The Mishmash


President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama pretend to march to music in the Blue Room of the White House, July 4, 2010, before delivering remarks to military families during a Fourth of July celebration. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

1.    THIS.


Wall Street Shrinks From Credit Default Swaps Before Rules Hit

Trading in credit-default swaps, Wall Street’s fastest-growing business before the credit crisis, has tumbled 40 to 60 percent from three years ago as banks prepare for new regulation of derivatives.

The declines estimated by executives at four of the biggest dealers of swaps means lower profits at firms that used to get as much as two-thirds of credit-market trading revenue from the derivatives. Moody’s Investors Service says pending rules may translate into job cuts of as much as 50 percent in groups that trade the contracts.



U.S. retailers are poised to report November sales above forecasts. Helped by an increase in shopper visits over the Black Friday weekend, promotions that were spread throughout the month and more consumers shopping for themselves.

Retailers hope to continue that momentum on Cyber Monday, a term referring to the day many people make online gift purchases after the long Thanksgiving weekend. Online sales got off to a strong start on Black Friday, rising 9 percent from last year, according to comScore.



A new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report estimates that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) increased the number of people employed by between 1.4 million and 3.6 million jobs as of September. In other words, between 1.4 million and 3.6 million people employed in September owed their jobs to the Recovery Act. This estimate, by Congress’ non-partisan economic and budget analysts, is more comprehensive than the 675,000 jobs that ARRA recipients reported in late September, CBO explains.

While the report focuses primarily on the third quarter of 2010, CBO also includes new projections of the Recovery Act’s jobs impact through 2012. It finds that in the current quarter (the fourth quarter of 2010), there are 1.3 million to 3.5 million more people employed because of ARRA.


5.  Outrage of the day:


6. Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Intergovernmental Affairs Cecilia Munoz takes questions about the DREAM Act:




Sarah Palin To Use Gawker-Suing Expertise As Next Commander-In-Chief


What’s the mark of a true journalist? Being able to turn a Palin tweet into a full news story:

Sarah Palin was able to get a federal judge this month to stop a website from publishing unauthorized excerpts of her book. Now, she wants to know why the White House couldn’t put the breaks on Sunday’s WikiLeaks document dump.

See, if you just repeat in a newspaper the same logic she attempted on Twitter, it almost makes sense!

Let this woman be in charge of our wars overseas and she will sue Gawker.


52 thoughts on “The Mishmash

  1. The larger font is the most readable yet. Thanks for experimenting.

    The very best is the email notification. Effortlessly readable. But that does not have the black background.

  2. I don’t like looking at the Witless Wonder’s name though….

    Thank you BWD for another great thread BWD!

    Thank you Pres Obama for being the ‘adult in the room'(where did I see that phrase 😉 and for taking the hard steps toward getting America back on it’s feet!

    This is what the Recovery & Reinvestment Act looks like the Bay Area of California:

  3. When I heard him talk about the pay freeze, including that he had frozen his staffs pay also it didnt seem so unreasonable.
    Silly me. Every Dem is up in arms

  4. Why Pragmatist leave DKaos, wicked diary, and so dam true. I’m feeling for you guys, my neigbours, having to deal with that do nothing crowd.

  5. I wish I could think of something to say beyond Thank You, a million times thank you blackwaterdog. It comes from my heart. That “other place” has lost its collective mind, and I think it’s gone over the edge this time. The Daily Outrage has become too exhausting. I loved your diaries there and the site is poorer for losing you, but enough is enough. This place is a shelter in the storm. Oh and did I mention, THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  6. the only thing I wish I could do here is rec everyone’s comments ,lol.. I’m addicted to that I think 🙂

    I did read that diary you link at the top.. rec’d it and facebooked it. Nuttin but outrage hour after hour.. and all the common sense in the world has been said and resaid – it hasn’t changed a thing.

    I appreciate your calm rational blog- and the others you’ve listed here at your site. One other I’d like to suggest to you is: another reasonable voice imo.. and whats more interesting is that his wife just began working for Van Jones- so he should be full of additional good info.

    Thanks again bwd, you’re really pouring out the posts and they are so appreciated.

  7. I’m always interested in how the changes from the “useless” Wall Street Reform bill play out in real life, so thanks for that update.

  8. I felt the same way. I would rather have the government open more factories to create more jobs and build alternative energy products, than to up the pay checks for people who already have jobs. That seems a bit self serving to me. Can you hear people howl if Obama and Congress gave themselves a pay raise?

    I’m glad Obama made that call.

  9. I have to agree on being able to give tips to the other comments and writers here. That’s one thing I do love about DKos. But on the other hand I have started thinking that it’s also part of the problem there. It encourages the “gang” or “faction” behavior.

    But it seems to work well at moderated sites like Deaniac’s The People’s View, which I also just started visiting. It has a way to ‘like” comments, which is cool. But he also moderates the threads to keep it from turning into that kind of war zone. I like it. Not sure if WordPress has options to do that. This is all new to me.

  10. Just a note, for some reason, items 5 and 6 aren’t showing up on my computer. Probably my computer, I’m Mac and Firefox based.

  11. You’re right, crazycanuck, it’s an awesome diary:

    I love this part:

    “We have an infinite number of priorities, and limited resources. That’s what governing is. If you thought it was smiling pretty and signing all the progressive bills that Congress would magically generate then you either missed out on history, civics class, or both.

    So it comes down to terrible choices. Choices I voted for the smartest guy on the stage to make because damned if I want that responsibility. And neither do you, or you’d be running too.”

  12. I too want this intelligent President I voted for to make the decisions. I know I will not get everything I want but he has all of the information to make his decisions from and I choose to support his decisions over those who are always screaming that he has done the wrong thing.
    Anyone hear that Senator Susan Collins said she will only vote for START if former President GHBush or GWBush tell her to? I am appalled at what I thought was a moderate reasonable Senator on the opposition side in so much disrespect for the President. I tried to email her to let her know but sadly am not a constituent so was blocked.

  13. I’m silly as well. I couldn’t figure out where the outrage was coming from. But then I never could. Oh, I got it about some of the subjects, but eventually I learned that those speculative and ultimately incorrect.

    I am dying to read the diary about “Pragmatics Leaving.” But I swear, just seeing that blog on my monitor depresses me.

    I wonder if they are trashing us yet?

  14. Yes, things are improving. But the “Reality Based” blog will never, EVER admit it. Hell with ’em 🙂

  15. You mean STILL. Yes they are indeed. lol.. nothing new under that sun.

    Hello g, good to see you~

  16. Thanks BWD…needed some reality check after scanning that other blog. They sure seems like a hopeless bunch in that comment thread. Anyhow, keep doing what you are doing. Much gratitude.

  17. Another Ct Dem here – Thank you so much, TIMT. I learned of this blog through you. Although my guess is I eventually would have heard about it from others of our many friends here 🙂

  18. Good to see you too sheri! Is this the coolest thing – “our” little community together in a brand new home, in which BWD is the landlord. There is positive energy here. And the other is somehow supposed to be better? Bull!

  19. I am seeing more patients, including seniors, getting their preventive tests done now that they are covered 100 percent. The Medicare advantage program has always been a mixed blessing, better coverage on drug costs in some plans but loss of choice on consultants and hospitals.

    I don’t see why people should be outraged by the pay freeze. It’s better than layoff and no different from what many in the private sector and state governments have been going through. In CA state employees got IOUs for a while and have had an effective pay cut due to furloughs. Some people just want to complain about everything.

  20. I’ve about had it with DK, sadly. I won’t GBCW because they wouldn’t care. And, they still have some decent diaries, plus the pootie diaries!

    I thought Maimonides was fantastic today.

    But the Frustrati have become the Teatards of the left, living in their own little world, and I suspect that many eventually will join with the Teatards because of their common hatred of Obama, just as Jane Hamsher joined with Grover Norquist last year.

    They don’t worry me though. That little band of bullies represents maybe 2% of the country, although they appear to believe they’re a large majority. Let ’em stew in their little pot. They’ll be happy there.

    It’s sooo nice to be able to come here, and the People’s View, and Blue Wave News, and Balloon Juice.

  21. Read the diary. Skip the comments. Almost all the comments are the outraged Frustrati. Maimonides really nailed ’em, and they are yelping.

    But do look at the list of people who recommended the diary.

    And notice that in the tip jar, recs outnumber HRs by ten to one.

  22. Cool! Thanks for the info about, sherijr.

    I know what you mean about wanting to rec comments, lol. Old habit.

    Funny thing… after scanning today’s outrage I read the newspaper and checked out my horoscope. It said “avoid people and situations you know cause stress”. Haha!

    BWD, thanks for this daily uplifting reminder to focus on all the good. I really enjoy coming here after work (second shift) before calling it a night.

  23. We should all bring together blogs that promote support for the president along with information, pushback on the left and right poutragers, inspiration. Letters and ideas on the way forward in continuing to support the president’s quest to perfect the American Dream. I’m finding more supporters, mainly by following links. I believe there are more of us. Black, brown, Asian, white, native American, Gay/lesbian/transgender/biracial, Immigrants, foreigners: all of us wanting to be more effective in continuing the progress made so far. Ideas for actions. Letters to papers, actions, community service and talks, new voter registration … Endless possibilities. We can be Obama’s army.
    Struggle. We need to reach to each e alother around the media and find ways of getting the message out, changing minds, firing people aup, convincing others to change. We

  24. We are fired up and ready to go. Yes we can. (life is but a dream, why make it a nightmare?
    Found W.E.E. See You, dearmrpreisdent, and smartypants today. BWD’s blog was the gift of thanksgiving .

  25. i too want to express my appreciation of bwd and her decision to keep a presence on the web;

    as for this latest excuse to pronounce mr. obama a sellout, i commented to a kos diary to convey what mr. hayes’ reaction was when i told him kos people were up in arms about a pay freeze for federal workers:

    “what, they have a secure job with great benefits, and we’re supposed to feel bad they can’t get a raise for 2 years?”

    when this de minimis concession is made in honor of the goddam “deficit” reduction principle, we should be, if not applauding, keeping quietly happy that, despite all the willful ignorance abroad in the land, the govt is being run by people with brains

  26. I guess everyone wants the deficit reduced so lomg as it does not affect them personally. Folks have a habit of hanging out in la la land way too long.

  27. I’m afraid of reading the diary or the comments, but that one quote pretty much sums everything up. Too bad the progressive purity police won’t buy it, no matter how much sense it makes.

  28. hello like minded i am an obama fan from london being following since the primary noy being able to let go since then u never know what you have untill you loose it the saying i hope the leaf is it before is gone

  29. “Morning Headlines”

    House to Vote this Week on Bush Tax Cuts.

    Senator Baucus makes push for extended unemployment

    Democrats want Murray to take over DSCC.

    Unions Attack Pay Freeze

    New Blog entry by Andrea titled:What are you willing to give up? A closer look at eliminating our national debt.

    “Know the Facts”
    Fact of the Day
    President Obama signed the Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act of 2010 into law.

    The law includes provisions that help provide support for the caregivers of seriously injured Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, helps improve services for our nation’s 1.8 million women veterans, and helps expand the availability of health care for veterans and services preventing veterans from becoming homeless. These measures and others honor the sacrifices of our men and women who have served this country proudly, the commitment and dedication of the those who care for our wounded service members every day, and our Nation’s sacred responsibility to stand by our troops, our veterans, and their families

    BWD thanks for what you are doing. It is important that we all continue to support a President who is really trying to make a difference in all of our lives. He has to take so much from the right and left, that us real supporters must continue to push the “facts.” The childish behavior of some on the left is worse than when my children used to have temper tantrums.

  30. Funny how the repugs keep insisting that they have to have the tax cuts for millionaires. Are they forgetting that they are the millionaires? MSM pundits never mentions that this about giving themselves a huge raise. If this isn’t a conflict of interest I have never seen one.

  31. That’s wonderful news@the first paragraph. What I love about this foundation for HCR is that it starts to realign patient-provider incentives. Great to hear that you are seeing patients making use of the cost-free (to them) preventative care services.

  32. Hi wol. I went from an obsession with your BBC’s Robin Hood to a general interest in the zeitgeist of England:) Is your press similarly one sided? Is there balance? Are there blogs like The Daily Kos and similar?

    Nice to meet you.

  33. G,

    No England is completely different. There are four/five main stations and a few cable stations. Sky news is our cable news channel, but does not compare to either Fox, MSNBC or CNN.

    No the MSM is totally different from USA. The tv stations in UK are similar to local news, but with far more international news. Two of the tv stations do not carry ads.

    Even after 10 years in the states I still find cable news punditry shocking.

    I however, try to refrain from making the comparison, btw a country with 64 million and one with over 300 million citizens. And a semi-socialist country to a quasi/capitalist country.


  34. Re: the outrage of the day — the federal pay freeze.

    I’m wondering if part of it is about promoting shared sacrifices or being willing to live with something that your neighbor is having to live with.

    A big issue for seniors is that many of them are seeing what is admittedly sometimes relatively small increases in their supplement premiums — but as we know — their SS checks haven’t gone up in two years and I think it’s projected that they’re unlikely to go up next year as well.

    It just doesn’t seem to me to look too good for federal employees to get raises while the elderly and disabled don’t.

  35. Thank you for keeping the information flowing. I read two newspapers daily and listen to NPR and progressive radio, yet I still don’t recieve this depth of information. It is important to be an informed citizen…..and voter. Thank you again.

  36. hi g you lie minded you the media suck here as well especially sky news which belive is owned by same guy that owns fox even so they r still better than any in the u.s blg i don’t know of any similar infact politics is so boring and a non-starter in this at least to me obama makes politics cool to me and so many i know nice to meet you too

  37. Notes from the VA hospital in a big city here: The federal freeze on salaries is generally recognized as necessary, and it’s also clear that implementing a freeze now is crucial, because when the same old faces from a few years ago are back in DC next year, jobs would go away and salaries would decrease.

  38. Just to let you know I still check in and really enjoy reading a blog that gets what it means to win.

  39. Thank you blackwaterdog for want you do. I would go every morning to dkos looking for your diary first before reading anything else! I love to see pictures of our wonderful President and his family (including Bo)! I think you really see how wonderful our President and First Lady are in the still photos! Did you see the special on Pete Souza and our President on PBS on Thanksgiving eve? If you missed it you can purchase the DVD at I loved the show so much I purchased the DVD. I know you would love it also. Thank you again for all the wonderful work you do to keep us informed and the beautiful pictures you show us.


  40. I just want to thank you for writing this blog. I make sure every morning I start off with you. You are really real & honest.

  41. President to speak live regarding tax cuts and unemployment insurance at 6:10 pm et.

    Here is an article by Ezra Klein that you may want to read:

    The deal isn’t done, but right now, Democrats look likely to get a 13-month extension of both unemployment insurance and many of the tax breaks built into the stimulus (Making Work Pay, the bump in the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit, the business tax breaks and so on). That totals about $180 billion over two years. So if the White House gets the deal that the early reports suggest are close — and that they seem to think they’ll be able to get — this is a two-year stimulus package that approaches $300 billion. [Update: Just to be clear, that’s $300 billion for tax cuts for income over $250,000, and tax extenders. Add in the rest of the tax cuts — which I left out because they’re already at consensus — and it’s closer to $750 billion. So the $300 billion is the marginal cost over the tax cuts for income under $250,000.]

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