honestly, don’t give them the hits. I stopped going to Huffpo long ago and have felt much better.

    BTW, never forget that Arianna Huffington is a Republican. I think she’s led the Looney Left around by the nose pretty effectively.

  159. Well, I don’t have any evidence so I don’t know if Moulitsas himself is a Trojan horse. Who knows, but his failure to reign in the vitriol makes one wonder. But the site and especially his current frontpagers are nearly all spouting the same negative messaging.

    At the height of the 9/11 truthers’ bombardment of his site, he swiftly shut down all the Conspiracy theorists. So why won’t he discipline his site now to engender healthy debate rather than endless hate?

    Yep the one constituency he failed to include in his American Taliban was his own site.

  160. yep, he failed to include the Angry left becoming a mirror image of the teabagging right. This is straight out of psychology 101, “transference’. When a victim of abuse is powerless to attack the perpetrator of their oppression they take on the characteristics of said abuser and transfer their anger onto the ally they have easier access to.

  161. BWD, always remember that those of the stature, skill, integrity and empathy of a President Obama will ALWAYS both motivate like minded individuals and incense those whose agenda is hate, fear, avarice and incessant discord.

    We are the ones whom must not despair and we are the ones whom must be ALWAYS there to support, nurture and defend integrity and empathy.

    Please know you are far from alone – you are a voice for all those whom are seeking a better tomorrow, not for themselves but for others.

    Thank you.

  162. I wonder sometimes whether the angry left has paused to think about who stands to lose the most from their vitriol and zeal to pull down this President.

    The “holding his feet to the fire” meme has just about played itself out. The President’s feet are completely charred now, so how does he stand up let alone walk to accomplish anything on their wish list?

    maybe they did not notice, but Pres. Obama is NOT driven by ego or insatiable need to BE president. He will be grabbed pronto by the rest of the world should Americans foolishly decide to turn their backs on him at the ballot box. Then who loses?

  163. Iceberg slim also. She had a great site during the campaign and now spends her time bashing our president. I can’t understand why all these diarists think the answer to the GOP is to be just like them, equally intolerant, hateful, demonizing the other side. As the president-elect said on election night in 2008, he is the president for all the people, even those who didn’t vote for him. The vast majority of people go about their lives, working, participating in their community with others with differing views. Those stirred up by both sides, thankfully, are the minority. I support the president’s continuing efforts to promote civility in the body politic. Despite all the complaints he has accomplished a lot. We all have areas in which we disagree. But most of us appreciate the progress that has been made. Thanks to BWD and others on her blogroll for highlighting this progress.
    I also love all the photos with kids. He shows a genuine delight in them which shows. And Michelle! What a people person. Truly “the closer.”

  164. It is probably best to avoid the negative sites. They do not represent a majority opinion and they are simply reveling in negativity and misery. There isn’t any point to it but they just can’t stop. Times are tough and while some react to tough times by holding on to hope and optimism that tomorrow will be better in order to get through such times, there will always be those who sink into pessimism and cynicism. For whatever reason they have fixated on the President as the easy target of their frustrations. Maybe they just got too used to outrage and anger at the Executive branch during the Bush years. Maybe they are falling for the endless propaganda from the right. Maybe they suffer from the fault of expecting someone who isn’t a white male to perform at twice the level of white males to be considered half as good. Maybe they can’t face the problems in their own lives and want someone they can blame and rant about because it makes them feel like they are doing something when they are feeling powerless to deal with their own issues. Probably it’s a combination of those factors and many more I haven’t even though of. But, what I do know is that as the economy improves and employment picks up, as the world doesn’t melt down, and people begin to feel more secure in their personal lives, the rhetoric will calm down, people will begin to look sideways at those who continue to rant and demonize. In the meantime, I have resolved to just stay away from sites that are currently thriving on outrage and ridiculous over the top negativity. I don’t need the negativity, the exaggeration, the misleading spin and the insults to all who don’t agree with them. Thanks for giving us all this space, BWD, to talk about the issues of the day without the histrionics.

  165. I feel as if this site is an oasis in a hate-filled desert….

    Any good thing accomplished by this President will be claimed by others in the so called progressive sphere….any policy that does not agree with their purity test will be demonized…..

    i do wonder about the sites run by “former” republicans, now “progressives”……they feel like agents provocateurs….i have NEVER been a republican….and cannot imagine a time in my life when their agendas were even remotely attractive…..makes one wonder…

  166. zizi…thank you for the reprint of your analysis, with which I certainly agree…i hate to see some of these “liberals” being duped…………

  167. Money. The more outrageous his site gets, the more hits it gets, the more ads he can sell.

    Apparently someone said as much after an extremely vitriolic FP diary. The guy said his editors encouraged him to use offensive language–the site got more hits that way.

    So now we know.

    So much for “electing more Democrats” or whatever the site was supposed to be about. It’s become an anti-Democratic site in my opinion.

    However, as I cruise around the web, I see more and more comments about how DK has jumped the shark. It’s becoming a laughingstock. It’s just a sad parody of RedState.

    What a legacy.

  168. This is very insightful. We need to put the bumper stickers back on our cars, en masse. Let them realize that they really are outnumbered by sane, logical people. If we start now, we’ll build a critical mass within no time. I remember seeing Obama 2008 stickers everywhere during the presidential campaign. Now, I celebrate whenever I see one – and I live in Southern California! We need to place our proud Obama 2012 stickers now, and then encourage others to come out of the woodwork. We also should start to let these Republicans know that they don’t emulate any American value that we would want our children to learn, and that it’s a shameful thing to stand with a party that would deny food to needy children, refuse to compensate unemployed with the insurance benefits they paid into, stand idly by while the country faces a major crisis and two wars, and to disrespect the Office of the President. These are truths. We should be proud to be on the right side of history, and these bullies need to be challenged.

  169. I think Alan Grayson also bought into the power of the netroots, not realizing that most of the loudest ones don’t bother to vote or donate. I’ve also noticed that Anthony Weiner doesn’t pass up an opportunity to get in front of a camera and declare how much he thinks the President is weak and lacking in leadership qualities. Apart from his tantrum a few months ago, I’m not sure that he’s done anything really effective himself.

  170. I saw a wonderful line over at Balloon Juice. Don’t know who originated it. It goes something like:

    They wanted Malcolm X and they got Jackie Robinson. But you couldn’t get Malcolm X without Jackie Robinson. Deal with it.

    Kinda says it all, doesn’t it?

  171. I listen to Stephanie Miller some mornings. Her sidekicks were crazed last week over the TSA media-created frenzy. Not a word this week about the storm in a teacup and their fear-mongering. This morning, she mentioned about the drilling ban, and one of her sidekicks just grunted, and then they moved on to ridiculing the next right wing talking point, and talking about how we need to do better at messaging our liberal successes.

    They don’t even understand how they are part of the problem. When they spend three hours talking about the latest manufactured outrage, and relish every mention of their names by Rush and company, they become echo chambers magnifying the right wing lies. I appreciate Stephanie trying to support the President, but she often succumbs to the peer pressure.

  172. The aiding and abetting of the insanity by Moulitsas and the FPers is what makes me wonder about his true agenda. For a while, I just assumed that he was letting “free speech” play itself out and that eventually cooler heads would prevail and the FPers would step in and dampen down the real craziness. As you point out, Moulitsas stepped in and stopped any discussion of 9/11 because he claims to disapprove of “conspiracy theories.” But that did not happen this time around in spite of the endless accusations of Obama being involved in too many conspiracies with special interests and Bush administration officials to even begin to count. Instead they turned to forcefully fanning the flames in a way that has little to do with honest political disagreements or discussion.

    The fanning of the flames implies that perhaps the insanity sweeping the site is a desired outcome. Yet that makes no sense from the traditional business perspective as I would think that it will ultimately shrink the customer base for the site to a small and weird group of people. And even they might get tired of each other after a while because they seem to like conflict. So you have to wonder what is really going on.

    I hope that, regardless of what the DailyKos game plan may be, we are able to make our own flowers bloom on the Internet and find other avenues for discussion and exchange of ideas without having to deal with the vitriol and the hatred . .

  173. You’re absolutely right, BWD. They thought President Obama was going to come in like their big brother, and beat up the bullies that had been stealing their lunch money. They didn’t expect him to sit everyone down and try and teach them a different, more civilized way – to talk through their problems. They still want someone from the other side to come away with a wedgie. Doesn’t matter if nothing gets done – they just need to feel better.

  174. President Obama tried to call out the Republicans during the “Boston Massacre” when he went to their caucus meeting. He tried to draw out Paul Ryan’s real motives with his so-called budget plan to replace social security with personal accounts and medicare with vouchers worth 10% of the cost of medical care. And despite President Obama declaring that social security will never be privatized on his watch, they continued to spread the lie that he was angling to privatize social security.

  175. I think it’s best to just walk away. Lots of the Obamabots are gone now, and the site is devolving, the quality of posts, even the FPers is down, the rants are up, the comments are awful lies.

    Someone today said Obama never made promises to keep, and I list some, and pointed to 500 of them from politifact. They jumped all over me with all kinds of garbage.

    I think they need a dose of their own medicine. I would fight it more, but it has the support and endorsement of kos, so it isn’t going to change until he’s ready.

    BWD, is there any way to start or move to a site where others can also post positive articles? Kat has a nice line going, and there have been a few others too.

  176. bwd, this is intended with the utmost respect.

    if you want your site to be really effective, it must be positive and not a negative reaction to what other people are doing.

    i don’t come here to rehash the problems at dailykos – i come here for information and updates on what positive changes this administration is doing.

    also, i also am still at dailykos – i see what is happening – i haven chosen to stay through implementation of the new version, dk4, as there are ways to circumvent much of the negative on the site and use it to garner activists who want positive change.

    if this just becomes a kosbashing fest, you will lose me and others who would otherwise come here for a great consolidation of the work the obama’s administration is doing.

    it is yours to decide: a site that bashes those who bash or a site that stays above the fray and posts the achievements of this administration so that others will learn.

    i cannot feel comfortable widely linking this site when the rehashing of battles and ugliness just move across the web to another location.

    please PLEASE think about this.

    my solution on kos when the group function is finally available is to set up a no flame zone – from anybody. a place to discuss issues, solutions, facts and debate how to achieve goals. i’d love to see this site focus on that as well. dk’ers of reason and moderate views come here to read. when all they see is discord, they leave. that would also include me. there is enough discord in my life that i don’t choose to willingly go into a place where it exists.

    thanks for considering my humble opinion.

  177. ((((((rsm))))))!!!

    You’re here! How cool is that! 🙂

    Did you see kini’s post?

    Now if we can just get the rest of our Mojo Family out of there. 🙂

    Really loved what you had to say honey.

    You’re absolutely spot on.

  178. Holy crap, I just went over there and that place is pretty depressing. I’m seriously considering stopping my visits to DK, in fact I think I am, which saddens me. But its definitely not healthy reading those hateful comments; never thought it would get that bad. Thank you BWD for making this blog and keeping my sanity! Keep up the good work and don’t let those posters get to you.

  179. Don’t let the haters grind you down, BWD. Funny I should say that because DailyKos, where I have been hanging out since 2004, is extremely demoralizing just now. I hope you don’t mind if I hang out here instead. Kos is distorting my outlook. You’d think the whole country had deserted the President if that was your only source of info.

  180. Interesting analysis.

    I found DK back in 2004 and left not too long after because of the infamous “pie fights.” Their modus operandi (and much of the blogosphere) has always been battle mode. This is at odds with information-sharing and organizing. It worked pretty well during the Bush years. But they never examined how destructive it is during a Democratic administration.

    Obama abandoned them a long time ago. He stuck his foot in there while he was still a Senator and got blasted. But if you’ve never read the diary he wrote – you should really take a look at it because he makes some of the same points you have.

    I firmly believe that whenever we exaggerate or demonize, or oversimplify or overstate our case, we lose. Whenever we dumb down the political debate, we lose. A polarized electorate that is turned off of politics, and easily dismisses both parties because of the nasty, dishonest tone of the debate, works perfectly well for those who seek to chip away at the very idea of government because, in the end, a cynical electorate is a selfish electorate.

  181. You have a good point.

    But my view is that you can’t exclude discord from your life – even on the blogs. People have been hurt and they need some time for healing. The test that will have to be faced by each person individually is whether they want to wallow in that pain or move on.

    BWD – in my opinion – is moving on. But as I said in her diary above this one, it takes some time to clear your system of the vitriol. That’s part of the healing process.

  182. wow, just wow

    zizi: i hadn’t seen your diary, but have been alarmed by the danger of the behavior sanctioned by the right, and your words will help me understand better than ever

  183. Hey scribe!!!!

    We’ve been through a lot and are still standing.

    When I get baffled by Obama, I usually tell myself to have some patience – watch and wait. He doesn’t play things for the news cycle. Most times he’s taking a longer view of things.

    There are certainly policies I don’t agree with. But his process is something I’m continually learning from.

  184. I call her out on her bull all the time. When you ask any of them for ideas and facts and debunk them they run. Like they are paid to persuade and once they see they got someone knowledgeable they flee.They then begin to label you.

  185. Blackwaterdog,
    I know, and I’m convinced many others know, you are doing good work. Important work. I saw your work on the other website, and I joined your email list when you started your new site. All leaders have had virulent detractors. FDR did. JFK did. President Obama does.
    You must not focus on this. Gloss over these critics, as their spite has no real meaning. You must do your good work, and be proud of your accomplishment, because you are recording the truth, which is history in the making.

  186. We just observed a marriage of Fox News with Daily Kos. Both outlets lead with the same meme: The President is a dangerous man. If you ask me, it’s a wonderful marriage – crazy left and loonie right.

  187. Totally agree NL. Blackwaterdog built her audience at DKos, and then the place became so abusive that many of us have decided to leave it behind, but healing is still needed, and healing takes time. Personally I am still pissed and disappointed about what happened over there. I’m staying away now, and moving on slowly but surely. I think it’s to be expected that we have some venting time to express our feelings.

    What I’ve noticed most as I look around at other sites is that most of them don’t even mention DKos, ever. Not in articles, not in comments. Except for places like this one and The People’s View and maybe a couple of others that are refugees from DKos, almost nobody else gives a damn what they say there. Which is good news.

    When Front Pager BrooklynBadBoy said in the comments that he was being encouraged by his editors to “let it rip” with his vitriolic Obama bashing because he “drives a LOT of traffic” to the site… that was it for me. Controversy and conflict drive clicks, which makes money for Kos. That’s the purpose of the site. Well, I think we suspected as much but seeming one of them admit it openly was the final straw for me. I’m not giving them any more page clicks. Let them stem in their hatred and flame wars. I’m out.

  188. The bombardment of negative third party ads did exactly this. It turned off voters completely, so many people were fed up, they wanted the election to be over so the damned ads would stop. The GOP ginned up the fear campaign with unprecidented attacks on any non-caucasian. Scared the elderly about “pulling the plug on granny”.

    And then used their non-stop attack ads to drown out any counter-push, make politics become the white noise in the background.

    President Obama won with the new voter and the moderate voters in 2008 – this non-stop barrage was done to keep those people away.

    This made it hardcore base vs hardcore base. And their next plan was to turn the “progressive” against the Dem party, how anything the Dems passed, that Obama passed wasn’t good enough.

    There is a great diary posted over at DK where a member would post about being on a conference call with Inhofe, and Inhofe saying how easy it was to beat Democrats because they want everything right away and if they don’t get it, they turn on the party. And low and behold the GOP goes into complete obstruction mode and blocks some of the Obama agenda and the progressives are livid not with the obstruction, but with Obama for not delivering on 100% of his promises(or how they imagined his promises) within the first two years.

  189. edrie,

    It’s a bit late in this effort, but my point was not to ‘bash’ a site you like. You and anyone who wishes can stay or not stay. My complaint is that I do NOT want to be a part of it anymore in any way at all. I am NOT a member anymore, I have left for good, not ‘banned’, just gone, but they still count me as one of ‘theirs’, for THEIR purposes, not mine. That’s all I was saying.

  190. Hi Tulips

    Just click on your empty avatar on the left of post, register and then in my account, create an avatar from your chosen picture. The picture should be small size.

  191. Don’t let the idiots get you down, BWD. Most of the far-left are either childish idealogues who don’t understand how the real world works, or they’re narcissistic hippies who are in love with themselves and have scorn for everyone who’s not in love with them, too.

    And DailyKos is turning into a nest of conformity. A lot of those people are there for “friendship” more than anything else, and if some of the “cool kids” start slamming Obama, they’ll start doing it, too, just to fit in. It’s pathetic, but I’ve seen it on way too many boards not to recognize it.

    There’s a reason why the far-left never has (and likely never will) successfully fielded a candidate on a national scale, and it’s because of several factors:

    1. their ideal is a dream that’s not reachable unless all of human nature is suspended, and if their dream’s not met EXACTLY they’ll turn on it in rage,

    2. they have no clue how unlikeable they really are – even though the public agrees with a lot of their issues, the behavior of their “activists” is a huge turn-off,

    3. the have the tactical skills of a toddler trying to play chess.

    And there are plenty more than that, but that’s plenty for now.

    I’m sticking around Daily Kos because Obama supporters leaving makes too many of ’em happy, and I don’t think their behavior deserves any rewards. Plus, when people look at that site, I don’t want Democrats represented ONLY by these idiots. FOX News is already quoting some DKos front-pagers and are giddy with glee that Kos has been tricked into carrying Republican water and doesn’t even know it. So, I’m not going to cede them all the air in the room.

    If they screw things up and we get a Republican president in 2012, then you can stick a fork in the far-left, because it’ll be clear whose “brilliance” made that happen. They’re their own worst enemy. Hell, I’m already starting to despise the far-left almost as much as I do the far-right, and I’m a hardcore Democrat-voter.

    Anyway, hang in there. They don’t matter.

  192. I had a diary to this effect the other day.

    Markos was a precinct captain for Henry Hyde in the 1980’s and carried a framed picture of GHW Bush (his words, not mine).

    Ariana Huffington sat on a conservative think tank at the behest of Newt Gingrich.

    Cenk voted for Bush and Dole, and therefore voted against Clinton not once, but twice.

    And now we are meant to believe they are all liberal activists?

  193. GAD, I agree with you about the “lost minds”, what the heck is really going on with the “progressive left”. Let them vent, I will take their load to work to keep President Obama in office in 2012.

  194. I like this very much. I feel kind of punch drunk myself. The hatred has become over the top. Now we have Adam Green and his new video coming out against Obama. It is a shocker.

    I mean there are a few things where I disagree with the Pres., but I look at the big picture, not every grievance.

  195. Wow is right. Thank you for this. I just took DK off of my bookmark list. I am going to try like hell to keep myself from even reading the titles of the articles This stuff is so hurtful.

    The media will be all over this. Then all of the papers and pundits will say, see, everyone hates Obama.

  196. Hey Driver 8… that has always been something I’ve kept in the forefront of my head while reading commentary after commentary about ‘that sellout Obama’ and ‘we’re the real progressives’ malarky- these folks ACTUALLY VOTED FOR BUSH. How freaking insightful can they possibly be? How can they be so duped to vote for Bush- then take all that and then set themselves up as Masters of the Progressives Movement?? And not be laughed at on the spot. Nope they’re getting RICH and famous off it.

    This is me laughing.. I was never sold on the ‘I’m an EX-Republican but let me show you my tea-bagger behavior act disguised as holier than thou Progressive. uh uh. Not buying.

  197. Cenk voted for Bush, twice? Wow, I had no idea. Puts an entirely different spin on it.

  198. Whoa, wait a minute. One of the dk fp’ers said he/she was encouraged to use offensive language?

  199. wish we had like or rec buttons, cause I like this comment and so many others in this comment thread.

  200. [PSALMS 9:17,18] The wicked shall be sent away to hell; this is the fate of all the nations forgetting the Lord. For the needs of the needy shall not be ignored forever; the [hopes] of the poor shall not always be crushed. [THE LIVING BIBLE PARAPHRASED]

    Keep your head to the sky!!!

  201. Posted this in another thread but the way I dealt with it was blocking the site on my computer. I know some folks may not want to do this but I’m a creature of habit and couldn’t help clicking over there, it worked for me and now they don’t exist in my reality, out of sight out of mind so to speak. And I can remind myself on a daily basis that those voices represent just a minute portion of the public and their sound and fury means nothing to me.

  202. Wow is right. Thank you for this. I just took DK off of my bookmark list. I am going to try like hell to keep myself from even reading the titles of the articles This stuff is so hurtful.

    The media will be all over this. Then all of the papers and pundits will say, see, everyone hates Obama.

    I lurked at DK for the past three years. Some of the nasty, mean comments kept me from becoming a member.

    I always had a smile on my face when BWD wrote her diaries. I must say, I never imagined I would be hangin with so many familiar avatars.

  203. I always loved bwd’s diaries too, I think some of our “friends” on the left forget what an important role positivity plays, the most successful political ads in my state this election were the positive ones. If all people do is attack all the time it is a certainty that other people will start tuning them out.

  204. I LOVED your diary, Driver 8! I bookmarked it. You were spot on! Sadly, like many other important diaries, yours fell off the list.

    It’s a bitter pill to know that Moulitas might have a dark agenda. His mission statement is a hoax, isn’t it?

    His language is so offensive. He actually wrote a FPer about a 14-year old and used the repugnant term, “she was knocked up!”

    I called him on it. But he never responds in his own or other diaries…. except once that I saw when he came into the comment thread to defend himself for having been in a tiff with Scarborough and losing his microphone at MSNBC. He’s a small, ego-driven man. I believe he’s a con. I think many of them over there are.

  205. I went back and reread his diary recently and used it as my sig line in response to comments that “we don’t know who Obama is” Yes they are using the rights bs to attack him. Thus I went back and read his diary again.. wherein he makes it very clear who he is, how he believes. Your exerpt is imo perfect as a description of a man who chooses to govern for all of us, particularly for those who do not have a voice on the blogs, in the media or on Capitol Hill, and personally I think that is who he thinks about.
    That is exactly what he meant when he gave his speech in 2004 about “we don’t have red states or blue states.. we have the United States”. That is what Barack Obama is about.

  206. Good idea, Theo! I have my ’08 Obama sticker on the car, but I need a 2012 one! I may buy a bunch and hand them out, like I usually do.

  207. heh. Yeah, kind of floors me they believe and portend to be insightful about anything. Especially when they spend days riled up about something, and very soon are proven wrong, and they ignore the good news and go forward with another set of issues needing resolution, but they cannot wait for the process to take place because they prefer to run around with their hair on fire.

  208. Very nicely said LilaF. I do think perhaps many of us have over analyzed to the nth degree the attacking.. I know I have. The constant trying to decipher motives, reasoning and direction of the attacks from the left.. and the wondering of just how left are they really. When frankly it may well be best to just tune out the hate and get a perspective via the president’s own actions, the administration’s actual doings.. as opposed to everyone’s spin on it.

  209. I remember after Jon Stewart’s rally, the left blogosphere was bitching that Jon was equating wingnuts with some liberals. Surprise! Jon was right. DKos, DU and FDL are proof that he’s right.

  210. Just so you know your comment has a tip
    I agree the hate from the left at DK against anyone that doesn’t agree with them is getting insane.

  211. Just watched the beginning of Keith. Not only he insinuating that Obama should not be in the Middle East when all of this tax business is going on. It gets worse with Eugene Robinson, who is one of my favorites, and then Tom Harkin goes after Obama. My lord. Hard days, these days.

  212. I am laughing and sighing in so much agreement! Thanks for tragic although great post.

  213. I agree, I can barely stomach it anymore..When I do “check in” I immediately regret it and wonder what the heck happened? These people are just so irrational.

  214. I love BWD blog but didn’t know that deaniac started a blog could you post the link?


  215. I did the same thing on recommendation from ACD. It has really worked for me. It is such a pain in the butt to unblock the site that I just don’t bother. Every once in a while I’ll click in from my work computer and then I run away in horror. Wow, what a bunch of nutjobs.

  216. What the heck happened to Eugene Robinson? Did he get notice from the heads at MSNBC that he needed to play ball, or what?

    I have to tell you, I stopped watching that network many months ago. I don’t even watch Rachel. I go to her video library and watch online. Very rarely I will be switching channels and get caught up in a conversation and my heart starts thumping from maybe one short moment of listening because whoever I end up watching makes me furious and I have to quickly change the channel. I’ve caught Eugene saying the most ridiculous things about President Obama.

    I decided long ago my opinion is every bit as important as theirs. I don’t need them to tell me how to think about what is going on. I just want them to give me facts about what is going on.

  217. Loves to you!

    Hope you got my phone message. Left you a response upthread somewhere, but will redo here.

    Been checking in at MF somewhat. Seriously thinking about leaving dkos all together.

    Need thoughtful, positive, determined energy to get things done. That place has none.

    But, like you, been wondering how to “get out of there without losing our “we.”

    rsm, mks and I have been discussing this site and getting out with “we” in MF.

    Been missing you like crazy honey. Email or call will ya?

    Much love and good energy heading to you, the kiddos and the critters.

  218. karpaty lviv

    please divulge where you get your name, because my parents came from carpathy near lvov

    and also it’s where the gypsies have always been

    hope you don’t mind the request

  219. That’s what I’ve been doing. I just posted this link and the ObamaDiary over on a thread at HP, man the response I got back made me realize that there are a lot of bloggers out there are tired of the negativity and are searching for sites like this.

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