Blah, blah, blah, and meanwhile the real work is being done

Quietly, methodically, seriously. I swear it’s like an alternate world.

Washington Post:

Medicare Advantage provision going smoothly

One of the most significant savings envisioned in the new health- care law – limiting payments to the private health plans that cover 11 million older Americans under Medicare – is, so far, bringing little of the turbulence that the insurance industry and many Republicans predicted.

The law, which sets in motion the broadest changes to the U.S. health-care system in decades, will hold down the amount of money the government gives to Medicare Advantage plans, which are available to patients who prefer a managed-care version of the program. The savings is forecast to amount to $145 billion by the end of the decade.
Before the Affordable Care Act, Medicare Advantage insurance companies were paid more than $1,000 per person on average than seniors in traditional Medicare. All seniors on Medicare – even the 77 percent not enrolled in Medicare Advantage – helped subsidize the additional payments to insurance companies. The Affordable Care Act protects guaranteed Medicare benefits for seniors in Medicare Advantage plans and levels the playing field by ending overpayments to big insurance companies.  Whether the payment changes are warranted was a contentious subplot in the protracted debate over the legislation. Democrats argued successfully that the private plans were being overpaid and could withstand the changes. Republicans warned that such plans would raise prices, lower benefits or cause defections from the program, stranding the elderly people who rely on them.Early clues to the actual effects have now materialized, as elderly Americans may sign up for a health plan for 2011 during an enrollment period through the end of the year, and the warnings of swift, serious damage to the program are not borne out. Fewer health plans are available for the coming year, but the decrease is largely for reasons unrelated to the new law. Premiums have not jumped substantially, and benefits have not tended to erode.


42 thoughts on “Blah, blah, blah, and meanwhile the real work is being done

  1. Now here I thought I was finally going to get to bed early. New post from BWD? Log back in!!!

    Every day I feel so proud and happy that this brilliant, steady, tough, brave and compassionate man is our President.

  2. thanks for the excellent diary!

    PBO is brillantly effective!

    Fierce and persistent to do the right thing for this Nation!

    GOD bless our President!

  3. Thanks BWD. Yes those of us who were paying attention knew the GOP and their distractors were misinforming the public and making them fearful about HCR. Unfortunately it was somewhat sucessful;in Florida at least.

  4. Yup…underneath all the noise and distortions from the media and Republicans (and even some “liberals”), real change is being made, and real people’s lives are being positively impacted.

  5. I concur. Thanks so much BWD for this wonderful site. I am encouraged by it so much. Thank you for all of your work for a great cause.

  6. Let’s also give some credit to Kathleen Sebelius (and her staff) here. I know certain folks were pissed off that Sebelius was taken out of Kansas where she could have run for the Senate seat and all that jazz, but even if she would have won(which in this political climate would hav been tough) is a 54th Senator more important than getting HCR implementation right?

  7. Thank you BWD!

    Pres Obama is indeed doing “the real work” that needs to be done even if it is not popular with the extreme left or right. He is doing it because it will help America! God bless him!

  8. Morning, BWD. Morning, everyone.

    BWD, I’ve refrained from commenting on the color scheme of your new blog because it wasn’t the color of the text that I had a problem with, but the background, which you love. 🙂

    But now that you’ve increased the font size of the white text, I have to say, it’s really hard on the eyes. Anybody else have this problem? Anything I can do on my part to fix it? The rest of the text on the page is still the same size and is fine, it’s just the block of white text quoting the WaPo.


  9. I guess i was the only one liking the turquoise color. I see what you mean with the larger text.

  10. Good Morning,
    I am hear to get the bitter taste out of my mouth from seeing 7 read 7 repugs to only 1 democrat on the a.m. shows. How can we hope to win the message war when the democrats are silent. Can’t they push to get on the air? Or am I missing something?

  11. Hey, bwd, great work, as usual. I know whenever I hear the same talking point constantly repeated EVERYWHERE and mostly coming out of Republican mouths that it’s ALWAYS A LIE. Always. Naturally, everything they screamed against HIR is turning out to be a BIG, FAT LIE. Naturally! Thanks for pointing it out with the facts. As usual! 🙂

    As far as the color scheme on your blog, perhaps if you just made the background a bit LIGHTER it would be easier to read. The turquoise was IMPOSSIBLE for me to read and I like today’s larger font.

    Much love and light to you and everyone here!

  12. Hi BWD and everybody!

    Kat’s Daily (Mon-Fri) Obama Administration Report, 11/30/10


    Today's report features:

    • Federal pay freeze: Lots of background from the President, Press Secretary, OPM Director and OMB Director.

    • Document leak: Secretary of State Clinton delivers a statement to the press on the release of confidential documents.

    • Tuesday Talks: Energy Secretary Chu is answering your questions in a live video chat November 30th at 1:15 p.m. EST. Watch at .

    • DREAM Act: Deputy Assistant to the President Cecilia Munoz takes questions about the DREAM Act, which provides a path to legal status for youth who pursue higher education or serve in the Armed Forces.

    • It gets Better: Agriculture Secretary Vilsack’s video message of encouragement to LBGT youth.

    And a link to Blackwaterdog.,-11-30-10-

  13. Isn’t going to happen. The networks have always favored having more RW’s on than Democrats. During the Bush years, they used the excuse that, since the Republicans were in power they should be represented more. Once the Dems took over the excuse became, sine the Republicans are the monority, they need to be given more of a voice.

  14. You’re right St Roscoe, far more important for her to be where she is, Sibelius strikes me as a no nonsense type of person who will get things done without a lot of fanfare and hype.

  15. This is just one example of how the lies and misrepresentations on health care reform will be debunked – one by one. It is a shame that the journalists and TV commentators didn’t do their homework when the debate was underway and millions of people were deliberately misinformed. They owe an apology to our hardworking President, and we all owe him and his team our thanks for strong, steady leadership. Sooner or later everyone will come to the realization that there is nothing “weak” or “ineffective” about this President. He is doing exactly what he said he was going to do, including his willingness to consider all the options while maintaining his commitment to make this economy and this society work for every American, not just the privileged few.

  16. This is very well said. One of the saddest results of the campaign of misinformation which extended past the GOP and into parts of the lefty new media, is that as a result, there are programs which are underutilized as people have no idea that HCR provides solutions, believing instead that it’s a sellout betrayal which does nothing but help corporations. In particular, there is a stopgap program for people who have been denied insurance due to preexisting conditions. This program is a piece of temporary relief for people in this situation until the exchanges are created in 2014. It’s been completely underutilized because so many people have no clue that it’s available. Same goes for a program which provided extra back pay for service people who had been subject to stop loss. So many lies, so much misinformation, so many declarations that Dems spent big yet did nothing, created big challenges re: getting the word out.

    This is why I thank God for alternative media spaces which can help us to assemble and get the word out to real people who can obtain real relief, without so much of the noise. We’ve got to build upon these spaces.

  17. She’s an executive through and through – not everybody wants to be in the Senate debating chamber.

    Truth be told, Conway would have been wasted in the Senate. Now it might have been worth it to keep Rand out, but I have hopes he runs for Governor, which is traditionally a much better set-up for taking a run at the Presidency. Obama coming out of the Senate is rare, and I think Romney would have been a better challenger for the GOP because he had executive esperience – but the choice for McCain was made before the economy became issue #1 and the plan was to attack Obama on his lacking national security cred.

  18. Just wanted to say how psyched I am that your finally have your own blog! I just discovered it today when I went to that other site, which I hadn’t visited in a while. Your diaries were really the only thing that kept me coming to that site, now I don;t have to!

    I have a lot of catching up to do.

    Take care and keep up the good work.

  19. Thank you, BWD! I am thrilled to take part in a community where we can read positive facts about President Obama and his administration. This is the best. You are awesome. I am thrilled!

  20. That’s so true. It’s sad that some liberals are just as bad as some conservatives. They want things to be done the way that they want them done, no compromise. These are the same folks who complained during the Bush years that he was only working for conservatives.

  21. *Yawn* wake me up when something really super duper progressive gets passed instead of this “gimmick” stuff.

  22. No problem, g, we’re all still a little gunshy. On re-reading I don’t think the snark came through well, especially after all the mess from yesterday on the GOS.

  23. Thanks Rina. Yesterday was particularly surreal over there. I popped over just for the Memorial to exme. That diary and thread, beautiful, moving, important, was virtually surrounded by ugly, the last thing, I think, from learning about her, that exme would have wanted. It’s a schizoid blog. Life is too short to live like they do.

  24. blackwaterdog, thank you,thank you. It had gotten so bad, there was not a site to feel comfortable on, agree with everyone this is a revelation. May it grow, grow, grow!

  25. This one was really powerful for me. It took so long for this to happen, and when it did, it was BHO’s administration.

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