More from the alternate world

1. Mark another V for the Nobel Peace Prize winner:

Belarus to Give Up Uranium Stockpile

 The Obama administration scored a victory in its drive to curb the spread of dangerous nuclear material on Wednesday with an announcement here that a former Soviet republic, Belarus, had agreed to give up its stock of highly enriched uranium by 2012.

The announcement came at a European security summit meeting and served as an antidote to administration fears that the recent disclosure of confidential diplomatic cables would hamper America’s ability to deal with foreign governments, several of whom were portrayed in a negative light.


Colin Powell endorses the START Treaty:


President Obama marks World Aids Day, even though he is yet to cure the disease:


Oy Vey, president Obama’s approval ratings among Liberals are only 85%. I told you up in the title – it’s the alternate world: 

  The Totally Preposterous Idea of a Democrat Challenging Obama in 2012



 US First Lady Michelle Obama shows a holiday greeting card she made to a child in the State Dining Room to learn how to make holiday ornaments, cards and treats, at the White House in Washington, DC, on December 1, 2010. AFP PHOTO/Jewel Samad (Photo credit should read JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)


66 thoughts on “More from the alternate world

  1. Loved the pictures! Love the President and First Lady! Thanks for something positive. Daily Kos has lost me.

  2. I have never been a religious man, but for the first time ever i pray Pres Obama is re-elected in 2012, so i can gloat on Dkos. The vitriol towards this president from some on the left is unbelievable.

  3. Hi Ben.

    I’ll pray with you. I keep lighting my candle and sending positive intention for Obama, and “prayers” to surround him with protection. 🙂

    I had to walk away from one site [ahem] today because, the hateful is so bad as to make me literally have chest pains. For crying out loud what is wrong with so many people? I’m worn out by it. That’s why I’m not posting much.

    Thank goodness for this site. I can breathe here, you know?

    Thanks BWD!

  4. If I may interrupt with an OT question, is there a place to go to set the time zone and read the FAQs, settings, etc. here?

  5. Another terrific post BWD. So thankful for the work that you are doing. As one commenter said, I can breathe here. It’s a place of sanity and serenity.

  6. wow that’s rich, have been blissfully unaware of the goings on over there, funny that 85% of liberals support him, so who exactly has lost their mind?

  7. I write to McCain and Kyl, who are unfortunately my senators, often. I am trying to do as many things in a day to help my country as I can. One month I discovered an interesting way to do it. I tried to rotate through charities using something I remembered from the Bible. I am not religious but if you remember the part about “I was hungry and you fed me..I was naked and you clothed me..” and go on through the different parts planning how to donate a small sum or time to a charity each week it is quite fun. I think the President would approve. As a community, we might want to tell each other what we tried that gave us hope. The other side seems so all-powerful.

  8. Thinkprogress has a diary up entitled “Kyl Links Tax Cut Vote to Nuclear Weapons”. It looks like a lot of folks are starting to lose patience with the Republican Party nonsense on the START Treaty.

    After Kyl signaled that he would obstruct the treaty earlier this month, the entire top brass of the U.S. military, and a who’s who of Republican foreign policy leaders (including Colin Powell today), as well as the editorial boards of more than 40 newspapers across the country, ripped Kyl directly for trying to obstruct the treaty and for putting politics above nuclear security. Kyl and Senate Republicans now appear to have backed down and seem supportive of a START vote in the lame duck.

  9. Just pointing out that Markos, Huffington and Cenk were all self-identifying Republicans who worked to get Republicans elected. I’d throw Andrew Sullivan in there as well, and it is interesting that the “voices of progressives” are ex-Republicans. Maybe they are progressives who want to see the Republican politics of bare knuckle boxing brought to the liberal causes, or maybe there is something more underhanded.

    Lots of former Republicans and Hillary Clinton primary supporters pretending that they are th only voice of the left.

  10. I’ve wondered too g, and KayCe this is a wonderful place to come and recharge your batteries. I think there are people who are so blinded by their anger and negativity that they can’t see the good right in front of their faces and there are other people who just thrive on anger and negativity and enjoy every minute of it. After almost a year of reactions similar to yours I decided to walk away and never go back. Glad you’re here KayCe.

  11. Oh I hear you on that. The front pagers over there have dropped their masks now and are openly calling him hateful names. The place is gone off the deep end. You got out just in time. 🙂 Thank you again for giving us this alternative!

  12. That dk FP’er always crossed the line when it came to this President even as a ‘diarist’. Pity that he gets spew his venom on the FP now.

  13. Thanks for that tnr link. Lays down the cold reality to the clowns from professional left.

  14. Those people who worshipped Ted Kennedy are treating a man Ted deeply respected like dirt.

    I try to remain supportive of DK because of the sub-communities there. But I ask myself, how can the people – and some are lovely – continue to support, fundraise, promote and cheerlead for such a ugly place. They can apparently make the distinction between their piece of it and the rest.

    Our respected friend Elise clued me in on site meters. I refuse to add to their traffic. I wish I never had.

  15. Again,BWD thank you so very much for this site. It is so refreshing to come here after such long days of negative activities around in other places. You keep the intellectual and refreshing hats on our heads. Thank you so very much.

  16. My God, that place is a nightmare. Not only there, but at Bob Cesca, Balloon-Juice, and TalkingPointsMemo as well. Its like something got in the drinking water that made all of them become Lyndon LaRouche.

  17. Amen to your comments. I also light my candles daily and pray for President Obama and his re-election in 2012. We are going to need him still. We will keep praying for wisdom, protection, and great things to come from his time in the Oval Office each day.

  18. Whew, a place of sanity. Nice thing about Dkos when I first went there in 2009 was finding BWD’s diaries. Now, it’s as bad as a Tea Party gathering or going to a local gun range around here (southern AZ) on a Saturday. I don’t ever remember the ‘left’ or ‘liberals’ going after Bill Clinton like this; and he didn’t do near as much. Just don’t get it. I’ve mentioned in comments there and FDL they must leave in some ‘liberal’ bubble. BO got legislation passed that could pass. Thanks BWD for this oasis.

  19. Thank you BWD. We need you to stay focus here. You are doing so much for all of us. I admire you for using your talents in such a positive and focus manner. That is what I mean about refreshing. You encourage us to read good material, weigh the facts, and above all, listen to our President of the United States. Respect is what is needed first. You give us that focus to appreciate what we have in this wonderful president. Thank you so much.

  20. Dear BWD, can you write me an email? I have so many questions concerning posting, settings, etc.

    For example, I see “Reply” in blue on some posts, and now on some most recent posts, I don’t see “Reply.” I can’t respond to those who have talked directly to me.

    Rather than interrupt threads to ask questions, would you mind writing to me about the workings here? I don’t see anything on the pages where there I can go to.

    Thx! 🙂

  21. 89% of African Americans support him. Not surprising some look at the vitriol, disrespect of a democratic president, likening him to a murderer etc causes some to wonder about racism. However, a lot of it is the desires to seem important, to be noticed. No wonder people are coming here and to theobamadiary, people’s view, dearmrpresident, and other similar blogs who support our president and are patiently working in every way for progress, even though it is difficult.
    THANKs for creating a space and bringing us the real news!!

  22. I still love the President, and I believe, he has the country’s best interest at heart…

  23. I take great delight every day in telling my patients, particularly the elderly who were scared by all the propaganda, that all the preventive care tests are now 100 percent covered!

  24. I’ve always thought that was key to the noise level and heat at dailykos- the fact that its owner and much of its followers are ex republicans- there is a tone there that rings clearly to me as the tone of the tea party. You can add whats her name- Ms. Huff to that list. these folks are suddenly THE LEFT. puhleeze. While they were voting in GWB.. some of us had been voting for democrats and liberal causes our entire life.

    They’re late to the party and I have never bought their holier than though bs. I liken it to ex smokers.. lotsa hypocrisy. Anyone who used to vote republican who now spouts off about who and what is “progressive” as any kind of authority can frankly take a flying leap- they sure as hell ain’t the authority on this democratically elected president. They’ve got the gall to refer to him as a republican: yes slinkerwink I’m talking to you and your tea party.

    I’m real disgusted by this ad they’re begging for money on: to once again go after the president because they are too chicken shit to call out the republicans. Wheres Markos, Cenk, Huff with their almighty talk/blog leadership- they could be ripping the republicans and their nonsense to shreds- instead they’ve spent two years kicking this president around.

    And still he has 85% approval by the left. What ya think about that mighty progressives?? All your scheming ain’t even bought you a majority of hate.

    My rant is ovah. Sorry – I just had one of these knuckleheads say something akin to the bs on dkos- on my facebook page- and I’m just not playing their reindeer games anymore. Keep posting the facts bwd and I’ll keep reposting them everywhere, thank YOU.

  25. I made the serious mistake of going to dk to see the name of the poster BWD mentioned and the different diaries and comments literally made my head hurt. How can a site sink so low so badly. I watched and read around the end of 2008 as some negative commenters started to creep in but most people “shouted” them down. Gradually, more people joined in the madness now that site is useless for info. Much thanks to you BWD for continuing to bring positive information to those of us who still support President Obama. I honestly don’t know if dk can be rallied to support him in 2012 and that is extremely sad…..smh. Makes sense why kos doesn’t “moderate” his site anymore as an ex-repub.

  26. I know how you felt Kay, that site made my head hurt, seriously. For a progressive site to be so easily overtaken by “operatives” in a year or more and then progressives join in with them is beyond me.

  27. It’s not the place for electing democrats that I remember from 2008.
    I think we miss a great opportunity to focus not only on the president and democratic confess accomplishments which you are highlighting but also focusing on the total lunacy of the GOP positions. Steve Benen’s the political animal is also on my daily must-read list. Where else would you learn that Eric Cantor supports the Virginia legislature’s proposed states’ rights legislation: repealing our right to elect senators, reserving states the right to veto federal laws (eg civil rights, workplace protections, health care). Or, why not discuss the implications of the originalists? After all women couldn’t vote in the original constitution, you had to be a property owner and slaves were 2/3 people. We need to educate in a way that the media does not. Ad hominen attacks create disaffection and alienation from the political process no matter which side makes them. The president attracted crowds during the campaign because he spoke to our hopes, dreams, and called on our better angels. Hope and love are always more positive than hate and fear.

  28. You are far kinder than I am Tracy, and you’re correct. President Obama has always set an excellent example to us all. I often believe that is what pisses some folks off too- is his ability to show respect and common courtesy even to those he disagrees with. Personally I don’t believe either the angry infested crazed left or the racist tea baggers has ‘better angels’.. but alll the folks in between them do, which is why I have always felt hopeful since POTUS was elected, because I actually do believe that when folks are given factual info instead of forcefed BS and lies.. they make relatively sane choices. The problem is those of us who are aware have spent too much time, wasted time arguing with folks who are in it solely to argue.. we need to take our info and spread it far and wide to the folks at home: in our newspapers, yes on blogs.. but to our neighbors.

    We are the media we’ve been waiting for, imo. this is why I was so thrilled when bwd started her own blog: she just added to the power of we.


    The president’s consistency in holding out for a better politics is part of what I love about him. The Dalai Lama also. However hateful and destructive the Chinese have been to the Tibetans he always distinguishes between the people and the acts. We all, in the end, want to be happy, to protect our loved ones, and to secure a better future for our children. It is also true that many have been profoundly damaged and act in hateful, dysfunctional ways. But hate only leads to hate. Health and healing come from focusing on the positive, trying to love ourselves, others, and our world. We are all wounded healers. I phonebank and canvass with the s

  30. Thanks for posting the link to that TNR article on how popular President Obama still is with the base. That puts most of us inn the same camp despite the twisted and disturbed Internet world in which we now find ourselves caught.

    I just can’t even begin to come up with a justification for those who claim to be “progressives” but say all those hateful things about our president. How can they pretend to not know that the president is not a dictator and that all presidents govern by cutting deals that involve major compromises?? It’s the nature of our political system and always has been.

    I thought I had thick skin and was kind of a hardened cynic but I really find the whole “netroots'” assault on our president to be beyond the pale and sickening. As several have pointed out, many of the more obstreperous and vicious attackers are admitted former Republicans (Cenk, Kos, Arianna). I am really starting to doubt that “former” part as adult conversions for sophisticated and educated people who have grown up exposed to a wide range of political ideologies are a tad on the suspect side. I don’t want to sound too crazy or conspiratorial but I do wonder whether there is any sincerity at all in anything they do or say.

    The bottom line is I am going to have to leave their websites as the search for useful and enlightening information and thoughts has become too painful. Bless you, BWD, for creating this sane spot on the net where those of us who are like minded can exchange thoughts without being accused of being a robot of some kind or a koolaid drinker . .

  31. Thank you BWD for this site. I am so discouraged by all the negativity and the lies out in all media and no one corrects the lies. I don’t listen to news at all anymore. Now I can come here for what is really going on.

  32. ‘Hateful’, that’s the correct wording. Go read any Obama-related post on the Huffington Post and go to the comments section. It’s absolutely disgusting.

  33. Thanks for posting this, BWD. I think what irritates me the most is the sheer unfairness of a good many of the attacks. The guy is in office two years and he’s supposed to single-handedly fix messes that were years in the making? Sure. Right. Change is slow–lasting change is slower.

    I think what this president has done is remarkable. I think what he has yet to do will be even more remarkable. I’ve grumbled when I’ve thought he’s been wrong, but he’s got my support–as a decent man in a difficult, nearly impossible job—regardless.

  34. I have always liked the chess analogy. He is one move ahead. I cant imagine him coming out swinging.

  35. Thank you so much for the website and the information you give us on what the President is doing from day to day.

    I just clicked here from reading a thread on DU that made me sick inside. The hatred that comes from our own side. The lack of acknowledgment of his accomplishments. It just makes me ill. And as much as I hesitate to yell “racism”, the glaring double standard is sometimes too much to take.

    So thank you again for highlighting the positive. He’s pulling this country back on track.

  36. I read it and its a thoughtful look at the situation. Our culture loves video games and violence. They want instant results. I admit I often wish Obama would fight back at some of the insane things said and done to him.
    But I appreciate his level headedness and know that if he retaliates nothing gets done.

  37. 85% of liberals approve of the job Obama is doing. The remaining 15% would be people of NO opinion and ones who disapprove. The disapprovers sure are a loud lot…….on the intertubes anyways.

    P.S. – Is that a Christmas Tree behind the FLOTUS? I got a chain email saying that Christmas was going to be banned from teh White House!!!!

  38. I don’t mind to yell “racism”. It’s clearly a huge part of it. A sense of ownership by white people sure they are those who put the black guy in office, and they own him. It could not be more clear to me.

  39. I can not be there for more than 20 second. It makes me sick. I hope to get to a point where i can delete them and some other sites from my bookmarks list. They are a poison to my soul.

  40. Good morning to all:) It’s amazing to me that the President got things done, IMPORTANT THINGS done, in spite of all the teeth knashing and obstruction! That’s what’s so amazing to me.He never said this was going to be easy, in fact, he warned us many times that change is hard. We have to fight doubly hard to make our voices heard and to make this President have his rightful historic place in history. The right is fighting for power only, not the betterment of the country..we all know they can’t govern, never could.The black man in the White House is so scary to so many, even in this day and age..the fear factor works on so many ignorant people.Truly, the President must have those Republicans scared spitless, otherwise they would have concrete issues to debate, not conspiracy theories and complete and utter BS. I may disagree with him on certain things, but boy oh boy, am I glad that HE’S the one running things!I think that we need to be prepared to write a lot of letters and make a lot of phone calls to prod the media to do their jobs,to let our voices be heard on the important issues in Washington…emails, faxes, phone calls to senators and congress, and even letters to the editors of our local papers. There really ARE more of us than there are of them…our voices just get drown out with the constant BS.I also believe that for all the grumbling, the President is truly a chess player…and is about 15 moves ahead of us, and the lamebrains in Washington and the media.We’re not used to seeing such a forward thinker in that office and have dumbed ourselves down to the point of idiocy.We can’t let the crazies run the asylum anymore…we truly ARE the ones we’ve been waiting for, and I for one, am fired up and ready to go!!!! Any takers? Let’s do this thing!!!!

  41. Professional and Unprofessional Left in Cyberspace Losin’ It.

    A moi? LMAO.

    Having always appreciated schools of art such as Surrealism and the Theatre of the Absurd, as well as mocumentaries like Spinal Tap and TV shows such as The Twilight Zone, perhaps it was inevitable that my observations of the Leftier-Than-Thou Blogosphere since the mid-terms would ultimately lead me to view the outrage and vitriol through such prisms, and finally bring a smile to my face.

    Poor peeps are freakin’ out, my friends, and I am looking forward to the mea culpa moments to come. My bets are on the netz being quite full of crow by the SOTU.

    But brace yourselves, folks, because the ride is going to get a whole lot rougher before the progressive kids on the toobz step outta their virtual shitstorm.

  42. Thank you so much for the website! I’m a longtime lurker of other sites and the negativity of those bloggers coupled with the media is too much to bear! I was never involved in politics until 2008 – after Obama announced, I became a fervent supporter and still am to this day! I love our President (don’t care if I’m called an Obama-bot!) He and his family have my complete support. Thanks for bringing the postitive to the forefront.

  43. BWD, The diary recommended is really good, I second it.

    It is by Driver 8. Usually when someone recommends a diary I simply click on to the link, read the diary and exit the site. Or I go directly to the search page and search for the diary; that is how I usually find your diaries. I do not read the comments, because like you it hurts my heart.

  44. I also think that most white folks and many blacks have never work for a Black boss before. This is a complete shift in consciousness for America, and while many blacks and whites feel a complete sense of pride in their country’s ability to have accomplish this change, and want the president to succeed. There are many who want the president to fail, so they can be proven right, that blacks or non-whites are not as good as whites.

    Many people: progressives and non-progressives do not care it the country suffers, they don’t care if the rest of the world thinks that America is unmanagable, and laugh at the ignorance some of us display. They are more invested in their own views. I believe right now that nothing will change their minds.

    It think it’s like madness, or they have become unhinged from reality; until they shake off the madness there is not much you can do to change their minds. And yes there are those who simply want to cause trouble.

    The think that I find most disturbing is that our country at this time is quite fragile and needs to be handled with care, yet there are those who want to drag it in one direction and cause a whip lash and another set who wants it dragged in the opposite direction, again causing a whiplash.

    I a glad that we have a President who is handling our country with care and gently prodding it along. I do not need to agree with 100% of what he does: I agree with about 80-85%. I don’t agree with 100% of what my dearests and nearests does, so it makes no sense to expect to agree with the President of the USA 100%. Peace

  45. What’s pathetic about the alternate world is just how out of touch it is with reality. We have a President who is not only accomplishing a lot, he’s actually doing what he said he was going to do when he ran. Which, of course, is not the fantasy platform the leftist idiots thought he was running on.

  46. Hi Marly

    I’m pretty much where you are, both in background and current view. They are an irrelevant side show (circus allusion intended) at this point.

    I said in another post that they will become angrier and shriller as time goes on. If they caught the 85% stat, the cognitve dissonance (WEARETHEBASE)will send ’em off entirely.

    I used to have some minimal sympathy for them, assuming their personal lives must be either miserable from the beginning or poisoned by their attitudes, but, hell, I have my own problems.

    Their choice. Everything in life is a choice. (not Dadaism. Robin Hood, BBC)

  47. But if you suggest progs may be racist, you get SCREAMED at or HRed on another site. That’s their priorities in a nutshell.

  48. I suppose no one wants to be labeled in a negative way, even if what they are doing fits the negative label. So I think if they can’t be reasoned with then we have the right to keep stepping

  49. This is crystal clear in how some on the “left” keep saying that Hillary would have pushed progressive causes more than Obama. Yes, PROGRESSIVES are saying that Hillary (Centrist DLCer) would have been a more PROGRESSIVE President. Don’t tell me that race doesn’t enter into it with that kind of crap logic being spewed. Unbelievable.

  50. Thank you BWD for all you do.

    I just the other site…and gave them a piece of my mind….sick of all the hate displayed…
    anyways the title of my diary was
    “What Change is Hard” didn’t you understand.
    sorry to bring it up… I just needed to vent.

    Thanks again BWD for all you do to keep us sane and grateful for all the good this President is doing.


  51. If you doubted that some so-called liberals could be racist, think again. They’re just way better at hiding it then teabaggers are. But make no mistake. It’s racism.

    How else do you explain the raking over the coals Obama has gotten from the LGBT community for DADT, which was made possible by Bill Clinton, whom the LGBT community considers their hero?

  52. Your blog is very uplifting. Thanks for the photos and support of our Prez.

    I’ve tried multiple times to register for an email notification of new entries to your blog. But something seems to be amiss. It’s not working. I keep entering my email address and never get a notification. Please fix it! I’d like to visit more often.


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