The New York Times heroic “Journalism”

So someone leaked tons of documents that can undermine big parts of the diplomatic effort made by president Obama over the past two years, to restore America’s place in the world. There are no plans to launch illegal war, but there’s a whole lot of embarrassment for America.

 The NYT got the material a long time ago and today they took a lot of pride in how “responsible” they were, and how they left out everything that can harm national security. All fine, but in the end of their “Note to readers”  they have the nerve to say: “As daunting as it is to publish such material over official objections, it would be presumptuous to conclude that Americans have no right to know what is being done in their name”.

 I guess Americans didn’t have that “right” during Bush’ 8 years. They didn’t have the right to know that they send their children to kill tens of thousands of civilians and to die in an illegal war. Oh no. The NYT heroes were scared to death of Bush and Cheney. But now when there’s a president who actually believes in the freedom of the press and is not threatening to do who-knows-what to them – now they’re big heroic “journalists”.

Bunch of cowards, all of them.

I already sent my letter to the editor.


To erase my disgust, i played a little bit with the interview the first couple gave Barbara Walters and grabbed few screen caps, just to enjoy some beauty and sanity.


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P.S. Please let me know if the grey text color works better for those who suffered from the white. Thanks.


44 thoughts on “The New York Times heroic “Journalism”

  1. The destruction of this man continues. I have been upset all day over this. Why is our Pres disrespected so much? Thanks for posting.
    Will a LTE help?

  2. Thanks for the update. The grey text is marginal for these 60+ year old eyes. Why not black text for the emails?

  3. The PFC who stole these classified secret communications should be tried for treason and Wiki on a lesser but still serious charge. For once I agree with Peter King! If the NYTimes didn’t print them someone else would have (ie The Guardian, Le Monde et al)but I totally agree with you that their comment about ‘the public needs to know’ was ridiculous. About 50% of that public is so interested in their democracy that they can’t even bother to vote. This material will only boost our enemies foreign and domestic. Not sure our President was disrespected. From the limited comment I’ve seen he comes off pretty well ie Saudi King praying for his safety!

  4. I prefer the white to the gray text, but I can deal with either.

    There’s no way the NYT would have published this info if we had a Republican president.

  5. The NYT’s hypocrisy in explaining why they’re going along with this attention grab is self-serving at best.

    Where was the public’s right to know about what was being done in our name, when Judith Miller was lying about weapons of mass destruction?

    Where was the public’s right to know about what was being done in our name, when Miller helped out Valerie Plame?

    Where was the New York Time’s concern about what was being done in our name then?

    I’m not sure what their goal is in releasing this information, but I’m pretty damn sure it has little to do with “what’s being done in our name.”

  6. You did an excellent job with the screenshots, BWD. Gorgeous.

    I’ve stopped listening to anything the trad media has to say.

  7. Of course not. They had Judith Miller to carry water for the Bush Administration until she was exposed.

    This just really frost my saggy butt. I’m going to have to see if I can find the Vanity Fair piece they did on the “Gray Lady.” It was interesting with alot of guestions about just where the relatively “new” man in charge was taking the paper. Financial difficulties aplenty, if I remember correctly. Which is why I think this is, at least in some part, a readership grab.

  8. I agree, the NYT is being both sanctimonious and disingenuous. Thanks for the great pics, BWD, they are, as always, a welcome respite.

    Oh, and Bo has certainly been raised well!

  9. I’m pretty ticked at the Times. I’ve been a subscriber for 25 years and they have really been annoying me lately. In the last few months they had a cover story on Rush and one on Palin. I can’t even stand to look at those two let alone read about them.

  10. If the NYT didn’t publish the leaked materials, another newspaper would have. The info is already being published in the UK, Germany, France and Spain. I’d prefer the NYT handle it than the Washington Times or even the Washington Post.

    I was upset about it at first, but after reading several articles on the NYT decided it wasn’t so bad… so far. In fact, the NYT did a great job putting the leaked cables in context with an article about diplomacy in the MidEast over Iran’s march to acquire nuclear weapons. That article put President Obama and the State Department in very positive light as far as I’m concerned.

  11. It’s clearly a grab for readership and relevance. I think Guardian is posting too. Besides being embarrassing it will hinder free fow of information for intelligence and diplomatic services which will further compromise our security. It is striking that the papers can be such fierce guardians now of the public’s right to know and have failed so miserably during the Bush years. I personally would like to see the leakers spend their lives in prison. They betrayed their country.

  12. This whole mess is so putrid it’s hard to articulate the depth of disgust. The forces at work against progress into the 21st century are unfathomable, each day worst than the last. Thanks for this piece, BWD, and for speaking out for us on this page.

    p.s. The gray font is a lot easier to read. Thanks.

  13. Yeah, I saw it for the BS it was. Why are they now concerned about our “need to know” when they weren’t concerned enough during the bush caba’s reign. We will move pass this also…..smh.

  14. The only think I’m going to say about Wikileaks is this: They played a huge role in Climategate by publishing those emails. A lot of folks seem to forget that and their involvement in propagating the Climategate lies really leads me to question their motivations on anything else they do.

  15. The grey text is nearly impossible. I have to study it, blink, and try again to read it.
    WHY won’t you use black ?????? Everything you send is so worthwhile, so worth reading and passing on……..except it’s illegible.

    Thank you.

  16. Cher,

    Thank you for your analysis. I’m not a fan of the NY Times at all but I’m happy to see in this one article they found time to give their readers the actual truth.

  17. BWD,i just saw this on weeseeyou and commented. The person should be thrown under the jail. Yeah i’m sure the nyt is really concerned about the people SMH

  18. My problem is not with their decision to publish. Of course they would, every publication in the world would. It’s the hypocrisy in the end that really pisses me. The NYT fully endorsed the war in Iraq, they didn’t bother with the “right of the American people to know what’s being done in their name”.

    I only hope that since the administration knew what’s coming – they have already done the damage control. The embarrassment IMO is less in some second rate diplomat who said this or that – but it’s the very fact that this stuff was leaked. Someone is working very hard to sabotage this president.

  19. I hope this wiki issue isn’t too damaging. It is really irresponsible to leak all of this information. There is nothing good that can be gained from this.

  20. This systematic dumping of sensitive information makes me crazy! Seems to me that the Wiki founder simply wants to beat his chest from time to time when he needs some attention. The guy should be thrown in jail! I haven’t read much, but trash talking diplomats and heads of state CAN’T be a surprise to anyone, can it? Most disturbing to me is that one man has control over the secrets that he releases at his will to embarrass world leaders…what’s in it for him? Where the hell is that traitor PFC that made this possible? Levenworth, I hope.

  21. While the wikileaks are bad, the refusal to back the President on the START treaty is worse. Our country will lose badly and maybe the world too if this isnt signed.
    Yet there are no call in campaigns and no one seems to care.
    Obama will be damaged in the world if he cant even get a treaty signed.
    Just what they want to bring the man down at any cost…to have Sarah do what?

  22. Full endorsed, promoted, and never questioned. I doubt its intentions as much as I do Assange’s. Is it time for the Pulitzer nominations or something?

  23. Even though a lot of the information will no doubt be *about* R administrations. That will be clouded and hidden deeply within reports.

  24. Snowbird…could not agree more! Since that sh*t for brains Kyl is my Senator, along with the OTHER sh*t for brains…I would ask that all of you PLEASE call Kyl’s office and give him a piece of your intelliegent minds! His number is: 202-224-4521 fax: 202-224-2207. Thanks to all that call.He says there is no real hurry to get this done, he needs more time to review. Amazing! There have been countless briefings and 21 Senate hearings (where was he then?)Endorsed by the Sec. of Defense,and FORMER Sec. of State,Sec of Defense, top military leaders…the list goes on and on…this is a political ploy that endangers the WORLD, and this moron is playing politics! He incenses me! This is a guy that took and oath to protect the US, and THIS is ok? I think that he needs to be investigated for treason! Please call, and get your friends to’s that important. Thank you, Snowbird for saying what has been on my mind:)

  25. Re: the type: it’s not the color so much as it is the size. It’s too danged small.

    But, truthfully: black on white is best. I’d can the background image. Plus: the pictures would have more impact, not fighting w/ the background.

    In any case: larger type, please.

    Re: your posts: they’re great. Thanks !!!

  26. I really think that this latest document dump by Wikileaks is not specifically pointed to damaging our President – there are too many earlier years of communiques to make that plausible. And, don’t forget, the Wikileaks guy is an Aussie, so he’s pretty much interested in just the publicity for himself.

    This is at least the 4th time he’s dumped docs or vids and if the NYT didn’t publish them, someone else would. There are a number of international papers that publish these leaks too.

    I do think the PFC that has given Assuage access is already being held somewhere. I saw his picture and he looks like a little kid in a uniform. I think his early motivation was the video of our forces shooting down civilians…and all the rest of this he just sent while he could.

    Well, those are my opinions. *S*

  27. I just don’t understand the purpose. What I have read of the leaks seems more like shoptalk and workplace gossip than the type of explosive whistleblowing designed to turn American attention to foreign policy excesses. What’s really new about this information? The US was desperately trying to empty Gitmo when POTUS assumed power. Known. Karzai has a reputation for corruption. Known. There are leaders in the MidEast who are a lot more ambivalent about Iran than their constituents would like. Not a surprise.

    So what was the purpose of this other than to undermine diplomatic activity so that those writing cables are on their tippy toes and reluctant to describe initial impressions, hunches, and f- ups for fear of those thoughts being taken out of context and used to provoke crises and events.

    Totally agreed with everyone who noted that far more important information was withheld during the runup to the Iraq War and during the period in which reporters embedded themselves with US troops in the Iraqi War theater. I would have loved such a zeal for alerting the public from the NYT then, rather than Judith Miller’s hackery!

  28. Thanks desertflower. This is *the* foreign policy story of the moment IMO. The GOP leadership prioritizing politics over national and international security.

  29. GN…I could not agree more! We have to get on this PRONTO. The fact that this useless excuse for a Senator is playing politics with such an important issue says all anyone needs to hear…this SHOULD be a bipartisan issue that both parties can get behind for, not only the good of the country, but the good of the WORLD! Yet here he is, saying that the next congress can get around to it when they get to it…the President BETTER have a ramrod for a backbone, and he better show it REAL soon against these bozos…dangerous and inept bozos at that. I’m furious at them!

  30. I just think its the most important thing out there and no one is talking. Wikileaks is getting all the press.
    I will call Kyl tomorrow.But he needs to be called out for what he is.

  31. That was one of my first thoughts.

    (For the record, I’ve posted here before, but decided to change my username as it was my name at Kos)

  32. Isn’t it sad that the Republican party has as their only goal to make this President a one termer…even above what’s best for the country and the world…national security is supposed to be “their baby”? Really? What’s going to happen if terrorists get ahold of those loose nukes? Then what? Can’t shoulda, woulda, coulda after the fact for THIS! Please call Kyl everyone…oh, and Susan Collins REALLY wants the Bush’s to say ok to this, then she may decide that it’s ok to vote for this!!!! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Maybe we should call her sorry self too. How did these idiots get there, someone tell me? (rhetorical question, sort of)

  33. Personally I think you should just continue to design and tweak the sites appearance to your own creative eyes. There will always be some who prefer one over the other, and i personally, as my eyes age, obviously find the usual black on white easiest to read, partly because that is what I am used to, butI am always pushing myself to deal with new things.

    Its a terrific resource anyway.

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