President Obama has lost his mind. He’s getting us out of this mess

1. The Obama Recovery:

Gallup: Unemployment Down to 8.8% in November

PRINCETON, NJ — Unemployment, as measured by Gallup without seasonal adjustment, declined to 8.8% at the end of November — down from 9.2% in mid-November and 9.4% at the end of October, and a new low for the year. While the government’s unemployment report on Friday will include seasonal adjustments and is less timely than Gallup’s Daily monitoring, Gallup modeling suggests that it will also show a decline.


2. Somehow I’m sure that this is bad news, I just have to find the right true progressive to explain me why:

Pending Sales of U.S. Existing Homes Rise a Record 10%


3. This too is not good at all:

Retail Sales Gain Most Since March on Black Friday Boost


4. Oh, please.

Data shows fresh signs of improving economy


5. Remember the last time president Obama sold us out when he didn’t give Elizabeth Warren that job?

Warren promises fundamental change from Consumer Protection Bureau


6. Even more broken promises:

Obama administration begins publishing names of federal subcontractors on Web


7. MSM sanity????? I’ll have to buy a lottery ticket today.

Here’s a reality check

…Despite this discontent from the left, here’s a reality check on the lame duck Congress: Things are getting done, or at least on track to get done. Even though their backs are against the wall after last month’s elections, it’s possible — though won’t be easy — that Democrats could get START through the Senate, repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and extend jobless benefits, too. This is the classic struggle between fighting (which the left wants Obama to do) and getting things done (which has always been the president’s first inclination). Campaigning vs. governing, and the December after an election is usually reserved for governing. As for the deficit commission, isn’t it better that Obama owns this issue and not the Republicans? This is going to happen at some point; does the left want the process controlled by the GOP or by the president?




72 thoughts on “President Obama has lost his mind. He’s getting us out of this mess

  1. Gasp! You mean to say that the President is accomplishing things? Gosh, if I read the real progressive blogs I’d never have known it! 😛

  2. Hey Kiddo

    I was actually giggling last night. The 85% pos app from libs v WEARETHEBASE through the looking glass feel – hysterical!

  3. like minded just what i was expecting he never disappiont only those that are not expection it are shocked
    yes we can

  4. BWD – So many thanks, but I want to add another one – your snarky sense of humor is grand!!

  5. Oh, sigh. Oh, no. The MSM has been telling us that unemployment would never drop below 9.5% again and would probably rise and this would be the President’s downfall in 2012. Oops.

  6. Seasonal adjustments would seem to make sense given many recently hired jobs will be seasonal retail.

    If you don’t want to seasonally adjust it now, then when it goes back up in January then that has to be seen as bad news.

    Of course even getting a seasonal job will provide breathing room for the previously unemployed folks.

    On the Warren issue, the GOP are really out to get her, all the talk of HCR repeals are just lip service to appeal to the teabaggers, but the Bush Tax Cut for all and neuter/remove Warren are the two main focuses of the GOP.

    What is crazy is Warren is now saying they can’t charge whatever they want, just that they have to be upfront and honest about it. And that’s what businesses are afraid of. They like small print and trickery – that’s where they make their money.

    If President Obama is very strong in his backing and support of Warren heading the CFPA, it will be another one of his legacies that we’ll be looking back on in 20 years and wondering how we lived without it. The financial industry was the wild west of hidden fees, small fees and scams.

  7. Let’s get the rules straight. In order to be an honest to God Progressive that passes the Progressive purity test you must do the following

    1) Complain constantly –

    2) Tear down, but offer no solutions on how to actually build something

    ( Any jackass can kick down a barn but it takes a good carpenter to build one.” LBJ)

    3) Scream loud and clear that someone must primary Obama. Never mind it means the Dems lose the WH, Obama a one term President anyway.

    4) And good news. Remind everyone that there isn’t any even when it staring you straight in the face.

    Are we clear now? So enough of the Hopey Changey good news stuff!!

  8. 5) Accuse anyone who tries to point to ACTUAL reality as being a “mindless bot cheerleader.”

  9. I hope the unemployment numbers haven’t dropped cause people quit looking…that happens, sometimes.
    I think the President is pretty great, but I love Dr. Warren.
    If I were her student, I’d have gone around all “Dr Warren says,”

  10. I think I am a progressive. But I have little in common with the self-righteous “P” “Progressives”
    Living in a red state, I know even a dime’s worth of difference MATTERS.

  11. i like what st. roscoe said about Dr. Warren’s appointment being one of the many legacies left to the nation by this president, whose election could have been called a “miracle”

  12. What a relief to see unemployment down to 8.8%, though I’m sure we’ll hear a lot of talk about it’s simply not enough.

    Of course, it’s not enough,there are still too many people out of work, but at least it’s moving down. This isn’t even the glass-half-empty syndrome. It’s I wanna-be-miserable syndrome.

    I wish these young people — and I count the demographic that I babysat when I was younger — the baby boomers, could be somehow transferred by a Dicken’s Christmas Carol type dream to The Great Depression, when people like my machinist father dug potatoes and picked fruit and tomatoes after searching every shipyard on the Delaware River for a job to feed us when I was a toddler.Only to die of TB after he returned to his job.

    I wish they could live those four and a half years in a few minutes of a nightmare and then come back to what we have now. It’s not perfect, but it’s certainly better than The Great Depression.

    We were working class people. We didn’t worry about foreclosure, we rented, we had no home to be foreclosed upon. If it weren’t for FDR’s relief check we wouldn’t even have the $7 to pay the rent for a house to live in. And in that we were luckier than those living in tents and their cars and railroad boxcars.

    It’s some times impossible for some to even think of counting blessings. I’m thankful that we have some of our pension funds left after the recent “recession.” Perhaps we won’t outlive our funds now, and almost everyone in the family has some kind of job. Not a great job, but a job.

    Sorry, too much information, but I AM grateful to see the unemployment going down.

  13. Some more good economic news (yes I know I am breaking my own rules)

    <blockquoteThe US growth outlook has brightened significantly in recent weeks. As a result, we have raised our sights for 2011, calling for real GDP growth to average 2.7% for the year versus 2.0% previously. We expect growth to pick up further in 2012—to 3.6% on average for the year—though judgments that far out are clearly tentative.

    Read more:

  14. We used to call them DKos Progressives as opposed to just Progressives. I call them the WATB types because I sub, it’s my frame of reference. On BWN, it’s “frutrati.” We know who we’re talking about LOL 🙂 being Progressive isn’t the problem, it is that way the term was used as a club in certain places, the pissing matches, the IOKIYAP. For me, it was the emotional stunting.

  15. Yawh, so what else has he done? I mean, it’s December 2nd, where the hell is Christmas. POTUS is a slacker, I am supporting Lieberman as his primary challenger. PEACE

  16. Good info as usual BWD…The MSM needs to be taking notes..oh never mind, truthfulness wouldn’t keep those corporate dollars rolling.

  17. OMG finally the intricate surgery President Obama has been doing to heal our country from worst president ever, George Bush epic fail is showing.

    I can never give President Obama enough thank yous for bringing our nation back from the abyss of GOP failure. If I send him one more email ss might start investigating me. Then again, whatevers idc, brb sending another email. 🙂

    God Bless America and our amazing intellectual no nonsense get s**t done president.

  18. I write a lot of them, too. I’d love to be able to add an Obama reply to the ones I got from Grayson and Michael Moore.
    He’s got a few things to do first, though.

  19. No, of course not. We have to constanly bash the president and just discuss the doom and gloom. And if someone does post something positive, we need to call them and Obamabot or worshiper. Cuz that’s what being a real progressive is all about.

  20. No, of course not. We have to constanly bash the president and just discuss the doom and gloom. And if someone does post something positive, we need to call them and Obamabot or worshiper. Cuz that’s what being a real progressive is all about.

  21. Or CNN.

    But you can bet the bad news would have interupted TV shows and made the front page of newspapers.

  22. You sound very concern trollingish. *side eyeing* Anyway, I guess you missed the news about America adding 93,000 jobs last month and 151,000 jobs created the month before.

  23. 6) Call the president wimpy, clueless and accuse him of having no balls. When someone expresses disgust at those words, insist you are only “holding his feet the the fire”.

  24. They are on the wrong side of the Looking Glass 🙂 Sucks to be irrelevant, I suppose. What’s wrong with US – that we do not want to live our lives that way? Life’s too short, maybe? We don’t use blinders? We put our country ahead of our need for attention. We prefer to get attention, if desired, through positive means? Sorry, TrumpDog – feeling philosophic 🙂

  25. 7) Use the word “capitulate” often, regardless of whether or not it’s true. But insist that you are a “progressive” who disdains sexist or militaristic language

  26. No, I didn’t mean it that way at all…just that even good people get caught up in “juking the stats” from time to time. But I didn’t consider all the retail for Christmas and whatnot.It’s great that things are improving…no concern trolling here.
    I have noticed that more of my friends are getting work, too.

  27. Thanks for starting this oasis of inanity as the Pro Left eat themselves with the help of the GOP — and by GOP I mean the Pro Lefters like Kos, Arianna, Cenk, Ed and the others who for some reason spent years as Republicans before seeing the light. And these same Re-Born demand all sorts of instant infantile things from President Obama — all in the name of ego, hits and ratings. And tacit complicity with the Rovian Right. Markos has always been a stealth conservative – or libertarian democrat a he no longer calls himself — and his childish punditry is designed to stoke divisiveness.

    And what’s funny, is that all the Obama Haters on DK are becoming the Naderites for 2012 — and boy they would have troll-rated you to oblivion for daring to suggest Nader in 2008.
    Now look at the site: thugs like “brooklynbadboy” with his sexist machismo that little nerds like Kos love to parrot.

    Keep up the good work!

  28. Awesome, Tori. Of course, there shouldn’t be a fight over feeding kids, ever. But, good, glad they got it. And that was actually bipartisan, too.

  29. House Bill passes to just extend tax cuts to just the middle class 234 to 188, but obviously it has no chance in the Senate. There are not enough “real” Democrats in the Senate, and not a single objective Republican that will support this measure.

  30. The House just passed the middle class tax cuts! Folks now get on the phone or email your Senator/s and tell them to do the same!

  31. The Senate Armed Services Committee began hearings today on the findings of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” report from the Department of Defense.

    Members of the committee heard testimony from Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Mullen, and authors of the report Honorable Jeh C. Johnson and General Carter F. Ham.

    Of Course John McFlipFlop has dismissed the military report, and is dismissing what the generals are saying.

  32. Dec. 1 (Bloomberg) — Nigeria will file charges against former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney and officials from five foreign companies including Halliburton Co. over a $180 million bribery scandal, a prosecutor at the anti-graft agency said.

    An arrest warrant for Cheney “will be issued and transmitted through Interpol,” the world’s biggest international police organization, he said.

  33. Dick will never leave his dungeon. Soon there won’t be anywhere outside of the U.S. that bastard can go.

    I dream of the day I might see his no-pulse carcass wheeled off to prison…and if there’s any way he can take his demon spawn with him, that’d be great.

  34. The President’s hard work and calm, measured approach to recovery are finally paying off.

    Thank you, President Obama!

  35. Thanks for that Joan, my Granddad worked for the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Depression. He once got into a heated argument with my Uncle(a Republican)about the the differences in Republican policies and Democratic policies, it was the only time he ever shouted at his brother. He swore a little and told him to shut up because if it hadn’t been for FDR and the New Deal his family would have starved to death. The pine tree windbreaks my grandpa planted are still alive and I look at them every time we drive down the state highway back to the home place.

  36. Can’t Reid just bring that to the floor? When does Congress break for the holidays? Call the GOP’s bluff. I mean if the House passes these tax cuts and the Dems supply 59 votes and the GOP supplies none and it causes all of the tax cuts to sunset – who gets the blame?

    Does Brown and Snowe want to run on blocking tax cuts for 98% of the population because Democrats wouldn’t agree to extra tax cuts for millionaires?

    Reid and Schumer can play hardball given they’re newly minted six year term.

    I suspect there will be a compromise out of the Senate probably raising the limit to <$500K or even <$1M. The key will be to see the GOP sign off on essentially raising taxes on the filthy rich, because it is these filthy rich that funded the third party attack campaigns.

    How much would the Koch Bothers and the Texas Oil tycoons spend in extra taxes – that would be less money they'd be able to give away to Rove, Chamber of Commerce and Club for Growth.

    Dems really have all the leverage here because the tax cuts sunset for all if nothing is done. The House just passed the perminent extension for the <$250,000, and Reid can bring the same bill to the floor in the Senate and supply 59 Dem votes for it.

  37. At least Brown, Snowe and Collins. Maybe Murkowski as well to see if she really is going to be more independent now. Voinovich would be another target – he’s retiring and I don’t think he’s want his last major decision as a Senator to be to essentially raise taxes on 98% of the population because the GOP couldn’t secure extra tax cuts for millionaires.

    Would Brown and Snowe really want to run on blocking making the tax cuts perminent for 9% of the population heading into their re-election cycle?

  38. I don’t know because with the Republicans threatening to stop everything, they are also talking about the extension of unemployment benefits. They have already blocked the extension one time this week. It was attached to the jobs bill. Reid can play chicken with them, but the risk may be losing the unemployment extension and everything else. Is the risk worth it?

    Also honestly there are not “59” Democrats that support just extending the middle class tax cuts which is what makes things so hard. Democrats don’t tow the line like Republicans. I mean even Snowe and Collins have gone extreme. Dems like Baucus, and Lieberman, and Ben Nelson are probably no’s on the extension of only the middle class tax cuts.

    I wondered if they could do it through reconciliation though.

  39. WH on tax cut deal talk:

    “Because Republicans have made it clear that they won’t pass a middle class extension without also extending tax cuts for the wealthy, the President has asked Director Lew and Secretary Geithner to work with Congress to find a way forward,” Gibbs said in a statement. “Those discussions started just yesterday and are continuing this afternoon. The talks are ongoing and productive, but any reports that we are near a deal in the tax cuts negotiations are inaccurate and premature.”

  40. The House passed the middle class tax cut, why not have the same vote in the Senate and force the GOP to block it? Supply 59 Dem votes and see of Brown, Snowe, Voinovich would vote against making perminent tax cuts for the middle class because an extra tax cut for the rich is off the table.

    The absolute key is not to have a full extension for two years, because then it becomes a Presidential campaign issue and just kicks the can down the road. They need to make the GOP agree to a compromise and then supply votes for it.

    They can’t come to a compromise and then the GOP allows Scott Brown to be the only GOP vote.

  41. Well, 58 now. But I did read that Senator Reid was going to try and bring a vote on this. I’d also like to at least see a vote on this as well. No need to hold off if no deal is imminent.

  42. Thanks for the link, Hopefruit, I knew I’d read that, glad you could source it. Though it’s one of those “sources” things, but we’ll see.

  43. Markos is the biggest phony progressive in the media. The same petulant pipsqueak who praised Reagan, whined about gays in his locker room and called out his opine of Dennis Kucinich as “Ugh” now thinks he has the market on progressivism. Same with Cenk, Arianna, Ed and a whole lotta trolls on DK.

    DK has clearly been infested with right-wing shills and the comments are breathtaking in ther idiocy — Yes, Obama is now to the right of Nixon. That’s the level of thought bouncing around the increasingly ineffectual whiny blogosphere. And the MSM loves to parrot the negative memes of the right and left.

  44. Thanks for the good news BWD and fellow lurkers and commentors. Reading all the positive comments on this blog is a real breathe of fresh air. I haven’t lurked on DKO in about a month now. At this point, I see know reason to return unless the sanity returns.

  45. Jackie, I lived in AZ for many years. Think about Governor Simon, who Bill Clinton pardoned. Evan Mecham was impeached. The state has a whole new roster of people that seem just as dishonest–Kyl, McShame, and Quayle.

    Unfortunately circumstances do not always mean that we will in a great environment. Arizona is beautiful and has lots of good people. Like you.

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