Lip Synching

The entire Obama family, with an entourage of 12 stitches, went to see Craig Robinson’s Oregon State playing Howard University today in Washington. The president, BTW, is still pretty pretty.


Open Thread

I always wanted an open thread of my own!!! 😉  let’s try it, see how it goes:

1.  Yes, bailing out failing big businesses sucked, but it was crucial. The difference is between  having a smart man or an idiot in charge of that ugly policy. When you have the smart man, it turns out that the new financial regulation law capped the amount of money that could be used at $475 billion – not 700 as everyone think – and  more than $250 billion  been paid back already.

2. It was crazy here today at the malls and shopping centers, and looks like it was the same all around the country. Pretty bright Black Friday.

3. Ford didn’t need bailout, but boy do they enjoy the auto industry resurrection.

4. Speaking of which, if you still didn’t see this lovely clip (Thanks, Mike):

5.  That’s what Barack Obama face every day, more than any president in history. But hey, Michael Moore think he’s a wimp, so it must be true.

6. Another evidence that Paul Krugman is right, and Barack Obama is just another conservative

7. You can now find more than 900,000 names of White House visitors published online. That is too very Dick Cheney-ish.

8. Did you see Barbara Walters’ special with the president and the First Lady? Not much to write home, frankly. The only good thing  was the wonderful interaction and chemistry and overall beauty and grace of this couple. But Barbara Walters – her glory days are well behind her. 20 years ago she would be ashamed throwing the name of the stupid woman who is North Korea’s great ally – again and again – in an attempt to catch a cheap headline.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that her awesomeness Chipsticks – who’s way too quick for me – will have the video soon. 

9. President Obama’s charming little children’s book – which i guess he wrote is 15 minutes 😉 – sold 50,000 copies in 5 days.  The president is donating all proceeds to a scholarship fund for children of disabled and fallen soldiers.

10. Speaking of book, if you’re looking to read more about the president, i highly recommend on “Reading Obama, Dreams, Hope and the American Political Tradition’. James T. Kloppenberg  went back to read the president’s two big books, and basically reached the obvious conclusion: The president govern and act exactly as he said he will, exactly as he portrait himself, exactly as people should have expect if they actually paid attention. If you don’t want to read the whole book, Kloppenberg’s article in Newsweek last week is good enough.


Couple of inside stuff:

1. Some of you complained about difficulty to read the text. I’m trying to find a way to make it easier, while not giving up on the background that i love. So basically I’m looking for a compromise – which i guess makes me a sell out who really should grow a pair.

2. Please do me a favor – Let’s scale back the attacks on DK, and especially on individuals there. While I’m still very hurt by that saga, i do remember the good times too – mostly i remember that i met many of you guys over there. Let them be what they want to be. I don’t want to see negative vibes creeping  in here – definitely not when this blog is still a baby. I really want to look forward. There’s a lot of work to be done.

Thank you so much.

Oh, get well soon Mr. President. We love you.