Late night quick mishmash

1. But he’s a bigot and a homophobe!

President Obama’s statement on the Pentagon report on DADT.

2. Oooooops…..

Rachel Maddow: The president has done a lot to repeal DADT

3. Not all judges are bought and paid for.

Virginia Judge Rejects Challenge to Health-Care Law

4. Fixing injustice (1):

Fulfilling Promise in Indian Country

5. Fixing injustice (2):

Turning the Page on Discrimination at USDA


43 thoughts on “Late night quick mishmash

  1. I also just read that Harry Reid filed for cloture on the DREAM act, so that will go for a vote this week. The usual suspects are going to be a problem, but we all know who’s fault it really is if they vote no.

  2. Dems had 59 votes for the DADT repeal before the midterms, now they lost Burris and I don’t know where Kirk stands, but I can’t see him going against the Military on this issue.

    Now with the midterms over, and the report filed (reason why some GOP said they voted against repeal before), I think the repeal could pass by a pretty wide margin as I don’t think a lot of GOP senators want to be on the wrong side of history on this.

    Along with newly re-elected senators like Lisa Murkowski, I could see retiring senators like Voinovich, Gregg and Lemieux voting for it. Along with Snowe, Brown, Collins who used the “wait for the report” excuse.

    I could see it getting 70+ votes for repeal actually. I think President Obama played this perfectly, he’s trying not to make it a political issue. He did the resposible thing by having the military have a commission so it takes away the McCain talking points(though he’ll still vote against it). Obama also bought time to draw down in Iraq so if there is any pushback by bigots in the military that there would be enough soldiers that could sent to replace them.

    I believe he’s doing the same thing with marriage equality. I mean it failed in California and Maine ballot issues – it’s not a political winner, so Obama is trying to take politics out of it, to make it less of a front burner issue. I think letting it go to the Supreme Court might be the strongest way to have it settled once and for all. I don’t think there is any way the Roberts Court could rule against gay marriage should it get there.

    I understand that it’s not fast enough for our LGBT friends and family, but the vitriol they spew is beyond the pale. I guess it’s a case of trying to outrage the other to get noticed for your blog.

    I think there is a very good chance DADT will be repealed before President Obama has been in office for two years, and I think if DOMA gets to the Supreme Court by 2012 than that will be a settled issue as well. So in President Obama’s first term DADT, DOMA, Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act and a whole host of LGBT issues would have been decided with very progressive results.

    And you know what you’ll hear for the vitriol spewing haters on the left “Yay for us, we made him do it!!1! We held his feet to the fire!”

  3. Thanks for the info BWD.

    Blackwaterdog, today was a good day; for the most part. I was interested in hearing Rachel’s view on the DADT report. She was interviewed by a MSNBC host (Tamara) and she seemed pleased and acknowledged that the president had been working behind the scenes on DADT. I commend her for saying so.

    I am so happy about the Black Farmers and Native American bills; truly a historic day. And Food Safety Bill.


  4. BWD, you are in the right place at the right time. I’m so happy you created this blog for sane human beings. I have not been over to Daily Kos since since you created this masterpiece. God’s blessings be yours in abundance.

  5. This was an excellent post. I think if your prediction comes true, they won’t celebrate – they’ll whine that it took too long!

    This President is effective and amazing.

  6. Thank you for your hard work in compiling all the good news coming out of this administration.

    I followed you here from the Blog That Shall Not Be Named, and it’s a breath of fresh air. I know you don’t want to talk about that, though.

    Just thank you again for all your work and all you do. We need more voices like yours! I admire your tenacity.

  7. House May Block Food Safety Bill Over Senate Error

    A food safety bill that has burned up precious days of the Senate’s lame-duck session appears headed back to the chamber because Democrats violated a constitutional provision requiring that tax provisions originate in the House.

  8. Thanks for the news I hadn’t caught, bwd. I have to say – you are as prolific as this Democratic Administration! Here’s to hoping the lame duck session just keeps churning out progressive legislation, and that some unaware, apolitical types actually start to take notice at the Nopers Obstructionist Agenda.

    For me, today’s big news was the House’s historic passage of the Claims Settlement Act. I cried. I felt immense gratitude towrad these folks, whose activism, determination and effort managed to bend the arc of the moral universe to justice. An inspiration and a confirmation that good things can happen to those who persevere in their struggle for justice. Modern-day heroes, they are. I thank each and every one of them, as well as the legislators and government officials who have finally delivered justice.

    Sadly, but not surprisingly, I only learned of the whole ugly chapter in the USDA’s history of discrimination via a news report on Al-Jazeera TV. It focused on a protest in DC organized by the National Black Farmers Association (oh, the irony!). I read up on the story and felt so ashamed for my ignorance about the discrimination that Black and Native American Farmers suffered. I cried then, too.

    So, thank you, Congress for doing the right thing. I can’t wait to see the signing ceremony (hint, hint, BWD :). I know the tears will flow, and I would love to see Shirley Sherrod there (hint, hint, President Obama ;).

    Cheers, my friends!

  9. That an entire article is being spun based on an anonymous GOP aide. I think they can work this out. I think the House will put their egos aside on this issue.

  10. I am afraid the GOP Senators will vote no on the bill if the DREAM Act is included like last time. The GOP knows they are screwed if more Hispanics become legal citizens, because they vote in such large #s for the Dems. But, it will hurt the Dems if we drop the DREAM Act, since it has zero chance of passing in the next Congress.

  11. We need that bill to pass this term. There is zero reason for Dems to vote against this bill.

  12. Thank you so much for your website BWD. It is nice to see the many accomplishments of the Obama Admin and Dem Congress in one place.

    The Obama Admin’s work on behalf of Native Americans and their outreach to that community has been truly extraordinary.

    I am thrilled that the House passed the settlement to black farmers. This has been too long in coming.

  13. First they’ll be quiet for a couple of hours. Then they’ll take credit for it. And two days later they’ll go back to call him a spineless sell out.

    Honestly, he’s totally right to ignore them. He is easily one of the three most progressives presidents in 100 years, and they treat him like crap. The hell with that.

  14. The Dream Act will be a stand alone bill – if i understand right – and i think it’s actually has a decent chance. Can you see Someone from Florida voting against it? They will be done.

    I’m so delighted that you’re here, Askew. It warms my heart to no end.

  15. Thanks BWD, great reporting as usual. It would be so amazing if we could actually get all of this done in this session.

    I will stay optimistic that in the end all will get done.

    Thanks again, and I appreciate your writings so much.

  16. I love watching the President work. He set his list of priorities to fix the nation’s problems and get us back together from the very beginning and he hasn’t deviated from it. One by one, he gets legislation passed and moves on to the next item. This quiet and calm man doesn’t seek fame or admiration, just positive goals accomplished for the country and its progress back to sanity.

  17. i just hope u guys really do apperieciate the intellect of this president while it last is just unbelivable in the face of so many obstructions government in our country is terrible wish they do half as much as your government the middle will forever be grateful won’t say anymore

  18. Good morning BWD and all!

    Kat’s Daily (Mon-Fri) Obama Administration Report, 12/1/10

    Today’s report features:

    • The President on bipartisan meeting: The President urged party leaders not to raise middle class taxes or fail to protect national security with START ratification.

    • White House press briefing: Robert Gibbs takes questions on tax cuts, Claims Settlement Act , New START.

    • DADT report: The President has pledged to repeal DADT; the report confirms a majority of the military agrees.

    • Clean energy economy and job creation: Projects, investments and future needs are discussed by the President, Energy Secretary Chu and Interior Secretary Salazar.

    • Health care round-up: The Affordable Care Act’s constitutionality is upheld in court; protecting seniors’ access to their doctors; a report on Medicare Advantage.

    • Civil rights: Claims Settlement Act will fund agreements in lawsuits brought by African-American farmers and Native Americans. The President said he will sign it into law.

    • Recovery Act profile: A look at California Department of Transportation projects; maps for reference.,-12-1-10-

  19. Great work, BWD. I voted for this president because he was a realistic, intelligent adult, not the Messiah and not Superman. To quote Wanda Sykes, I also knew he came from Harvard, not Hogwarts. 😉 It’s nice to be able to come here and hear good news (for a change) about what this president is doing.

    Keep it up, BWD. I’ve lurked on The Site Which Shall Not Be Named for months, but I never would have felt comfortable posting there. Now see what you’ve done 😀

    -Krista 🙂

  20. Nice post Saint Roscoe.

    The left has always been portrayed that it cannot rule for which they themselves are to be blamed. Cohesion and political discipline have never been their forte. They must be the only political spectrum that derides its own achievements.

    While they engage in poutrage, this Prez is ticking off of this list one by one.

  21. I think they’ll take credit for it for several days and every single time it is mentioned. And then press on DOMA and ENDA.

  22. Is it derision so much as it is raising the previously established bar and standard for what defines success?

  23. Companies in the US added 93,000 Jobs in November.

    Robert Gibbs says that the START Treaty will pass by Christmas.

    I have transitioned everything from my main page to my blog. BWD if you can could you please just list my site as

    Good Morning to all of you, and thanks BWD for your hard work.

    There is good news in various areas, but I just wonder what the latest MSM controversy is. I have wiped my hands clean of them all.

  24. Good Day everyone

    Blackwaterdog, and everyone contributing to this, keep the facts coming.

  25. The Full debt commission report can be accessed at this link

    “As in the original draft, which was widely criticized, the revised version recommends lower corporate tax rates and calls for a 15-cent per gallon increase in the gasoline tax, with revenues to be devoted to transportation spending.”

    “In a symbolic gesture, it calls for cutting the budgets of the White House and Congress by 15 percent and immediately freezing the salaries of members of Congress, along with a three-year freeze on non-military federal worker pay.”

  26. It seems that many of them just want attention. They have no idea how absurd they look to those outside of the blogosphere. This is why the polls show that most dems support this president. You know how they get around that particular gallup poll? They state that the poll does not indicate liberal dems just dems in general. Yes that is how desperate they are, pathetic.

  27. Thanks BWD for the update. Sine I have blacked out ALL MSM and I am the healthier for doing so, I have to rely on your blog, WSY,, and foreign news sites for my daily information and reality check. Thanks once again.

  28. This is fantastic news and it’s such a vindication of Dems’ decision to focus over and over and over again on small businesses as the main driver of this recovery.

    You have a wonderful blog, Tori!

  29. Krista, it’s so wonderful that you delurked here. I so agree that this is such a non-toxic, safe space with which to discuss political developments.

  30. Hi Wol!

    The Democratic base is beyond appreciate; now we’ve just got to work on spreading the word to the mushy middle who have become confused because of the national media’s reporting lapses…

  31. Great to see you, askew. Co-signed@the black farmers’ settlement as well as work towards helping to empower Native Americans. A little discussed component of HCR is the passage of Native American health care legislation that they have been requested for quite some time to no avail. POTUS and the previous knock-out legislative session delivered on that.

  32. @ everyone – This only works if you have two computers and don’y mind white backgrounds, black font on all sites on one of them. I turned my small laptop into a “dedicated Dog.” I used the Internet Options the Tools give is to override site choices in colors on my small computer. The family computer is intact. Works wekk for me.

    Have a good day

    Also – still not getting email notifications about anything despite clicking for them

  33. Did you hear about the letter signed by ALL republican senators saying they’ll block EVERY legislation until there’s a resolution about the Bush tax cuts.

    They’re basically blackmailing democrats into extending the tax cuts to the top 2%.

    Thing is, even if democrats agree ( apparently they would extend all the cuts temporarily), I’m not even sure that they’ll win on DADT, DREAM or anything else.

    The awful reality: the President and the progressive democrats in Congress can’t do a lot about it. The mid-terms have seriously weaken them politically.

    I admit being discouraged today. Happy though about the bills that are on their way to the President’s desk.

  34. I think it is just time to “call their bluff.” I mean they have been obstructing for so long and getting away with it that they are more embolden now. I would not bow down to them in this situation. They will get what they want as you said, and then continue to vote against every Democratic item in the lame duck session. I haven’t watched MSM in a long while, but I am sure that they are blacking this out, and not even pointing out the fact that it is a national security issue not to pass START. What happened to “country first?”

  35. I have those moods, too LP. But I try to keep the emo piece out of it, and just do what needs to be done. Tough, though.

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