This is the crap we’re facing

Remember the whole TSA hysteria from just a few days back? Remember the Left blogosphere having a field day over the president breaking the constitution (again!) and it’s time to impeach him (again!)?

Well, not for the first time, the “holding his feet on fire” crowd simply helped the Right Wing war against the president (again!).

From today’s New York Times:

A Media False Alarm Over the T.S.A.

If a squadron of mad scientists surrounded by supercomputers gathered in a laboratory to try to conjure a single news topic that would blow up large, they could not touch the T.S.A. pat-down story.

It began with a Drudge Report link to a video on Nov. 13 of an intrusive pat-down, and then leapt to social media and the rest of the Web.

// snip

Cue the media mushroom cloud: by Tuesday, there were print reports about the new scanning technology, heavy-breathing blog posts about the government using the technology to alter or gather DNA (yow), and every cable channel featured wall-to-wall speculation about what would happen when people got to the airport on Wednesday and how many would be carrying lanterns and pitchforks.

“This story tapped right into the central nervous system of the collective consciousness,” said Mark Ghuneim, chief executive of Trendrr. “It was huge.”

But then, in the real world, nothing happened.

A few passengers opted out and, if anything, lines were shorter because airport security was staffed up and people arrived early just in case.


Yep, that’s the crap this president has to deal with. Lazy and stupid media, vicious lying RW hate machine, and a vocal part of the Left working hard to help the war against him.

* As you can see, I’m still playing with text colors and looking for more feedbacks. Thanks.


94 thoughts on “This is the crap we’re facing

  1. Add a comment to this post

    The turquoise used in this line, and in the headline, was readable. Not excellent, not as good as black, but discernible.

    The rest of the text was — again — a struggle. As one other reader wrote, I’m a 60 year old who WANTS to read your words, but gosh you make it hard. SL, Attorney @ Law

  2. Monday morning: Add a comment to this post

    The turquoise used in this line, and in the headline, was readable. Not excellent, not as good as black, but discernible.

    The rest of the text was — again — a struggle. As one other reader wrote, I’m a 60 year old who WANTS to read your words, but gosh you make it hard. SL, Attorney @ Law

  3. Colors/Fonts, etc. FYI-black copy on a white background is easiest on the eyes and easiest to read. Fonts with serifs are easier to read especially large amounts of copy. Sans-serif fonts are best for headers and a short amount of copy.

    I love a black background, too, and find the white on black easier than any other color on a black background.

    Spacing on a page makes a big difference, too.

    Good Luck! You are filling a niche so very necessary. Appreciate all you are doing. I know the time it takes to put all this together!

  4. blackwaterdog, concerning Sandra’s post above, could you add some kind of app, clearly up front, so that readers could change the color easily?

    My 80-year-old eyes have no trouble, but I’m lucky.

  5. Another thought ~ could try a gray background with white copy ~ check out my photography site at:

    I gave in on black and used a gray with white copy and it is a easier on the eyes. But there’s not a lot of copy so that in itself makes a difference.


  6. No mention of Koch brothers in the NYT piece but I read elsewhere that they were involved. Also no discussion of how these manufactures scares are about taking down our president and feeding anti-government hysteria. Thanks for commenting on this.
    If you view the blog on the mobile viewitis black on white. Also if you open on email.

  7. Lov and they were not in free speech zones!e your photos! And yes, the newspapers are all cowards! Just where do they think they were for 8 years? Obviously, they agreed with the Bush Administration because they seem to be pretending that it NEVER happened…media control, free speech zones, planted stories(lies), outing a CIA officer, reporters paid to write spin as truth!!! The list can go on for 8 years! All that cheerleading and support for the drumbeat of war…and the publicized anti Muslim hostility!!! Where was the press then? Never saw the anti Bush demonstrations but sure saw lots of tea party stuff and they carried guns and their numbers were paltry shit!

  8. Ooops, somehow my response got garbled…anyway my blood is boiling at the thought of the press being so honest, fair and balanced, impartial, and supportive of the public right to know!

  9. Blue easier to read than turquoise. Maybe have some turquoise accents or titles once in a while, but it does make for slower reading.

    white on black is eye catching, but harder to read than black on white, or black on some other pale background.

    good luck.

    I really appreciate the much saner comment thread here. Feels less like I’m in a battle zone than the great orange site has become.

    Thanks for what you’re doing.

  10. Is this not utterly typical of media sensations? The problem is that the lefty new media has become dominated by people who insist that sensationalism is a valid and effective device to create progress. They could not be more wrong and are absolutely easy prey for false and ridiculous media memes leading the way into counterproduction. Matt Drudge is not someone I’d follow anywhere lol!

  11. Thank you Blackwaterdog! This is a refreshing site to read good information. I appreciate all that you do.
    This still shows that we will always have to be well informed, and really keep supporting this president. Thanks for your research also. It encourages me to keep researching as I read at home and listen when I can stomach it. Thank you again. Will get to work!!

  12. Thank you GN. You are on point!. The left needs to do a better job on their part. It does tire me to listen to them at times, however I will write them and let them know when they are falling into the same paths for whatever reason. I am so thankful that the President does have steel in his back as well as his soul.

  13. That TSA fuss was the silliest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Some people were acting like TSA found all of its employees on some paedophile probation list and the rest from the Heavy Breathing Association. So glad it is over.

    As to the colors, I can do blue on black but not blue on gray. The shades are too close to each other and they are harder to read. I think some color-blind people might have a hard time with this combination.

  14. Hi HZ! I think that spaces like this are simply crucial for calm and critical analysis of the information with which we’re being flooded. To me, the issue of privacy in this country is a huge one; I just couldn’t think of a more ridiculous manner of trying to advocate than banding together with the right wing to trump up a hysteria and potential disruption which travelers would not view with sympathy.

    Typical of the lefty new media: great ideas; lousy strategy!

  15. My son received his MA in Aviation, Public Administration, field work at an international airport, etc. He cannot believe the faux hysteria over this. And yes, it is aided and abetted by “our” side. Headlines such as “my 101 year old grandmother was strip searched after she refused to remove her oxygen mask” do not help (made that one up, but it’s close) And the infamous photo from the Machine that Lets THEM See Private Parts is bogus. Oh, the photo is real, but it never happened IRL. It was an example of technology the TSA COULD use, but they rejected it as too intrusive.

  16. Followed you from Kos, BWD, and enjoy your blog. Glad you’re out there to stick up for our President. I may be in the minority, but I don’t like the grey or the aqua print…I really liked the white on black best. Good luck to you.

  17. I remember posting a comment on the blog which shall not be named on this issue. I said something about it being overhyped—imagine!—and it seemed to be a lot of hullabaloo about nothing. And man! did the usual haters jump all over me for not being sufficiently outraged.
    So many distractions, so much time and effort wasted on foolishness. And people who SHOULD know better get sucked in, easy as pie.

  18. No matter what browser you use, there will be somewhere you can click on “options” and do bigger sizing of text and change colors of both text and background.

    I have my text at 140%, with black text on a white background. There is still black around all the text, but it is VERY easy to read here. Maybe you can just look around and figure out how to do it yourself. *S*

  19. The Left emulates the Right in countless ways. Hypocrites. IOKIYAP (it’s OK if you’re a progressive) I really believe that has become their mindset. They will soon slide into Might Makes Right. And then they will have completed their self fulfilling fantasy: that there IS no difference between the D’s and R’s. At least not between the extreme elements of each.

  20. It was amazing. I had an exchange at The Atlantic in a piece which had a ludicrous premise: because POTUS doesn’t travel commercially, he can’t have any empathy re: invasive security procedures. Except that he and his family are under constant surveillance. The language in reaction to me noting this was very hyperbolic and sensationalist, with comments about little girls being sexually molested by TSA agents during pat downs, etc. I wondered why people were unable to put forth a simple premise: the security tradeoffs which we receive in exchange for measures like pat downs is likely not worth the loss of privacy—people were unable to discuss that with any rationality, taking things up to 11 instead.

    This sensationalism is not going to lead to progress; progress is being made in spite of it, not because of it.

  21. I remember posting a comment on this issue on the blog that shall not be named, saying I thought the issue was being overhyped, that it was basically a bunch of hullabaloo about nothing. And man! did the usual haters jump all over me for not being sufficiently outraged.
    So much time and effort is wasted on purposeful distractions and foolishness. And people who SHOULD fall into line. They get sucked in, easy as pie. Why?

  22. Oops—sorry about double post. Site was so anxious for my brilliant comment, it posted my comment without me telling it to post comment.

  23. It’s always a good idea to take a deep breath when confronted with the unreasonable. As my Grandmother pointed out to me when I was an impressionable child: Nothing is eaten as hot as it is cooked. Her kitchen wisdom served me well. In the world of politics, there is nothing more important than a cool, dispassionate analysis of the issues at hand. Thank God, America has a President who uses his head, adds much needed balance to the overheated public discussion, and steers us all to a more productive debate and exchange of views as fellow citizens, not intractable enemies.

  24. And wherever she is, A.Huff’s ears just perked up and she shed a single tear of joy while trying to smile… Those aren’t visions of sugarplums dancing in her head, of course, it’s the thought of the interviews she’ll get.

  25. I still stand by *your* words: people are being played and they don’t seem to get it.

    Information is being regurgitated with the same lack of analysis as it is on the right. Dig at least *one* layer deeper and we might have a better understanding of what’s what.

  26. Thanks for the update BWD.

    I saw the rubbish being reported on CNN and turn the station. The only way for me not to become a crazy is to ignore MSM, and most of the blogsphere reporting.

    My first thought was: how is this a new story? What exactly has changed? I knew the answer was nada (or very little) so I realized there nothing to see and continued stepping.


  27. Absolutely right, conlakappa! We’re getting played with no doubt about that. The fact that the right wing is all of a sudden *concerned* about privacy matters is a big tip-off…

  28. >^..^<

    Kat's Daily Obama Administration Report, 11/29/10

    Today's report features Quasi-Official Agencies.


    Quasi-official agencies are not officially executive agencies but are required by statute to publish certain information on their programs and activities in the Federal Register.

    • Legal Services Corporation: LSC is the single largest provider of civil legal assistance for the poor in the nation. Funded by Congress, LSC promotes equal access to justice.

    • Smithsonian Institution: The Smithsonian Institution is the world's largest museum complex and research organization, composed of 19 museums, 9 research centers, and the National Zoo.

    • State Justice Institute: SJI was established by Federal law to award grants to improve the quality of justice in State courts and foster solutions to common issues faced by all courts.

    • United States Institute of Peace: USIP is an independent, nonpartisan institution established and funded by Congress to help prevent and resolve violent international conflicts.

    And a link to Blackwaterdog.,-11-29-10

  29. It wouldn’t be much of a slide, would it? The things that were condemned as the evil, empire-like things that they were under the last guy are now seriously being asked: why isn’t Obama doing this?!! And all of this call for the bully pulpit makes me want to gag.

  30. Indeed the corporate media has been a disgrace for this Nation.

    We have to become the NEW MEDIA.

    We have to take control of spreading the truth.

    This is something that works well in CA.
    People were well informed and result of the 2010 midterm is that the republican party is disappearing in CA despite all the hundreds of million $ the GOP/Karl Rove/Koch Brothers spent to misguide the People.
    All major states officials are DEMOCRATS.
    Californians voted on the issues because people went door to door, sent e-mails, wrote letters to editors to get the truth out.
    Power is truly in the information.
    Let’s make sure that we become the newsmakers in our own families, in our neighborhoods, in our friends circles, in our churches, in our work places,…

    YES WE CAN!!!

  31. This is so very critical! Reading about the California election results, you turned out the liberal, African American, Hispanic, and youth vote in some incredibly impressive numbers, and absolutely countered the falsehoods which proved so persuasive to swing voters elsewhere. I so agree that we have to create a new media infrastructure so that we can support one another and create/nurture the gargantuan new effort required for 2012.

  32. Only the most recent of many, Kat. Look at the ignorance of the American public (most of whom hold several false beliefs about taxes, Medicare, job creation, etc.). That’s an indictment of the national media IMO which reports “he said she said” “both parties” false equivalencies instead of researching facts and confining reports to those facts.

  33. Just like death panels, the Ground Zero Mosque and the Mosque burning in Florida, to name a few more.

    I am certainly not a fan of the screenings, but understand that the Administration is damned if they do and damned if they don’t. If they didn’t have these screenings and another would-be terrorist snuck on explosives the same folks who are up in arms about the screenings would be pointing complete blame at the Obama Administration, and the media would be playing along.

  34. Regarding the readability issue some are having, does WordPress offer the ability to have other “skins” optional? That way you could have your design choice as the default, but others could choose a more basic black font/white background option.

    I will say that white on black is better than orange 😉

  35. About the type. I couldnt see it well but enlarged the type and now its just fine.

    I see Obama has proposed to freeze the federal salaries. He is being called out for it saying he can forget reelection just for this. what do you all think? My instinct is to trust him and wait.

  36. IIRC, reps of the federal workers union had a meeting at the White House last week or the week before. They haven’t been blindsided. I should think they likely made concessions with the understanding that there would be a tradeoff. There are people who’d think federal workers are now more likely to vote R? Please. If the Rs were in the Executive, I wouldn’t be surprised at RIFs.

  37. You are 100% correct. We must find a way to become educators and make it our first priority to remain engaged and informed ourselves and then pass on valid information to our individual circles and beyond. That way we will be able to combat the negativity and inaccuracy of the talking heads and the corporate media in general.

  38. There seems to be a concerted effort to keep people in a constant state of outrage/fear about one thing or the other. I find it quite troubling and try to stay clear from cable pundits and opinion reporting.

  39. The color of your print is wonderful if you want to be a blue sky on a blue day in the bright sunlight. But I am not Winnie ther Pooh and my eyes are 77 years old. There is not a prayer I can read more than two lines in that shade without tearing up. And the soft gray is restful but it isn’t much help to me either. There used to be standards of acceptable type fonts (not less than 9pt. for instance) and shades. If I recall there had to be some black in the ink for ease of copying if nothing else. Please remember there are still some of us old folks interested in what you have to say. But if you want to drive us away keep up with the ink diminishing shades. And please, avoid the yellows and the pinks and the oranges.

  40. Well, Benintn over in Kat’s daily thread brought up some points that this isn’t going to be as bad as first throught. It appears the Fed workers will get an increase, and won’t affect normal pay raises/promotions. I actually do disagree with this as a policy, but do not feel sold out or whatever the latest terminology is. You can find his comments in this thread:,-11-29-10

    I know that my own pay was essentially frozen for about four years straight, and next year is the first time I’m going to see any type of increase due the economy seeing something of an upturn in my area. I also know that thanks to the impatience of voters that there’s going to be a lot of these type of things that seem silly to us to try and counteract the effort the GOP is going to take to do real damage to workers. The GOP actually wants to cut federal jobs. The reality is that thanks to the impatience of voters the GOP controls one branch of Congress, and our side still can’t compete with their dollars, particularly since Citizens United ruling. George Soros is about 15-20 years too late in trying to build up some sort of counter media on the left backed with real money, so that future Democratic administrations already have a viable media channel to just plug into the way Shrub did.

    Also, I don’t know if anyone’s read the latest commission diary from mcjoan over on kos, but what struck me is that there now, after all the caterwauling, seems to be an acknowledgment that the commission was just a way to sideline deficit hawks for most of the year, but now they’re trying to scare up boogeymans over the budget next year.

  41. As I said earlier, the left should have put serious money into counter media 15-20 years ago when Fox News was really ramping up. Then again, that may ultimately be impossible as it seems that every effort ends up consumed by the same egos and infighting that hinders the national Democratic party from having a cohesive message.

  42. So well said. Excellent analysis from start to finish. Do you mind if I repeat your comment, with attribution, at weeseeyou?

  43. I actually stayed entirely out of the TSA discussion, because it just got overblown and ridiculous, and you couldn’t have a discussion with either side over the merits.

  44. Just adding my 2 cents: I prefer the white type to the blue. I use a dark gray background on my blog and found a soft color but still high contrast works best. Like an off white or pale pink or peachy, both nearly white but softened with red, etc. And I’m not a pastely type person, it just seems to be easiest on the eyes.

  45. My understanding is that this is more as a protection for federal workers jobs, as the gop congress was planning to layoff federal workers.. and this ‘freeze’ is merely on salary increases over the next two years.. and not on anything else.

    I’m in wait and see mode also, I’m rarely one to freak out over whats going on day to day in washington, as I figure the average person isn’t either: its only on certain blogs, teevee, pundits etc that I see who need to micro-manage every utterance and decision of the president. And man is it tiresome.

  46. Me too RinaX. Actually, 30 years ago when traveling home on leave from Germany back to the US- I was strip searched.. and I was a GI.. it wasn’t uncommon due to the heavy terrorist activity at that time. I was not bothered by it.. and it was the real deal/ not some faux bs thats going on now with the hyperbolic stories of the tsa.

    Theres no doubt the media is responsible for this hyper sensationalism of EVERYTHING.. and inevitably the blogs follow suit, which is so shameful as they could really lead and show the teevee ‘journalists’ how its done.

    WE the people have got to be the truth tellers and we must share the facts and undermind the media’s BS.. imo.

  47. They know exactly what they are doing. They know that they are being played and they are allowing it to happen. What is funny is that they claim that they are the true base of the Dem party because they have the numbers. I think that this TSA flap proves that the only hold they have is their hold on certain forums and blogs. This is what happens when you start believing the echo.

  48. Just wanted to add that it will not be long before the NYT is thrown under the bus. Some of them have already done so to the Nation. The Nation published a great article on where and how this TSA “outrage” started. As I said before they know what they are doing. It just seems that they would like the rest of us to turn a blind eye to the unholy alliance that they seem to have with the crazy tea baggers.

  49. I think that freezing salaries is what they do in govt. to balance the budget….they can either freeze salaries OR do a RIF=reduction in force. I’ve been through both and beleive me I would rather they freeze my salary than eleminate my position number.

    Federal Govt needs to have their salaries froze, State Govt. hasn’t had a raise in 2 years and they make wayyyy more money than state employees.

    Another case of the Prof. Left not knowing what the hell they are talking about.

  50. Glad to know that you’re getting a salary increase Rina.

    Really appreciate your comment and the link to Benintn’s comment.

    It’s encouraging to read that folks are finally beginning to acknowledge “that the commission was just a way to sideline deficit hawks for most of the year.”

    Thought that from the beginning.

    I’m hoping that the deficit commission and federal wage freeze set the stage for really pushing hard for raising taxes on Corporations and top tier individuals.

    The inequality of what the Republicans are asking for could not be clearer.

    Saving millionaires some money is not the responsibility of those with far less.

    Especially those who pay a higher proportion of taxes.

    It should make the case for fairness and shared responsibility a slam dunk.

    At least I think and hope so.

  51. We females have had more intrustions on our persons than we can count, considering pap smears, mammograms, etc.

    Intrusions by doctors are not, of course,
    as awkward as intrusions by “frenzied, sex manddened airport screeners,” but there was a time when even a doctor’s exam was far less routine than today, and required the presence of a nurse (female.)

    The world changes with circumstances.

    White on black and white on gray work really well for me. The blue print is a little less comfortable for my eyes.

    I love a blog I can recommend to friends and family. Even those who have reservations about
    some of the President’s actions would be willing to read this blog. They are pretty average Americans and wall to wall rage is not their thing.

    Quick story. We have films made here from time to time. The first was a tv movie. The film crew ate a a local cafeteria, and all conversation stopped when a crew member pointed to a casserole and inquired, “What the fuck is that?”

  52. I don’t have an opinion about the color scheme. Just, as Roscoe said, not orange 🙂

    But seeing all the feedback about it gives the feeling of “community” – already!

  53. if you log into firefox, you can change the colors showing and change the font size. that’s what i did – go to the tools menu at top of page and choose options – then you’ll see the selection to adapt the size and colors. good luck!

  54. Thank you for this. Wonder why it isnt mention in other places where they are all a twitter.
    I wondered if he had traded for something else like unemployment extensions

  55. You mean the “Cat Food C” was not Obama’s personal frontpeople to screw over the middle class??? I really believe certain Blog “Experts” are just about NEVER right!

  56. blackwaterdog, I just noticed something and wonder if the page of white print on black has always been this way —

    The background, slightly splotchy, stays still, the print scrolls up and over it. That is very very cool and I really like it. It gives the reading experience, for me, an extra dimension, something I haven’t noticed anywhere else.

    I hope it stays that way! I mean whatever you do with the print color I hope it moves that way — like a marquee with a running text.

  57. Love the site. It’s refreshing to be on a Democratic site that appreciates a Democratic president and does not villify him at every fucking turn. Thanks for the peaceful retreat.

    I do not like the black background with white letters (sorry!). It’s very hard on my eyes.
    I’d like to change it in my browser but am using Internet Explorer. If anyone can walk me thru changing it, I’d appreciate it. I can change the text size but not the colors.

  58. No reason for despair. Everything this Pres does, “they” say he will not be elected blah blah. All he can do is the job at hand now. I trust his judgment more than any of the side seat drivers. He’s been correct over and over again. After all he is, wait for it,drum roll please……the only adult in the room. 🙂 *kudos to bwd*

  59. The TSA story was another media manipulation, a cooked up story that probably began with the Tea Baggers (most of the stories about privacy invasion do). The travelers who were more concerned about getting where they were heading to ignore the outrage.

    Those from the airline industry who asked for travelers to boycott and make lines interminably long should be fired.

    I hope the public would have been as concerned when Tea Baggers and their GOP allies fed them lies that they swallowed without asking for proof. If they did, we would not have had the midterm elections we’ve just had.

    On the background front, I can live with it, though I would prefer a white background…

    Thanks much for this site.

  60. From the technical world of Communications Design, light type on dark backgrounds will always be harder to read than the opposite. If you are going to do it, keep the type white or off-white for greatest contrast. Experiment if you can with one size larger font. I would find the current one slightly annoying even if it were black type on white background. You might also try a solid dark background behind the type, and leave the marbled effect for non-type areas. I like the overall look of your site, but readability must always come first. Keep up the good work!

  61. Bad timing, if not questionable policy on this one, IMO. Would prefer his message right now be on Unenmployment extension and maintaining middle/working class tax cuts. This is something that plays directly into the “fed workers are overpaid” Repub meme, and I cringed when I heard him announce this idea.

  62. Go to Internet options/Accessibility/Check “Ignore colors specified on webpages”/. You’ll get a white background.

  63. Kay – Delighted to see you!
    (the former Another Ct Dem, gc, whatever the hell you knew me as :))

  64. i love the nation, it felt like one of the last bastions of democracy to me during GWBdays.

  65. I like the blue on black.

    You’re a breath of fresh air. Seriously, I read a bunch of hyperventilating garbage on MSM and outrage machines over at dkos, and then here we have rationality. Keep up the good work!

  66. I knew the whole TSA incident was a front anyway. So it’s ok when brown/black people have to go thru extra securities, but when EVERYBODY has to go thru it, it’s a problem?? The media was horrible with this, yet they will go on business as usual like nothing happened And wouldn’t it make sense to do a pay freeze for a couple of years versus laying off and furloughing workers like the GOP is trying to propose?

  67. Agreed on both counts. While I am wary of a national attitude which resents, rather than insists upon, the generous salary and benefits which federal employees receive, it is without a doubt that the freeze is superior to layoffs, elimination of positions, or furloughs.

  68. To me, the most worrying part of the whole TSA
    rubbish story, was that it was not new, I have seen old folks in wheels chairs patted down at the airport; I thought it was hilarious, but I understood that the TSA wanted to be fair to everyone. Bye the way I witnessed that in Mobile Alabama between 2001 and 2007.

    Knock me over with a feather.

  69. Here’s reason #999 the Purists (sounds like Puritans, does it not – ie, rigid and judgemental) were not fond of me. If my travel plans were delayed by THEM PROTESTING I’d be furious. We know the Director of the TSA Unit at Bradley. He is not evil. He is thrilled to pay hs rent and receive benefite for being among the working. There are multiple ways to evaluate a situation. The Purists see one: To paraphrase a popular TV show – Everyone Hates Progressives.

  70. AHA! I’m in! Hi, and how do you do?

    I’m glad to see my post worked. I’ve been having a helluva time at DKos with posting, etc. etc. Doesn’t matter, I have lost my oomph for posting over there! LOL!

    Delighted to see you, too! 🙂

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