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First, Mr. Paul Krugman, take a few minutes and click here to see a full and complete list of all the things the “Conservative” president has done so far. Because frankly, this is one of the stupidest things you could ever say. And you are not Palin, you’re a smart, smart man. If president Obama is a conservative, then you didn’t really win the Nobel Prize.


The president wants our help in pressing Congress to pass the Dream Act.


41 states see job gains in October, most in 5 months

WASHINGTON — Businesses and other employers added jobs in 41 states in October from September, the best showing in five months, the Labor Department said Tuesday.The figures indicate the job market is picking up a bit in most parts of the country. Even the nation’s hardest hit states —Nevada  and Michigan showed declines in their unemployment rates.

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Auto Bailout Saved More Than 1.4 Million Jobs

The U.S. government bailout of General Motors, Chrysler and other automotive firms saved more than 1.4 million jobs, according to the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor.

It estimated most of the jobs — 1.14 million — were saved in 2009 during the low point of the industry’s severe downturn. But another 314,400 jobs were saved in 2010.

The government intervention prevented additional personal income losses totaling $71.9 billion for 2009 and $24.6 billion for 2010.
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How the Auto industry bailout pulls Kokomo back from brink

KOKOMO, Ind. (AP) — Jerry Price remembers the eerie silence less than two years ago when he walked through one of the transmission plants that long provided the economic lifeblood of this town steeped in auto industry history.With the machines still and the workers gone, casualties of Chrysler’s bankruptcy declaration a few days earlier, the only signs of life were a few lights that had been left on. “None of us, including myself, ever thought that this place would be running again,” said Price, vice president of United Auto Workers Local 685.

Not only has the plant reopened for business, but President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are visiting Tuesday to herald Kokomo as one of the major success stories of the auto bailout. Residents of this city, where unemployment once soared above 20 percent after the shutdown, are doing their part to proclaim the virtues of legislation that generated plenty of controversy at the time.  “If the bailout hadn’t come, then we’d be a ghost town,” said Jeff Newton, a pastor who runs Kokomo Urban Outreach, which runs a network of food pantries.


Today, Kokomo is likely more dependent on the industry than any other city in the country – including those in Michigan. Nearly 25 percent of the city’s work force is employed by the industry. The city’s unemployment rate hit 20.4 percent in June 2009, the highest level in the past decade. “It’s been very scary at times,” said Dave White, 58, who has worked at Chrysler for 24 years. His wife also works for the automaker.


The riverfront initiative – along with Small Business Administration financing – made it possible for father and son Steve and Blake Kinder to start Cook McDoogal’s Irish Pub, a new downtown bar with lavish woodwork rescued from old churches and remodeled homes that’s set to open Tuesday.

A couple of years ago, Blake Kinder said, the only people downtown were coming for court appearances. Now, it’s common to see young mothers walking their babies in strollers.”The mood has definitely risen,” he said. “People are starting to feel more comfortable about Kokomo’s future, whether they like to admit it or not.”



Economy Grew 2.5% In Third Quarter, Revised From 2%

The U.S. economy grew at a 2.5 percent annual rate in the third quarter, more than previously calculated, as companies increased shipments abroad and Americans boosted their spending.

The revised increase in gross domestic product compares with a 2 percent estimate issued last month and a 1.7 percent rise in the second quarter, figures from the Commerce Department showed today in Washington. Corporate profits grew last quarter at a slower pace and an increase in employee wages in the prior three months was almost twice as much as initially reported.

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The Pentagon: No Gays Were Discharged in Past Month

 A Pentagon spokeswoman says no service members have been discharged for being openly gay in the month since the Defense Department adopted new rules surrounding the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

Pentagon spokeswoman Cynthia Smith released the information Monday.

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Nancy-Ann DeParle, the Director of the Office of Health Reform at the White House, breaks down new rules that will make the health care marketplace more transparent:



NYT: NATO Summit A Success For Obama

WASHINGTON — As administration officials said farewell to one another upon returning from a two-day summit in Lisbon on Saturday night, they all but exchanged high-fives. The sense of success went to the top: President Obama, shirt-sleeved and smiling, made a rare, brief visit to the press cabin as Air Force One headed home.


Mr. Obama was able to lead on a world stage in a way that he has not been able to do lately at home. He did so with public and private assistance from his European and Russian counterparts, many of whom called the summit meeting historic. Acutely aware of his problems at home after the drubbing Democrats took in the midterm elections — most manifest in Senate Republicans’ resistance to the New Start nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia — the other leaders seemed almost to go out of their way to buoy Mr. Obama.

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President Barack Obama meets with Russian President Dimitry Medvedev in Lisbon, Portugal, Nov. 20, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)





President Obama and VP Biden visited Kokomo, Indiana, earlier today, to celebrate the revival of the auto industry:


The president, once again, had troubles connecting with everyday Americans. As evident from the pool report of kids’ reaction during the president’s brief visit to Sycamore Elementary School: “Think Michael Jackson in Tokyo type screaming.“:




First Lady, Michelle Obama, promotes “Move On” in Newark, Harlem and Miami:





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    I’m so thrilled to see this magnificent website. It’s gorgeous and very, very welcome. I will be here as often as your posts.

    My sincerest thanks for your intelligence, your enormous insight, your appreciation, your keen eye and your generosity of spirit that propels all of us forward. And oh, yes – your perseverance. We are many. Thank you.

  2. Hi BWD!

    Beautiful roundup as always, and I’m liking your new digs; I’ll be promoting this space at Big Orange tomorrow!

  3. I’m First! Haha, hi, BWD! It is so good to see you have made your home here on the Web. So many of us miss you, and I for one am glad to have a place to come to and read what you have to say – in words and in pictures. Congratulations on your new blog, and Go Obama!

  4. Good job BWD. Another positive site about FLOTUS AND POTUS for me to visit w/out any bs. Thank you; bookmarking right now!

  5. DEAR blackwaterdog!! WOW & 1/2!!

    HOW A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y – –MAGNIGICENT!! :>)

    THANK U – -4 YOUR TALENT!! :>)


    GOD BLESS U! :>)

  6. BWD, thank you for creating this blog for grown ups. I have always enjoyed your postings. Now, I get to see everything from the center of the 1st row. God Bless you always, dear.

  7. Great job, BWD! Wonderful to see you again!

    And look at all those people who also love our POTUS, VPOTUS and FLOTUS!


  8. So glad to see you doing your own thing and leaving that hateful DailyKos behind, BWD.

    I was ‘marabout40’ on Dkos, btw.

    Will be bookmarking your blog and visiting everyday – just like I do Chipstick’s.

    Congratulations and keep up the wonderful work. If it wasn’t for you, I’d not have known half the things this President has accomplished.

    Best wishes.

  9. Hi Deaniac! It’s me, marabout40 on Dkos (Hachiko on WordPress). So good to see you. I sure do miss you. Miss reading your diaries and sharing with you on Dkos.

    Hey, if you see ridemybike any time soon, please give him my love. He was a dear friend to me throughout my illness, and I miss him terribly too.

    Good to see you here!

  10. Hello my dear ****BEYOOTEEFULLL****
    Jovie sent us over here via her diary at youknowwhere 😉 So very happy to see your lovely site and will be here as often as you post.. AND I will pass it all over the internet to the few places I read. thank you, you’ve been missed and I’m thankful you’re back. And PS: You did the right thing.

  11. Hey BWD, nice to see your blog up. How refreshing to see positive information. I get so sick of the viciousness elsewhere. I look forward to seeing your future work and thanks for all you do.

  12. I am so glad to have found you:-)
    Thank you, Thank you.

    Only reason I was at the”other site” was just to read your diaries, they made my day,

    You’re such a joy BWD for keeping real news, when everyone is beating up on our President.

    May God bless you!
    Joyfully ~ Kasai

  13. So nice to learn of this new site to keep on enjoying your positive posts. I’m a lurker from the site which must not be mentioned by name. I’ll be lurking here now. 🙂

  14. I have forwarded your prior posts to so many of my friends.
    I have missed you and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that
    you’ve created this wonderful site! You have an enormous
    spirit for truth – just like our President:)
    THANK YOU for this gift!

  15. BWD,

    Please crosspost at the Orange Satan. I miss your posts there. Plenty of posters just post and run — you don’t even have to look at the comments. If it’s good enough for Cenk and Sirota…

    Anyway, good to see you still are speaking out. Bookmarked and saved!

  16. Great site bwd. Pleased to follow you here from jovie’s diary today.

    Keep up the good work. This man deserves a much much better support than he is receiving from the ‘progressives’ and the democrats.

  17. So excited to be able to bookmark your BLOG dearest bwd!!! Daily Kos has become another branch of right wing propaganda. Sad. I was there daily for almost 5 years. But I guess all good things come to an end, especially when a site gets too powerful and Karl Rove decides to bombard it with haters. So glad you started your own site and you can control the haters!

    Sending your address to everyone I know.



  18. BWD – Congratulations on the new blog (haven) and thanks for another safe, ositive place. Best of luck!

  19. Hi, formerly marabout40! So glad to see someone I always love here on my dear bwd’s blog! FUN!

    Now we can cheer HAPPILY for our wonderful president without getting kicked in the face for it!


  20. I join your other friends and admirers in congratulating you on your new diary! Beautiful!

    So great to be among people who appreciate our President!!!!

    I refuse to give credence to the naysayers and jealous folk, by visiting their websites or watching them on the teevee or sitting in a room across from them. I’m just going to sit back and enjoy our hard-working President, and do whatever I can to get him re-elected in 2012.

    Thanks for the hard work you, too, put into everything you do, BWD.

  21. Dear BWD
    I have never posted my thanks and appreciation before. I LOVE your work and missed it terribly. You are bookmarked and I am here to stay.
    Thanks so much for the joy you bring.

  22. Whew, just in time: I was having BWD withdrawal! Thank you for being willing to keep on going. Your work is vitally needed.

  23. It would’ve been really sad to lose you as an information resource. You provide a valuable service, because like marabout40 aka Harchiko said I really would not know half of the stuff contained in your diaries if not for them. I don’t have time to mine the internet for everything and you shouldn’t have to, we have a 4th estate for a reason. But the times demand that someone gather this information and distribute it; I’m so grateful that you do.

    Thank you so much!!! It is more important than I can express.

    Oh and thanks for including ‘The Field’ in your blogroll. Does anyone know why it disappeared from Dkos’s? Just curious.

  24. Absolutely gorgeous BWD!

    I thought you are going to relieve me of getting pounded. I guess not 😦

    I will have a diary tomorrow about your new home to let the many loyal BWD followers where to stop by.

    Thank you for all you have done.

  25. Hey BWD!

    Congratz on this website and thanks for doing this….been missing your posts in DKos….but as you have said… some there seem to compare POTUS to GOD….they want everything done with a twist of his finger…..

    here I can relax and admire the hard job POTUS, VPOTUS & FLOTUS are doing…..and I don’t have to wait anymore…yay

    Will bookmark this site…..


  26. Hi BWD,
    So glad you have a new home now. The color scheme is so cool just like our debonair President. Great news and photo round-up. I still hope WEE SEE YOU is able to make the structural changes the promised last week, so that you can crosspost your blogs there while this site gets its sea legs.

    Kudos. ;o)

  27. Delighted to find your new site blackwaterdog! DKos is poorer for losing you, but I’m happy you are making your own home here. Thank you for all you do to support this president.

  28. Wonderful blog, BWD. We need to support this President and remind people of all that he has done. He is not perfect, but he does not pretend to be. Neither are the rest of us. Too many out there forget that. I love celebrating what he has done and want to help him bring about the change we all want. As Van Jones said “It was not yes HE can.” Thank you again, BWD!

  29. I was rweba at ThatOtherPlace but stopped posting a while back. Only reason I have gone there in the last 8 months was to check for YOUR awesome diaries!

    So glad you have a new home and looking forward to much more awesomeness 🙂

  30. Beautiful new site, BWD.

    I have been having trouble with blood pressure spikes.

    I expect coming here will help keep the old bp down.

    Thanks for all you do.

  31. Hello BWD,

    Just read about your website and I’m delighted to be here. Just in time! Will your beautiful work no longer grace DKos? It’s such a necessity, to counterbalance the flood of negativity.

    In any case, this is a balm to my frayed nerves. I’ve bookmarked it, and will be visiting often!


  32. Thanks for your perseverance and grace! I, too, went to “GOS” for your diaries and the other proud supporters of our president. Sadly, so much of the so-called progressive sites have been taken over by the nattering nabobs of negativity. You and Chipsticks never disappoint. The Michelle Obama. watch is another great site for FLOTUS and her many great activities. When I look at all the pictures of our president when he is out and about with ordinary people I find it hard to credit all the pundits and bloggers who compare him to president Bush. Guess they haven’t gotten the message.

  33. Good point. When those rw talking points shills can dump and run at dkos, why not bwd ?

  34. Hey Jordan- several months back Al posted at dailykos and was given the BWD Treatment- if you get my point.. and he left.. I don’t know if then kos took him off or if he asked to get taken off. It was very shameful the way he was spoken about/written to in that diary. to have Al’s knowledge and experience and to be treated like trash.. and the ring leader was none other than slinkerwink.

  35. Yay Blackwaterdog, I finally found you. I was searching every where I knew to look and here you are. I have missed your positive diaries,pictures and videos about President Obama and so has the bwd email fan club. It will be great to finally read information about the president without so much hatred and negative interference and I’m glad I have a place to come. I also thank you for your generosity in sharing your work with us and I look forward to reading and supporting more. Again, thanks!

  36. Hi BWD,

    I’m so happy you found a site. Congrats on all you do. Your site is on my favs. The GOPTEA and MSM are relentless in trying to bring down PO. We Obots need a place of refuge. Keep up the good work. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  37. Darn right pal, here to stay and will be happy to post your honest diaries wherever I go.

    And ain’t it wonderful to see all these folks we know- folks I haven’t seen for a long while.

    I just want you to realize that you just seriously added to the POWER of WE today. We will be stronger and our president will be stronger the more folks put out the facts and the truth. thank you.

  38. The height of dkos idiocy was when Giordano was called a “centrist”.

    Al & bwd are dkos’s loss. Now they can revel in their own increasing irrelevance.

  39. Hi Lulu, I agree, it had reached a point that there was really no more “talking” on dkos so I only checked in for bwd’s diaries and to respond to very few other diaries. I’m really sad that it has been infiltrated and the ‘progressives” have turned it into consistent negative attacks on the president. Once upon a time, I couldn’t wait to read dkso, now not so much and I hate that posters on the site are not supporting or standing up for the original intent of it.

  40. Thank you for your work BWD. Many of us have become addicted to it, ha ha ha…

    Seriously, what you’re doing is important. As many have said, you’re providing an essential counter-balance to all the negativity out there.

    I don’t see myself as blind to the numerous problems that President Obama hasn’t been able to address yet, nor blind to the downsides of the compromises he has chosen to make in a number of areas. However, I’ve grown so sick of people who attribute, much too easily, nefarious motives to his choices.

    I confess I’m ambivalent about you leaving DKos. On one hand, I understand that you got sick of the meta-wars on that site. I suspect you didn’t particularly appreciate the fact that the comment section to your diaries was often targeted by trouble-makers. On the other hand, since DKos has a big following, I thought that even your detractors couldn’t resist to read your diaries and from time to time learned something positive they didn’t know about. Maybe they won’t resist coming here as observers ha ha …

    Well, thank you again for your continuous effort and I’ll be following your blog very regularly.

    A little demand: I don’t see a “preview” button for comments. Do you think you could add it ? I find this very useful for long comments.

  41. Holy smokes bwd, that is Terri MacMillian :0. Yes I am impressed, I knew she was seriously brilliant.

  42. Wow. That is such a shame. I think I saw a post, more recently, where Al (on his site) referred to Markos as his once and future brother, and I understand if he felt he had to leave. He’s too busy workin for that BS.
    Still a damned shame though.

    Thanks for the tidbit, don’t know if I saw the diary and ducked out before the excess drama or not.

  43. Uh oh, think I posted my reply to sherijr to amk. Newbie glitches all around!

    I’ll continue my reply reverse LOL…
    AMK I do remember vividly when someone called Al a centrist. I had a hearty chuckle! Their context would become completely turned upside down if they only knew about the work…they’d probably blame his “messanging” too even though Al’s link was always there for all to see.

  44. Oh I’m hanging in, all thanks to you, bwd. The reason your site is so important is that better than any of us who blog for the same mission, you tell a story, based on facts, grounded in reality, AND filled with inspiration. That’s why your voice matters so much.

    I like your blog roll too (hey, and not just ‘cuz my blog is on it! hehe) – gives those of us soldiering on for the truth a way to connect, be resources for one another, and have the President’s back. I will always, always have his back. And yours.

  45. Hi, Marabout/Hachiko! So good to see you too. Lots of old friends will be running into each other here, I suspect. I’d also like to invite you to come visit my blog, The People’s View (it’s linked to my name here on the left).

    I haven’t seen ridemybike in a while; but I have to confess my own frequency on the Daily Orange has dwindled beyond when I crosspost there myself. But if I do run across him, I’ll give him your wishes.

  46. Your mishmash and the energy I get from it was surely missed. Thank you so much for all you’ve done and what you continue to do.

  47. BWD, welcome to the world of “my own blog!” I think you’ll find it’s immensely freeing, and you’ll enjoy the experience. As poisonous as elements of DK were to you, I congratulate you for hanging in there as long as you did. It’s their loss, and I wish you the best!

  48. Congradulations BWD I am so happy for you that you are continuing on the journey. We need you, President Obama needs you and us. You are one of my hero’s BWD and thank you for this great website. I have got it book marked and I have signed up.

  49. It is lovely that you’ve created this space! Just like your diaries, people can come and look at the blog entries… or not. Funny that they never seemed to understand that consumption was optional. Wishing you well and a greater feeling of safety!

  50. Oh – BWD – I am so glad to see that you are back. DKos had really become a wasteland in your absence although TIMT did some very nice imitations in honor of you. I’m so looking forward to to your continued great posts and share your anger at the treatment our amazing president is receiving at the hands of the crazies on the left, who so often bear a frightening resemblance to the wing nuts in their hatred, viciousness, and stupidity.

  51. So glad to see you haven’t disappeared! Your diaries at Daily Kos were some of the only ones that kept me coming back. I look forward to more Obama goodness from you in the future!

  52. Kind of wish you cross-posted at DKos, not for the conversation (lol!), but because that website gets a lot of traffic and has a lot of lurkers whose minds aren’t made up, and if the recommended list is populated by nothing but thinly veiled RWTP, then I think it negatively affects their impression of the administration and of the progressive movement in general. So I hope at some point you might allow someone to cross-post your work there in order to get it more eyeballs. But either way, I’m glad you’ll still be posting. I will enjoy stopping by to see your work.

  53. Love your new space blackwaterdog!

    Thanks for doing what you do – it is needed now more than ever!

  54. I went looking for you at the old places and couldn’t find you and was devastated. So glad you are here now and the site is lovely. I do like the background for the pictures. I wish you the very best for your new blog and may it be very successful.

  55. Looks like I gotta new homepage. Rock on, BWD!

    Could develop quite the following here. Have you thought about having ads on the site?

  56. Congratulations and thank you thank you thank you for doing this. I share your feelings about our President and how we have failed him — he has not failed us.

    Because you bring us an unrivaled glimpse into the real world of President Obama, your voice, images, and message are vital to our country’s future.

    I am thrilled that you have decided to continue the fight here.


  57. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for creating your own blog. I really enjoyed reading your posts on Daily Kos and I am glad we have a true fighter for our President. I will be following you daily.

  58. I am so glad to find BWD’s new site! She was a place of respite in Orangeville outside of “the porch.” I am glad to see all the happy fonts over here!

  59. Hey BWD, congratulations on a beautiful blog! It’s a breath of fresh air, and I, for one, am really glad to see you persevere on accentuating the positive news about this administration and this awesome president.

    So you can count on me to come here to receive my Vitamin-BWD 🙂

  60. Hot damn, hot damn! Phenomenal to see you around again, blackwaterdog. And even better that you have your own space to do what you do so well.

  61. BWD, I almost never commented on your diaries, mainly because I a) didn’t want to get caught in the crossfire and b) many people were able to express their appreciation far better than I ever could. So many people looked at the past couple years and said “But he didn’t do this.” You have looked at the past two years and said, “Look what he has done.” To me, the past two years have been the beginning of what can accomplished, not all that will be accomplished. I hope to continue to see your chronicling of this historic Presidency.

  62. Wonderful blog, BWD. Thank you for continuing this wonderful tip of the hat to our President

  63. Hip, hip, HOORAY!!!

    Nice to see that you’ve struck out on your own. Nice start and I look forward to more!

  64. Hurrah, I’m so happy to see you here. This is where I’m going to turn regularly to keep my mood up and my spirits and energy high to keep the good stuff going. You are wonderful, your diaries have made me happy for ages, and I am very excited to see you on your own blog.

  65. This is a most excellent development! Thank you so much for not simply giving in to the haters. I had been staying away from dkos since the election because of all the ugliness on display and have just ventured back for a peek. Found some good stuff going on AND the link to your blog! Best I’ve felt since Nov 2.

  66. Hi, blackwaterdog,

    I’m a longtime lurker at Daily Kos, and I’ve always enjoyed your positive Obama diaries. They were such a nice refuge from all the viciousness and vitriol aimed at him, which I also found demoralizing, and at times, even infuriating.

    Through highlighting of all the good he’s done, and the progress he’s achieved, you are doing so much more to help Obama succeed than those who focus on his faults.

    Thank you!

  67. Great stuff BWD! This place is definitely going on my blogroll.

    There are a lot of places on the net designed to propagate falsehoods about Obama.

    There are a lot of places on the net that mock and ridicule Republicans.

    There aren’t a lot of places on the net that truly celebrate the accomplishments of what this man has done in the last 22 months.

    Sometimes I feel like I am on an island when it comes to supporting Obama. Even within my own family I get ostracized for questioning the integrity of Fox News. It’s good to know that others are out there who see what I see.

    Keep it up!

  68. Hi BWD,

    I have been looking for something like this ever since I discovered you on Dkos…

    I LOVE President Obama and I think he will be up there with FDR once dust settles and we become a better country because of Obama.

    I wake up in the middle of the night think about all the hate that’s out there towards President Obama. I don’t want that negative energy so I said goodbye to Dkos and will be here. I don’t mind constructive criticism but they are getting pretty hateful over there.

    Anyway, thanks.

  69. Good to see you again, BWD! (and so many others from that other site). Sometimes you just gotta take it into your own hands and I’m so happy for you that you were able to find a platform to do so. Keep up the great work! (ps the blog looks great!)

  70. BWD – Delighted to find your new home. You brightened many days for me.

    Small suggestion: consider a different color background. I find that the text is hard to read and the photos not as vivid against the black background. Maybe experiment and see what your loyal readers think.

    Anyway, glad you’re still working. Thanks.


  71. You rock, sister! I am thankful for our President, and for YOU for highlighting his and our accomplishments. Peace.

  72. HURRAH BWD! I love your work, I love your passion and your own blog is billions times better than with the DailyKrankies. It’s lovely to be amongst adults whom appreciate POTUS. GOBAMA! Bookmarked…you’ve done a great job!

  73. I’ve been missing you over at DK, BWD. Your new site is wonderful! Thanks so much for the work you do.

    Many Americans are unaware that Obama has done anything good– so we have to make sure your site is well publicized and widely read.

  74. I am so happy to see you back online BWD…and a place where you are in charge.

    Looking forward to seeing your wonderful photo diaries of the President and the administration.

  75. Dear BWD:
    Thisismytime posted a link to your blog site at DK and I had to come and say thank you for doing this. I personally need to see POSITIVE things about my President and your posts fill the bill.

    Good luck and I have bookmarked your site.

  76. Hi TIMT

    I found this through your diary. You and BWD have goven me the best holiday gift!!

    ACD (and now that handle is retired)

  77. BWD, glad to see you again! I was looking for you the other day and realized that something happened. I always went to your diaries for that pick me up that is needed and was sadden to hear of your departure. I will bookmark this blog so I can continue to count on you for the boost that I need to keep participating. As always, it’s the happy faces in the crowds that give me the hope I need that we are going to make it through this hard time. I want to thank you for sticking with it! 🙂

  78. Hey Blackwaterdog – I am so thrilled to see you move on from DK. Your work was the only reason I occasionally checked in, since so many people have been driven off or reduced their time due to slinkerwink and her fellow bullies.

    The site looks beautiful and I look forward to checking in often.

  79. Hello My Friends

    I was AnotherCT Dem over there. And that’s it for that handle. Door closed.

    BWD – I was all over the net the other day, looking for you! I’m at BWN as well, and between these two sites…I AM HOME 🙂

    I need you to let me know if monetary contributions would be helpful. I so want to support your effort!

  80. It’s so nice to see that you’ve got your own place BWD. It’ll also be nice to have somewhere for democrats to go and be proud democrats without having to endure a meta war for it. I’ve signed up and will be checking in a LOT. Congrats and thank you BWD!!

  81. I have that other site blocked on my computer, missed reading you and am delighted to see some of my old friends here. Congratulations bwd, and thank you for this positive and inspirational site.

    an unapologetic and confirmed Obamabot.

  82. So happy you have your own site. I will be following you.

    You always provided me with the sober realization of just how much this administration has accomplished and with such odds against him.

    I may not be happy with everything out of this administration, but I know progress when I see it. I’ll be checking in daily.

    Thanks for all your work.

  83. Thank you for keeping up the great work- this new site looks great already!


  84. Glad you have a new home. Our President deserves our support and a positive site like yours is just the prescription!

  85. Hello BWD, GN, Mar, Sheri, Nor, Deaniac, TIMT, and too many friends to mention.

    From the bottom of my heart, BWD, THANK YOU.

    ACD (AnotherCt Dem)

  86. I’ve followed Kos since the beginning and never signed on or wrote a word before now. Thank you for doing this!

  87. Hola ms ct dem also known as ACD- wonderful to see you and all the many other familiar folks here~ Happy Thanksgiving everyone 🙂

  88. I posted a few comments, but that was esclipsed by TIMT’s wonderful piece. Thank you for all that you do, BWD!

  89. I was wondering if you’d start your own blog ! Great idea. Thank you for taking the time to do this. Remember there are many, many of us out here that agree 100% with your support for our Democratic President. We worked so hard to get President Obama elected. He needs our help. We need to support him right through 2012.

  90. Thanks, hope this attitude grows. What a mess the loud, self-appointed progressive leadership has made of things. Personally, I can’t read the black background with white letters for more than a minute at a time, so I’m hoping you change that to something more elder-friendly!

  91. I also deleted daily kos from my links due to the daily hate. What happened? Saboteurs? Right-wing wolves in sheep’s clothing? Or just people who love to be in opposition.

    The real enemies are those who want our country to fail. Our strength is our diversity, our hope, and our dedication to achieving the American dream for everyone. Our president has not lost this focus and deserves our support.

  92. YAY !!

    Great idea, BWD ~ and now I don’t have to wait for your diaries, can just come on over and get all the goodness.

    Many thanks and Happy Thanksgiving !


  93. BWD, just a design suggestion: Blue letters on a black background are nearly impossible to see. I know that the black background makes the photographs POP!–but it makes it nearly impossible for me to read.

  94. Yay BWD! Lovely site!

    I’m sure that you have lots to do, but I would love a button to make it easy for me to post this on Facebook, when you have the time.

    How nice to see every one here is such a pleasant forum! Thanks for pulling this together!

  95. Just wanted to say thanks for starting this site, BWD. I’m with you all the way in having our President’s back. I will always respectfully criticize when warranted while letting it be known that I recognize the dark forces he’s fighting against.

    Hold tight and keep up the good fight!

  96. Congrats on the new site BWD. It looks great. When you were over at Kos I only saw a couple of your diaries because I couldn’t tolerate all the idiotic and hateful comments. So now I’m glad I’ll get to see your uplifting posts on a daily basis.

  97. Hi BWD!

    Your diaries have made me smile week after week on DKos and I had begin to wonder why they were no longer being posted. Like you, I believe we have the best president ever – doing as much as he can in spite of all the negativity aimed at him.

    You are the only one I have come across in blogs and certainly the MSM who informs and/or reminds people of all the great things that Pres. Obama has done and continues to do for our nation. This Thanksgiving I am especially thankful he is our POTUS!

    Glad to see you’ve set up your own blog – I will be visiting frequently!

  98. So glad to have found you. Can’t say that I blame you for striking out from the GOS, i barely spend any time at Daily Kos anymore, and pretty much limit myself to Balloon Juice and the few places with any rationality anymore.

  99. I’m a constant Dkos reader (have only commented once and never attempted to write anything beyond that) and have enjoyed your postings immensely. I am very happy to see you started your own “thang” and look forward to reading your posts and especially viewing the beautiful photos of Brother Obama. Congratulations!

  100. Great to see your new blog. I’m sorry about what happened over at Dkos, but this will be way better.

  101. THANK you for being here!

    i have missed your wonderful diaries on dk – but i’m thrilled to see them here!

    good luck and count me in as a full time supporter and spreader of the word!

    and hi to deaniac, gn, amk and all the other kossacks who are here joined in the same cause! a celebration of america and gratitude to you, bwd, for fighting the good fight!

    will link you to facebook and ask others to do the same!

  102. hi, ct dem!
    i’m moving away from dk more and more – and was intrigued by your mentioning another site. want to share?

    i’m looking for places to get factual information and to work to effect positive change – not for a place where the pootie diaries (which i love) spill over into a massive hissing and spitting contest! 8^)

    glad to see you here – am also planning to check in very frequently!

    happy thanksgiving…

  103. glad i’m not the only one.

    old eyes here – harder to see when adding dyslexia! maybe grey?

    but if the background stays the same, i’ll deal – for the privilege of enjoying bwd’s wonderful work!

  104. ain’t THAT the truth! i vote for bwd to post and run! (except no one likes to have their name and reputation besmirched… 😦

  105. Good for you BWD.
    The abuse you suffered went on too long. I’m both thrilled with Obama and at times very frustrated but what you’re doing provides sorely needed balance that no one else, not the media, not liberals, not even the party is prividing. It’s needed and I’m glad you’ve launched out on your own.

  106. Hi BWD,

    Really a great looking website. Congrats on starting your own site. I regret what you went thru at DK. I only visited there abt once a week to check for your Diaries. It can be a real hatefest over there, and I sincerely don’t understand why a site dedicated to electing Dems would consistently attack the leader of the Party that way!

    Anyway congrats again and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

  107. I am so glad to see you all here! I was in a panic wondering what I would do without BWD’s diaries and the dose of reality she always gives us.

    Hope to be visiting often

  108. Nice round-up blackwaterdog.

    This quote shows that it’s the Gop that is out of touch with the rest of the world..

    Acutely aware of his problems at home after the drubbing Democrats took in the midterm elections — most manifest in Senate Republicans’ resistance to the New Start nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia — the other leaders seemed almost to go out of their way to buoy Mr. Obama.

    …not President Obama.

    So glad to see you’re up and going BWD 🙂

  109. Nice job, BWD! Glad to know you’re still digging out the news that the media won’t. The site looks great and I look forward to frequent visits!

    Take care and a very happy Thanksgiving to you — and everyone here.

  110. Hi, BWD! I was missing you over on GOS, as are others. Glad that you have used your positive energy to create a new venue, and I’m wishing you good luck.

    Thanks for showing us the courage and leadership to stand up for progress!

  111. Wow. It looks like a DailyKos exodus in here. LOL. So good to see all of you.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  112. Hi Blackwaterdog,

    glad to have found you here. I came from a link in TimT’s recent diary at the Orange Satan. I understand you left dkos, the comment section in your diaries was certainly overrun by preposterous and arrogant dimwits. The most stupid thing about it was that one got tempted to set things straight and thus to join the cock fight. However I feel there is lots of visibility on dkos so I hope you will consider cross-posting there. Maybe you could just reply to the insulting posters with the same set of links (to this government achievements) without actually wasting your brain time on their arguments?

    Anyhow many thanks for mood-lifting diaries and good luck on your own site.


  113. I used to love the orange place, but…after a while it was where I could find your wonderful diaries and the only reason I stopped by. Now that there is a place of your very own that I can visit, I am one happy Obamabot!! Many thanks for all you do and I’ll be baaaaack!

  114. So glad I found you through a link on DK. Been missing you. Bookmarked and will post you on my Facebook page.

  115. I am so glad that you have found your own space. I loved your diaries at the other place, it was really the only place I could see great pictures of our President doing what he does best. It was so great to see your work again I was brought to tears all over again like the inauguration. Best wishes and thank you for your important work.

  116. You were right to leave Daily Bitch and Whine.

    They place has become toxic with the all the willful ignorance and the bullying gangster tactics.

    Racists are easy to deal with. So-called liberals and progressives who don’t believe racism exists is un-fucking-acceptable.

  117. BWD, I am so glad to find out about this site. I have read all your diaries but never commented because a) I didn’t want to get caught in the crossfire, b) others could comment much more eloquently than I could and c) it almost seemed like comments diminished the beauty of what you were doing.
    I may not agtree with everything Obama has done or hasn’t done, but I do believe that he has done a lot. Some people look at the past two years and say, “But look what he didn’t do.” You look at the past two years and say, “See how much has been accomplished.” I look at the past to years and say,”This is just the beginning of what can and hopefully will be done.”, not “Is that all there is.”

  118. Mazel tov, BWD. I’m very grateful you are still posting your inspirational, fact-based, positive blogs. They give my heart a lift, they do. And it’s lovely to see so many lovely folks here.

    Brightest blessings to you, may you go from strength to stength~

  119. Blackwaterdog, I just want to thank you for this site. And thank you for showing the positive. The negative is a plenty everyday, all day on television, this is good.
    Thank you.

  120. BWD,

    Thank you, Thank you so very much for this site!!! I love you so much and appreciate all of your efforts and I’m so looking forward to this new chapter and adventure you’ve charted for all of us to share.

  121. Ooops! My first comment didn’t post and I have to come back to repair my e-mail address. I entered it incorrectly. Go figure!

    BWD, thanks for continuing the good work! Very much appreciated and good to see some old friends here.

    Take care. I’ll be back!

  122. Happy Thanksgiving Edrie. I remember you fondly. Elise and Leanne left that Funhouse and have set up

    I arranged my own banning on DK. It suited my “message” 🙂

  123. Such a great comment…I like that!

    “””””Some people look at the past two years and say, “But look what he didn’t do.” You look at the past two years and say, “See how much has been accomplished.” I look at the past to years and say,”This is just the beginning of what can and hopefully will be done.”, not “Is that all there is.”””””””

  124. Howdy, marabout! DKos exodus is right…from the Great Orange Satan to the Great Orange Counter-productive Myopic Idiots.

    In case anyone is wondering, the kossack Thisismytime quoted about “liberal pundits” in the diary that included the link to this wonderful site was from a comment of mine in another comment I made in another of ThisIsMyTime’s diaries from the other day.

  125. I was over there for six years. IMO, contrary to what some need to believe, a big piece of the horror show is perpetuated by veterans there. They are the same charmers who have been oozing in ugliness and negativity since I got there. Does that mean there are no plants? Probably not, but I do recognize many names. They will NEVER be pleased, not if they were gifted with every pony in every stable across America. It creeps me out. But, it is their choice. And it is OUR choice to follow a different path 🙂

  126. I love this site. I am going to do whatever I can to promote this site and I will volunteer for Obama’s re-election…I don’t work and have the financial means to do whatever needs to done.

    I refuse to let people who hate Obama get me down…I am just done with them.

  127. Tulips it is so lovely to see you, you fought the good fight over there and I’ve missed seeing your comments. Sooo nice to see so many familiar folks here.


  128. I like this blog BWD. I am really happy you did this. And some of your comments are really funny and sad at the same time : “If president Obama is a conservative, then you, (Mr. Paul Krugman,) didn’t really win the Nobel Prize”

    I have to get accustomed to not being “logged on”, but it is a good beginning.

    And I am happy you moved on. You are better off without the “whiny emotional” Left. So am I.

  129. BWD, if this is of interest as good economic news, “The Intel Corporation said on Tuesday [Oct. 19] that it planned to invest $6 billion to $8 billion to upgrade manufacturing plants in the United States and build a new one in Oregon, adding as many as 1,000 new high-tech positions and thousands of construction jobs.” (NYT,

    “Intel’s new investment will support its transition to 22-nanometer manufacturing technology. … The two plants in Chandler, Ariz., and two in Hillsboro, Ore., that are getting the upgrade make Intel’s most advanced chips. Intel has plants around the world, including Ireland and Israel, but three-quarters of its chip manufacturing is done in the U.S. That’s partly a function of strict U.S. export rules on the most sophisticated chip-making equipment.” (AP, via KGW,

  130. Hi Tulips – I believe I quit (got banned from posting) before meeting you, but I did read your posts over the last few months. I truly appreciated them, and am glad you are here!

  131. Hi Joy

    I wonder if we are being trashed over there 🙂
    Yes, shoutlouders, there many of us who do not agree with you, and see no reason to waste our time with your unending misery.

  132. Hi Tulips. Nice to see all the “obamamots” here. deaniac, marabout, askew, TIMT, edrie, sherijr, kroning, jaywillie, rinax, kiku, GN, anotherctdem and to all others – Thanks for fighting on behalf of a good man.

  133. Exactly Eric. Leaders from the rest of the world see the true value of this President while the WATB’s of america from both left and right do not have the commonsense appreciate what they have got. Pearls before swines and all.

  134. Yes, it’s nice to see some familiar names, including some I haven’t seen in a really long time. A lot of the stuff BWD finds as far as articles are literally the only place I tend to see them, as lately I have not had a lot of time to search them out, and sadly most left blogs don’t really highlight this stuff. It’s nice to have a spot that reminds me that, yes, other people are aware of the good thing that are happening even though we always need to fight and push for more.

  135. Thank you for this wonderful site. I’ve been a longtime lurked at DK and an occasional poster at DU, but both sites have gotten so negative and downrit nasty. It heartens me to see so many people here who are willing to see the good this administration has done. It was tiring watching every single positive post turn into a place to fling poo at the President. I have your site bookmarked and will be returning daily.

  136. While exploring the wonderful links on your blogroll I discovered the President’s new book “Of Thee I Sing”. A good Christmas present for young children.

  137. I hope you don’t mind, I linked this to the FP of the POTUS Thanksgiving speech over at DK in an attempt to provide antidote to the snakebite venom over there. As I dis so I lost my TU status, that should say something about how open and free they have become.

    Magnificent site BWD. I post as soccergrandmom over at the other place but here I believe it is time to speak my own mind as myself.

    I shall not fear.

  138. Hey soccergrandmom (((Jennifer)))- don’t dispair, I rec’d your comment. I lost my TU status the other day for having hrd a comment: The president is a Manchurian Candidate. Which by the way received over 20 recs from slinkerwink and pals. Today I hrd one that says: The president is a murderer.. and hrd another for calling me an obamabot for hring the murderer comment. So I’ll prolly be banned for that. At this point we HAVE to laugh.

    I believe MB should just stop the pretense of ”moderation” and go for broke, let these folks say what they really want to say.. because I’m pretty sure I know the word they are all dying to really call the president.

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving, to all here, and please try to excuse my bringing the state of dkos over to this fabulous blog. Sometimes I have to get it off my chest.

    take care

  139. It’s good to see you here. Your name is one of the few over at the other place that would stop me mid-scroll. Always appreciate reading what you have to say.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  140. Hugs right back to you (I couldn’t reply to the comment you directed at me, the system wouldn’t show a reply button) ((((dakinishir))). Thank you 🙂 Have a Happy Thanksgiving~

  141. HELLOOOOO!!!!

    Soccerg – you are one of my favorites (or I should say “were” I was banned, booyah :))

    I was Another Ct Dem over there, still occassionally go by that for ID purposes, but I am ‘g’. And thrilled to see you here. If MB worked for an EVILCORPORATION he would have been sacked years ago for non-performance of assigned tasks.

  142. The decline if daily kos shows how easy it is for a crowd mentality of hatred and nattering nabobs of negativity can make a site so toxic that most moderates and pragmatic progressives leave. Who has time to wade through such crap. I mean, “primary the president?”!! We are fortunate to have someone with the coolness and courage of our president. As anyone who has studied our history knows change occurs in fits and starts and occurs more readily when pushed by a committed common front. No one is perfect and most of us can point to policies we would change. But I challenge anyone who thinks anyone else could have done more. I also wonder at motivations if many of the most vocal detractors.
    So glad BWD now has her own blog.

  143. BWD…Congradulations on this wonderful website:) Thanks so much for having the courage of your convictions and sticking to your guns. I was a daily visitor to DK, never joined or posted there, but would ALWAYS read your diaries…they were fabulous, and an escape from the hate mongers that always left me frustrated and angry…you, are a required breath of fresh air and I will visit this site on a VERY regular basis. On this Thanksgiving, I give thanks for you and your efforts, and all the people that will stand along side you and fight for what is true and right. Bless you, and a very Happy and healthy Thanksgiving to this new community.

  144. I wondered where you had gone, I missed you. Not only is this a magnificent blog it feels like old home week. Let’s show them what positive energy can achieve. A proud Obamabot. Soccergrandmom.

  145. I just love these pictures. I can’t get enough of them. I think I checked this site ten times today to see if there are any new pictures, and, voila! I love, love, love them. I love this man. I don’t know how he does it, but somehow he is doing it.

  146. i’ve a personal favor to ask here…

    could we please not spoil bwd’s beautiful site by constantly dredging up what is happening at another site?

    i come here for here beautiful pictures, excellent affirmation of what the obama administration is doing and what we are gaining from president obama and the dems.

    dragging the “fight” from one site to another spoils the purpose of this site.

    hope all have had a wonderful thanksgiving – i’m grateful to have a site to link that presents the positive, not the negative!

  147. Hey Another CT Dem! It’s marabout40. I can’t believe MB banned you. What the heck for?! I loved seeing your comments. Glad you’re here.

  148. Hi Mar – I answered another post you made yesterday, but it’s tricky following finding and responding to specific comments here – or maybe I just don’t have the hang of it.

    I was thrilled to see YOU here as well. Do you still have my email? We should talk.

    ACD/G Believe it or not I accidentally set up two accounts with two handles. Brilliant, LOL!

  149. Hi Edrie

    A strange thing happened the first time I logged on here. DK became irrelevant, and I have no need to talk about it any longer. THIS is reality, IMO.

    If the pet lover group ever decides to move…

  150. Hi g. I didn’t see your reply (It’s tricky trying to figure out the comments thread here). I’ll try to find it though. I don’t recognize the “g” handle so I’m not sure about the email address. Anyway you can click on my WordPress profile and email me? I’d hate to ask you to post yours in the open thread.

  151. Hey, you! Good to see you too! LOL! The whole gang is here. It’s like a happy family reunion. Hope to see more of you. 🙂

  152. Hey Jay. I still follow you on Twitter, so I know what you’ve been up to pretty much. Glad we can now hang out here too. 🙂

  153. Hey love! So good to see you, too. I just couldn’t take it over at that other place any more. Glad to see some of my favorite Kossacks here, though…thanks to our wonderful BWD! 🙂

  154. Hi G. I don’t recognize your handle, so I don’t know how to get a hold of you. Could you email me instead? Just click on my avatar and you’ll see my email address in my profile.

    THank you!

  155. would be fun if the pootie/woozles started a blog – but that is such a bright spot in a political day that i hope it continues right where it is!

    friendships can be built on the strangest thing since critters tend to bring us together. maybe they will eventually work their magic in other spaces!

  156. Thursday I linked BWD’s new site to my Facebook page, today a friend in Spain commented with a rec of her own so it has already reached into cyberspace. Keep it spreading, one persona at a time, it is exponential. It is a wonderful resource and antidote to all the mis and dis information being spread in the MSM amd the blogs. Give thanks BWD for your efforts to keep us well informed.

  157. Hi BWD… Thanks for this teriffic website. It rocks, and I absolutely love it. The photos are fantastic as usual,and the positive comments are refreshing and uplifting. I will tell all my acquaintances bout this site.

    My two small concerns are: The background is very difficult on the eyes… any possibility of making changes? Also, the arrow does not show with the words,but can be clearly seen on the background.

    Keep up the good work, and good luck in all you do.

  158. Hi BWD… Thanks for this teriffic website. It rocks, and I absolutely love it. The photos are fantastic as usual,and the positive comments are refreshing and uplifting. I will tell all my acquaintances bout this site.

    My two small concerns are: The background is very difficult on the eyes… any possibility of making changes? Also, the arrow does not show with the words, but can be seen clearly on the background.

    Keep up the good work, and good luck in all you do.

  159. hi, lee…

    some of us have found that by going to firefox and changing either the font size or the color. for me, the font size keeps the gorgeous background while making the text easier to read.

    glad to see you here – have a good weekend.

  160. Why are some so unwilling to trust this president. Assumptions of the worst are made. We are just to impatient.

  161. What a wonderful site to get a round-up of all the great news and accomplishments!

    I’m so glad BWD is continuing her wonderful effort and hard work to get the goods out there!

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