The Mishmash

1. Yea, whatever…

Private sector employment rises by 93,000 in November, biggest gain in 3 years

2. Yea, whatever…

GM, Ford U.S. Sales Rise as SUV, Truck Demand Increases

3. Yea, whatever…

Fed Says U.S. Economy Gains Strength in 10 of 12 Regions

4. Yea, whatever…

Stocks rise sharply on economic data

5. Yea, whatever….

No New Oil Drilling in Eastern Gulf of Mexico for 7 Years


56 thoughts on “The Mishmash

  1. Even though I hear these things on the radio which is constantly on in the background, it always makes me feel great to read them all put together in your posts. Yes we can!

  2. “If President Obama hadn’t reached out to the Republicans, none of this would have happened!!!11one!” Uh, oh wait, never mind.

  3. You know i am becoming dissapointed with progressive. After President Obama and i hope he runs. I am done with the Democratic party.

  4. coming here from dkos is refreshing, as there it is general despair/anger at the prez because of the alleged renewal of millionaires’ tax cuts, working with the repubs on the deficit, etc.

    i still believe mr. obama to be a fine person, a brilliant thinker, and psychologically fit; therefore i expect he has a plan quite different from what seems apparent, which is making many of us on the left crazy

  5. My first post on this terrific blog. It’s not that I’m an Obama worshiper who can’t stand to hear him criticized (….actually I sort of am like that)but it definitely is true that he and his administration are doing great things every day and we don’t hear about them unless we read them here.

    Here’s just one example: last night at a meeting with our state legislators, I learned that one is working on offshore wind farms. The navigation routes are a complicated issue but, he said, thanks to the Obama administration, the Navy has to work more closely with states on this sort of thing.

    Obama brought science back to government. I am so grateful for that.

    I promoted this blog on my facebook page – I humbly sugget that others do the same

  6. Great economic news. I am glad about the ban on offshore drill in the eastern part of the gulf.

  7. They’re nuts. Everything in life is a choice, and they choose to live in misery. I work with people who have genuine reason for self pity (quadriplegic patients) THEY have better attitudes than the progwatb’s. I cared more about them when I believed they were, other than my friends online, the voice of our side out there. Since BWN, BWD, her blogroll sites, etc, I realize I was happily mistaken. Now, I can ignore them.

    As to TRW. those good folks have never even HEARD of the daily kos. I brought that site up at Malloy HQ in CT. I received grimaces in return.

  8. Meaningless. So what that we’re living in the period of the biggest job growth since 2007, driven largely by Democratic investments in small businesses which are responsible for the lion’s share of those new hires. So?! I have to get some coffee from Trader Joe’s tonight. I fully expect that POTUS will not be there to bag my groceries and am thus launching a preemptive criticism of the SELLOUT. Perhaps Lieberman or another centrist needs to primary him so that we can usher in a progressive utopia.

    /utter loss of perspective

  9. Isabel,
    After the DADT report was released yesterday, and the farmers and native american bills were passed, I made a quick visit to KOS,to see if they were celebrating with lots of diaries. Well no such luck so I exited quickly. (Maybe they have written many since)

  10. America is reaping the rewards of having a pragmatic visionary commander in chief. If Presidents in the past had even one of those good news that we are seeing lined up here, they would have been screaming and celebrating it all over the place.

    I like my President that get stuff done and remains calm, classy, and thinking on our behalf. Thank God for those Democrats that stuck with him when he/we needed them. Making hard decisions may not have been pretty politically but good Lord it was so the right thing to do.

    Republicans remain slithering snakes that told America to F off, while fear mongering and saying nO to everything.

  11. Straight up, can someone give me some actual details of this deal that’s supposedly strikes a death blow to all progressives everywhere? Why would Nancy Pelosi agree to such a deal? Wait, there’s no word from the person who’d have to allow a vote on this deal?

    And maybe I’m crazy, but why isn’t there more happiness about the death of the useless commission that wasted their time all year on their SS recommendations that won’t even make it to Congress?

  12. I think “Progressives” (you know the sort I mean) are now completely showing their hand. Many never did care about anything but their “fame.” They should learn to cook, play, tennis, ANYTHING, where they can acually accomplish something. They chose this, but with (IMO) impure motives and are losing. This is all my own theory, LOL. As Obama continues to make progess (a word who meaning is lost to them) they will get more and more shrill.

  13. POTUS managed to neglect shoveling the snow off my walk-way today too.. sell-out indeed.. what the hell has he done for MEEEEEEEEEEEE lately 😉

  14. Nope starm, I’ve been checking in there.. and nope they somehow manage to ignore all things positive or factual anymore.

  15. Tulips – I hope you won’t. I’ve been a democrat all my life, voted first for Carter.. I do not believe that the ‘professional left’ speaks for most of we liberals or for most of we democrats. This is a phenomenon (dkos, etal) that I’ve not come upon before… but I’m told recently is more about the radical left.. think tea party. they are professionally anger-mongers, imo- drama, trauma- gets attention/sells. We voting/working democrats need you.

  16. Yep, the good news continues. Too bad there are those with eyes wide shut who prefer their outrage. We had good biz news in our local paper today in Illinois, saying our “main retail corridor is poised to get several new businesses in the coming months”, noting the improvement in the economic outlook. This is in addition to the 13 new businesses who have already opened in recent months.
    I see 85% of liberal Democrats support President Obama. I think we know where the remaining small minority hangs out.

  17. Hi Kiddo

    I heard he tries to get FIVE whole hours of sleep a night. Screw that. He should be up…BLOGGING on a BULLY PULPIT while simultaneously DRAWING MASSIVE LINES IN THE SAND and making unexpected appearances in newsrooms across America DEMANDING TO BE COVERED. With the time remaining, he should set up meetings with PROGBLOGGERS and swear to follow their demands, whether ot not they are pulling them from their ass**. They will still PRIMARY him. But, what the hell.

  18. Whining is progressive now a days when you have so many progress to pick from to take credit and move forward.

    Thank you BWD for rounding it all up for us. Much love my lady.

  19. 85% – that is making my eyes water. I swear, I never would have surmised that based on my former “reality based” blog.

  20. Hey back to you ACD.. now your entire post is hillarious, lol, cracked me up. Why oh Why can’t Obama just be alllll things to alll people especially to meeeee??

    RinaX has great questions up top in her post, I too have been wondering how bad can this be.

    Today I received an email from: Adam Green, Progressive something or other about how they’re going to run ads against Obama to pressure him to not give in to tax cuts for the wealthy… WHEN, I ask will THEY run some effing ads AGAINST THE REPUBLICANS??? When will they take their mighty resources and kick some repub behind for their ignorant run amok obstacle holding America hostage BS??? Good grief “progressives” have had TWO YEARS to DO SOMETHING.. now thats some selling out if ya ask me.

  21. no kiddin’ I’m still mad at him because my corned beef turned out tough on St Patrick’s Day.

  22. Those aren’t true liberals, though. I bet none of them have ever even posted on an internet blog, the corporatists!

  23. And wow. It was only a matter of time before “progressives” started running ads against POTUS.

  24. My husband is in corporate work, and outlibs the best of them, in terms of compassion, generosity, caring about the greater good. Would NEVER waste a nanosecond of his life on a purity pissing contest. But clearly, THEY win. Their Purises are bigger than his.
    Sorry, BWD. Waiting on medical news – TENSE.

  25. Hey GN: Heres the ad (funny thing is that I unsubscribed to this bunch several months ago.. but today I get this email) (I believe it ought to be seen to be believed):


    Enough of President Obama caving to the Republicans on every issue!

    Today, we’re launching a powerful new TV ad that uses Obama’s own words to push him to fight the Republicans on tax cuts for the rich. The New York Times covered our ad this morning — and it’s sure to keep causing a stir.

    Click here to see the ad and join 148,000 Americans on our petition telling Obama to fight the Republicans on tax cuts.

    (Or click here to see the ad and chip in $4 to air it this week in DC.)

    President Obama clearly promised during his campaign: “We will also allow the temporary Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans to expire.”

    Our ad shows that promise — plus devastating video of House Republican leader John Boehner admitting he would buckle if Obama fought hard for that promise.

    This is a winnable fight for Democrats — if Obama keeps his promise and fights!

    Help make sure the White House sees this message by chipping in $4 air this new ad in DC.

    We’ll run this ad as long as regular people keep funding it. So please donate what you can and pass this email to others. (Or, sign our petition here.)

    Thanks for being a bold progressive.

    — Adam Green and Stephanie Taylor, PCCC co-founders


    Want to support our work? We’re entirely funded by our members—no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. We’ve received over 60,246 small-dollar donations. Can you help us hit 65,000?

    Paid for by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee PAC ( and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Contributions to the PCCC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

    You can unsubscribe from this mailing list at any time.

  26. thank you ACD… that is my eldest son and my youngest son 🙂 and a nine year younger/thinner sheri 😉 (pic is about 9 years old)

    Wishing you the best on the medical news you’re awaiting (in your post above), I hope its only good news, take care.

  27. The professional victims on the looney left make up just a teensy part of the Democratic Party. They think they’re a vast majority, which ought to tell you just how out of touch with reality they really are.

    I sometimes worry about the poor things crossing the street safely.

    They’re addicted to rage. It’s an emotional sickness. A very few of them ever really supported Obama, althought they claim to have done so. Most are still smarting from the primary wars. They will fade away. But for now, they blog.

    Let’s just get on with supporting our President.

  28. Rachel Maddow’s first segment is really good on this tonight. If you missed it, be sure to catch the replay.

    She skewers the Republicans. It’s really nice.

    And, it looks as though our good Democrats are going to call their bluff.

  29. One person on twitter told me today that complaining is doing something. I told her complaining is for the do-nothings.

    Hey, TiMT. It’s me, marabout40. Good to see you here. 🙂

  30. urg, i posted this in the wrong frigging thread this morning.

    can anyone give me the name of that book bwd suggested. I’m about to go to the bookstore, and i want to get it. It was about your Pres doing exactly what he said he was going to do.


  31. Progressives need to get their shoulders to the wheel and push the rightwing back to center and stop complaining about Obama moving to the right.

    Moderates, progressives and the MSM have allowed a minority of bigots, corporatists, and religious whackjobs to push the right off a cliff. Now, for the President to get anything done, he’s got move to the center to get some sort of compromise so he can move the country forward. And all liberals seem to have any interest in doing is bashing him.

    The more we apply pressure to the right and move them back to center, the more progressive the policies that come out of Congress.

    These repub Senators and Reps are not in Congress just for the teabaggers, they are there for ALL of their constituents including liberals.

    Pick up the phone and call, send an email, write a LTE – all the things you do to pressure the left, do them to pressure the right.

    This is the system of Democracy we have in this country. We can’t get anything done without both sides coming together to achieve something. How much satisfaction are we going to get if Obama stands in his corner, unwilling to budge and republicans in theirs? How long before that too gets old?

    Liberals appear to be a bunch of fickle, unrealistic, unfocused, petty whiners and I want nothing to do with that kind of attitude.

    Good night.

  32. Not all liberals. Deaniac cites a gallop poll: 81% dems and 85% liberal dems support the president. In other words, the loud-mouth dogmatic liberal ideologues, like the tea partiers, are a small percentage of the population.
    Better to ignore them and focus on the hard work of organizing: supporting one another, letters to the editor, OFA phonebanks, talking to neighbors, friends, family, coworkers etc. Support the pragmatic progressives and serious reasonable blogs like this one.

  33. Reading Obama by James Kloppenbeg, great work. Great history of pragmatic progressivism by an historian of American intellectual history.

  34. They are the left equivalent of tea partiers but more literate. Both groups are a tiny unrepresentative part of the population. Think about the people you know and work with. I know many democrats. NONE frequent these blogs or have ever heard of dkos (the iPhone speller helper doesn’t recognize it either!) My AA patients are all proud supporters. I still suspect there is an element of racism underlying much of the sheer disrespect for President Obama.

  35. Hello! I was a lurker on Kos mostly, but have finally decided to let the lunatics run the asylum. Life is too short to try to find common ground with people who have no interest in an open mind.

    The economy is poised for a turn-around, which will give President Obama a ton of leverage. I noticed the jobs report didn’t cause much of a stir on the liberal blogs – it goes too much against the narrative.

    I think the President is still in the foundation-building phase. He’s laying the groundwork for long-term change in the culture. It’s difficult to measure progress at this time because so much is happening behind the scenes, but I’m confident that the next six months will change a lot of people’s perceptions about the President.

  36. Any link to that deaniac citation ?

    dkos has officially jumped the shark today and found common cause with the rethugs a la michael steele. The redstaters will be so happy that the professional left is now doing their job for free.

  37. Yessssss, I noticed this has become an issue they lost interest in, too. That was then, now is now, and they have another axe to grind, or many axes to grind, all in a day! Today seemed to be the worst, or I’m wearing down and each day just seems to pile on President Obama worse than the last.

  38. Republicans are going to have to supply seven votes in the Senate and pass it though their majority in the House – the GOP can no longer stand on the sidelines and throw bombs. So right away the rhetoric will have to be lowered because they have a stake in it now.

    That alone will be a noticible change in the tenor of politics that Obama will get credit for.

  39. But some still are posting to a BP livestream diary on certain sites… They don’t live in reality.

  40. No they have not, and now, I will be canceling my subscription at the DK….. Those are truly some hateful folks over there….SAD!

  41. I wonder if the president is reaching out to business behind the scenes and forging partnerships and fostering export prospects. I would not be surprised if Summers’ replacement has strong business ties. If another stimulus is out of the question he will have to mobilize private capital. Corporations have stockpiles of profits. Of course, any moves in this direction will elicit condemnation from the left ideologues: a Wall Strett hack they’ll proclaim. But I support the president in trying anything that will create more jobs.

  42. you said it chicago, just what i’ve had in my mind but not so concretely, thanks for getting it said

    the prez is head and shoulders above most of his constituents, and above all, he’s an adult

  43. I’m happy for this site of reason – what a refreshing change from that toxic environment over at DKOS. I think I’ll be coming here a lot more often from now on. Thank you BWD!!

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