Basketball is life. The rest is just details

This is where I’m sorry for not being able to tip and rec over at DK, because i would give bonddad all my love. I’m so tired of those great experts who just sit there and wait for the economy to collapse again. There’s something very disturbing in the enthusiasm that comes with their promote of despair. They really should get out a little bit.


Foreign Policy Magazine Top 100 Global Thinkers: 

3:  Barack Obama

 …Obama is still arguably the developed world’s most popular leader, even if the American public judges him more harshly, and he is slowly but surely inventing a new kind of U.S. leadership to go along with his vision of an America that once again projects its power through the force of its ideas. To Obama has fallen a tough task: the hard work that accompanies the building of a new order to succeed America’s unchallenged rule as the lone post-Cold War superpower. But luckily for the world it is a task Obama embraces, if still hesitantly at times. He has put American prestige on the line to speak up for emerging powers still not properly represented in the world’s governing bodies, boldly renewed U.S. ties of friendship with the democracies of Asia, and in his ringing address to the U.N. General Assembly in September declared himself ready to “call out those who suppress ideas” and “serve as a voice for those who are voiceless.”

Such idealism has not yet come to define Obama’s legacy in the world; for all his Wilsonian rhetoric, he remains a cautious incrementalist on most issues. In many ways, he’s the most realist of recent U.S. presidents, determined to focus on the terrible challenges, from Afghanistan to climate change, that he’s been dealt. The world may yet thank him for it.


President Obama went back to play basketball today. Sasha and Malia let him win, i hope…

President Barack Obama waits as his daughter Sasha walks by after a basketball outing with both of his girls and some of their friends, Sunday, Nov. 28, 2010, in Washington. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)




14 thoughts on “Basketball is life. The rest is just details

  1. The graphs in bondad’s piece were great, most showing steady, although slow, growth of the economy. I’ve bookmarked his blog.

  2. Sometimes it’s difficult to look at pictures of the President. At all times he has to be the perfect leader, the perfect communicator, the perfect dad. He has to have tremendous reserves to be under such constant pressure and under observation at all times when he’s in public.

    I think some of the stress shows in his face in these pictures, and he has my sympathy.

  3. I love the photos, please keep them coming!
    Your thoughts regarding the negativity are one of the reasons I have stopped actively participating at DKos. I prefer to think positively.
    Slow growth is, in my opinion, the way to create/develop more lasting positive growth. While we need some substantial improvements, it is critical to develop lasting and stable growth.

    I am so happy BWD to have this place. I really feel we need to show the great things more often.
    I have forwarded your site to others.

  4. Re: Top Global Thinkers — President Obama should be No. 1. No global leader has taken on more with greater insight. When the president is at the world summits, it’s clear who the other global heads look to for direction.

    President Obama is in a league of his own.

    BWD, I want to thank you so much for your courage and dedication to supporting our outstanding president. What you do is such a tribute of love and support.

  5. You’re so right – and I certainly believe they’re doing SOS Clinton a disservice by not letting her have a ranking of her own, and lumping her in with her husband who no longer holds any position in government. If they wanted to put him further out on the list for his work with the Foundation, that’s another thing – but it seemed to me that they were simply trying to diminish President Obama with their write-up of the Clintons. Not good.

  6. it’s great to have this blog as the place to come to see support for the president, there are plenty of other places that don’t seem to be comfortable with his superiority;

    as someone who’s been watching the downgrading of this country for the last 40 years, i think it’s something like a miracle that a man of this caliber came along at this time;

    i too prefer slow and steady improvement, why?

    because i’m an adult

  7. Yep, last I checked, progress didn’t mean “happens all at once.” Folks aren’t willing to give up their privilege. Or at least not realize that it’s not the way life is lived for most of us.

  8. Slow and steady wins the race. Fast and exploding means a bubble, which will burst at some point. When I hear folks like Velma Hart complain about the declined “value” of their homes/McMansions, I think they’re either being disingenuous or just don’t know that price and value aren’t necessarily the same thing.

  9. The Global Thinkers article is fantastic. I hope those on here that stand with our President comments over there cause articles like this bring out the worst from the right and the left. They both hate when the good work that this man is doing is recognized. We have to comment so articles like this can be written more often. Many “journalists” think its only the “angry” fear mongers that should be heard. Get on it guys. ❤

  10. It is so wonderful to read such positive information about this president who is doing such an incredible job for the American people. I become sickened by the vitriolic language used by the right against him.

    I had my own experience with Barack Obama that showed me what a special man he is. We are very, very blessed that he has chosen to serve us in this way.

    Sending love and blessings to President Obama and his family.

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