Yes, we fight back


First, I don’t even have the words to describe how moved and quite overwhelmed I am by your response since yesterday. I’m sorry for not replying personally to everyone – with the Holiday, time just vanished – but I’m so grateful, I could hug you all.

 Oh, ThisIsMyTime, I love you, man. 🙂

But what makes me the happiest in this very cold day is this feeling that we’re on the move. That we’re done just sitting back, letting people from all sides to destroy this president. I’m sure many of you saw how the ‘garbage-ton’, also known as Politico, manufactured a new outrage this morning: The Obamas won’t cuddle with Washington elite. The media is furious and the city is buzzing. Now we can see how BS memo like “He’s detached, he’s cold, he’s aloof” is born. The Obamas hurt the beltway’s feelings. That’s all that matters.

 The media won’t change – it’ll only get worse.  The White House has a PR problem – hopefully this will be solved now that David Plouffe is coming in. But it’s left to us to do the real job.  If i may, i have a few suggestions:

  1. Bookmark this site. It’s the most comprehensive attempt I’ve seen to tell the whole truth. It said that they’re still on early stages and they’re looking for help. Help, if you can, and spread that site all over.
  2. If you bump into any piece of news , find a way to publish it.  It’s not for me to tell anyone to ignore nasty comments 😉 but anyone who can – just post it. You can send me links. I’ll be happy to share them, and credit as many people as possible. The more, the better.
  3. Write letters to the editors. E-mail the Chuck Todds of the world.  Don’t let them breathe after each lie they broadcast and each piece of good news they ignore.
  4. Visit, you’ll be shocked by the flood of information there.
  5. Don’t let anyone tell you that you “don’t care about the country, you only care about Obama”– just because you chose to support this president. The next two years will be tough. The media is already hard at work to crown Palin – she’ll be so much more entertaining, the hell with the country – and they get a lot of help from places they never expected. If we won’t fight back, no one will.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.




Some good news just in time for Thanksgiving:

Jobless claims Decline To Its Lowest Level Since July 2008

Applications for unemployment benefits in the U.S. fell more than forecast last week to the lowest level since July 2008, reinforcing evidence the labor market is healing.

Jobless claims declined by 34,000 to 407,000 in the week ended Nov. 20, Labor Department figures showed today in Washington. The median projection of economists surveyed by Bloomberg News called for a drop to 435,000. The total number of people receiving unemployment insurance decreased to the lowest in two years, and those on extended payments also fell.


Consumer spending rose in October for a fifth month as a rebound in incomes lifted the biggest part of the U.S. economy at the start of the final quarter of 2010, Commerce Department figures showed today.

Spending and Income

Household purchases advanced 0.4 percent after a 0.3 percent gain in September that was larger than previously estimated. Incomes climbed 0.5 percent.


CBO: The stimulus gave large jobs boost

WASHINGTON — The massive U.S. stimulus package, widely viewed by voters to be ineffective, put 1.4 million to 3.6 million people to work between July and September, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act also boosted national output by between 1.4 percent and 4.1 percent during that period, CBO said in its latest estimate.

// more


‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ hearings scheduled

(CNN) – The Senate Armed Services Committee on Wednesday announced two days of hearings on the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

On the first day, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen will testify. The service chiefs will appear on the second day.

The hearings will come two days after the Pentagon releases its report on the impact of a repeal of the policy on the military. The authors of the study will appear on the first day of hearings.



“I said, ‘You are a really good president. You are the best president I’ve known since I was born'”

Kokomo — Fallon Heaslip had exciting news to report when her parents asked her what she did at school Tuesday.

The Sycamore Elementary fourth-grader hugged President Obama during his visit to Kokomo.

The Kokomo-Center elementary’s 700 students and 70 staff members were standing outside to watch the presidential motorcade pass on East Sycamore Street. All of a sudden, it slowed and stopped. Several bodyguards stepped from the cars, and then President Obama left his limousine.

The crowd of students burst into screams and shouts. They began pushing forward, hoping to touch or shake hands with the president. Third-grader Bailey Zook said he spent about 20 minutes walking up and down the line of students, shaking hands, getting hugs and having pictures taken with cell phone cameras.

Teacher Becky Farrington was at the front, and was the first to shake hands with the president.

“That part was exciting. He walked toward me with his hand out, and suddenly I realized he was coming to me,” she said.

Heaslip said students and teachers were crying, and pushing toward the front, “like it was a Miley Cyrus concert.” She managed to get close enough to talk to Obama.

“I said, ‘You are a really good president. You are the best president I’ve known since I was born,’” she said. “I was so happy, I just hugged him, and he said, ‘Oh, thank you.’ I didn’t think I would ever hug a president. I will remember this for the rest of my life.”

Her classmate, Camille Hoskins, said she dropped to her knees and crawled through the crowd to get to the front – and shook the president’s hand.

“This will be a terrific thing to tell my grandchildren,” she said.

Jaycie Corbat said the president asked for her name, and she gave him a hug.

“I was so happy, I was just crying,” she said.

// more fun stuff 


A turkey was pardoned at the WH today. It’s the second time i see this president performing this most ridiculous ritual, and he really can not be more amused by the nonsense. But, it gave him a chance to show some of that famous self-humor, and have a little fun with the girls. So why not. 🙂





72 thoughts on “Yes, we fight back

  1. THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR THIS!!!!!!! I have enjoyed reading your diaries as a lurker on dkos and am glad that u started your own blog. I look forward to seeing your pictures and sharing in our support of this president!

  2. Hey BWD, I lurk on DailyKos and I’m so glad to find you set up your own blog.

    I get so tired of the idjits on both sides of the aisle who are more concerned with scoring points than oh…I don’t know…working to try and solve our country’s real problems. We get an intelligent, well-spoken, decent guy in the White House—one who actually thinks before he speaks and acts (gasp!)—and all of a sudden he’s some sort of “sekrit Muslim socialist Kenyan Nazi.” (Did I miss anything? :))

    I don’t always agree with Obama. In this country, I don’t have to. But I do respect him. And I like being able to respect my president again. So thanks for posting the good news…it’s wonderful to hear.

    -Krista 🙂

  3. Worked with very inspiring young people this past election, one of them a veteran of the 2008 campaign said, “I will not stand by and allow MY President to be mindlessly torn apart by the right wing and some members of the left”. I feel the same.

  4. I always try to say “My President” when speaking of Obama.
    I am appalled at the disrespect the media shows him.
    And yes, BWD I hope Plouffe will help the messaging.

  5. Hey bwd, thanks for the new update.. and congratulations on having such an awesome first day yesterday.

    I did post that link to the achievements yesterday on my facebook and will continue to do it frequently, it too is an awesome idea.

    I get all my facts from, DNC and OFA.. my news used to come from dkos- but that place in general is now in short supply of facts. However it is really topnotch for repub spin, punditing in a media sensationalist sort of way. My point is I don’t hear about things like the politico/drudge crap.. because I don’t go to those sites and I don’t watch teevee (at all). So when these lies / attacks are being spread, if you and others post them here, then I at least will be happy to write those letters to the media.

    Anyhow, I’m glad you’re pushing Action and work, I’m pretty sure a lot of the folks that come here to your site, are the same folks that did the heavy lifting with OFA when we got Obama elected- many of them, like myself came to dkos from OFA during the primaries and were there to work.

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving 🙂

  6. Thank you for keeping the faith, BWD. I’ve read many of your posts on Daily Kos and was sad to see you leave there, but very happy indeed to bookmark your new home.

  7. oh and thanks for the ‘pardon’ video. Thankfully nothing like Ms. Palins fiasco two years ago.

    I’m a vegetarian, so I really appreciate how he ‘blessed’ that turkey, very sweet.

  8. Thank you for continuing to spread hope and truth. I was so worried you had disappeared after all the negativity over at Kos. Now we can look to your blog and the one at, as well as and the one you mentioned — — for all the latest about the Obama administration. (Oh, and don’t forget that wonderful site “ I am so tired of the beltway media trying to judge this president’s every move through the prism of questionable opinion polls and whatever crap the right wing is peddling. If I hear one more time that Obama is “out of touch” or “overexposed” or “weak” I think I will scream. They gin up controversy, they don’t cover actual policy, and they hang on Sarah Palin’s every word as if she is more important than the leader of the free world.

  9. Another excellent thread BWD! Fistbump!

    There is lots of articles filled with how hard Pres Obama and his administration is working for America!

    Malia and Sasha are getting so TALL!

  10. I’m so happy to see you posting here, blackwaterdog! And I am grateful to ThisIsMyTime for letting people know that you are here.

    Your comprehensive collection about what our very good President is doing in service to our country is something I am thankful for on this day of thanks.

    I’ve bookmarked you and plan to return on a regular basis.

    Blessed Be, and wishing you a very joyful holuday tomorrow!

  11. I’m really happy to see this new blog; I won’t have to wade through all the nasty comments. I just don’t understand people like that – they must be really unhappy.

    Anyway, I have you on my Google Reader now, so you’ve hit the big time. *S*

    *waving from the home of the Windy City Whitehouse.*……..Chicago

  12. Hey BWD, I so agree with your recommendations! One thing I’ve noticed is that the right wing is overrepresented in the comments section for the NYT. I plan to open an account there and start to recommend and make comments more in line with how I see things.

    Another terrific roundup; thank you!

  13. ~waving!~

    I am with you and kittypat and her young activists. But I too refuse to just stand by and let idiots pile on with the truly vicious haters and not stand up for the exceptional, and exceptionally decent man who is our President. Goes for his lovely wife and family, too.

  14. Oh, the girls are getting so grown up. Look how tall Malia is now, and Sasha looks so put together in her little blazer. They don’t bring the kids out often anymore, but it sure is nice to see them looking well.

    Keep at it, BWD. I’ve bookmarked you, and I appreciate what you’re trying to do here. Don’t let the turkeys get you down (especially this week!). You’re doing a good thing here.


  15. It’s sad that so many people left Daily Kos over this. It’s going to be harder to support and defend President Obama over there when some of his most dedicated supporters are gathering here. And I’m not leaving DK, because it’s too important of a blog to help influence the direction of Democratic politics. I mean, Barack Obama himself once posted there! It’s an important blog.

    I understand the decision to make a break from DK, but it’s not a good situation if so many Obama supporters leave the site. This is a nice blog, but it could turn into an echo chamber.

  16. Love the news blurbs. People jusr don’t realize what has really been accomplihed. And I almost believe we will have more success dealing with the disillusioned middle than we will with the sour grapes left.
    I second you “write letters to the editor” comment. The odds may be against tem being published, but some may break through the clutter. And just as important is to go to your local newpaper’s web-site and make comments on the LTE’s they publish there. Counter the lies of the Right and the disenchantment of the left. The fact is, if enough people get the truth, except for the hard core, they may come around. So many don’t want to recognize the reality of what Obama is up againt. They feel that if he had said I want a Public Option, it would have happened. Well, it wouldn’t have and pushing too hard would probably have destroyed any chance there may have been of getting anything through. Same with the stimulus. BTW, CNN’s financial website had a great story in October on how the stimulus saved Kokomo.

  17. Damn right we fight back. I know sometimes it seems futile (heh, I have had that feeling myself), but I’m not ready to let the beltway (both the traditional media and the establishment of the left puritan blogosphere) win yet. I’m not ready to give up on my country yet. And neither is President Obama.

  18. You’ve hit it out of the park with this bwd.

    Love the call to action and couldn’t agree more about writing LTE, or reply on our local papers’ blogs, etc.

    We have to get out to the public just what this administration has been doing.

    God knows MSM isn’t.

    Oh, I find it very telling that the good folks who only lurked at dkos are sharing themselves with us her.

    Welcome! Welcome!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  19. thats a really good idea GN. And I like the idea too of hitting our local papers with LTEs. One of the best things about the 2008 campaign on OFA was how we’d hit the media when we caught them lying/distorting. Maybe I have to go back to watching teevee ugh so I can at least respond to their malarky.

  20. The right wing has been envading mainstream blogs since the beginning of his presidency. I remember when his approval ratings were in the 60ies and at least 60% , sometimes 70% of the comments on the NYT and the Washington Post site were negative.

    I’m absolutely sure there has been a systematic operation to flood the blogs with criticism, in order to boost the republican agenda, but also demoralize and divide the democrats. You have to give it to the GOP; they are good at dirty political tactics. Boy, they are good. Of course it does help that they have unlimited corporate money resources.

  21. I just wanna say all these comments have made me very teary eyed.. and it ain’t even my blog 🙂 Just so nice to see the humanity and the kindness toward you and to one another.

    Well done bwd, this is a real good thing.

  22. Gosh those girls are getting big!! It’s amazing to see how they have grown and you just know they are going to be wonderful adults. I can’t wait to see what they do with their lives. Thanks again for keeping on keeping on BWD. And I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

  23. As usual, a great posting BWD! It’s nice to see places that actually point out that we have a good president, and we need more people like you to keep pointing it out.

  24. Thanks BWD for the post.

    I chuckled at the “Dancing with the Stars” reference in the Turkey Pardon video. Let’s just hope the wingnuts don’t misread that as a veiled jibe at Wasilla Grizzly’s spawn. LOL!

  25. Keep giving them hell, BWD!

    I do miss you at DK though. We should never let the bullies win…and you know, right now there are a lot of bullies at DK that are celebrating your absence.

    I sure hope you change your mind and come back.

  26. Thank you, BWD! I’m with you. We are the change we have been waiting for. And I so agree that we can’t sit back and comment on the action. We have to BE part of the action. And sending out positive vibes and can-do energy is NOT cheerleading, it’s leading. Onward!

  27. I’m so glad I found you BWD, I use to read all your post on Dailykos but never posted over there. I happen to stop by today looking for you and somebody had a wonderful posting up and directed me to this site. As always a you’ve done a great job and Yes “WE” do fight back.

  28. So glad to find your new “home” BWD! Have bookmarked and will be checking in most evenings. My husband & I have always enjoyed your photo diaries. We can only take in so much negativity a day and prefer to wind down our days with positive news and images. We have so much to be thankful for and should remind ourselves of that each day.

    Thank you for continuing to provide this opportunity. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  29. Glad I found this. DKos is a cesspool and offers nothing except leftier-than-though attacks. It’s not worth the time or energy, it’s circling the drain, marginalized itself to being another hate site. Really no different than the teabaggers then claim to detest really, just as delusional and ugly.

    I don’t think anybody would say Obama is perfect, far from it just like any of us mere mortals. But he has done and is doing a helluva lot of good that is never covered, or when covered, it not given it’s just due.

    I probably won’t comment much here, as I’ve given up politics for the most part as it wasn’t good for my health, but I appreciate that somebody is willing to blog about the good the President is doing – there is enough sites that wallow in the hate and endless hyperbolic criticisms.

    I hope NN2010 doesn’t have any politicians, I think too many get caught up in the Net Roots fanatical left, and it’s seemingly endless ATM potential. The Net Roots marginalized themselves. It’s really too bad, it could have did a lot of good.

  30. Good Evening,

    I loved, Loved, LOVED the story from KoKomo.

    Unlike some I remembered EXACTLY what President Obama said during the campaign, “it’s gonna be hard!” I’m with him and will defend him always because I listened during the 2008 campaign. I also would suggest everyone watch the Russell Simmons interview on The Last Word with Willie Geist. He was so on point, every word he said, I said, Amen!!!!

    BWD, thank you so much for this blog!!!!!

  31. I’m thrilled find you bwd, and thank ThisIsMyTime immensely for pointing me here. Also very happy to see other wonderful people here whose usernames I recognize 🙂

    Bookmarked on the tool bar!

  32. Have been cooking all day, brain is fried, and forgot to say:

    Today’s report features:

    • POTUS & VPOTUS address auto workers: Chrysler announces an additional investment of more than $800 million in its Kokomo facilities.

    • TARP News: The total amount of Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) funds returned to taxpayers now exceeds $250 billion. Center for Automotive Research: The bailout saved over 1.4 million jobs.

    • Recovery Act News: An animated map from shows where jobs have been created by the Recovery Act; a review of projects to create jobs and build the renewable energy economy.

    • Response to North Korean attack: Statements from the White House and State Department.

    • Health Care News: NIH: An oral antiretroviral drug reduces the risk of HIV infection; Nancy-Ann DeParle answers your questions on the implementation of reforms in the Affordable Care Act.

    • The President test drives Japanese technology: After APEC meetings, President Obama was introduced to a robot that mimics humans, animatronic seal pups and a motorized personal vehicle.,-11-24-10

  33. Nothing sad about this space. We’ve just got to expand, as liberals and real celebrators of progress, and get our thoughts and ideas out there. Not with failed efforts like trying to muscle the WH from a blog with useless and counterproductive sensationalism, but putting information and ideas out there to push progress along on a grassroots, non-egoist level. Exciting times and those who are looking for more than useless meta fights can find it here.

  34. there are many of us sherijr, it’s good to see you again my friend. And a friendly wave to Jennifer Clare down there too, this man is an exceptional human being. (agree about his family)

  35. I am so glad you started this site! Your diaries were always my favorite ones to read on DKos.

  36. I believe with organization, work and cmmon goals moderated by common sense and intelligence , we can accoplish more than they ever did. The communities did much for those in need. The rest of that site? Not IMO.

  37. Those are great photos of PBO, and his girls at the turkey pardoning. It is great to see his big genuine smile. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  38. BWD, I think you’ve done the right thing by leaving dkos. Now people can refer more & more people to this blog & receive positive & constructive input. They don’t have to click on a reply & find it is negativity.
    Have you notified the good folks at OFA?

  39. This was the perfectly sweetest way to begin my Thanksgiving day. I’m grateful to have such a graceful, gracious and compassionate man as my president.

    Thanks again, BWD. Much appreciated.

  40. It’s good to see both of you here! It’s like all my favorite people from DailyKos are here.

    I’m so thankful to BWD for bringing us together in a more positive environment.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  41. Happy Turkey Day! I always enjoyed your diaries too and bookmarked this page yesterday. You are doing amazing work and you should know that you are much appreciated.

  42. This is so sweet. The little girls in Kokomo oh my goodness; how adorable. The presidents girls are getting so big, with their grown up Did I see makeup on Malia…ahhh, how quickly they grow up. 🙂

    Again, great blog BWD and Happy Thanksgiving everyone..:)

  43. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, especially to our troops serving in foreign lands. I thank the Lord, that He allows them to protect us and pray for their safe returns to their families. God Bless our President and his family on this Thanksgiving, two years down, six more to go! Happy Thanksgiving BWD! God Bless you and your family.

  44. Love all the photos. He looks very relaxed as does everyone else. I’m sure those families are having tough times, but everyone looks happy to see the president and his family.

  45. Happy Holidays Everyone!

    I cannot believe the gift you have given us, BWD! I was starting to forget how inspiring this First Family was because I could log onto DK. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    BTW, I seem to have opened two accounts here – g and ACD. Sorry – was so excited to have found this, LOL 🙂

  46. If you build it, we will come 🙂 I am so happy to see your site is up and that it is getting the attention it deserves. Now we can put the focus where it’s needed, on deflating the repubs, maintaing the progress we have made, and gathering momentum for 2012. Thanks so much, BWD!

    Love your blogroll and would like to suggest adding Blue Wave News. Like Deaniac, Leanne and Elise have fought the good fight but decided that the negativity at that angry site wasn’t productive.

  47. I agree. If anything, having a space like this kind of helps when you have to see stuff on the GOS like the FP article that turned the traditional act of pardoning a turkey into yet another reason to attack President Obama. I mean, seriously. I understand the sentiment of not wanting to leave it to turn into an echo chamber, but it’s hard enough trying to fight back against the actual right-wing attacks everywhere else without having to fight the left as well. The right is quite frankly a lot more effective so that’s where my energy’s going. If some left blogs want to continue to consume themselves and be largely irrelevant to the greater political sphere, whatever.

  48. Yeah! You go, BWD! You have a sincere, valid voice in our community and should be heard. A lot of people think that they need to stay in a situation. You have reminded me that you have choices in life!

    I’m sending this site to a couple of peeps because of your message of positivity, hope, hard work, perseverance, and the tenacity to chose a different path while staying true to yourself!

    Happy turkey day, albeit late in the day.

  49. I lurked at DKos and am so happy to read your diaries in more productive place. I want to be part of a community that is doing things about problems. I am tired of feeling that I have no power. DKos left me feeling defeated and depressed. It’s time for a place where I can make plans to help my country.

  50. There is a Chinese philosophy that one cannot fight evil with a sword. We must fight evil with great goodness.
    BlackWaterDog, you are great goodness. And I am deliberately looking for the positive news outlets and giving them my attention. HuffPo, Dkos are leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I’m soooo glad you didn’t give up totally! You have a fan, an advocate, and fellow citizen working for the greater good.

  51. Hi KnowHopeLisa

    We Buddhists have a saying that was my mantra when I cut the cord (which admittedly was difficult for me) with DK: Walk away from the foolish ones, [lest they poison your mind]. The “foolish ones” in question would denounce us as ‘reality deniers’. Bogus retort, I always thought.

    Nice to meet you.

  52. very good point, rabbit.

    i also hope that those who come here don’t bring the negative energy, as well. this site will stand on it’s own merit – but comments against anything, including dk, will undercut the positive energy bwd creates.

    this site is fresh – i hope people will keep it that way!

    i will use my voice where ever it is needed to counter misinformation – and this site is a good source of information to use for that!

    thank you, bwd! and keep the good news coming!

  53. aiiieee! HEADslap here! i booked the last blog and kept missing the new entry! well, now i know to go to home page… duh!

    thanks, bwd, for a great way to start my morning with a smile!

  54. with great sadness, i wanted to share with you all that exmearden (kris froland) has died. meteor blades has just posted the sad news on the front page at dk.

    we were so lucky to have been touched by her life.

  55. Just got the sad email from Kelley. Heartbreaking. What a woman. I may go onto orange to read the diary. I never “met” anyone like her.

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