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I always wanted an open thread of my own!!! 😉  let’s try it, see how it goes:

1.  Yes, bailing out failing big businesses sucked, but it was crucial. The difference is between  having a smart man or an idiot in charge of that ugly policy. When you have the smart man, it turns out that the new financial regulation law capped the amount of money that could be used at $475 billion – not 700 as everyone think – and  more than $250 billion  been paid back already.

2. It was crazy here today at the malls and shopping centers, and looks like it was the same all around the country. Pretty bright Black Friday.

3. Ford didn’t need bailout, but boy do they enjoy the auto industry resurrection.

4. Speaking of which, if you still didn’t see this lovely clip (Thanks, Mike):

5.  That’s what Barack Obama face every day, more than any president in history. But hey, Michael Moore think he’s a wimp, so it must be true.

6. Another evidence that Paul Krugman is right, and Barack Obama is just another conservative

7. You can now find more than 900,000 names of White House visitors published online. That is too very Dick Cheney-ish.

8. Did you see Barbara Walters’ special with the president and the First Lady? Not much to write home, frankly. The only good thing  was the wonderful interaction and chemistry and overall beauty and grace of this couple. But Barbara Walters – her glory days are well behind her. 20 years ago she would be ashamed throwing the name of the stupid woman who is North Korea’s great ally – again and again – in an attempt to catch a cheap headline.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that her awesomeness Chipsticks – who’s way too quick for me – will have the video soon. 

9. President Obama’s charming little children’s book – which i guess he wrote is 15 minutes 😉 – sold 50,000 copies in 5 days.  The president is donating all proceeds to a scholarship fund for children of disabled and fallen soldiers.

10. Speaking of book, if you’re looking to read more about the president, i highly recommend on “Reading Obama, Dreams, Hope and the American Political Tradition’. James T. Kloppenberg  went back to read the president’s two big books, and basically reached the obvious conclusion: The president govern and act exactly as he said he will, exactly as he portrait himself, exactly as people should have expect if they actually paid attention. If you don’t want to read the whole book, Kloppenberg’s article in Newsweek last week is good enough.


Couple of inside stuff:

1. Some of you complained about difficulty to read the text. I’m trying to find a way to make it easier, while not giving up on the background that i love. So basically I’m looking for a compromise – which i guess makes me a sell out who really should grow a pair.

2. Please do me a favor – Let’s scale back the attacks on DK, and especially on individuals there. While I’m still very hurt by that saga, i do remember the good times too – mostly i remember that i met many of you guys over there. Let them be what they want to be. I don’t want to see negative vibes creeping  in here – definitely not when this blog is still a baby. I really want to look forward. There’s a lot of work to be done.

Thank you so much.

Oh, get well soon Mr. President. We love you.


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  1. The last two photos (especially the last one) are pretty interesting as they indicate that our President has major”hops,” which is basketball lingo for ability to elevate. He’s 49 but he still has some serious spring in his legs and feet.

  2. Just wanted to chime in with my thanks for this blog and all you did to keep my spirits up at Daily Kos. Now let’s all keep on supporting our president.

  3. good morning bwd and thanks for continuing to be a source of sanity about mr. obama (we call him “obie” around our house)

    we’ve been around long enough to know what has happened to the usa in the last 40 years, how much it takes just to have stopped going in the direction of inequity, and iniquity…

    we love the prez and his family, admire their commitment to the ideals of the founders of the nation, which places them in the gravest danger

    looking forward to your further postings

  4. Loving your new site bwd! I always looked forward to your posts on dk and never quite understood the vitriole. The photos and videos you post always leave me feeling energized about supporting this president. If you didn’t see the PBS special on Presidential photographers- it’s well worth the look. Hooray for Pete Souza and this new site.

  5. Thank you blackwaterdog! This is a great new site and I love the links you find and share. I’m very happy to be part of this new community. The Newsweek article is perfect. I’ve been saying the same thing for awhile now. All these “betrayed” people who didn’t bother understanding the candidate they were voting for, who’s fault is that?

    Also thanks for the link to Chipsticks. It really is good to know that there are still a lot of people out here who support the president. It’s easy to lose site of that fact if one spends too much time on … other sites … that don’t tolerate much of that anymore. Looking elsewhere is a good thing to do for my mental health!

  6. Good Morning, Everyone

    BWD, thank you so much for being responsive about our comments re: readability!

    The Hartford Courant reports an anticipated 2-3% increase in spending this holiday season. Americans have are believing that the economy HAS turned around. No callouts to indviduals at DK, but that is NOT the takeway one gets reading that.

  7. Deep sobs, I love this President so much.

    I was never interested in politics but I watched the first Obama/Clinton debate because of the historical significance. I’d assumed I’d vote for Hillary. But something about Obama grabbed my attention and tugged at my heart. Determined to learn more about him, I read both his books. He awakened me to politics and now I pay attention.

    He’s doing exactly what he wrote about. I recall an interview Mrs. Obama gave to Larry King in which she said of Obama “What you see is what you get. He is always the same”. Going to read the Newsweek article but Obama’s consistency is not news to me.

  8. I use facebook to link to other Obama supporters. I’d love to link up to everyone there, Kiku Botura.

  9. BWD, you are too right about the other site and why we should just leave it behind. This place (including your blogroll sites-sort of a consortium) can really become a community, where we can focus on what needs to be done and what might be in the way of getting things done (intransigent republicans etc). But it’s equally important to note what has been done, and how we can maintain what we do have and build on it. Let’s not catch those anchors that the Moores, Greenwalds etc keep tossing us.

  10. Hi BWD
    First, I LOVE this site! Second,
    I love the background too. Third, I think you are right…if it is to me, it is up to me! We are the ones we are waiting for!. Noone else will tell his story, fewer still will bother to look into issues and form their own opinions. We will be the antidote for all of the poison out there.
    Thank YOU!

  11. I completely agree about the Krugmans and the Moores of the world. we need to keep their feet on fire….No? 😉 Robert Gibbs was 100% right and i thought it was funny that so many people took offense, like they saw themselves as a “Professional Left”.
    But DK as a whole – i think it’s probably better to try and leave them behind. What’s the worse they can do? Call to primary the president? Already done.

  12. Ohhhhhhh, this is awesome. Oh man, they are as stupid as that lady friend of North Korea.

    The problem is that their readers are so stupid, they’ll continue to think that it’s real. And they’ll have another lie to spread about president Obama.

  13. As gracious and politely as you could ever imagine. They are, i think, the best first couple since FDR and Eleanor. They are just marvelous, and their love is beautiful.

  14. I am thankful everyday that we have President Obama leading our nation in these difficult times.

    I HOPE that everyone has a good day! 🙂

  15. Just bought the president’s childen’s book, “Of Thee I Sing”. A present to myself. It’s a keeper.
    And if anyone is in NYC, try to see “Rosmersholm”, an Ibsen play at The Pearl on 55th Street. Written over a hundred years ago, it’s all about politics and could have been written yesterday. The audience hooted at references to what could be the Tea Party and the Professional Left (truly, truly, I’m not exaggerating). The leading character is a man who is trying not align himself with right or left but to encourage people to think for themselves. I wrote the production a note and begged them to take this to the floor of the Senate for a short run!

  16. Terrific editorial policy and guidance. I’ve brought this up a few times, but I’m wondering if one solution would be cross-posting to sites with a white background which would enable people who find this background hard on the eyes to enjoy your work in another format.

    Happy Saturday everyone and I’m both thankful and grateful for this space!

  17. BWD,
    Your diaries at KOS were my favorite so I’m thrilled to find you here with your own website.

    However… have mercy on us and our eyes. White on black may look sexy but it is really difficult to read the text and makes viewing the site not as enjoyable as it could be.

    Thanks for all your great work and I hope all your readers find you here.

    Best wishes to you.

  18. I really think that you’d be a terrific fit at both thepeoplesview and weeseeyou! Both sites have a pretty strong moderation policy. Bluewavenews would be another excellent suggestion (it’s run by elise and leanne; fabulous space). I wouldn’t mind getting busy shooting out emails to the editors of these spaces on Monday to settle your roundsups in an additional space. Just give me the word.

    Thanks for the wonderful wishes and I hope that you have a beautiful weekend as well!

  19. This speaks for me too:

    we’ve been around long enough to know what has happened to the usa in the last 40 years, how much it takes just to have stopped going in the direction of inequity, and iniquity…

    And that is what I don’t really get about so many of the complaints/criticism directed solely at President Obama. It seems that some people prefer to ignore political realities and deny that not only has the train wreck been prevented, but the train is slowly but surely chugging in the right (left!) direction again.

    Great Open Thread, BWD! Happy Saturday everyone!

  20. Thanks bwd, read the Kloppenberg article in Newsweek, excellent piece and a righteous attempt to push back against the narratives started by the right wing and the Professional left. Keep up the good work Mr. President, we’ve got your back.

  21. I don’t mind the black background at all – however, I did up the text size to 140% in my browser. It makes it a lot easier to read just by adjusting the size. *S*

    I think your first Open Thread has been a total success, btw.

  22. Oh……I just discovered that where I changed the size of the text (down in the left-hand corner in Firefox) I could also change the color of the text and background.

    I changed it to black text on white background just to see. Boy do I have an easy-read blog now. *S*

  23. Our president sure does get some ELEVATION when he’s playing hoops! Damn! What an athlete! It’s breathtaking, IMHO.

    BWD, is there any way I could help you by proof reading your copy for you, to correct any spelling or grammatical errors? I’m pretty good at it and I would love to do it for you on a regular basis. Perhaps you could email me your copy, I could make any necessary corrections, email it back and then you could post it, if you see fit? I’d be honored to do this for your wonderful blog.

    Love you, L.L.

  24. Unfortunately, I don’t think that they fell for it. I think that Fox Nation, like a lot of people, will post anything negative about President, regardless of the source.

  25. BWD, this is really a substantive open thread. Nice!

    Kat’s Daily Obama Administration Report, 11/27/10

    Today’s report features:

    • Defense Department round-up: The President thanks the troops; eligible servicemembers now have until Dec. 3 to apply for apply for retroactive stop loss special pay; and deadlines approach for delivering holiday mail to overseas recipients.

    • The State Department and gender violence: State’s support of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence campaign that runs from November 25 through December 10, 2010.

    • NIH and the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act: Projects that support STEM eduction, advance science and medicine, and create or sustain jobs.

    • It Gets Better: Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry records a video message of encouragement to LGBT youth.

    • It’s beginning to look a lot like…: First Lady Michelle Obama accepts delivery of the White House Christmas Tree.

    And as always, a link to Blackwaterdog’s latest post.,-11-27-10

  26. Marly, of course when the Republicans take control of the House, they’ll be doing their level best to derail this forward momentum for the entire country. I hope our president calls their bluff and gets the country to stand up and CLEAR THE TRACKS!

  27. I find the dark background to be easier on my eyes. I often increase the size of the print on things I am reading, but have not yet felt the need to do that on this site.

  28. I heard about that PBS special on the Presidential photographers. Do you know if it will be available on the web. I do not have access to that station.
    Thanks for any help you can give.

  29. I just love this site. So nice to see such a variety of positive things going on.
    It’s good President Obama is still doing the basketball thing. With all he deals with every day, especially the stress, he needs such an outlet for his physical and mental health.

  30. Keep om keeping on, bwd. Might I suggest you e-mail OFA leaders and others who are interested in helping disseminate positive actions by the Obama admin.? My humble apologies if you’ve already done so.

  31. It is not online yet on PBS- still airing on local stations in my area through Wednesday – but it is produced by National Geographic, so maybe there?? It is a great view into the day to day world of the president. (and Pete’s photos help to make Blackwaterdog’s posts inspiring!)

  32. I’ll be honest, I’m one of those who has some difficulty with light texts on dark backgrounds, but if you want to keep it the same it’s no big deal to me. I’ve learned to just highlight and read.

  33. I’m very happy to see this website is doing so well. What a great place to visit and get the news without having to battle the ignorance and vitriol.

    Thanks so much BWD.

  34. I am also very happy with this new venture of yours, bwd. It’s so nice to not have to wade through all the vicious stuff. I could never figure out the origin of, or the need for, all that bombastic behavior.
    We just got back in northern Illinois after spending Thanksgiving with my daughter and son in law in Indy. Stores, malls, restaurants were all packed to the rafters. And everyone appeared pretty jolly.
    And I told my husband—-and I am on Obama alert at all times—-that I saw more Obama bumper stickers today than I saw during the pres. election year. It’s like people have decided to be defiant now in supporting him in an effort to counteract all the attacks against him. And yea for them! I gave they all a thumbs up as we passed by.

  35. What a pleasant sight to see in my mailbox this morning a message that blackwaterdog has a new post, and an open thread yet!

    I sent the Christmas tree photo to my daughter in Ames, Iowa, because she’s always been a horse person since she was little, and the tree wagon was being pulled by two lovely big black and white Shires! How I love to see the heavy horses.

    I did a piece some years ago on heavy horses here in our area and a wonderful fellow who used them — Cap and Chief — for plowing in our sometimes very mucky springs. They pulled the John Deere tractor which, in turn, pulled the plows.

    He also showed them in pulling contests and the like. Sadly, both Cap and Chief and their wonderful owner are gone now.

    And unfortunately for Ethy and her husband, they don’t have the land to keep a horse at this time, but someday ….

  36. Hi, dotster! Glad to see you here. I honestly believe the origin of all the bombast and vicious stuff over there was Karl Rove. He realized that site had too much power and visibility in 2006 and 2008, so he targeted it and his minions have become legion over there to trash pro-Obama ANYTHING. IMHO, their entire mission was to drive a diarist like bwd and people like me and you away from that blog. Mission pretty much accomplished, IMHO. But, it’s like whack-a-mole on these tubes. Hence, this great new site!

    LONG LIVE BWD AND THE OBAMAS!!! We will survive!

  37. I love this site too. But I’m NOT going to give up DK. There is a lot of good information there, and some wonderful writers. What I have given up, for the most part, is reading the comments. Like BWD, I do believe there is a concentrated effort by the right to disrupt and lessen the effectiveness of that site. And I’m not going to let them do it by giving up.

    The site I have totally given up however, is FDL. I believe that Jane and her crew have never gotten over the fact that Obama beat their girl in the primaries.. As of the hate and vitrol coming from the Pubs would be any different if Hillary was president. Ha. As I remember it, they hated the Clintons, both of them.

    Grandma Jo

  38. I’m going to HAVE to get “Reading Obama.”

    That article you linked to in Newsweek by the author, James Kloppenberg, resonated SO powerfully with me.

    I hope folks won’t think it too crass of me to let you all know that in response, I spent a good chunk of this morning writing my thoughts in response.

  39. Great first “open thread” bwd!

    Really enjoyed reading Kloppenberg’s Newsweek piece. Said it all rather nicely.

    The Walter’s interview was soft ball fluff. The President and First Lady were their charming, intelligent selves. The President’s handling of Walter’s questions about Palin was wonderful. When he said, “I don’t think about Sarah Palin” I almost fell out of the chair laughing. Yes, Ms. Walters, the President actually has more important work to do than think about the media’s obsession with the self-obsessed Ms. Palin.

    And I’m agreeing with you whole heartedly about not dragging negativity about dkos into this site. dkos is dkos, littered with the self-righteous along with some good folks still keeping up the fight. Some of those good folks also post here. I like keeping this wonderful place toxic free.

    Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and sending all kinds of healing energy to our extroadinary President.

  40. That “Comeback” video is AWESOME. So glad we saved the American Auto Industry.

    Let’s just be honest – the reason so many Republicans wanted the US auto industry to fail is because they come from states were foreign automakers have set up. Nothing against those companies who provide thousands of jobs to Americans, but I’d rather see the US remain as an innovator in the automobile industry than see it go under (not to forget about the millions of jobs that would have been lost as a consequence if the industry had failed). It amuses me to know end to hear Republicans – like Tennessee’s Bob Corker – now trying to take credit for something they opposed.

    They were basically cheering for the failure of the American worker. Frankly, that’s no surprise since Republicans desire to “level the playing field” by making Americans work for the same low wages, with little or no benefits and workplace regulations, as those workers overseas that US corporations have exploited in order to grow their profits.

  41. Personally I like the dark background. I think the site has a very striking look to it.

    I am also staying at DK. Whenever I click on that site I am matching it with a click over here.

  42. And open thread is fun to read. I agree with everyone – keep it up. It’s become a popular feature on a lot of websites now.

    I as well went Christmas shopping today and was SHOCKED at the prices. Everything was on sale.

    I also noticed that shoppers today were very pleasant at the mall.

    I’m fascinated by the number of books President Obama sold in so short a time. Good for him. I heard it was an interesting book and I may actually pick up a few as presents for a few young teenaged girls I know. So thanks for the reminder.

    Barbara Walters. Eh. Most interviewers these days seem a little on the petty side.

    It’s not even 2011 yet, and everyone in the media is talking about 2012.

    Time is moving too fast as it is.

    Thank you for all the interesting news items. You work hard at this site BWD, and it shows.

  43. Wonderful, BWD! Thank you again for your positive vibes and uplifting pictures:) I read somewhere the other day, that the fact that the House is in R’s control, and we have the Senate and White House…may be a very good thing. Surely the House will bring their own bills to move to the Senate…which will probably be shot down, but the people of the country will now be able to see the path the R’s in the House have for the country more clearly than before. I’m betting they won’t like it. More of a chance to define the huge differences of where WE want the country to go, and where THEY want to go backwards…thoughts? Wasn’t so easy to clearly define when we held everything. Now, the people will see exactly where the Republicans stand…not so easy to hide behind the curtain anymore! That’s a good thing!

  44. g…how is CT? I miss it more and more all the time…especially since I now live in the hate state of AZ..miss the ocean (sound). Afraid if I go back there, I may never want to come back home:)

  45. What can I say, BWD. YOU ARE THE BEST!! It is so heartening to have an honest, positive blog to follow. A million thanks. I live for the next post!

  46. It was great!. It focused on the time around the health care debate. After hearing so much about how “uninvolved” the White House was in the health care battle, it was astonishing to see and learn of the intense efforts by The Prez and so many staffers in getting the bill passed. The Prez invited everyone to the WH family quarters for a party after the bill passed!

  47. My long ass comment….. 😀

    God bless our President!!! He is doing a phenomenal job and has brought our nation through crisis after crisis, day after day. I am glad he is President. He has had to take on the huge mess George Bush, the worst, most inept President ever left behind and has handled each one superbly, with grace and honor. Meanwhile Republicans have had almost two years of doing nothing but blocking our nation’s progress and c*ckblocking President Obama every step of the way out of this mess, cause they have decided our tax money should be used paying them to politic 24/7.

    I hope his lip gets better. I popped my lip last year after being in an car wreck. The tiny stitches had hurt like hell but worth it cause the scar is almost invisible. Oh gosh, my poor President can’t catch a break. His lips are so gorgeous too. 😦

    I love this blog and also the commentators are win. I can imagine how the haters are mad that they can’t spew their seasoned troll tripe news on here. Good job BWD. bless.


  48. Trying to fight the good fight is an exercise in futility when the site owner is part of the problem. Any positive thread is flooded with negative trolling anyways, often by the usual suspects with their twitter accounts and email lists. I think fighting the good fight would be pulling all positive, pro-Democratic diaries from the site and allowing it to become it’s destiny – a festering sore of negavitity. Web hits collapse and the place loses any influence it might have and fades into obscurity as a fanatic hate site.

    They celebrate BWD leaving the site – they don’t deserve any respect here. They can believe they won the battle, leave them to their echo chamber of negativity to ensure they lose the war.

  49. Remember it too Grandma Jo. The Pubs did hate both the Clintons. I’m pleased with her work as SoS but would never have voted for her as President. Her vote on Iraq and having already lived through the “Clinton” years took care of that.

    FDL lost any credibility with me when Jane crawled into bed with Grover Norquist. I don’t care what the reasoning was, you don’t make nice with a man who has done and continues to do so much damage.

    Of course the “Primary Bernie Sanders” idiocy only confirmed that something was going on that didn’t make a hell of alot of sense.

    I don’t have alot of tolerance with the self-righteous, on the left or the right.

    Hope that didn’t come off as, you know, self-righteous. 🙂

  50. good afternoon, all!

    thank you for the open thread and the push toward positive thinking – that is where we want to go! all exists in the great buffet in this universe – it is up to us to pick wisely what we want…

    and i want PIE!!! (no, not that kind – i want PECAN pie – or more PUMPKIN!)

    it’s all about choices…

    key lime, maybe? or egg custard w/strawberries or peach cobbler – with ice cream (homemade, of course)

    or…or…what’s YOUR favorite?

    wait! wait! blueberry w/dash of lemon juice – ooohhhh

  51. Now that’s a fascinating take on it.
    Very thought provoking.
    I think I like it. 🙂

    Thanks desertflower.

  52. Also Boehner is a putz and is now the defacto face of the Republican Party. Pelosi had 300 bills die in the Senate with a 59 seat Dem majority in the Senate – Boehner needs to pass bills without alienating the tea party supporters, but also needs to keep the GOP moderates happy in that the GOP took 60 seats that were Dem in 2008 meaning they’re not hard red seats by any stretch. So if he forces a teabagger bill through, it will die in the Senate and those freshman GOP will have to answer for their hard right votes in 2012. If he gets bills through that are moderate enough to pass the Senate, he’ll be labeled a traitor by the tea party wing.

    What I need clarification on is if Senate Dems can force cloture votes or since it’s the party in power and bringing the eventual bill to the floor it can’t. Because I could see 3-4-5 Dem senators voting on bills, but if they needed 14 it would be a lot tougher – Dems could start returning the favor on all their cloture demands of the past two years.

    Also with Reid and Schumer just re-elected with 6 year terms and Boehner and the House only having two year terms they’re under more pressure to get things done.

    Basically the best outcome for the GOP in 2010 would have been a very narrow house majority for the Dems. It would have given the remaining blue dogs all the power and split the Dem base playing progressives against the blue dogs each and every bill.

  53. i like the dark background, too – but i wonder how the text would look one point larger – or in very pale grey. the contrast is a bit hard on old eyes.

  54. please please please leave what is there over there.

    for this site to grow and develop a following, it can’t appear to be a grudge or complaint forum.

    i don’t CARE what any other site does and i am not interested in joining a site that engages in blog wars.

    if the negativity spills over here, i won’t be reading any comments or participating.

  55. Ok, now you’ve made me hungry for pie and there isn’t a slice in the house. 😦

    I’ll take an apple, raspberry and blueberry combo thank you. Yum, yum, yum.

    But the Blueberry with a dash of lemon sounds delicious! 🙂

    Good afternoon edrie.

    It’s good to see you. 🙂

  56. let’s make this site different and stay above the fray of other blog issues.

    that is the way to develop a following that will use this site to the intent that bwd has established – to bring into focus the good things done by this administration and congress.

    as i said to saint roscoe above, if this is only about which blog does what, i really don’t have time to come here and get tangled up in that argument.

    i am here to find information to use in the next two years of campaigning that started nov.2.

  57. This is going to be very interesting to watch. With, perhaps, moments of fun, as the Republicans are hoist on their own petards.

    Really appreciate your analysis of the situation.

    Thanks so much. 🙂

  58. That’s a really thoughtful and well done “response” NL.

    Glad you linked to it.

    And very glad you’re here. 🙂

  59. Oh yes! I’m so glad to have you mention the book. I bought it for my grand kids but really dont want to give it to them. If you love Obama you must see it.

  60. You’re right. No more comments about other sites from me.

    It’s rolling up the sleeves and getting to work time.

    Thanks edrie

  61. Only thing I miss is a like button.

    I’d be hitting it like a machine gun on these threads. 🙂

  62. You’re very welcome:) We’ll have to see how that take on things works out for us…by the way..the First Family all took in a basketball game today at Howard University. No holding a great guy down.He’s no wuss!

  63. Interesting take on things, to be sure. There is MAJOR infighting in Republican party now. I also read where Boner is getting a wee bit nervous about keeping these crazy freshman congresspeople in line…won’t be easy. The moderate R’s and the teabaggers will keep him busy…maybe we can just watch them flop and twitch for awhile:)If this gets too out of control, it will be obvious to the rest of sane America who the adults are! R’s can’t govern!

  64. That you saw more Obama bumper stickers this year than in 08 is fascinating and very hopeful.

    Love the image of you giving them all thumbs up. 🙂

    Great comment dotster and good to see you. 🙂

  65. best blueberry pie recipe doesn’t use a lot of cream of tartar or cornstarch to thicken (add none or about a sprinkling – 1 tblsp to thicken a tad – i just use the blueberries) – make with fresh blueberries (or blackberries),1/2 ti 3/4 c sugar and a hearty squeeze of lemon and bake and a bit of butter (1 tbls) – it’s so juicy that the crust soaks up the crust and you need a spoon to catch it all! use enough blueberries to fill pie crust – bake at 420 until golden brown and succulent.

    okay – must clean kitchen and find blueberries!

  66. Yep, i’m with you on this. I think our most important job now is to change this bullshit narrative that this GREAT president is actually a failure. And i honestly think that we should not waste any energy on fighting yesterday’s wars. Let everyone be what they want to be. I want to make sure that Barack Obama have another 6 years to finish the job. The rest is small potatoes.

    Thank you for the support. It means a lot.

  67. suggestion here – save your “ammo” for the republicans and politicians instead of other blogs – we need to start putting up action lists of who to call in d.c. and on state level to start applying pressure on the republican side of house and senate.

    also, perhaps starting a list of links to editors of major outlets (cable news, local news, real paper news, etc.) to be able to send requests to cover what this administration is doingg – not what is being complained about in their coverage.

    voices are heard – the more that contact them, the harder it is too ignore.

  68. good good good analysis! perhaps targeting the gop members that are in danger of losing in 2012 to push them to pass bills is the way to focus energy.

    it doesn’t matter to me if they “look better” – what matters is that this nation starts recovering from this devastating economic situation and that the government starts to work again.

    elections will take care of themselves, but we can’t afford to wait two years for any laws to be passed. not that we encourage harmful ones – but putting pressure on the gop to pass through legislation that benefits the nation is critical right now. we should have been doing that all along – but somewhere along the way, people forgot that the government needs to function to keep the country from crumbling.

  69. We were downtown today and yesterday, and it was such a joy. Huge amount of people, shopping, eating, not giving a damn abut the cold. There was nothing even remotely depressive. I know that it’s not like this everywhere, there’s a lot of pain out there still, but we’re getting out of this mess. And its’ *THAT ONE* who leads us there.

    So happy to see you here, dotster.

  70. not too crass at all – i think that the more we link to good writing and strong opinions based on substance and fact, the better off the dialogue will be – looking forward to returning to your site and finishing reading – so far, so good!

    one suggestion – follow “copyright” rules – two paragraphs and commentary – that way you can’t get in “trouble”.

    good review! thanks and thanks for the headsup to the book here!

  71. don’t give up – just work each site independently.

    i’ve watched too many blogs deteriorate into an “us against them” battle and both lose because of it.

    i don’t mind seeing links to the good articles at another blog – it’s just the sniping back and forth between blogs that is destructive.

    let’s encourage the best of ALL places we post!

  72. are you also getting the messages linked to the first diary? i had to go back and relink to the home page – still some little bugs running around… 8^)

  73. how about a really dark charcoal background… and now that you mentioned it, i see you have used a grey text. i love the dark background – but dyslexic eyes tend to “jump” when the contrast is too strong. i like rinax’s solution and that helped.

    the other possibility is to make the text just a HARE larger – i like your font – is it ariel (my favorite because it is so “clean”)

  74. hmmm – okay – you can put YOUR cot over THERE… and do you want dishwashing duty or general housekeeping? there are a few slots still open.

  75. Beyond the leadership [sort of], the only legislators who will listen to people are those being contacted by their constituents. Anything else is a letter tossed directly into the trash.

  76. hi, bwd,

    just enlarged the font size a bit and it makes a huge amount of difference for eyestrain. you kids have it easy!

    if you want to keep the site the same, i’ll just view it in firefox instead of chrome – no biggie…

  77. try changing the font size – i switched browsers to firefox from chrome and enlarged the text under “tools” menu and “options” and then upping point size of font. that fixed the issue for me – the black only seemed harsh when the size was small – now it is really “cool”!

  78. Thx. I wouldn’t have expected anything less than class from Obamas. The msm obsession with that tundras twit is disgustingto say the least.

  79. Thank you to everyone who has posted on this blog. It is so great to have like-minded people sharing their information and comments and I sense the love and respect for our President and each other.

    BWD this is so exciting. Thanks to you and to Kathleen for all your posts. I look forward to each and every one of them.

  80. for fun, pick up a copy of The Madwoman of Chaillot” – by jean giraudeaux. that is so applicable to today’s politics and the solution is wonderful – if only…!

    i’d love to direct this today – maybe soon…

  81. The book is well worth reading. Looks at the intellectual growth of Obama growing up, through college, community organizing, law school and after and places him in the context of pragmatic progressivism. I learned a lot of American history in the process. It also illuminates the choices our president has made and the rationale for compromises. Well worth the read!

  82. To people having eye trouble (not me), I looked it up and apparently white print on black background for many, is very hard to read. If you subscribe to the email link, the colors are black print on a gray background. And, the email links avoids the problem of getting to the most recent blog and posts.

  83. thanks for the link – as i read dabmd’s emotional post, my thoughts immediately went to john kennedy – the “love” of my generation!

    he brought hope, youth, dreams AND change in his brief tenure – and even more change, thanks to LBJ even after he was gone. LBJ knew how to use the emotional sense of loss to get kennedy’s agenda passed by an otherwise resistant congress.

    kennedy and jackie were camelot for us – and obama and michele are today’s dream. the best part is that THIS family doesn’t have the skeletons that lived in the closets of pennsylvania ave. in the 60s.

    perhaps that is what terrifies so many people about obama – he is uncorrupted – he is honest – he is living up to the best possiblities available in the current political climate.

    this deep honesty and ethical behavior is the same that caused jimmy carter so much trouble. he, too, could not be “bought”.

    he’s not perfect, no one is, but i’m here standing with obama and “getting his back” when he needs us to do so!

  84. Hi Desert Flower. I too live in the hate state of Arizona and I am ashamed to say that I was born and raised here. I am counting the moments until I can move somewhere else.

  85. look at the bright side of living in az – you are one more democrat who votes. perhaps more of us should move there before 2012!

  86. i got to see it a day ago here in california – it is absolutely awesome! i loved the interview with pete, the photographer!

    enjoy, folks – it’s coming to a pbs near you soon!

  87. So wonderful to see some of my favorite kossacks here. I definitely won’t be missing DailyKos now. 🙂

    Thanks again for starting your own blog, BWD. As you can see, you’ve got a big and loyal fan club… and deservedly so. 🙂


  88. I love the background. It is easy on my eyes. I guess I am selfish. But more than that I love the tone here.

    I hope it stays that way!!

  89. Hey There – It’s me, the former Another Ct Dem. Great to see you and Dotster, and the whole damned lot of us. Is this amazing or what? I love BWN as well.

    I’ve emailed old friends who left DK a while back with this link. We all deserve it IMO 🙂

    I hope you had a lovely holiday – ACD/GC

  90. Hi Africa – We “knew” each other from DK’s BK. I was Another Ct Dem there. Great to see you here.

  91. Hi Desert Flower

    We are actually planning to retire to AZ some day. We visit Tucson every year. Hopefully by the time we are ready, the forces of darkness will have been repelled.

    Did we know each other at DK? If not, I’m in the Greater Hartford area. Hartford has dreadful gang problems, the shore is lovely, but my favorite piece of NE is the Victorian feel in the air this time of year, with the scenic towns and older homes. We are doing our annual XMAS visit to Gilette soon.

  92. Thanks so much for a great site. I was never able to get all your photos to download before, but have no difficulties here at your new home.

    I’m all for making this country better – and that means supporting my president and his agenda. Thanks for providing the lovely images that go with the information.


  93. This attitude is one I most admire in the president. He recognizes that if you demonize or caricature others there is no room for compromise or making th change we all need. Far from being a wimp it takes courage. It reminds me of the Dalai Lama and Tibetan monks imprisoned for many years by the Chinese. While they condemn specific acts they show compassion for the humans who commit them. In the end we all want peace, opportunity, justice, to be happy, and security for those we love. Our challenge is to ensure 8 years for our president to help realize this dream.

  94. Thanks for bringing the Positive again BWD. Just reading the threads, if a Repub majority House will be interesting; just watch what goes on in all these new Repub state legislatures. If people didn’t know the difference between Dems and Repubs they will after the next 2 years. I live in AZ so this is going to be really interesting (they have veto proof majorities, Gov Brewer is something but she’s moderate compared to most of the legislature). Rather than talk about jobs and economy; they want to go after ‘morality’ and social issues.

  95. Hello! I’m a regular lurker on other sites, occasional commenter. I was glad to see this site added and glad to have a positive space to visit. I think it’s very important that we celebrate success and learn from failure, and look forward to working with all of you to make that happen.

  96. Hi Ono

    I agree with your commens to Dotster. First that it’s great to see her, and of course YOU 🙂 and second that the increase in visible Obama support is fascinating. My son
    wants to reapply his BS to his car.

  97. Just wanted to drop in a quick note about how much I am loving your new blog BWD. And I don’t have any problems with reading it (sorry for others that do).

    And it is nice to see so many familiar handles over here. I’ve missed you guys since I don’t go to DK any longer.

  98. I’m still a lurker, but I’m enjoying what I’m seeing on BWD’s blog. I followed BWD religiously on DKOS; since her departure, I have left that site. Only on occasion do I visit (for example, when OFA links positive articles from there).

    Keep up the good work Blackwaterdog.

  99. I am so happy you decided to start your own blog (and that I was smart enough to bookmark it when I saw the diary at DK telling folks you are here).

    Just wanted to say thanks for your efforts. It is a breath of fresh air.

    I don’t always agree with everything that you say, or the President does, but I agree with your intent, and I am glad there are folks who ‘have his back’.

    Given the state of chaos and crisis that he accepted when he walked into the office, I think it is truly amazing that there are only a few things I disagree with him on.

    It reminds me of the interview with Rachel Maddow right before the elections, she asked him why he wasn’t more aggressive (or something to that effect). He responded that he understood that she (and others) wanted him to fight back (again I am paraphrasing), but that he thought things were going pretty well with his current strategy/tone.

    When I want him to push for more progressive agendas, or be tougher on Wall Street, Bush/Cheney, etc. I remember two things
    1) It could have been McCain/Palin, and just the thought of that is too scary to contemplate
    2) I remember that interview, and have to admit, It is working out pretty well so far

    I think the title of your blog captures the situation and our President well . . . ‘The Grown Up in the Room’.

    Thanks Again, you will be on my daily Blog/News review.

  100. Let us bid farewell to the frustrati once and for all. They have nothing to contribute and we should no longer be concerned with them. I reach far back into my childhood and find a dirge from Joey Dee and the Starlighters that might do the trick:

    “Shout, shout, knock yourself out.
    C’m’on and scream, scream, you know what I mean.
    Put another dime in the record machine.”

  101. Do we really want it to fade away? Think of all the road rage incidents it prevents by providing a nonphysical outlet for those with violent temperaments.

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